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AMC Recap Written by Eva

Colby makes a video on her computer talking about everything that happened with Damon and Liza and how badly hurt she is by the situation. Asher arrives and distracts her and she accidentally posts the video to the Internet but he is able to take the video down before too many people see it. Colby tells Asher she is going to concentrate on work and school and forget about guys so that she won’t get her heart broken. Colby gets and e-mail from Damon and she sends him an e-mail back telling him to have a good life and not contact her again. Colby is later upset to discover the video has gone viral and she regrets ever having put her feelings on video. Erica decides not to quit Cortlandt, which leads to Jack telling her that she is doing everything in her power to hang on to Caleb but she tells Jack that she loves him not Caleb. Jack wonders why Erica kept her kiss with Caleb a secret from him and she tells him that the kiss wasn’t important and she had forgotten all about it she didn’t intentionally keep it a secret from him. Opal wants to be Caleb’s new business partner at Cortlandt and tells Caleb her business experience since she knows that he will need someone to pick up the slack since Erica quit.

Tad throws a combination first date and get to know each other session and he gives Cara the short version of his life including talking about his marriages and his children. Cara doesn’t want to talk about herself and doesn’t tell tad anything he doesn’t already know except that Jake was the only man she has ever fallen in love with and walks out on tad when he asks about her marriage to Jake. Jake and Amanda have a few tense moments but Amanda assures Jake that she never meant for Cara to be in this much trouble and if she knew that her life was in danger she never would have called immigration. Amanda wants to tell Cara what she did but Jake tells her to leave things alone and just do what she can to support Cara and tad’s marriage. Amanda later talks to Cara and tells her how special it is to be a part of the Martin family and how welcoming, loving and helpful they are so Cara returns to Tad’s house to apologize to him and continue their date. Jake and Amanda meet at the Park and Amanda tells Jake about her talk with Cara. Erica makes it clear to Krystal that her fantasy of becoming Mrs. Jack Montgomery will never happen because she intends to make Jack happy for the rest of his life. Jake and Amanda walk into Tad’s house just as Tad and Cara are kissing and taking a picture for the photo album they intend to show to immigration and Jake doesn’t look happy about seeing tad and Cara kissing.

B&B Recap Written by Wanda

Everyone helps Thomas make plans to go to the San Francisco showing. He tells them it will be a quick trip and not pleasure. Ridge questions if there is not a special woman back here that he wants to return to. Thomas tells Ridge that Dayzee can see who she wants since Marcus is in Paris. Ridge advises him to take Dayzee to San Francisco and surprise her with a Forrester original. Ridge says she needs to see him in action, doing what he does best in his tuxedo. This charity showing will do it even if she isn’t easily impressed. He isn’t asking him to razzle-dazzle her, but just show her who he really is, that fashion is in his blood. Marcus questions Dayzee about her interest in Thomas or vice versa. He also wants her to fly to Paris and be with him a few days. Everyone should see Paris and he wants her first time to be with him. Steffy meets her mother for lunch. She tells her mother that she met no special man in Paris, but there is someone right here in L.A. Taylor is dismayed to learn that it is Bill Spencer, a happily married man. Steffy said that is where she made her mistake the first time, pursuing him. Now he is going to pursue her.

Thomas calls Dayzee and asks if she can slip off for a few hours. She’s puzzled, but he says he will send a car for her. She won’t regret it. Steffy is fit to be tied when she finds out that she has spent days priming this event and now Thomas is going to be taking Dayzee as his date on their jet. She’s going to stop this. They know nothing about this girl and now she is going to be on Thomas’s arm. Steffy doesn’t know what they have been smoking. This is a charity event, not one to be taking a charity case. She’s telling it like it is and not one to fall under Dayzee’s spell. Pam tells Thomas that she didn’t forget a thing. He’s going to have a fabulous trip. Dayzee comes aboard and Thomas has a plane full of flowers and tells her this is the perks of having a company jet and he’d like to spirit her away for the night and promises to have her home by her bedtime. He’s not going to let her say no.

Days Recap Written by Michele and Cheryl  **One Day Ahead 

Daniel checked on Melanie to make sure that she was okay.  She told him how the baby felt real to her and that she never felt alone while she was pregnant.  Nathan saw Philip in the waiting room and asked about Melanie.  Nathan offered his condolences to Philip.  Philip became upset with Nathan because he thought Nathan could go after Melanie now that the baby is gone.  Daniel walked in and heard them fighting.  Daniel broke up the fight.  Philip thought Melanie was going to blame him for what happened.  Hope showed up at Maggie's house to see Maggie and Jennifer.  Maggie was on her way to the hospital because Daniel said there was an emergency.  Hope and Jennifer talked about Bo and Ciara.  Hope also told Jennifer how she lost her job.  Hope was happy anyway.  Abby called Jennifer to find out how she was doing.  Stefano told EJ how Rafe got Ted's phone and called Roman.  Stefano believes that Rafe is no longer useful to them and wants to start the next part of the plan.  EJ believed that the problem was with their employees.  Stefano thinks that they have held him as long as they could.  Stefano said Rafe could have ruined everything by calling Roman.  EJ thought that they were going to keep Rafe until fake Rafe alienated Sami and the kids.  Stefano didn't think it's a good idea anymore.  

Melanie told Chloe how she lost her baby.  Melanie thought that her trying to take Parker was why she lost her baby.  Chloe told her that wasn't true.  Melanie and Chloe made up.  Chloe asked Melanie to take care of Parker.  The social worker told Daniel and Philip that Chloe signed the papers so Philip's name will be on Parker's birth certificate. Abby surprised Jennifer at Maggie's house.  Jennifer was happy to see her.  Hope saw Abby too.  Johnny told EJ how he saw Rafe outside the night before.  EJ reminded Johnny that the doctor said he would see things that weren't really there.  Rafe thought about seeing Sami with "Rafe".  Stefano went to the basement to see Rafe.  They argued over Stefano's plans for Rafe and Sami.  Stefano let Rafe know that he was going to wipe out his memory for good.  Abby and Jennifer had a disagreement because of Jack.  Abby was mad at Jack for not caring about them.  Jennifer tried to defend Jack, but it didn't work.  After Philip and Melanie left Chloe's room, they started talking about their relationship.  Hope and Julie met at the Java Cafe and had a chat.  Hope didn't know what to do with herself now that she's not a cop.  EJ let Johnny know that "Rafe" was mean to Allie and she as afraid to tell Sami.  Johnny told him that he loves Rafe.  Daniel and Jennifer were watching Parker.  He told her he signed the papers so that Philip would be Parker's legal guardian.  Jennifer hugged him and Abby saw it.

GH Recap Written by Brenda

Lucky talks to Dante at the police station about Theo Hoffman. Lucky suggests that they look for Theo's wife. Lucky tells Jason about the wife. Suzanne chats with Alexis at the hospital. Ethan stays at Alexis's house with Molly and Kristina. Kristina says she thinks Ethan is great, but Ethan reminds her that he is married and says he would never cheat on his wife. Kristina says she will wait until Ethan gets the money that he married Maya for. Sam wakes up in the hospital, but she can't hear anything.

Michael and Morgan see an unfamiliar car in front of their house. Michael goes to Investigate. Morgan follows him. They find Carly begging Sonny not to kill Shawn because she knows he doesn’t know anything. Morgan calls Dante and tells him what he saw. Dante goes to Carly's house and tells Sonny to leave it to the police. He takes Shawn to the police station. Suzanne goes to the police station and overhears Shawn and Lucky talking about Theo's wife.

OLTL Recap Written by Jennifer S.

Clint warns Aubrey that she better convince Vimal not to sign Bo and Nora's agreement that will get him sent to prison or else Clint will expose her and Cutter. She manages to persuade Rama to persuade Vimal not to get Clint in trouble. She calls to let him now. And right then, Viki and Joey are both "not buying" Clint doing the 180 that Clint has suddenly done from first completely suspecting and distrusting Aubrey and then "acting nice" to her after a phone call. Yet they still haven't a clue what exactly he has done. Dorian goes to warn Echo not to cause Viki any more grief with all that has happened to her family. But Echo tells Dorian she knows that Dorian is alone and bitter with no life so she has to meddle in others' lives. Rex then admits to Gigi how he kept the secret for Clint that Clint had David Vickers sent away and never tell BO or anyone in exchange for Clint offering Gigi the college grant that he could easily take away. He then goes to confess to Bo his secret regarding Clint and David.

Y&R Recap Written by Eva

Nikki and Deacon make love in his motel room then they take a shower together before Nikki gets a call from Victoria wanting to talk to her about Victor’s latest scheme at the arbitration hearing. Victoria meets with Nikki at the coffee house and Victoria tells her that she thinks Victor promised Adam that he would keep Sharon out of jail if he testified that he forged the trust fund documents while he was in Mexico. Nikki later confronts Victor telling him that using Adam against his other children is the lowest thing he has ever done. Victor tells Nikki that his other children started this family feud and now he wants to see how they get along without Daddy. Billy interviews Victor and later tells Victoria he has acting like the hurt father for the press. Billy wants to write an article telling all the awful things Victor has done to his children. Victoria agrees that Billy should write the article and starts making a list of all the things Victor has done to her, Nick and Abby. Deacon goes to an AA meeting and tells the group that he started dating a woman for the wrong reason but now he is in love with her and is afraid to lose her if he tells her the truth.

The DA arrives to tell Chance that the trial will begin in a couple of days. Nina is happy that when the trial is over, Chance can come home. Once Nina is gone, the DA tells Chance that he needs to tell Nina he will be going back into witness protection after the trial. When Chance tells him that he doesn’t want to go back into the program, the DA warns him that his life will be in danger. Chance almost tells Nina but he just can’t find the words so he doesn’t say anything. The DA tells Murphy that Maggie is back in town. He is upset that Katherine didn’t tell him about Maggie sooner. Murphy and Katherine go to visit Maggie in jail and tell her they will both make sure she never gets out of jail. Maggie calls Deacon and when he goes to see her in jail she tells him that if he doesn’t help her get out of jail she will tell Nikki that he was the one who made her lose her sobriety. Sharon persuades Adam to tell the judge he lied for Victor but then Victor tells him that he knows he left an online trail to make people think Skye is alive and that will really hurt Sharon’s case. Adam later tells Sharon what Victor said and why he must lie for him. Sharon goes to the courthouse with Adam and still can’t believe Victor could hurt her this way. Adam goes inside to give his deposition and Victor arrives and sees Sharon.

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