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AMC Recap Written by Eva

Asher follows Caleb’s advice to tell Colby that he knew that Damon and Liza slept together and Colby cries and feels stupid because everyone in her life was keeping this a secret from her so she goes online to share her feeling because a computer won’t lie to her or break her heart. Asher tells Caleb he followed his advice and Colby will probably never speak to him again. Asher tells Caleb that he always wished he had a father to give him advice but now he realizes he doesn’t need a father at all. Opal has a slip of the tongue and tells Jack that Erica kissed Caleb on New Year’s Eve. Opal also tells Jack that Erica loves him so much she is dissolving her partnership with Caleb at Cortlandt electronics. Caleb tells Erica that he is sorry he has been avoiding her but he needed to distance himself from her. Jack walks in to Confusion and sees Erica touching Caleb’s arm. Bianca tells Greenlee and Erica that Reese sent divorce papers for her to sign.

Madison feels the baby kick when the baby hears Ryan’s voice but Ryan reminds her it is too early for the baby to kick and Madison tells him she made a mistake and it must have been something else she felt. Scott tries to persuade Greenlee to tell Ryan about Madison’s baby but she says that it isn’t the right time. Madison tells Scott she almost told Ryan about the baby because she thought the kick was a sign that he should tell Ryan the truth. Madison tells Scott that the kick felt incredible and Scott asks him if he can feel her stomach the next time the baby kicks. Ryan talks to Greenlee and wonders how Annie could keep Emma away from him and he worries that Emma could spend the rest of her life without him. Kendall talks to Griffin and tells him what she thought she read in Zach’s letter and he tells her it could be an imbalance in her medication or her grief. Ricky agrees and wonders if Kendall and Zach had a special place they liked to go or something they liked to do. Kendall wonders why Ricky is asking such intimate questions about her relationship with Zach. Ricky tells Kendall he is just trying to figure out a way to help her get through this because he doesn’t have all the answers. Ricky thinks that they should go some place private to talk while Griffin advises Kendall to go to a therapist who is better able to help her with her grief. Ricky almost persuades Kendall to leave but Griffin tells Kendall she should go home and rest because her blood pressure is high. Kendall tells Ricky that she does need to rest and she will talk to him tomorrow.

B&B Recap Written by Wanda

With Amber’s backed turned, looking at the shoreline on the beach and stretching her neck to see Catalina, Bill walks up behind her with a gritted, determined look on his face. Just about the time he starts to put his hands around her neck, Steffy calls out. She asks Bill what he is doing out there with Amber. He says they are not that friendly but because of the baby, Amber is going to be staying there for a while and he was showing her the place. Ridge and Brooke frolic in bed. Marcus surprises Dayzee by coming home early. He vows that he missed her. He’s heard about Thomas coming around a lot. Thomas walks into Dayzee’s and Marcus invites him over to settle a few things. Dayzee warns them to keep it civil. When she leaves, all Marcus tells Thomas is they need to get things straight – Dayzee is not available.

Thomas questions Marcus about his commitment with Dayzee since he is in Paris and she is here. He just doesn’t see her as his lady and he doesn’t think she does either. Marcus says if Thomas is playing games with Dayzee, he thinks he better re-think that. Thomas says he is not playing games. Dayzee is a woman worth fighting for and that is exactly what he is going to do. Amber reveals to Steffy that she knows that she has the hots for Bill and that must be the reason she came here, hoping to find him alone. Amber says Bill and Katie are solid and probably will never break up. Dr. Montgomery tells Bill that his son can not heal as he should if he is under mental stress, but Bill does not want a mental referral. He’d like to give it another day or two. Bill irks Katie when he tells her that he is letting Amber stay in the house he just bought. He tells her that she will just have to trust him. Amber won’t be there long. It bothers him; she’s a predator and he wants her out of their lives for good. He’s not going to allow his son to be threatened. He is not going to lose him. He’s become part of him and while he didn’t expect this to happen, he loves him and there is nothing he wouldn’t do for him.

Days Recap Written by Michele and Cheryl  **One Day Ahead 

Taylor thought about how EJ told her that he doesn’t think about her.  Brady walked in Chez Rouge and saw Taylor there.  They talked about EJ and Nicole’s wedding.  Taylor noticed that Brady was drinking and wondered if he drove.  They ended up talking about the last time Taylor got a cab for him.  Nicole wanted to know what was wrong with EJ because he wouldn’t look at her.  EJ wanted to take her negligee off of her.  She wants their marriage to work and not just for the kids.  When Nicole got out of the bed, EJ started thinking about Taylor.  Stephanie wanted to get away from “Rafe”, but he wouldn’t let her go.  Sami wanted to know what was going on with them.  “Rafe” told Sami that he was comforting Stephanie.  Sami asked Stephanie if she wanted to talk.  Stephanie said no and went to the bathroom.  Sami still didn’t like the way “Rafe” hugged Stephanie.  He wanted to know if she was jealous.  She said she wasn’t jealous.  “Rafe” told Sami that she’s always watching him.  Sami admitted that she has been watching him because of his accident.  He said that he doesn’t like how she keeps watching him.  “Rafe” and Sami ended up making up.  Sami wanted to stay at the pub and wanted to meet him later.  Nathan wanted to help Melanie at the Java Café.  Philip wanted to take her to the hospital.  Melanie told Nathan that the pain was gone, but she had a lot of pressure.  They were off to the hospital.  

While Daniel was babysitting Parker, Kate showed up.  They ended up fighting because of what she did to Chloe.  While they were fighting, Maxine called him to tell him that Melanie was admitted to the hospital. Sami talked to Stephanie and wanted to know if “Rafe” made her uncomfortable.  They talked about what happened with “Rafe”.  Stephanie thought “Rafe” needed another check up.  Sami thought so too and she wanted to talk to “Rafe” about it.  Melanie, Philip, and Nathan were at the hospital waiting for her test results.  Philip apologized and blamed himself for everything.  Melanie didn’t want to worry about that.  Daniel arrived at the hospital to be there for Melanie.  Kate also showed up at the hospital.  Philip told her that it’s her fault if Melanie loses the baby.  Kate didn’t want to believe that.  Daniel was back in Melanie’s room and she realized that she lost her baby.  “Rafe” told Stefano that his “relationship” with Sami isn’t going well.  “Rafe” told Stefano what happened with Sami and Stephanie.  “Rafe” didn’t like it because he’s not a womanizer.  Stefano reminded him that he’s supposed to screw up Sami’s marriage.  After a while, they started joking around and Sami caught them together.  She demanded to know what was going on with them.  Stefano thought they were a happy family now.  After Stefano left, “Rafe” said he was tired of Sami humiliating him in public.  Sami wanted to talk at home.  Once they were home, Sami apologized for overreacting.  “Rafe” wanted to go to bed.  Sami called Stephanie to ask for a favor.

GH Recap Written by Carrie

Shawn collapses after trying to leave Carly’s house. Suzanne informs Theo that Brenda died in the limo explosion; Theo is shocked by the news. Theo swears he wanted Brenda alive. Alexis can’t believe that Theo is the Balkan. Sonny and Jason are surprised to find that Sam, not Brenda, was in the limo. Edward and Luke worry that Sam is going to die. Sonny and Dante concur that Theo ordered the car bomb to create a diversion to nab Brenda. Lucky and Siobhan contemplate getting married. Sam is rushed to the hospital. Jason fears the worst about his girlfriend. Michael and Abby show up at GH to support Jason. Kristina and Ethan talk about the limo explosion. Alexis and Jax run into each other at the hospital. Patrick and Robin tell Alexis and Jason that Sam will survive. Luke and Tracy share an intimate moment. Shawn and Carly talk about where Theo could possibly be hiding Brenda. Jason tells Sonny that Shawn is at Carly’s house; Suzanne overhears the conversation. Jax confides to Olivia. Sam wakes up but can’t hear what Jason is saying. Sonny shows up at Carly’s and demands to know where Brenda is. Franco calls Jason. Lulu and Dante share a kiss. Brenda learns that Theo is Aleksander’s father.

OLTL Recap Written by Jennifer S.

James is in awe to find out for the first time that Starr broke up with Cole and was ready to tell him she wants to move in with him before she caught him with Michelle. She is similarly in awe to find out that he could not go through with sleeping with Michelle because he wanted only her and only considered Michelle when he assumed he had no chance with Starr, unaware that she ended it with Cole. Todd goes to talk to Blair informing her that Tea's "brother" is back in town poisoning her mind against him. Hearing that, Blair is not certain how she can help him and doesn't want to get involved in his issues. But she goes to see Tea and notices that Thomas is Tea's brother. She is stunned to find that out. And Tea is equally stunned to find out that Thomas has met Blair. Tess gets Robert Ford to reluctantly go to Vegas with her to get married Langston and Brody find them but it's too late to stop them. Tess tells Brody that he has no power of her. Robert is her husband and he wont' let her family commit her when he relies upon her to see his son. But when she slaps Brody, he and other cops declare they've witnessed her assaulting an officer and take both her and Robert to jail. Yet she is not going down without a fight.

Y&R Recap Written by Eva

Tucker and Ashley discuss their wedding and think it would be a good idea to have the wedding at the Chancellor Estate because it will help bring the family together. The judge hears Adam’s testimony and asks him to provide handwriting samples and a deposition, so he can look at everything before making a decision on the case. Nick, Victoria and Abby know that Adam is lying, but they can’t prove it. Phyllis suspects Adam is lying to get the charges dropped against her and tells Sharon this in the courthouse hallway. Abby tells Nick and Victoria that she should have taken one of Victor’s offers for her and she feels that Jack and Victoria used her and now she has lost her father and her money. Sharon goes to Nick and Victoria and promises them she will persuade Adam to tell the truth. Sharon also tells Nick and Victoria that she doesn’t agree with what Adam is doing for her sake.

Abby is angry with Jack for persuading her to start the lawsuit and tells Ashley about it and Ashley promises her that she will take care of her uncle Jack. Jack admits to Ashley that he had to persuade Abby to start the lawsuit because Tucker told him that if he didn’t get beauty of nature he would lose his job at Jabot. Jack tells both Ashley and Phyllis that he has been suspended from jabot until he can get beauty of Nature for Tucker. Ashley confronts Tucker telling him that he is just like Victor using her family to get what he wants and she wonders if she should marry him because she doesn’t know him at all. Ashley tells Abby it’s not too late to fix things between Victor and her brother and sister so they could all be a family. Nick and Victoria that they will always be a family regardless of what happens with the lawsuit they even decide to have a family dinner. Nick Victoria and Abby have dinner at Gloworm and see Victor at the bar and he walks right past them and out of the restaurant.

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