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AMC Recap Written by Mary

At the hospital, Madison meets with a doctor about the sleep disorder program and enrolls herself in it because she needs money to pay the medical bills. Scott walks up and informs her that he, too, is enrolled in program. J.R. is on the phone in the Chandler living room when Ryan comes in and begins to ask him if he's heard from Annie. Ryan reveals to J.R. that he bugged the house in order to find out where Emma and Annie are. Marissa admits that she helped Ryan to bug the house. J.R. asks her how she could have done this to him. J.R. tells Ryan that he is going to the airport to go to where Annie is. Ryan insists on accompanying him on his trip. Kendall reads a letter from Zach despite the interruptions from Ricky, who continues to try to get to the letter. Kendall begins to read the letter and cannot believe what she is reading that Zach could have been murdered. Ricky tries to get Kendall to remain calm while she reads the letter. Greenlee comes in with the boys and there is mass confusion. The letter from Zach falls to the floor in the midst of all the confusion. Ricky, successfully, manages to get his hands on the letter. Greenlee takes the boys up to bed while Kendall settles down to continue to read the letter, but finds it gone. Ricky, pretending that he is helping her to look for the letter, puts the letter under the end of the sofa and suddenly retrieves it and gives it to Kendall, minus one page that he had hidden in his shirt. Kendall begins to read the letter and finds one page missing. In order to get her out of room, Ricky tells Kendall that the other page must be upstairs. Ricky changes the last page while holding on to the original page. When Kendall comes back downstairs, she still doesn’t have the missing page. Ricky sneaks and puts the supposedly missing page under the sofa cushion. In looking, Kendall finds the page. Scott shows Madison a payment schedule that he had arranged so that she could pay her medical bills in weekly payments in installments. Madison is pleased, but even more surprised when Scott asks her to move in with him. J.R. lets Marissa and Ryan know that Annie and Emma is in Canada. Greenlee gets a call from Ryan as to where Annie and Emma are. Greenlee leaves to go with Ryan to find Emma. Greenlee calls Griffin to check in on Kendall. Marissa catches up to Scott and Madison at the hospital and finds out from them that they are expecting a baby and are moving in together, Marissa is surprised by these recent developments.

Ricky texts his accomplice about the missing page that he had found. Ricky tells Kendall that he has to meet with a parishioner and leaves Kendall’s. Outside, Ricky looks at the missing page of the letter. Madison moves in with Scott. J.R. assures Ryan that they will get Emma back. Griffin checks on Kendall and she realizes that the last page isn’t really the last page of Zach’s letter. Ricky meets with his accomplice and tells her about the letter. Ricky assures his accomplice that he will find Zach’s and Kendall’s favorite place. Emma calls Madison to let her know that she is fine, but will not tell her where they are. Madison calls Ryan to let him know the news. Ryan finds out that Annie had been there, but left before they could get to her.

B&B Recap Written by Wanda

Steffy runs the office with an iron hand, tells Madison to get on it and even tells Brooke that she will have to make an appointment with her to talk as she is really busy. Brooke comments that she doesn’t make appointments within her own company. Steffy listens, but makes it clear that she came back to lend leadership to her company. Brooke says they made it just fine. The company is flourishing and the morale is now high again. They’d like to keep it that way and count Steffy in to keep things less contentious between Forrester’s and Logan’s. Steffy makes it clear that she does not want Hope’s situation with Liam to penetrate these hallowed halls. At the hospital, Bill tells Liam that he is his only son and they just found each other, so he needs to take it easy and get well. Just stay away from Amber and he will deal with her. At Bill’s new house, Amber wakes up and smells the fresh air, looks over Malibu and can’t believe the good, rich, life she will be living. She makes herself at home and is sitting with her feet up and eating chocolate covered strawberries when Bill walks in. She tells him it is polite to knock first. She’s surprised to hear that Katie and others do not know about this arrangement.

Steffy advises Oliver not to give up on Hope. Then she tells Brooke that Oliver is a much better match than Liam especially now that he is going to be a father. Oliver surprises Liam by visiting and Oliver even gives him a gift of an audio to listen to. Oliver wishes him well and asks him to call if he needs anything. Hope thought it was sweet of Oliver to stop by and Liam thought it was hovering; him just waiting for something to happen between Liam and Amber. Bill tells Amber that he doesn’t think of this baby as his grandson. Tragedies do happen in life and you just have to deal with them accordingly. He wants to show her the grounds, especially the view from the lookout. He states that it will take her breath away. He shows her around and she admits the view is spectacular, but it is making her a little queasy to be so high. He tells her to lean farther and look a little closer. She can see Catalina. She confesses the view is to die for.

Days Recap Written by Michele and Cheryl  **One Day Ahead 

Kate wanted Melanie to make up her mind about whether she wants Parker or not.  Melanie said she does want him.  Kate warned her that they have to stick to her plan or Melanie will lose Parker as well as her baby.  Philip was checking on Chloe when someone from social services showed up.  He informed Chloe that she has to relinquish her custody of Parker.  Philip tried to talk to the social worker, but he told Philip that Daniel is the one whose name was on the birth certificate.  Philip told him that Parker's birth certificate is getting changed.  The social worker said since Philip's not the legal father of Parker, he will have to take Parker into custody.  Chloe begged him not to take him.  The social worker walked out.  Philip reassured Chloe that he will help her keep Parker.  Jennifer was with Parker when Daniel saw them.  They talked about Parker when Philip showed up.  Philip wanted Daniel to take Parker for the night.  Daniel didn't want to do it at first.  Jennifer stepped in and had a solution.  Jennifer thought she and Daniel could work something out.  Philip walked in on Melanie and Kate while they were talking about Chloe leaving Parker and burning the cookies.  He was upset that Melanie told Kate about that when she promised she wouldn't say anything.  He was really upset about what Melanie did.  

Taylor was convinced that EJ thought about her.  Nicole wanted to know what was going on between Taylor and EJ.  Nicole wanted answers, but didn't get them and walked away.  Lexie talked to EJ and realized that Taylor is the one he was looking for all along.  EJ and Taylor tried to deny their feelings for each other. Sami had Allie's favorite doll and wanted to email Lucas about it.  "Rafe" saw the doll and started thinking about how he beat up Rafe.  He ended up breaking the doll's head.  Sami was upset, but "Rafe" said the doll's head was loose.  Sami apologized for snapping at him.  Sami said she missed Allie.  "Rafe" wanted to know why she sent her to Lucas.  Sami said so she could see her dad and because of him.  "Rafe" tried to blame Allie for why he's having trouble with her and it's hard to adjust to things.  Sami understood and let it drop.  Stephanie ran into Nathan at the Java Cafe.  They got into a heated discussion about Melanie.  Sami and "Rafe" went to the pub.  Sami talked to Caroline about her problems with "Rafe".  Caroline thought she should give him time.  "Rafe" saw Stephanie and she started talking to him about Nathan.  "Rafe" wanted to give Stephanie a hug, but his hands started wandering down her body.  Sami noticed the way "Rafe" hugged Stephanie.  Taylor managed to convince Nicole that there was nothing going on with EJ, but Lexie knew the truth.  Nathan and Melanie ran into each other at the Java Cafe.  Melanie told Nathan about Kate's plan and her role in it.  Philip saw them together and told Nathan to stay away from Melanie.  Nathan said Melanie is staying with him.  Melanie had to break up the fight.  Nicole was ready to celebrate with EJ, but she could tell he wasn't into it.  Nicole wanted to know what was wrong.

GH Recap Written by Brenda

OLTL Recap Written by Jennifer S.

John goes to see baby Liam. Natalie emotionally urges him to bond with his son and be a part of their lives. But he concludes that he cannot and Liam is solely her child. IN the kitchen, Kelly stops by and runs into Joey. They are mutually angry and hurt; her with his marrying Aubrey and distrusting her and his obvious "jealousy" to find out she slept with John. Kelly runs out of the room crying. She runs into John. And although John has been completely cold, insensitive an unemotional toward Natalie, he holds Kelly in his arms while she cries.

Starr and James go to find Dani and Nate and urge them not to go through with having sex nor expecting Todd to change. But Dani and Nate reveal that they can clearly see that Starr and James have feelings for each other more than they have "concern" about Dani and Nate having their "first time". Nate reveals to Starr, for the first time, that James could not go through with sleeping with Michelle because he has feelings for her (Starr) And Starr reveals to James for the first time that she broke up with Cole in order to be with him.

Brody and Langston rush to Vegas in a desperate attempt to find Tess and Robert Ford. Tess wants to marry Robert for the sole purpose of having him dependent on her in order to see his son and her dependence on her husband preventing her family from having her committed to a mental hospital. Robert is ready to walk out. And Tess/Jessica remembers her commitment to Brody. And before their wedding is final, Brody and Langston walk into the church and catch them.

Y&R Recap Written by Eva

Neil is able to persuade Tucker to hire Sofia again by reminding Tucker that he has also made mistakes in the past and if someone hadnít given him a second chance he wouldnít be head of his company now. Tucker meets with Sofia and asks her to save the bio diesel project and Sofia tells Tucker she has missed working for him. Malcolm also tells Sofia that Neil persuaded him to give their relationship another chance and when Sofia finishes her meeting with Tucker she and Malcolm both thank Neil for everything he has done for both of them. Neil and Sofia canít stop thinking about when they made love. Nick Abby and Victoria realize the impact the family feud is having in Genoa city. Victoria runs into a former company employee who tells her that the entire department she worked for was fired because of the lawsuit. Abby isnít happy when a gossip reporter whom she has given many interviews to doesnít want to talk about the Naked Heiress because she would rather talk about the lawsuit. Nick shows his sisters a newspaper article that talks about the lawsuit and Abby is upset because it makes her and her brother and sister seem greedy. Sharon tells Nick to stop fighting her battles for her but Nick tells her that he didnít join the lawsuit because of the video he did it because he doesnít trust Victor anymore.

Nick tries to persuade Victor to settle the lawsuit before the case is decided today but Victor tells him that he will not settle the lawsuit. Adam doesnít want to testify that he forged the trust agreement while Victor was in Mexico but Victor promises Adam that he wonít press charges against him. Victor tells Adam that it is a small price to pay to save Sharon but Adam doesnít agree to the deal until Victor shows Adam his new trust fund agreement. Sharon wonders if Adam made a deal with the devil to save her but Adam tells her everything will be okay. Adam testifies at the arbitration hearing despite Sharon asking Adam not to do whatever its is Victor asked of him. Victor tells Abby, Nick, and Victoria that because of their greed they have ended up with nothing.

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