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AMC Recap Written by Mary

At the hospital, Amanda listens to Griffin telling Jake that someone had tipped Immigration off about Cara. Amanda bursts into the conversation and tells Griffin that Cara had gotten what she deserved. Gertrude arrives in town. At Kendall’s home, Ricky talks to his accomplice on the phone when Erica comes in. Ryan visits Kendall at the hospital. Kendall, immediately, asks if Emma had been found. Ryan lets Kendall know that he has something to tell her about Zach’s plane crash. Gertrude appears up on Kendall’s doorstep and has a run-in with Erica immediately by hurling insults toward Erica and telling her that she doesn’t care too much about her. Gertrude asks Erica for the housekeeper’s job which Erica doesn’t like too awfully much. Amanda lashes out about Cara and her involvement in their lives. Amanda apologizes to Griffin for thinking that he was blaming Jake for this mess with Immigration. Griffin asks Amanda to tell the truth concerning Cara. Tad with Cara by his side tells Liza that they are engaged to be married. Cara gets a call from the hospital and leaves the room. Liza doesn’t buy Tad’s story that he is marrying Cara. Tad accuses Liza of acting like a jealous ex. Tad insists to Liza that he loves Cara. Cara walks in to tell Tad that she is leaving. Tad kisses Cara bye. Jake asks Amanda if she is alright after her run-in with Griffin. Ryan continues to talk to Kendall about Ryan and a package that was meant for her. Ryan tells Kendall that he had the package sent to her. Griffin and Erica come to join Ryan and Kendall. Erica senses that something is wrong and questions Ryan about it. Ricky and his accomplice meet. The accomplice accuses Ricky of being a murderer. Ricky tells the accomplice that Erica had walked in on and if Erica had caught him searching the house then he would have had to dispose of her. Kendall tells Erica that she is going home. Jake finds out from Amanda that she had been the one, who tipped off Immigration about Cara. Cara walks up and overhears part of the conversation.

Cara joins Jake and Amanda, but Jake doesn’t tell Cara anything about what they had been discussing. Griffin lets Kendall know that Cara is marrying Tad. Kendall is happy for them both. Ricky arrives to take Kendall home. In the park, Jake and Amanda argue over what Amanda had done to Cara. Jake walks off without saying good-bye to Amanda. Amanda whispers to herself that she loves Jake. At the Confusion bar, Erica calls Caleb to meet her, but is once again confronted by Gertrude. Erica arranges to have Gertrude fired again. Ricky and Kendall arrive home and everything looks in order. Kendall receives a package which Ricky wants to look through, but Kendall insists that she has to do this on her own. Kendall opens up package and finds a love letter from Zach along with a letter that she should read in case of his untimely death. Cara arrives home to Tad’s. Tad pays Cara some overdue compliments which means that Tad is getting interested in Cara.

B&B Recap Written by Wanda

Amber tells Bill that this place is making her a little creepy so he should just give whatever he wants to give her and let her take off. Bill remarks that they are here to make plans about their situation. He politely blocks Amber when she tries to move past him. She asks if he is threatening her. She did not make this baby all by herself. He repeats again that he brought her to here to take care of their situation; to do what needs to be done. He astounds her when he says he did not buy this place for Katie. He is setting it up for Amber to have her baby. Dr. Montgomery tells Hope there is not much change in Liam’s situation. She sits by his side, holding his hand, and is delighted when he wakes up although he doesn’t know how or why he’s in the hospital. Dr. Montgomery tells her this is a good sign. He’ll give him a few minutes and then come back and check on him. Hope assures him that Amber and the baby are okay; they were not hurt in the trailer accident. Nick catches Jackie and Owen in another compromising situation and reminds Owen they are running a business here.

Bill tells Amber that he is not giving her the house, but she can stay here until she has the baby. It’s not what he wants to do, but what he has to do. He tells her to sit down and make herself at home. Oliver stops by to see his sister, but only finds Nick. Nick finds out Oliver’s love life is in hibernation right now, but tells him that he wouldn’t give up on Hope just yet. Hope vows to Liam that they will get through this. Don’t think about anything but getting better. Amber asks Bill what’s the catch? He wanted her arrested and in jail and now he’s done a complete turnaround complete with satellite TV and the fridge completely stocked with healthy food. It’s adequate and she will take this as a first start. He promises to come back tomorrow and show her the grounds including a fantastic view of the beach from the lookout. He bids her adieu and tells her to sleep well.

Days Recap Written by Michele and Cheryl  **One Day Ahead 

During EJ and Nicole's wedding, Abe spoke to Chad.  Abe wanted to warn him not to have any part of the DiMera family.  EJ wanted to make sure that Taylor was okay.  She assured him that she was fine.  She congratulated him on his marriage.  Philip checked on Chloe at the hospital.  Philip thought the medication that Daniel prescribed for her didn't work.  Maxine told him that the medication takes time to work.  She also told Philip that Chloe's on suicide watch.  Melanie wanted to know why Philip was at the hospital.  Philip was deliberately vague about what happened to Chloe.  He ended up telling Melanie about the note he found and how he found her in the river.  Melanie thought that Chloe shouldn't be the one raising Parker.  Philip didn't agree with her.  Melanie continued to convince Philip that Chloe shouldn't raise him.  Later on, Chloe told Philip that she got rid of the pills.  Philip wanted to know if Daniel told her there would be side effects.  Chloe told him Kate told her to get rid of them.  Melanie called Kate and told her that Chloe tried to commit suicide.  Kate was on her way to the hospital.

Roman showed up at Bo and Hope's house.  Roman was surprised to see Hope there.  Roman told Bo that he was reinstated.  Bo wasn't completely happy because Hope wasn't reinstated.  Hope was okay with it even though Bo was mad.  Hope was happy to be out of prison.  She wants to be able to spend time with him and Ciara.  They have a playful conversation about working out his crazy schedule.  They ended up kissing.  Bo wasn't sure if it was too soon for that.  Hope was okay with it.  Nicole noticed EJ and Taylor staring at each other and wanted to know what happened between them.  Taylor insisted it was nothing at first, but wanted to tell her.  Kate arrived at the hospital and Philip confronted her about what she did to Chloe.  She insisted that she was trying to help Kate.  Philip didn't believe her.  Philip asked Melanie if she was in on what Kate did.  Melanie said she didn't know anything about it.  Philip didn't believe her and wanted both of them to stay away from Chloe.  Taylor told Nicole how she ran into EJ a few times, but they didn't know each other.  After Nicole left, EJ talked to Taylor.  He wondered if she fantasized about him the way he has been about her.  Nicole saw EJ and Taylor talking to each other.

GH Recap Written by Brenda

Jason and Shawn are ambushed at the Pine Barrens where they had intended to ambush Theo. Shawn is shot. Jason is able to get to his car and call Spinelli. He tells him that Shawn walked him into an ambush. Carly finds Shawn and he instinctively pulls his gun on her, not recognizing her or remembering where he is. Carly persuades him to get in her car so she can get him to safety. She takes him to her house. Shawn doesn't trust her. Carly secretly calls Jason so he can hear their conversation. She inconspicuously tells Shawn that he is safe at her house. Carly reminds Shawn that she said he owed him when he helped her niece Molly. Shawn remembers and lowers his gun. A moment later, Jason bursts in with his gun drawn. Carly tells him not to shoot Shawn.

Jax and Alexis ditch the reception and have an expensive bottle of Champagne together. Dante tells Lulu that he never slept with Brenda, the baby wasn't his, and Brenda miscarried anyway so there is no baby. He says that was the last secret. Lulu says it doesn’t matter because she will never trust him again. Tracy asks Luke to intervene with Dante's attempt to get back in Lulu's life. He says it is Lulu's decision to make. Tracy tells Brook Lynn that it is a shame that all the young women that she likes are with men that don't deserve them. Molly interrupts Michael and Abby as they are about to kiss. Molly asks Edward to dance to distract him when he asks how Abby and Michael met. Abby admits to Michael how much she cares about him. Robin and Sonny's kids make speeches and congratulate Sonny and Brenda. Kristina catches the bouquet and tells Ethan that someday she will marry him. Everyone throws rose petals as Mr. and Mrs. Corinthos leave. Brenda gets in the limo while Sonny hugs Luke. Sonny turns to go to the car and it explodes.

OLTL Recap Written by Jennifer S.

Dorian wants to help Viki "do battle" with Echo and tells her she knows Echo is after Charlie. But Viki tells Dorian she is too distraught with some other things to be concerned. She informs Dorian that Tess has come back and Natalie has lost John. Hearing that, Dorian is all the more motivated to "fight dirty" knowing Viki may not do it for herself and goes to confront Echo telling her she better not do anything to hurt Viki. Echo finds out that John is "living" near her at the Minuteman Motel. She can see that he is abusing alcohol and behaving irresponsibly since he's found out that Natalie lied about his son being Brody's instead of his. She tells him that she gave up her own son many years ago and started abusing alcohol and failing to deal with her stuff the way he is doing. And she wants to prevent him from making the same mistakes she made. Natalie reveals to Joey that she caught John sleeping with Kelly. Hearing that, he reveals although he does not admit, that he is not over Kelly and jealous that she slept with someone else. Kelly returns home and admits to Blair that she slept with John. They also talk about Blair's potential "future" with Thomas. And we learn that Thomas is Tea's long lost brother who abandoned her family and who has broken her heart and made her furious.

Y&R Recap Written by Eva

Diane tells Michael she was with another man before she moved in with Victor and she can’t help wondering if the relationship with this man would have worked but now she is with Victor and doesn’t know what to do. Michael advises Diane to get out of the relationship with Victor before it gets too serious if she is still thinking about this other man. Phyllis thanks Diane is just after Victor’s money and tells Diane she is just a placeholder until Victor reunites with Nikki. Phyllis asks Diane if she has another man waiting in the wings for when Victor breaks up with her. Jack decides to show Sharon and Adam the video they found in Hawaii and he also tells Sharon and Adam that Phyllis showed the video to Nick. Adam and Sharon think that the video is the reason Nick joined the lawsuit against his father. An angry Sharon confronts Phyllis at Restless Style because Phyllis showed the video to Nick and he obviously showed it to Victor making things worse for her. Phyllis explains t o Sharon that she had to show the video to Nick in order to protect Summer. Nick runs into Michael who is tells him that the judge has made a decision in the case. Nick heads to see Victoria and Abby who also know the judge is ready to rule on the case and think they could win but they know better then to underestimate Victor

Daniel arrives to visit Lily and tells her its getting harder for him to keep the fact that he is Lucy’s father a secret from everyone. Lily wonders if Daniel doesn’t subconsciously want people to know the truth and Daniel says that is the last thing he wants because he wants Lucy to grow up in a happy home. Daniel thanks Lily for all her support and she does the same then Daniel leaves. Once Daniel is gone Lily wonders who could have opened the music box because it was closed before Daniel came to visit her. Michael tells Victor that he will probably lose the case unless he tells the judge he had posttraumatic stress disorder after Sabrina died which was when he drew up the new trust agreements. Victor will not have his mental state called into question because that will cause more damage to Newman enterprises. Adam arrives and asks Victor to do the right thing and save Sharon because he knows that Sharon didn’t kill Skye. Victor tells Adam that he will consider saving Sharon but first he has to agree to help him save Newman Enterprises.

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