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AMC Recap Written by Mary

Erica comes into Krystal’s and finds Jack sitting alone at a table. She sneaks up behind him and hugs him. Erica accuses Jack of avoiding her. Colby sits on a park bench and remembers times past with Damon. Colby also remembers her conversation with her mom in which Liza started crying and didn‘t want to hurt Colby. Liza goes the Chandler mansion looking for Colby and leaves a note. Griffin finds out from Cara that she was almost arrested for having a fake passport. When Cara tells Griffin that she is marrying Tad, he is against it. Jack surprises Erica by suggesting that they call the wedding off because of Caleb. Opal and Krystal are dead set against Tad marrying Cara. Opal asks Tad what will he get out of this situation. Krystal asks him about the living arrangement once they are married, but Tad hadn’t thought that far ahead. Erica lets Jack know how much she loves him. Jack, in turn, tells Erica that Caleb has feelings for her, and she couldn’t even come to Jack with her problems but had to go to Caleb instead. Amanda meets with Agent Trumbull at ConFusion and tries to get him to forget all about this mess concerning Cara’s fake I.D., but the wheels are already in motion and nothing can be done about it now. Jake walks up and sees Amanda talking to the agent. Jake begins to ask her what she was doing talking to the federal agent. Colby wants Liza to explain to her why she slept with Damon and to try to make her understand. Tad assures Griffin that he will protect Cara. Tad and Cara make plans to get better acquainted later and to get to know each other’s interests. Jake watches them. Cara turns around and sees Jake watching them. Tad also sees Jake watching Cara. Tad lets Jake know that he and Cara are going to get together later.

Colby says she no longer has a mother and puts Liza out of her home. Asher comes downstairs and asks Colby why she didn’t came home the night before. Colby tells him that she didn’t want to come home, but she didn’t have anywhere else to go. Krystal lets Jack know that Tad and Cara are getting married. Jack asks Krystal if she still loves Tad, but she denies it. Erica and Opal meet at ConFusion and discuss Erica’s possible wedding to Jack. Liza visits Tad and tells him that Colby hates her. Tad realizes that Colby must know about Liza and Damon. Liza explains everything to Tad. Tad tries to comfort her as best as he can. Opal tells Erica that she must make a choice between Jack and Caleb. Jake and Cara discuss Cara’s wedding to Tad. Jake asks Cara how she will feel when she meets someone she really wants to be married to. Cara insists she will deal with the situation. Erica talks to Caleb on the phone and tells him that they need to talk. Caleb is against it, but Erica tells him that it is business not pleasure. Opal walks in on Tad comforting Liza. Opal asks Tad if he told Liza the news. Tad tells Liza that he is marrying Cara and introduces her to his fiancée. Griffin warns Jake that he and Cara cannot be seen being close to each other. Griffin also tells Jake that someone tipped off Immigration about Cara’s phony I.D. Amanda listens to their conversation.

B&B Recap Written by Wanda

Brooke is surprised when she sees Thomas kissing Dayzee and she races back upstairs to tell Ridge. Both agree they like Dayzee and think she is appropriate for Thomas. Amber wanders into Dayzee’s and tells Stephanie that she is one of the homeless now and this is the last place she can go. She needs something to eat if she can pay just what she can afford, which isn’t much. She tells Stephanie about Liam being in the hospital and that he is the father of her baby. Bill looks online at a video of the lady who fell to her death at the house he has bought. He can’t stop having visions of Amber falling in that same spot. Lt. Baker comes in and tells him they can not find any criminal charges concerning the trailer and there is no more the police department can do about it. About all Bill could do is sue a civil action, but he’d probably collect nothing. Steffy stops in and teases Bill if he missed her while she was in Paris. He says no he didn’t. Thomas tells Dayzee that he knows how much they don’t have in common, but that just doesn’t scare him as much as it does her. He knows she is dating Marcus and she assures him they are just friends. She tells Thomas she barely knows him, but she’s impressed with his passion for everything. She likes that and gives him a kiss.

Bill rants to Steffy that he doesn’t care what the police say, Amber was stalking Liam. She followed him home, knocked him out and dragged him into his bed. Whatever happened after that had nothing to do with consensual sex. Steffy advises him to pay her off. He says she wants a paycheck for life. They’ve had a DNA and it’s Liam’s baby and he won’t go along with paying her off. She advises him to give up this dark fantasy of Amber’s death. Just go home and cuddle up with his wife. He says he tells Katie everything, but he won’t expose her to this. Stephanie knows that Liam loves Hope so she can’t see how this could happen that he’d turn his back on her. She accuses Amber of being a bright girl, full of zest but uses all her time and energy in trying to scheme, manipulate and use people. Amber gets a call from Bill who asks her to meet him at a new spot. He has something for her that he thinks it will lead them to a positive place. She walks into this dark, eerie place far out on the beach all alone. She sees no one but walks on in only to finally see Bill standing in the shadows. He says he is glad she could make it. It’s a great location, one to die for.

Days Recap Written by Michele and Cheryl  **One Day Ahead 

Nicole noticed EJ and Taylor looking at each other at the ceremony.  Nicole demanded to know what was going on between them.  She stopped the wedding until EJ talked to her about their arrangement.  After their talk, EJ and Nicole proceeded with the ceremony.  Taylor fainted at the ceremony.  Philip read Chloe's note and tried to call her.  He noticed that she mentioned "where I fell and you picked me up" and hoped that he was wrong about what she did.  Chloe said goodbye to Parker and jumped into the water.  Rafe called 9-1-1 so he could talk to Roman.  Rafe was trying to tell Roman what happened to him.  Ted saw Rafe on the phone and choked him until he lost consciousness.  Ted took the phone and hung up.  Daniel and Jennifer bonded while she was waiting to be picked up from the hospital.  They talked about her family.  Roman saw "Rafe" at the pub after the phone call.  Roman wanted to know if "Rafe" was in trouble.  "Rafe" lied to him about getting a blinding headache and called 9-1-1 and asked for Roman.  

Roman bought "Rafe's" excuse and told him he could return to duty after he gets a physical.  After Roman left the pub, "Rafe" called Ted to find out how Rafe got a cell phone.  Ted assured "Rafe" that he took care of everything. Philip saw Parker on the pier.  He read the note that Chloe pinned on Parker.  He realized that she was in the water and jumped in to get her.  As Daniel and Jennifer finished talking, Philip and Chloe arrived at the hospital.  Daniel saw Chloe on the gurney and wanted to know what happened.  Philip told him how Chloe jumped into the water.  Jennifer wanted to know where Parker was while they were at the hospital.  Philip told her that he was with a nurse.  Daniel thought that Chloe would be okay.  Philip explained to Daniel how he realized what happened to Chloe.  He also explained to Daniel how Chloe felt since their break up.  EJ and Nicole were married.  EJ looked at Taylor while he kissed Nicole.  Stefano met "Rafe" at the pier.  "Rafe" told Stefano how Rafe got a cell phone and called Roman.  "Rafe" assured Stefano that he fixed everything.  "Rafe" thinks that the only way to stop Rafe from getting out of the cell or calling the police would be to kill him.

GH Recap Written by Carrie

Suzanne tells Theo that she’s going to attend the wedding reception. Jason wants Shawn’s help at the meeting with Theo. After Brenda and Sonny are married, he confronts Carly about the legal document regarding the baby. Johnny and Maxie argue over Lisa. Lisa confronts Maxie in front of Johnny. Sonny and Brenda chat with the wedding guests. Lulu refuses to talk to Dante. Luke compliments Carly on her scheming ways. Sam is shocked to find Theo sitting in her vehicle. Brenda and Sonny dance together. Kristina asks Ethan to dance. Michael is happy when Abby shows up to the reception. Patrick and Robin admit they still love each other. Tracy is worried about Lulu. Dante shows up at Lulu’s apartment; she punches him in the face. Maxie thinks that Johnny has Lisa’s syringe in his possession. The Balkan’s men ambush Jason and Shawn at the meeting.

OLTL Recap Written by Brenda

James tells Starr that he told Nate about Viki's cabin in the woods so he and Dani can hide out. Dani tells Nate that she wants to hide long enough to teach her father a lesson. Nate tells her to call Tea and let her know she is ok. After the call, Dani wants to resume being deflowered but they are startled when Starr pounds on the door. Starr tries to convince Dani to go home, but Dani refuses. Starr says she is staying at the cabin as long as Dani is there. James stays too. Tea asks Todd what he plans to do when Dani and Nate come home. He says he is going to protect his daughter from making the same mistakes that Starr made. Todd wonders what she means when she says she tells him that she now knows what to do.

Tomas tells Blair that he is leaving Llanview. Blair mentions that her friends Carlotta Vega and Tea Delgado are from Puerto Rico too. He is shocked when she mentions that Tea is married to her ex, Todd Manning. Blair wonders why he is interested in two people he doesn’t know. He leaves a sketch of Blair on the table and leaves the Buenos Dias. He shows up at Todd and Tea's house.

Viki looks for Tess. Langston calls Ford and discovers that Tess is with him. Brody warns Ford that Tess is dangerous. Ford asks Brody if he will give him rights to the baby if he brings Tess home. Tess dumps a bucket of ice water on Ford's phone to stop him from talking. Tess pretends to be Jessica to keep Ford from leaving the hotel. She tells Ford that she doesn't want to be married to him any more than he wants to marry her, but it is the only way she can stay out of St. Anne's and the only way Ford can have access to his son. Brody discovers that Ford bought two tickets to Las Vegas. He tells Viki and Langston that he is going to Vegas to find them. Brody and Tess leave the hotel room to buy rings and get married.

Y&R Recap Written by Eva

Jack thanks Victor, because since he and Diane are living together, Kyle can live with him and he can spend more time with his son. Jack tells Victor that Diane will come to her senses and leave him once she remembers the evil things he is capable of doing. Victor tells Jack that the video doesn’t prove that he is responsible for Skye’s death. Jack is angry and walks away to find Phyllis and ask her how Victor knew about the video. Phyllis tells Jack she had to tell Nick because protecting Summer is more important to him then his long feud with Victor.

Nick gets a visit from Diane who wants to know if Kyle and Summer are still going to carpool to school. Nick says that they will still carpool because Summer and Kyle are friends. Diane mentions that Kyle will be living with Jack. Nick realizes that Kyle will only be living there for a while, because he will miss all the perks of the ranch. Diane thinks that Nick joined his sisters on the lawsuit because he wants to get back at her for choosing to be with Victor instead of him. Nick thinks Diane has a big ego and tells her he joined the lawsuit because he is tired of his father doing whatever he wants and getting away with it. Phyllis sees Nick having a drink at Gloworm and wants to talk about the fact that Jack is upset with her about showing him the video they have on Victor. Nick tells Phyllis he doesn’t want to listen to her problems with Jack. Phyllis is hurt and goes outside and Nick follows to apologize but Phyllis tells him that she is setting him free because they can’t be friends they are just ex’s and Summer’s parents he doesn’t owe her anything. Nick tells Phyllis they are friends and grabs her arm to stop her from leaving Nick almost kisses Phyllis but she says it’s a bad idea and leaves to go back inside where Jack apologizes to her and they make up. Billy and Victoria have a long argument about who Lucy’s Godparents should be, but they finally decide Abby should be Lucy’s Godmother. They ask both Jack and Nick to be her Godfathers and all involved gladly accept.

Lily hears Cane’s voice calling her name once when Sofia is with her and once when Daniel visits. When Lily confides in Daniel about it, he tells her that she and Cane had such a strong love that they can’t be separated even in death. Daniel tells Lily that Lucy is his daughter but he doesn’t want to say anything because she is in a happy home. Daniel admits it’s killing him to lie to everyone but Lily tells him he is giving Lucy a gift. Daniel decides to stay with Lily and sleep on the couch. Neil talks to Malcolm and tells him he should stop keeping his relationship with Sofia in limbo and either fix it or end it. Malcolm gets mad and tells Neil his relationship with Sofia is none of his business and he should stay out of it. Sofia arrives at Neil’s place and he tells her Malcolm will come around and Sofia helps Neil with a problem at work and Sofia thinks they make a great team. Neil thanks Sofia for supporting Lily through this rough time and tells her she is beautiful inside and out. Neil kisses Sofia and they make love Malcolm arrives just after Neil and Sofia have dressed and takes her home because they have a lot to talk about and he apologizes to Neil for their earlier disagreement. Abby is trying to decide if she should drop out of the lawsuit but once she finds out that Victor and Diane are living together she tells Victor she will see him at arbitration.

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