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AMC Recap Written by Mary

David thinks that he is talking to Annie on the phone and asks her as to where she is. Ryan appears and tells David that it was him who had called him. Ryan demands to know as to where Annie and Emma is. David begins to deny knowing where Annie is. At Pine Valley, Greenlee tells Marissa how David had helped Annie to take Emma and to leave town. Greenlee shows Marissa a pic of David and Annie. Liza and Colby discuss and how that Liza doesn’t think that it is a good idea that she and Damon get back together. The Federal agents are getting ready to take Cara before the judge when Tad comes in and orders them to take their hands off his fiancée. The Federal agents are surprised by Tad’s proclamation and Cara doesn’t know what to say. Amanda offers Jake her condolences about what had happened to Cara, but doesn’t tell him what she had done. Jake hugs Amanda and thanks her for being so understanding. Amanda apologizes to Jake for her feelings toward Cara. Liza tries to talk to Colby about her past mistakes when she was growing up. At the hospital, Scott catches up to Madison in the hall and finds out that Madison is headed for her checkup. Scott offers to accompany her, but Madison tells him that he had done enough for her. Ryan lets David know what Annie had did to Marissa in almost killing her. Marissa promises Greenlee that she will get to the truth. Greenlee bumps into Scott, who inquires if there is any news about Annie and Emma. Madison looks at the pics of the ultrasound and finds out from the nurse that her insurance will only pay a small percentage of her hospital visit. At Krystal’s, Colby asks Opal for help with Liza. Opal lets Colby know what Marion had done to Liza. Madison asks for Greenlee’s help in paying her hospital bill by asking for more overtime. The Federal agents asks Cara as to where is her engagement ring. Cara shows them that she wears it around her neck on a chain. Tad and Cara visit Jake and Amanda and lets them know that they are engaged.

Tad explains that this will give them a little time in order to help Cara beat these fake I.D. charges. Colby confronts Liza and begs Liza to tell her that she hadn’t slept with Damon. Liza cannot answer her. Colby begs her again to tell her that she hadn’t slept with Damon. Marissa forces David to tell Ryan where Annie is. David breaks down and reveals all to Ryan and Marissa. David tries to talk to Marissa, but Marissa tells him that she is through with him that he is just like J.R. Jake is extremely against Tad marrying Cara. Amanda offers her support to Tad and Cara. While having a cup of coffee, Tad and Cara discuss Jake and how he had reacted to their engagement and the next thing is to plan a wedding.

B&B Recap Written by Wanda

Steffy rushes in to see her grandmother and is introduced to Dayzee. She thinks Stephanie has slipped into mental illness now with her including Brooke as among her friends. At Brooke’s, Ridge teases Thomas about his date with this new princess. Indeed when she arrives just to go over the new t-shirts, Dayzee sees that Thomas has the living room all set up with an intimate, romantic dinner. She sees it as a seduction dinner and starts to say no until he says he is cooking steaks on the grill so she accepts. She is impressed and grateful for his designs and the new t-shirts. Brooke confides to Ridge that now that Steffy is back, she is not looking forward to seeing any more tension at Forrester. He really is hopeful they can all work together peacefully.

Dayzee enjoys the steak and apologizes to Thomas for calling this an ambush. He says he has never met anyone that shines like she does. Steffy is glad that Dayzee made Stephanie see the light about her cancer, but she doesn’t think that gives Dayzee the right for a free ride. Stephanie explains that this makes her happy so for Steffy to try and understand that….this feeds her soul. Even though Brooke thinks it is transparent, Ridge convinces her to go downstairs to see if she can find out who Thomas is entertaining. Dayzee decides she better go and gets up to leave when Thomas tries to get her to stay. He leans in and kisses her. Brooke starts to descend the stairs and is shocked to see it is Dayzee kissing Thomas.

Days Recap Written by Michele and Cheryl  **One Day Ahead 

Stefano taunted Rafe about what is going to happen to Allie.  Rafe tried to attack Stefano, but he was too weak to go after him.  Rafe threatened to kill Stefano if something happens to Allie.  Stefano was not bothered by Rafe's threat.  Maggie wondered if Chloe is going to go to Nicole's wedding.  Chloe told her how she wants to be a good mother to Parker.  Maggie assured Chloe that she will be a good mother now that she's taking the medication.  Chloe remembered that she threw the pills away.  After Maggie left, Kate showed up and pretended to be concerned about her.  Philip also showed up at Maggie's house and saw Kate and Chloe talking.  Philip questioned why Kate was there.  Philip was upset that Kate was interfering again.  Kate finally apologized and left.  Chloe told Philip that Melanie wants to take her baby.  Philip assured her that he would help her.  Bo was talking to Hope about her being able to have her life back.  Bo wanted to spend the day with Hope when Abe and Theo showed up.  Abe and Theo wanted to spend some time with them before EJ and Nicole's wedding.  EJ and Lexie had a conversation about him looking for another woman on his wedding day and how he doesn't love Nicole.  Rafe tried to get Ted (Stefano's henchman) that his head was bothering him.  Ted didn't buy it.

Bo, Hope, and Ciara bonded while watching a movie.  Philip wanted to take care of Parker while Chloe got some rest.  Chloe thought she heard Parker crying even though he was fine.  Chloe started feeling insecure about her parenting skills, but Philip comforted her.  After Phillip left, Chloe thought Parker was crying again and started yelling at him to stop crying.  As Nicole and EJ prepared for the wedding, Philip showed up and saw Kate.  He reminded her to stay away from Chloe.  Kate wanted to know if he left Chloe alone with the baby.  Chloe couldn't stop Parker from crying.  She became frantic because of it.  She read a note that she wrote.  She hoped that God would forgive her for what she's doing.  Ted checked on Rafe and saw that he wasn't moving.  Ted took off his gun and checked on him.  Ted told him that he would get a doctor and walked out of the cell.  Rafe managed to get Ted's cell phone from him.  Philip realized that he and Chloe got their wires crossed about Parker and went back to Maggie's house.  He noticed Chloe's note and went to look for her and Parker.  Chloe was on the pier with Parker.  The wedding began.  EJ and Taylor finally saw each other again.

GH Recap Written by Carrie

Siobhan wants to accompany Lucky back to Port Charles. Siobhan can’t board the flight because her Visa expired. After some pleading, Siobhan is allowed to fly back to New York with Lucky. Jason convinces Shawn to release Sam and help them find the Balkan. Suzanne arrives at Theo’s hideout in the cave. Brenda comes clean about what happened in 2007. Dante speaks up on Brenda’s behalf, claiming he lied about fathering her baby to protect a bigger secret – that the baby was indeed Aleksander’s. Terrell and Monica talk about a patient. Elizabeth wonders if Aiden is Lucky’s baby. Sonny is disappointed in Brenda but still wants to marry her. Diane is sickened to hear that Theo is the Balkan. Theo finds out about Brenda’s baby and asks Suzanne about it. Suzanne admits she knew about Brenda’s miscarriage. Theo plans on making Brenda pay for the deaths of Aleksander and his unborn baby. Shawn agrees to work with Jason and Sam. Sonny and Brenda get married.

OLTL Recap Written by Jennifer S.

Tess tells Robert Ford that they need each other. She tells him they need to get married. That way, she can enable him to have rights to baby Ryder. And her family won't have the authority to have her committed without the consent of her husband. Yet, he needs to call Langston and has to make sure she does not mistakenly think that he has a "real" marriage with Tess if he goes through with that. Langston then goes looking for Robert and runs into Brody. Knowing that Tess has come out, Brody tells Langston she needs to call Robert and warn him what he's getting himself into. Dani is missing after Todd has driven her away by threatening Nate. Shane is being harassed at school. While Rex is arguing with Clint about who can get whom is worse trouble regarding Bo, David Vickers and other secrets they both know, Rex gets a call from the school and Clint seems "concerned".

Y&R Recap Written by Mary

Victor sits alone in his office when Michael comes in to visit him. Michael senses that something is wrong with Victor and questions him about it. Victor is quiet and doesn’t say much as to what is bothering him, but does reveal that Nick had promised to testify for him at the mediation hearing. Abby lies on the sofa when Ashley comes to visit her. Ashley is relieved that Abby is alright. Abby reveals to Ashley that Nick had agreed to be on their side and to help them with the lawsuit. Abby begins to cry and is worried that Victor will lose everything and it is all her fault. Nikki confronts Nick about be on Victoria’s and Abby’s side against their father. Nick doesn’t want to discuss it. Nikki barges into Victor’s office and questions him as to how he can be so calm about this whole mess. Victor orders Nikki to show herself out of his office. Jana packs up her things when Kevin comes into the living room. Kevin wonders why she is packing up everything now. Jana lets him know that she is happy about the move and this will be the start of a new adventure for her. At “Restless Style”, Chloe, sarcastically, thanks Victoria and Billy for hiring Jana as their nanny for Lucy. Looking at a magazine, Chloe remembers when Chance had given her a wedding ring. Billy notices that something is wrong with Chloe. Chloe begins to open up to him about her feelings. Heather checks in on Chance and finds him exercising. Heather reminds him that he had just had surgery. Chance is still upset over Ronan leaving town the way he did. Heather tells him that that is another one she can add to her list of losers. Chance asks her if he is on that list. Heather reminds Chance of her feelings when he had left her and when she had found out he was dead. Chance reminds her that she wasn’t the only one, who had lost out on anything. Heather is puzzled. Chloe looks through magazines and thinks that Billy is going after Victor again. With Leslie present, Michael questions Nick about the trust fund that Victor had set up for him. Michael asks to speak to Nick alone. Michael asks Nick as to why he is doing this to Victor. Michael tells Nick about the dangers that this lawsuit will cause. Nikki urges Victor to stop this lawsuit. Chloe comes to visit Chance and finds Heather there. Chloe only has smart things to say to Heather. Heather calls Michael to let him know that Billy is going after Victor. Abby tells Ashley that Michael had told her some things that this lawsuit would cause Victor. Abby invites Ashley to move back in. Ashley reminds her that she is getting married. Victoria questions Nick as to what had happened between him and Victor.

Jana tells Kevin that she is fine with moving in with the Abbott’s to care for their child. They hug. Chance urges Chloe to get along with Heather. Nick wonders if he had acted on this matter impulsively. Nick tells Victoria that he is there for the duration of the trial. Michael confronts Billy about the article that he is writing. Billy shows him the article and it has nothing to do with Victor. Billy lets him know that he will wait until this is all over and he will write an editorial about the whole lawsuit. Ashley visits Victor and asks him to visit Abby. Victor agrees. Ashley confronts Michael over this lawsuit. Victor visits Abby and are able to mend fences. Chloe meets Kevin outside of Chance’s room. Kevin wonders what Chloe is doing in Chance’s room. Kevin lets Chloe know that Jana had moved out. Victor asks Abby to stop this nonsense with this lawsuit.

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