Monday 2/21/11 Recaps

The TV MegaSite's Monday 2/21/11 Short Recaps


AMC Recap Written by Mary

In their condo, Ryan finds out that David helped Annie to leave town and to take Emma with her. David sits at the bar at Krystal’s when Marissa comes in. Marissa lets David know that she was with Bianca who is getting divorced from Reese. She also agrees that it is hard starting over. J.R. and Asher are on the phone in the Chandler living room when Colby comes in. J.R. is glad that she had finally decided to come out of her bedroom. J.R. tries to talk to Colby, but all she wants to do is to blame him for Annie kidnapping her at the beach house. Cara is arrested for having a different name on her passport and is questioned by Immigrations agents. The agents threaten to deport Cara back to Mexico where she will surely be killed if found. Tad orders Jake not to do anything until he returns. Cara insists to the agents that she is not scared of what they will do to her. Amanda pulls Tad aside and questions him as to what is going on. Jake joins them not sure of what to do to help Cara. Amanda tells him to go and help Cara. Jake leaves, leaving Amanda alone with Tad. Tad blames himself for this happening to Cara. Amanda lets him know that it is not his fault. Tad notices something is wrong and wonders what Amanda has done. David asks for Marissa’s help in gaining back his self respect and that of his colleagues. Greenlee suggests to Ryan and Jesse that they tap David’s phone. Amanda opens up to Tad and tells him that she had called Immigration on Cara. In a hotel room, Jake asks Jack to help Cara in dealing with Immigration. Jack orders Immigration to bring him up to speed about the investigation. Colby lets J.R. know that he never changes. Ryan, Greenlee and Jesse question David if he had helped Annie escape town. David denies knowing where Annie is. Cara opens up and tells the Immigration officers that she is a cancer survivor and that she had almost died at one time. Tad tells Amanda that Cara will be killed if she is deported to Mexico. Marissa visits J.R. to tell him that David had asked for her help in polishing his image, and to get him back in good standing in the public’s eye. J.R. asks Marissa to move back in with him. Colby talks to Damon on the phone. Colby wonders why Damon had called her after him breaking up with her. Damon asks Colby to try again in their relationship. Colby pretends as though something is wrong with her phone and hangs up. Liza and David meet at ConFusion. David asks her to dinner but she refuses.

Jake lets the Feds know that Cara’s life will be in danger if she goes back to Mexico. Cara tells the Feds all about what had happened in Sudan with the drug cartel dealer dying, and the others vowing revenge on her. Jake promises Cara that he will not let her down. Cara mimics “thank you,” to Jake as he leaves the hotel room. Amanda tries to help Cara, but Tad lets her know that she had done enough. Colby lets Liza know that Damon wants to make up with her. Liza is against them getting back together. Marissa refuses to move back in with J.R. J.R. vows to Asher that he will have his family back together. Jake comes home to Tad’s to pull Cara’s files on her patients. Amanda lets Jake know that she needs to talk to him. Amanda hugs Jake and tells him that she is so sorry. Greenlee catches up with Marissa at the hospital and tells her that she needs to listen to her. David thinks that he has received a phone call from Annie, but in truth the phone call came from Ryan, who finds out that David had indeed helped Annie and knew where she was. The Immigration agents are about to take Cara to the hearing before the judge when Tad bursts in and tells them to get their hands off his fiancée.

B&B Recap Written by Wanda

Katie has to break the bad news that Amber’s trailer had an explosion and while she was not hurt, Liam was there and he was injured. He’s in the hospital now. Hope rushes off to see him. Bill rants to Dr. Montgomery that he wants Amber out of the hospital now. She has no right to be here. Dr. Montgomery says she has been there all night. Bill tells a semi-conscious Liam that he will deal with her later. Lieutenant Baker investigates the case and comes to the hospital to talk to Amber. Bill suggests they have enough evidence to put her away for a long, long time. He wants Baker to arrest her now. Baker tells Bill that he is not there to arrest Amber, but to question her. They always do that even when there is no foul play. Bill vows to Amber that she will never hurt anyone in his family again. He will put a stop to her. Katie tells Brooke and Ridge that Bill is in a mess as he can not fix this for his son. Bill talks to Nick and wants to meet to finalize the sale of the Malibu house. Hope walks in on Amber crying to Liam that she is sorry that she screwed up his life.

Ridge tells Brooke that Amber thinks she is tough, but Bill will deal with her. Hope is strong and she will come through this okay. Nick is sorry to hear about Bill’s son. He is aware that accidents can happen and he reminds Bill again that he needs to get a guardrail for his property. A man’s wife died from a fall about six months ago. Hope tells Amber that if she cares for Liam, then leave him alone and let him recover in peace. Amber gloats that Lt. Baker was here and declared it an accident. Not even the mighty Bill Spencer can change that. Amber won’t be going anyplace after all. Hope strokes Liam’s arm and wills him to wake up and smile. Bill stands on the balcony of his place and looks way down on the beach. He thinks to himself that Amber has to be dealt with one way or the other.

Days Recap Written by Michele and Cheryl  **One Day Ahead

Allie didn't want to go to the park with "Rafe".  She wanted to stay with Johnny.  "Rafe" talked to Sami and she said she could talk Allie into going to the park.  Philip waked up on Chloe and Melanie while they were arguing.  Chloe told Philip that Melanie is trying to steal her baby.  Philip asked Melanie if it's true.  Chloe said she heard Melanie on the phone.  Melanie denied saying anything about taking Parker.  Philip let Chloe know that he told Melanie about what Chloe did at Maggie's house.  They ended up arguing about it.  Stefano let Rafe now that he has no choice, but to go through with his plans for Allie.  Stefano said Allie will go to a family that is far away and will raise her as their own.  Rafe tried to go after Stefano, but he passed out.  Stefano thought Rafe was faking so he stepped on his hand.  Rafe didn't move.  Vivian saw Brady on the pier and overheard him say that he owns Titan now.  Vivian was happy about the news.  She thanked Brady for doing her work for her.  Philip showed up and saw Brady with Vivian.  Philip wanted to know if Brady had seen Chloe.  Vivian didn't know why Philip was talking to Brady.  Philip was confused so Vivian cleared things up.  Vivian told Philip how Brady controls Titan.  Philip was upset and wanted answers from Brady.  Brady tried to justify what he did, but Philip didn't want to hear it and walked away.  Maggie visited Victor while she was babysitting Parker.  Maggie wanted to cheer Victor up.  He thought she needed to be cheered up because he saw how sad she was at Chez Rouge.  

Kate showed up at the mansion and saw Maggie with Parker.  Maggie eventually left and Kate talked to Victor about Chloe's condition.  Kate knew what to do about Chloe after all. Lucas called Sami to let her know that he missed Allie and Will.  Will did not want to go to Hong Kong.  He was suspicious that Lucas wanted Allie to go to Hong Kong.  Sami thought Kate was responsible for Lucas calling.  "Rafe" took Allie to the park and was waiting for her to be grabbed.  He talked to someone about the way Allie should be kidnapped.  Chad went to Sami's place to see Johnny.  Johnny convinced Chad to be EJ's best man.  Allie wanted to stay at the park because her friend was there.  "Rafe" wanted to leave and became upset.  Sami arrived and talked to Allie about Lucas' phone call.  "Rafe" ended up going to the car.  While they were alone, Allie told Sami that "Rafe" was mean to her again.  Stefano reminded EJ that "Rafe" was not supposed to beat up Rafe.  EJ wanted to know how Rafe was doing.  Stefano informed her that Rafe has walked pneumonia and will need antibiotics.  Stefano wants to move on to the next part of the plan.  EJ wants Rafe around long enough for "Rafe" to alienate Sydney and Johnny.  Kate showed up at Maggie's house to see Chloe.  Kate manipulated Chloe to keep her from taking the pills that Daniel prescribed for her.  Kate convinced her not to take the pills.  Allie wants to visit Lucas.  "Rafe" thought it was a good idea that she visits Lucas.  "Rafe" told Stefano that Allie will be with Lucas.  Stefano doesn't want Rafe to know that.

GH Recap Written by Carrie

Edward refuses to walk Brenda down the aisle. The wedding guests suspect that Carly is behind the delay. Sonny starts panicking but Luke reassures him that Brenda didn’t get cold feet. Carly confronts Brenda about the baby. Nevertheless, Brenda intends on marrying Sonny. Lucky, Siobhan and Megan manage to get away from the Balkan’s men. Lucky and Siobhan are surprised to learn that the Balkan is married. Lucky asks Siobhan to join Megan in Barcelona. Sam and Jason realize that Shawn is supposed to kidnap Brenda at the wedding. Johnny and Lisa share a kiss. Jason and Sam arrive at the wedding; he walks Brenda down the aisle. Sam returns to the law office and finds Shawn there. Shawn grabs Sam’s gun; Jason shows up just in time. Theo arrives at the meeting place, an office located in a cave. Before Carly can say anything, Brenda objects to marrying Sonny.

OLTL Recap Written by Jennifer S.

Tess knows how to "motivate" Robert Ford to do what she wants, by telling him that he will be in big trouble with Clint, prevented from seeing his child and his child won't have much of a life unless she helps him. Meanwhile, Langston tells Starr that she's now convinced that Robert has been sneaking around behind her back with a "slutty blond" whom she got a glimpse of outside Capricorn, right when they were going to spend Valentine's Day together. Starr informs her that she heard that it's been revealed that Robert is the father of Jessica's baby and it prevented her wedding with Brody from going off. And they conclude that he must have been with Jessica regarding their baby although they don't understand why Jessica was "dressed" so differently than the Jessica they know. Charlie returns to Viki after a night of her not knowing where he was or whom he was with since he did not call her all night. He announces that he did not take a drink but knows he better not reveal to her hat he was with Echo. Rex confronts Clint, telling him that he won't let him hurt Shane and declares that he's just as disgraced to know that Clint his bio dad as Clint is and it does not hurt his feelings if Clint has a low opinion of him because it's mutual. Natalie pleads with John not to give up on them. But he has a "wall" built up and no feelings. She then concludes that if he can get over her, she can just as easily get over him.

Y&R Recap Written by Mary

Billy and Chloe discuss the upcoming article for “Restless Style.” Chloe asks Billy how is Lucy. Jana comes out of the kitchen just as Kevin comes in. Kevin tells Jana they need to talk. Kevin tells Jana to find somewhere else to live. Nick arrives for the mediation meeting. Victor finds out that Nick is on Victoria’s and Abby’s side. Victor begins to question Nick, but Nick tells him to direct all the questions to his attorney. Sofia calls Lily and tells her that she had picked up the éclairs that she liked and was looking forward to hanging out with her. Neil tries to help Lily to deal with Cane’s death. Lily reminds Neil that she had seen Cane standing a few feet away and had called out to him. Lily asks Neil if she is losing her mind. Neil hugs Lily. The first candidate arrives to be interviewed by Billy as a Nanny for Lucy. Jana tells Kevin that she knows that he and Chloe are a couple, but he doesn’t need to toss her out of his home. Jana tells Kevin that she doesn’t’ know what she will do if she loses his support. Jana promises that she will find a place as soon as possible. Jana runs into Chloe just outside of Kevin’s door. Jana vows to prove that Chloe is wrong for Kevin. Sofia arrives with the éclairs and finds that it is a bad time for Lily. Sofia offers to leave, but Lily encourages her to stay. Victor is quite upset over Nick siding with Victoria and Abby. Nick tells Victoria and Abby that he is joining the lawsuit toward Victor. Both Victoria and Abby are surprised by Nick’s news. Victoria asks Nick what had changed his mind. Nick lets her know that it is time that Victor stop calling the shots in their lives. Lily tells Sofia how she had imagined seeing Cane at the cemetery and had even called out to him. Sofia relates story to Lily on how she had imagined seeing her father and would even break down crying in public. Neil listens to their conversation. Kevin lets Chloe know that they are through sneaking around from people knowing that they are a couple now. At “Restless Style”, Jana asks Billy to be Lucy’s Nanny. At the mediation meeting, Victor tells Nick that he needs to talk to him, but Michael advises against it.

Kevin and Chloe get cozy on the sofa in Kevin’s apartment. Jana tells Billy her qualifications to care for Lucy. Billy, knowing about Jana’s memory lapse, asks Jana how is she doing now. Jana assures him that she is doing better now. Nick and Victoria discuss how that Nick had changed his mind and is now on hers and Abby’s side. Neil lets Sofia know that he had heard what she had said to Lily and he thanks her for being there for Lily. Chloe and Kevin kiss. Billy takes Jana home to discuss with Victoria about Jana being Lucy’s Nanny. After careful consideration, Victoria agrees to let Jana be the Nanny. At Gloworm, Michael realizes that this is the anniversary of Brad’s death and it was hitting Abby really hard. Nick lets Victor know that he cannot be trusted anymore to tell the truth about anything. Victor reminds Nick on how he had manipulated people. Jana arrives back home and interrupts Kevin and Chloe. Jana lets them know that she had gotten a job and is moving out. Michael talks to Abby about dropping the lawsuit against Victor. Victor lets Nick know what will happen if they continue with this lawsuit that it will cause Newman Industries to go public and the children will only get one stock a piece and it will no longer be a family owned business.

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