Friday 2/18/11 Recaps

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AMC Recap Written by Mary

At the hospital, Tad lets Cara and Griffin know his plans for saving Cara’s life. Griffin doesn’t seem quite sure about Tad’s plan being foolproof. At Tad’s home, Amanda calls Immigration and tells them that Cara used a phony name on her passport, but will not divulge her own identity. In her hospital bed, Kendall looks at the pics of her family. Kendall resolves that she must accept that Zach’s death was an accident. Jesse visits Ryan and Greenlee to discuss the route that Annie might have taken out of town. Ricky talks to someone on the phone and tells them that they could have ruined everything by breaking into Kendall’s home, and she must never know that he was the one who murdered Zach. Bianca joins Kendall to see how she is doing. Amanda turns around and sees Jake standing in the doorway. Amanda asks him how long he was standing there. Jake tells her long enough to know that he has a beautiful, sexy wife. Jake and Amanda kiss. Jake asks about the phone call. Amanda lies and tells him that it was about a credit card purchase. Jake asks her what she purchased. Amanda lets him believe that it is surprise for him. Amanda confesses that she had a fight with Cara, but things will be all right now. Tad tells Cara and Griffin that they are going to fake Cara’s death and make everyone know that Cara is dead. Kendall questions Bianca if she heard from Reese. Bianca tells her that they keep missing each other. Kendall lets Bianca know about the break-in at the house. Bianca wonders what Kendall was doing home. Kendall lets Bianca know about the dreams that she has been having about Zach and he was trying to tell her something. Ricky has a meeting with his “friend” when Opal comes up and wonders what he is doing here. Bianca breaks down and lets Kendall know that she and Reese are getting divorced. Kendall offers her sympathy. Griffin raises objections about Tad helping Cara out of this mess. Opal tells Ricky that he promised to come by to let her know about his progress with Kendall and helping her deal with Zach’s death.

Ricky visits Kendall to discuss Griffin’s protectiveness of her. Opal has a check-up with Griffin and gets a clean bill of health. Tad lets Jake know that he is going to stage Cara's death in order to save her life from the drug lords. Cara and Amanda once again have words when Cara tries to explain thins to Amanda about her feelings for Jake. Cara just walks off leaving Amanda alone. Griffin joins Ricky and Kendall. Kendall asks Griffin can she go home and Griffin agrees. Kendall makes Griffin promise to always watch out for her as Ricky listens from outside the door. Ryan and Greenlee are enjoying some time alone when Jesse stops by to show Ryan a pic which is of David with Annie. Ryan realizes that David helped Annie to leave town with Emma. Bianca and Marissa to discuss the custody of the girls. Amanda finds out from Tad that Cara’s life is in danger. Tad asks for Amanda’s help in keeping Cara safe. Amanda calls Immigration and tells them that she made a mistake in reporting a possible fraud concerning Caroline Finn. Agent Trumbull of the United States Citizenship and Immigration Services arrives and puts Cara under arrest for possible passport fraud and being in this country illegally.

B&B Recap Written by Wanda

Amber strikes a match and lights the pilot light and an explosion goes off inside the trailer. She screams for Liam and rushes to find his body and tries to help. Liam is rushed to the O. R. at the hospital. Bill tells Katie that Amber is sick and dangerous and he can’t let her cause any more harm to his son. She tries to discuss the house they looked at in Malibu, but all his thoughts are on Amber. Katie encourages him to reach out and hug Liam, whatever it takes. He states that maybe down the road there will be time for that mushy stuff. Amber scares Bill when she calls and tells him that there has been an accident and Liam is in the hospital. At the hospital, he demands answers from Amber and she tells him about the fire/explosion. Bill says he doesn’t care if she did pull him out, he is holding her responsible. She better hope he pulls through this or she will hope she had been caught in that trailer. Ridge wants Brooke all to himself tonight.

Dr. Montgomery tells Bill that it is touch and go with Liam. He’s in a coma. The burns are of no concern. There is swelling of the brain and it doesn’t help that he just recently had a concession. Brooke tells Ridge that she can’t imagine after all these years that Amber is back in their lives and she’s hurting Hope this time. She knows how she operates and she is afraid Hope and Liam will be over for good. Bill tells Amber to get lost. There is no need for her to be there. Then he accuses her of the first concussion. Liam didn’t accidentally hit his head; she followed him home and hit him over the head. Every time she is near his son, something happens. She is trying to get her dirty hands on his money….she better think again. Bill is told he can see his son. Katie tells him to say what is in his heart. Bill says here’s the deal. He’s tough and demanding and in this situation he is not going to be any different. Liam needs to wake up and get out of this bed, out of the hospital and they will go together. He will not accept anything else. They are just getting to know each other. He cries he really likes being his dad and he will not lose him now. He still has a lot to tell him, a lot to teach him. Liam has a lot to teach him too. He holds Liam’s hand and tells him that he loves him. He lays his head on his chest and cries. Liam opens his eyes.

Days Recap Written by Michele and Cheryl  **One Day Ahead 

Stefano let Rafe know that Sami and Allie are going to pay for him trying to escape.  Allie will disappear from town permanently.  Stefano doesn't want Allie to get hurt, but he wants her away from Sami.  Stefano wants Allie to go to a good family.  Rafe threatened to kill Stefano.  Kate was at the hospital with Melanie.  Kate reminded Melanie about the plan.  Kate doesn't think Chloe is stable enough to take care of Parker.  Sami was with Johnny as he got ready for his surgery.  Sami talked to Lexie about EJ not being in the room with Johnny.  EJ was in the waiting room yelling at "Rafe" because he took matters into his own hands with Rafe.  "Rafe" didn't seem to care for EJ yelling at him so he started getting sarcastic with him.  EJ was about to hit him when Nicole walked in the waiting room.  She wanted to know what was going on with them.  EJ lied and said they were arguing because they were worried about Johnny.  Stefano called "Rafe" and told him to make sure that Sami goes to the mansion with EJ and Johnny because Allie is going to disappear permanently.  Philip saw that Chloe left Parker unattended at the pub.  Philip was extremely upset by what he saw.  Chloe didn't know why he was upset because she was only paying her bill.  Philip let her know that something could have happened to Parker while her back was turned.  Chloe explained what she did when she left Parker alone while making cookies.  Philip was shocked and demanded that she get help.

Melanie saw Philip and Chloe talking to Daniel at the hospital.  Philip thanked Daniel for seeing Chloe.  Daniel arranged for Chloe to see a doctor.  Philip wanted Daniel to do it.  Daniel hesitated, but agreed to help Chloe.  Daniel wanted to get blood work from Chloe.  She wanted to know why.  He thought she might have a thyroid problem and it could be causing her depression. Chloe used that opportunity to talk to Daniel about their relationship.  Daniel wasn't interested in being with her.  Johnny's operation was a success.  Sami wanted EJ to let Johnny stay with her.  "Rafe" insisted that Johnny stay with EJ.  Johnny wanted to know if "Rafe" stopped liking him.  "Rafe" tried to cover up and said the mansion was big enough for him to play.  Sami was very upset with "Rafe" for saying that.  EJ and Stefano talked and EJ decided that he didn't want Allie to be taken from Sami anymore.  While Allie and Johnny were playing, Sami argued with "Rafe".  He told her that he was on her side.  Sami wasn't so sure at the hospital.  "Rafe" eventually got out of the doghouse with Sami.  Sami wanted Allie to stay with "Rafe", but Allie was adamant about not staying with "Rafe".  Melanie questioned Philip about Chloe.  She used their marriage to get Philip to talk about Chloe.  Philip confided in her, but he didn't want her to tell anyone.  Melanie was shocked by what she heard.  Melanie thought he should take Parker.  Philip believes that Chloe loves Parker.  He reminded Melanie not to say anything about Chloe.  Melanie saw Daniel give Chloe a prescription for post-partum depression.  Melanie read Chloe's chart and called Kate to tell her about Chloe's condition.  Melanie also told Kate that Chloe left Parker alone.  Melanie confronted Chloe and they started arguing.  Kate went to EJ to talk to him about custody rights.  He realized that she would do anything for her grandkids.  He told her to call Lucas and tell him to take Allie.  She agreed to do it.  "Rafe" suggested that he take Allie to the park.  Stefano wanted Rafe to hear him talking to "Rafe" about the plan to take Allie.

GH Recap Written by Brenda

It is Brenda and Sonny's wedding day. Jax and Sonny call a truce for the day. Max and Milo forcibly bring Carly to Sonny's house to keep her away from the wedding, but she manages to escape and goes to the church. Brenda is worried that something will go wrong with her wedding just like all the other times she has tried to marry Sonny. Robin reassures her. Suzanne reports to Theo that Brenda and Robin are headed to the Bride's room, then she goes to meet Theo. Molly is at her mother's law office and overhears Theo on the phone confirming that Shawn is in position to kidnap Brenda. Spinelli tells Jason and Sam that he has discovered the identity of the Balkan is Brenda's attorney, Theo Hoffman. They go to Theo's office and Molly tells them what she heard. Jason and Sam go to Metro Court to find Theo.

OLTL Recap Written by Jennifer S.

Y&R Recap Written by Mary

At Crimson Lights, Phyllis questions Malcolm as to how Lily is doing since Cane’s death and how hurt that Malcolm must feel over his broken engagement to Sofia. Lily insists that she is going to the cemetery alone to say her last good-byes to Cane Neil insists that he is going to accompany her. Lily finally gives in and agrees to let Neil go with her. Neil calls Jill to baby-sit the twins while they go to the cemetery. Both Colin and Jill agree to baby-sit the twins. Victor sits behind his desk at Newman Industries when Nick comes in and confronts him about the new evidence that came to light about him. Victor denies the allegations. Jack questions Michael as to what Victor is up to during the mediation hearing. Michael refuses to give out any info. Tucker and Victoria sit at a table at Gloworm and discuss the changes that would happen at Beauty of Nature if Victoria wins over Victor in the mediation. Jack comes up and Victoria quickly changes the subject. Daniel and Abby discuss the meeting that Abby has with Victor. Daniel offers her encouragement that everything will turn out alright. Phyllis advises Malcolm that everyone makes mistakes concerning Sofia helping Cane with his troubles and in hiding the truth from Malcolm. Esther comes in with a baby buggy. Phyllis, immediately, gets Lucy out of the buggy. Daniel and Abby come in and Daniel sees Phyllis with Lucy. Daniel questions Phyllis as to what she is doing with Lucy. Esther lets the group know that she is baby-sitting for Victoria and Billy. Phyllis sees the look in Daniel’s eyes and senses that he is missing his own daughter. Leslie interrupts their conversation and lets Abby know that she needs to meet with her and Victoria before the mediation. Nick lets Victor know that he has concrete evidence that Victor was at the volcano the night that Skye allegedly fell in. Jack questions Victoria as to what she has going on with Tucker. Victoria lies and tells him that Tucker offered her a position with Tucker Industries. Malcolm tries to talk some sense into Daniel by telling him that if he doesn’t try to find his daughter then he will always regret it. Lily gives Jill instructions on how to care for Charlie. Jack lets Victoria know that Abby asked for his financial advise. Leslie and Abby join Jack and Victoria and they find out that Victor has a secret weapon in getting Nick to testify for Victor. Victor lets Nick know that someone is poisoning his mind against him. Michael comes in to join them.

Malcolm and Tucker are at Crimson Lights. Tucker lets Malcolm know how he trusted Cane and even gave him Jill’s advice. Tucker lets Malcolm also know that he trusted Sofia, but she let him down. Tucker tells Malcolm that once trust is gone that it is not easy to get back. Neil and Lily visit Cane’s grave to say their last good-byes. Phyllis stops by Nick’s to pick up Summer and finds out that Nikki took her skating. Nick lets her know that he talked to Victor about the video. Nick gets a call from Victoria and asks him how he could be testifying for Victor against them. Malcolm wonders if he and Tucker are being too hard on Sofia. Michael, Victor and Leslie arrive for the mediation. Lily imagines that she sees Cane and yells out for him. Phyllis tries to talk Daniel into looking for his daughter. Jack confronts Tucker that if he doesn’t give Jabot to him and Ashley that he will have a fight on his hands. The judge is about to make a ruling when Nick comes in and sits down beside Victoria and Abby. Victor is puzzled by Nick’s actions. Neil comforts Lily and tells her that Cane is gone.

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