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AMC Recap Written by Mary

Madison wakes up in Scott’s bed, but finds him gone. As Madison is getting up, Scott comes in with her some breakfast. Madison reminds Scott of what he had taken on the night before by telling Ryan that he was the father of her baby. At Krystal’s restaurant, Ryan and Greenlee go over the details with Jesse about how Annie had taken Emma and had disappeared. Ryan doesn’t understand why Annie would take Emma away. Amanda wakes up and finds Jake dressing for work. Jake lets her know that he has to check up on who could be taking drugs from the hospital. Amanda drops her towel and this changes Jake’s mind about going to work right now. At the nurse’s station at the hospital, Cara looks at the wedding ring around her neck and slowly puts the chain back down under her top. Griffin comes up and tells her to take off the wedding ring. Cara lets him know that she had almost had the chain torn off her neck. Kendall has a bad dream and wakes up with Ricky looking at her. Kendall tells Ricky to get her out of here. Scott shows Madison the article about Annie kidnapping Emma. Tad tells Jake that Cara has a bounty on her head and she cannot ever go back to Mexico or she will be killed. Cara reads a Valentine card that a nurse had written to Griffin. Ricky takes Kendall home and finds her home ransacked. Tad tells Jake to tell him everything he knows about the man in Africa. Griffin comes in and finds Kendall and Ricky together in Kendall’s living room. At Krystal’s, Ryan questions Amanda as to what she knows about Annie. Ryan gets a lead on Annie and Emma. Jake lets Cara know that she cannot leave town or she will be killed. Kendall tells Griffin about the break in. Griffin takes Kendall back to the hospital while Ricky waits for the police to arrive. Amanda offers Greenlee reassurance that Annie will be found. Scott and Madison come into Krystal’s and questions Greenlee about Annie. Ryan and Jesse go looking for Annie.

Greenlee asks Madison to take care of things at work because the phones would be ringing off the hook. Madison picks up some breakfast and leaves. Scott lets Greenlee know that Madison is no threat to her. Griffin takes Kendall back to the hospital and hooks her back up to the heart monitor. Griffin asks Kendall why she had left the hospital when Greenlee comes in. Tad tells Griffin that Cara will need their help if she stays alive. Jake fills Cara in on what Tad had told him. Cara doesn’t seem to want to believe that she is in this much danger. Jake tells Cara about the drug lord, who is after her. Amanda overhears a conversation between Jake and Cara in which Cara tells him she will remain in Pine Valley as long as he says to. Kendall tells Greenlee about the break-in at her house. Brot looks around Kendall’s living room, but finds nothing out of place. Cara and Jake argue over her staying in Pine Valley. Tad tells Cara that he has a plan to keep her alive. Amanda calls Immigration to report Cara for using a phony name on her passport. Jake comes in but goes toward the kitchen. Ricky visits Kendall and gives her a photograph album of pics of the family. Ricky calls his informant and tells him that he had almost ruined everything by breaking in Kendall’s home. It is revealed that Ricky is the one, who had murdered Zach.

B&B Recap Written by Wanda

Steffy is welcomed back to the office by Ridge and Taylor and brother, Thomas. She chides Brooke that she and her dad are still together after all this time. She lets them know that she could have dated every night she was in Paris, but she didn’t, but that she does have her eye on someone. Oliver snaps pictures of Hope at a shoot. She’s not into it and needs a break. Rick asks Oliver to talk to her. Hope confides to Oliver that Amber’s baby is Liam’s. He feels sorry for her, but reminds her that she is not alone. She has plenty of people around who love her. But if Liam is going to be part of the baby’s life, then he will be part of Amber’s too…..and Hope’s. Liam shows up at Amber’s trailer. He needs some honest answers. He wants to know how in the hell did this happen. Amber states that she was lonely and looking for some affection. He says she followed him home that night and crawled in his bed. He could not have been responsive. If he had been, he would not have touched her. He doesn’t even like her. And now she has turned his life upside down by jumping his bones that night. But oops, it didn’t work. He will do right for the baby, but he isn’t leaving Hope for her.

Amber is surprised to hear that Liam wants to be part of her baby’s life. This could be complicated. He says it can work if she doesn’t get in his life….just go to a doctor, eat healthy, don’t drink or smoke and try to have a healthy baby. He wants her to stay away from him; keep their lives separately. Hope tells Oliver that she can’t just ignore what is going on. First there was him and now Liam. She needs a guy without all these complications. He holds and comforts her. Oliver advises her that she needs to cut Liam loose. She won’t be able to protect him. She gave her heart to him but it didn’t work. He’s a big boy and can take care of himself. Oliver and Hope, when she is ready, can pick right back up where they belong. Thomas calls Dayzee and surprises her by asking her out to dinner. It’s cold in the trailer and Liam tells Amber that she needs to fix the heater so she doesn’t get sick with a cold. She goes outside to find the propane tank and re-light the pilot light. She strikes a match and there’s a huge explosion.

Days Recap Written by Michele and Cheryl  **One Day Ahead 

Carly and Jennifer talked about Jennifer's kids and Jack.  Jennifer said that she's heard from the kids, but not Jack.  Carly tried to assure Jennifer that Jack would call her if he knew about her.  Jennifer wasn't so sure.  Daniel walked in while they were talking.  Daniel and Carly discussed Jennifer's chart and Jennifer noticed a connection between them.  EJ and Lexie talked about Johnny getting his surgery.  He let her know how Nicole has been really good to Johnny.  During this conversation, Lexie asked him to reach out to Chad.  EJ didn't want to discuss his brother.  He is convinced that Chad is a gold digger.  Gladys told Sami that she was watching TV when she saw Rafe being dragged down the hall.  She heard a thump and looked out the door and saw Rafe.  Sami thought she was mistaken.  Gladys was pretty positive that it was Rafe.  Gladys wanted to call the police, but Sami didn't want to do that.  "Rafe" walked in while Sami and Gladys were talking.  Sami told him what Gladys said.  "Rafe" tried to lie about it.  Gladys was convinced she saw him being dragged off.  "Rafe" implied that Gladys was drinking.  Sami had a solution.  She suggested that they watch the footage from the security camera.  "Rafe" was panicked until Gladys saved the day.  

Gladys said the camera didn't work.  Gladys gave up and left the apartment.  Sami told "Rafe" that Gladys was adamant about seeing him get dragged off.  "Rafe" tried to convince her that Gladys was wrong.  Sami was still suspicious.  Sami and "Rafe" kissed when Will and Gabi showed up.  Will told Sami and "Rafe" about the picture of Allie that Chad found. Jennifer wanted to know when she could go home.  Daniel said Carly could decide that.  Jennifer decided to play matchmaker for Daniel and Carly.  EJ and Chad ran into each other on the pier.  EJ talked with Chad and offered to welcome him to the family.  EJ asked Chad to be his best man.  "Rafe" showed up in the basement to see Rafe.  "Rafe" hit Rafe over and over again until EJ stopped him.  "Rafe" told EJ how Rafe had the pic of Allie and how Will found it.  "Rafe" told him how Sami's neighbor saw Rafe being dragged off.  Carly and Daniel ended up at Chez Rouge at the same time.  They realized that Jennifer set them up.  EJ watched Rafe suffering in pain.  EJ congratulated Rafe on trying to escape.  EJ told him that he and Allie were going to pay for what he did.

GH Recap Written by Brenda

Brenda prepares for her wedding. Edward gives Brenda the handkerchief that Lila carried on their wedding day. Carly tells Luke that she wasn't able to see Brenda and tell her she knows about the baby. Carly goes to see Sonny and Michael tells her not to do whatever she is planning. Spinelli tells Carly that revealing Brenda's secret at the wedding will hurt all of Sonny's kids. Sonny tells Milo to make sure Carly doesn’t ruin the wedding. Max tells Carly that she can't go to the wedding. Suzanne goes to see Theo. Theo tells her that in a few hours they will have their revenge for their son's death. Molly overhears Theo saying he is the Balkan, and that he intends to take revenge on Brenda for murdering his son. Spinelli tells Jason and Sam that he has discovered the Balkan's identity.

OLTL Recap Written by Jennifer S.

Y&R Recap Written by Krista

Victoria and Abby discuss the mediation meeting coming up. Victoria is surprised that Victor has agreed to mediation instead of going to trial. Phyllis and Jack discuss the video footage showing that Victor was there the night Skye died. Victor calls Nick to ask if he would come to the meeting and speak up for him. Jack convinces Phyllis to keep quiet about the information that they have. Once they prove it is Victor beyond a shadow of a doubt, then they can get Sharon off the hook. Nick finds out about Diane and Kyle moving in with Victor. Abby and Victoria meet with Leslie, Vance's partner. Victoria is told that Victor filed a motion to release the funds from escrow. She says Victor is up to something or he would have never filed the motion. Abby tells Victoria she wants out of the lawsuit but Victoria convinces her to stay. When Tucker calls Victoria about Beauty of Nature, she lies to Abby about it and says he is wanting her to work for him, but she's not going to. Jack meets with Sharon and tells her there is hope. She asks if he found proof that Victor took Skye to Hawaii, but he can't tell her anything else but that there is hope. Then she tells him that Adam proposed and she accepted. Jack is upset and surprised at how naive she is. Sharon tells Jack about Victor's announcement at the charity event and that he and Diane are back together. Jack leaves and goes to Victor's and tells Diane that she can ruin her own life if she pleases, but she will not take down his son with her. Victor asks if Kyle knows about them, and she tells him that she told him about the new living arrangements but not that they are together. She promises she will talk to Kyle about it soon. Diane and Kyle sit on the couch and eat ice cream together. She asks if Kyle and Jack had a good visit. They decide Kyle will stay with Jack for a while. She thinks it is a good idea for now. Adam and Sharon discuss what Jack told her and that he had a vendetta against Victor, so they need to be careful. Jack talks with Abby about the mediation meeting. Abby tells him about the phone call from Tucker and says she thinks that Victoria is hiding things from her. Ashley gets to hold Lucy as they talk about hiring a nanny. When Billy asks Phyllis if she found out anything in Hawaii, she lies and says she didn't. Nick goes to confront Victor and tells him he is a liar.

Adam and Sharon are at Gloworm. When Ashley finds out that they are engaged, she expresses her disgust. Tucker and Ashley talk with Abby and Ashley tells her how disappointed she is that Abby is going through with it. Abby gets upset and tells her she has a meeting with the lawyer and will talk to her later. When Ashley leaves, Tucker calls Jack. Ashley and Tucker talk about Adam and Sharon and he tells her to let it go. She says she can't let it go because she loves Sharon's baby as much now as the first time she held her in her arms. She confronts Adam and wants to know how he's going to mess up Sharon's life this time. Billy shows up and starts to rescue Ashley when he sees her talking to Adam, but Tucker tells him to let her handle it. Ashley tells Adam that if he cared anything about either one of them, he'd walk away. Adam tells her Sharon loves him and sees the good in him. Ashley says she will haunt him and if she finds out he has hurt Faith in any way, she would hunt him down and he would live to regret it. Phyllis shows up at Nick's house and tells him there's something he needs to know. She shows him the video footage. Nick says it can't be Victor, because that would mean he was letting Sharon, the mother of his grandkids go to jail for something she didn't do. He says, "He couldn't do that, could he?" Nick begins to think about the pictures of Victor and Skye on the elevator and the guy Nick talked to who said that he let the staff go and he never saw him on the property where Victor said he stayed. He is having major doubts about whether Victor is telling the truth.

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