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AMC Recap Written by Mary

At the hospital, Bianca asks Kendall where is Griffin. Kendall lets her know that Griffin is amazing. Bianca reminds Kendall what Griffin had said about not letting her die. Griffin visits Cara at Kendall’s and surprises her with a Valentine. Griffin questions Cara if it was difficult telling Jake the truth about her feelings for him. Jake surprises Amanda with a Happy Valentine’s Day dinner, but then spoils the surprise by telling her what Cara had told him about still loving him. Ryan questions J.R. as to what is going on with Annie and orders him to tell him where Annie is. Marissa tells Ryan how Annie had lost it and had almost killed her. Asher sits at a table at Krystal’s restaurant when Caleb walks in. Caleb confides to Asher that he is having trouble with his new cell phone. Asher takes the phone and helps Caleb to understand how to work it. J.R. offers to take Marissa to the hospital, but she refuses, but J.R. insists. Kendall asks Bianca how she feels about Reese not showing up. Bianca stalls from giving Kendall an answer. Kendall asks Bianca does she still love Reese. Bianca tells Kendall her feelings for Reese. Kendall encourages Bianca to call Reese and tells her what she had just told her. Caleb finds out that J.R. had been the cause of Annie attacking Marissa and almost killing her. Asher lets Caleb know that Annie had gone after Colby and had left her tied up in the beach house. Caleb warns Asher about the Chandler family and what might happen to him for living there. Caleb asks Asher to move in with him at Wildwind. Asher refuses. Ryan and Greenlee search the beach house for Annie and finds a picture book that Annie had been working on for Emma. Bianca calls Reese, but Reese is too busy to talk to Bianca and will call her back. Griffin visits Kendall. A nurse brings in Griffin some boxes of Valentine candy and some Valentine’s. Griffin offers Kendall a box of candy, but Kendall tells him that she will not be his Valentine. Griffin insists that she take the candy for it will help her heart. Tad runs into Jake at the hospital and Jake lets him know that he had told Amanda about Cara’s feelings for him. Amanda confronts Cara about wearing the wedding ring around her neck. Amanda orders her to take off the wedding ring. Cara refuses and walks away.

Jake lets Tad know how much he loves Amanda. Tad questions Jake about his feelings for Cara, but Jake insists that he has no feelings. J.R. and Asher discuss how that J.R. had ordered Asher to keep Colby at the beach house. Asher decides to stand by J.R. Kendall pokes in the candy to find the caramel centers just like Griffin does. Amanda orders Cara to leave Pine Valley. Cara tells Amanda that she has to accept the fact that Jake had been in love with someone else. Ryan and Greenlee come home and sees a lamp on that they hadn’t left on when they had left. Ryan searches the condo and finds Emma’s clothes and stuffed animals gone. Ryan gets a call from Annie and gets to talk to Emma, who tells him that she loves him.

B&B Recap Written by Wanda

Amber tells Bill to give her his best shot when they get into the ring. He states that she is way over her head. He does give her props that she is not very bright, but did manage to get herself knocked up so she could extort money. He asks if she would accept say $500,000. She would have enough for her and her mother and a flea market besides. He almost grabs her by the throat when she says 18 years of child support for a Spencer baby is worth a lot more than that. She gloats that she is pregnant with Liam’s baby so maybe he should just suck it up and accept it. He blasts at her that she is the one who will end up sucking on something and she won’t like it. Katie calls for Bill to come look at a house and although it is a bad time, he leaves. Look who’s back! Steffy sits behind the desk and surprises Hope. She gloats that she had her hands full of sexy, intriguing men in Paris and wants nothing to do with Liam or Oliver, so she will be no problem for Hope. Hope fills her in on Amber claiming she is having Liam’s baby. Steffy says she understands Bill. They are cut from the same cloth and she knows he will do anything to protect his son. Amber is out of her league.

Nick tells Bill that this is probably the most prestigious property in Malibu, very secluded access on the beach where the neighbors won’t bother him. Katie thinks it is ideal and wants to focus on the house and not Amber. Brooke stops by and is the last person Amber wants to talk to. She tells her that she is not for sale. Bill Spencer already tried that so she’s had enough abuse for one day. She and her baby are not going anywhere. Brooke tells her that if she causes Hope one more tear that she will be all over her. Hope tells Steffy that paternity tests don’t lie, so what can Bill Spencer do now? Steffy says knowing Bill as she does, he will have the upper hand. Nick shows Bill the magnificent high view and remarks that if he buys it, he probably will want to build a better fence or support system as people have been known to fall and not survive. Bill envisions Amber teetering on the edge.

Days Recap Written by Michele and Cheryl  **One Day Ahead 

Victor told Brady that his things were packed up and he had to leave.  Victor also told him that Henderson took them to the dump.  Brady informed Victor that the mansion is his and not Victor's.  Victor wanted to know how he could sleep at night knowing what he did.  They continued to argue about what Brady did.  Rafe was devastated when he saw Sami kissing "Rafe".  "Rafe" wanted to continue to make love to Sami when she noticed the speak-easy was open.  Sami was drawn to the speak-easy when she went to close it.  She wasn't sure if she sensed something or not.  Will asked Gabi if she feels better about Rafe.  She still feels like something is wrong with him.  Chad walked in the Java Cafe and saw Will and Gabi.  They noticed that he's going by DiMera now.  Chad said it helped him get hired.  Chad didn't want a handout from the DiMeras.  Will told him how EJ is trying to change.  Chad didn't think so.  After their talk about the DiMeras, Chad gave Will the picture he found of Allie.

Rafe started to open the door to the apartment.  "Rafe" noticed the doorknob was turning.  Stefano's henchman was behind Rafe and tasered him.  Sami heard the commotion outside the door.  "Rafe" checked it out and saw Rafe being dragged away into the elevator.  "Rafe" told Sami that whoever was out there was gone.  "Rafe" got in touch with EJ and EJ snapped at him for not calling sooner.  EJ wanted to talk to "Rafe".  He wanted to see "Rafe" immediately.  Sami wanted to know who was on the phone.  "Rafe" lied to her about who was on the phone.  He said he called the police about a domestic disturbance in the building.  Sami was scared about it.  Sami was lucky to have her FBI guy in her life.  EJ wanted to know how Rafe was doing.  The henchman said he was in bad shape.  EJ didn't seem to care about Rafe's condition.  Maggie went to see Victor at the mansion.  They talked about Brady.  Taylor found Brady passed out drunk on the pier.  He wanted her to leave him alone, but she wouldn't do that.  As Sami read to Allie, Allie heard a noise.  Sami didn't notice until it was louder.  Sami's neighbor, Gladys was at the door.  Gladys wanted to know if everything was alright in Sami's place.  Gladys told her that she saw her husband being dragged away.  Rafe remembered EJ questioning and threatening him.  He also remembered passing out.  He started coughing and saw blood on his hand.

GH Recap Written by Carrie

Siobhan and Lucky find Megan in an abandoned cabin. Carly and Sonny have an intense argument. Jason is convinced that the Balkan and Theo are connected in some way. Theo and Suzanne discuss the plan to have Brenda kidnapped before the wedding ceremony. Patrick is annoyed when Robin asks him to examine Theo. Theo informs Brenda that the judge issued a continuation for the civil case. Lulu tells Luke that she’s back with Dante. Robin visits with Sonny; they chat about Stone. Carly confides to Spinelli about her decision to confront Brenda about the baby. Suzanne apologizes again for trying to sabotage the wedding. Brenda, Kristina, Molly and Robin are working on wedding favors when Carly shows up at the penthouse. Sonny wants Max and Milo to keep an eye on Carly and make sure she doesn’t ruin the wedding. Lucky, Siobhan and Megan are leaving the cabin when someone begins shooting at them. Jason asks Spinelli to find a link between Theo Hoffman and the Balkan. Theo and Shawn meet in private to talk about kidnapping Brenda.

OLTL Recap Written by Brenda

Brody asks Natalie about keeping Liamís paternity a secret. Natalie is distraught about alienating everyone she loves. Kelly and John go to a bar to drown their sorrows. A woman confronts Kelly about her man hitting her. The husband gets in John's face. John hits him. Cutter goes to see Blair at Capricorn. He sits in for her absent piano. Langston waits at Capricorn for Ford. Ford thinks he sees Jessica outside of Capricorn but instead, Tess introduces herself. She reveals that the reason Jessica couldnít remember having sex with him was because he was having sex with Tess. Langston goes outside just in time to see Ford leaving with Tess. Starr goes to Fords apartment and asks James where Ford is because he isnít on his date with Langston. He tells her that Ford is the father of Jessica's baby. Dani and Nate prepare to have sex for the first time thinking Dani's parents are out of town, but Todd and Tea stay cancel their plans and Todd catches Dani and Nate half-dressed. Dani calls Starr who rushes to Todd's house with James. Starr stops Todd from making the same mistake that he made with Cole. Todd doesnít hit Nate, but he forbids Dani and Nate to see each other again.

Y&R Recap Written by Mary

Victor comes into the living room and looks for some designs that Diane was working on. Victor yells for Diane to join him and asks about the designs, but then finds them lying on an end table. Victor asks Diane to move in with him, but she doesn’t want to give him an answer. Nikki comes into Gloworm and finds Deacon behind the bar. Nikki questions him about their plans for dinner. Paul comes in and tells Nikki that Meggie is in the Genoa City jail. Nikki informs Deacon that Meggie is back in town. Nick comes home with Kyle and Summer and asks Amy if she could stay a while longer because he is taking the children skating. Nick tells Summer to get her skating things ready. At the Chancellor mansion, Phillip lets Katherine know that he had a list of symptoms to watch out for concerning Chance. Chris tells the family that she doesn’t want Colin to know that Chance is here until the trial. Nina comes in with Chance. Esther sees Chance and faints. Chris checks up on who would have ordered Ronan’s transfer. Katherine encourages Chloe to go up and see Chance. Nina gets Chance all settled in bed when Chloe visits him. Things are awkward between Chance and Chloe because he had never seen Chloe shy before. Chloe lets Chance know that she is seeing someone. At the jail, Rafe goes over the charges against Meggie with her. Nikki wants to go and confront Meggie, but Deacon is dead set against Nikki visiting Meggie. Nikki lets Deacon know that she has to alert Victor. Diane is reluctant to move in with Victor, so thus he gives her an ultimatum. Before Diane can say anything in retaliation, Nikki visits and wants to speak to Victor privately. Nikki tells Victor about Meggie being back in town, but it doesn’t seem to interest Victor in the least. Victor lets Nikki know that he is not wasting any more time on Meggie that he is moving on with his life. Victor lets Nikki know that he had asked Diane to move in with him. Meggie refuses to cop a plea to get out of jail. Deacon visits Meggie and insults and innuendos fly. Deacon orders Meggie not to say a word or he will testify against her in court as to what she did. Meggie mumbles what they did. Chris lets everyone know that Ronan ordered his own transfer.

Kyle cannot believe that Nick never played hockey with him at a pond in the backyard. Diane visits Nick to pick up Kyle. Diane apologizes to Nick for what had happened at Gloworm, but Nick brushes her off by telling her to do what she must do. Chance is surprised to find out that Chloe and Kevin are together. Nina lets Chance know that Ronan had planned his own transfer. Nikki visits Meggie to remind her of all the things that she had done for her while she was in her home. Victor orders Michael to find out what he can about Meggie. Diane agrees to move in with Victor but on her terms.

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