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AMC Recap Written by Mary

Liza tells David that she had been trying to reach Colby, but she doesn’t seem to be answering her phone. Meanwhile, at the beach house, Asher holds Colby against her will. Colby reminds Asher that that is what Annie had been doing not letting her leave. Erica arrives at Kendall’s with a present for Reese. Bianca lets her know that Reese’s plane is late. Bianca begins to question Erica about Caleb and Erica’s feelings for him. Erica lets Bianca know that Caleb doesn’t want anything more to do with her. At the ConFusion bar, the wedding pics are taken. Emma sees Annie as she goes looking for Greenlee’s cosmetic bag. Annie tries to coax Emma into coming with her, but Emma insists that she wants to be part of the wedding pics. J.R. finds Marissa unconscious in the attic of the Chandler mansion. J.R. bends over Marissa and urges her to wake up. Marissa coughs and begins to wake up. Marissa lets J.R. know that Annie had left her in the attic to die. Greenlee gives Jack her wedding bouquet to give to Erica. Emma insists to Annie that she wants to be with Ryan and Greenlee, but Annie tells her that they are going on an adventure. Erica insists to Bianca that she wants to be with Jack. Liza tells David that she doesn’t know how he had gotten pardoned by the Governor. David tells Liza that he had wished Greenlee congratulations on her marriage and he had had moved on. David invites Liza out for a drink with him. Asher challenges Colby to a game of poker. At first, Colby refuses but then decides to challenge Asher to a game of Strip Poker. J.R. brings Marissa downstairs, but she insists that she is fine. Marissa tells J.R. to call the police and inform them as to what Annie had done. Marissa calls Opal to check on A.J. and tells her to keep A.J. with her. J.R. calls Ryan to alert him of Annie and her recent behavior. Ryan begins to get anxious over Emma’s whereabouts. Ryan goes looking for Emma while Greenlee watches out for Spike. Emma insists on going home, but Annie tries to relieve her worries by telling her that she will miss out on an adventure. Bianca shows Erica a pic that Miranda had drawn for her. Bianca accuses Erica of stringing Jack along and never marrying him. At Krystal’s, Jack commends Krystal on the wedding reception. David and Liza come into Krystal’s to have a drink. David finds Annie outside and questions her as to what is up. Annie tells David that she is taking Emma on a little trip and doesn’t want Ryan to know. David promises not to say a word to anyone. In searching Annie’s room, Marissa finds J.R.’s tie and begins to question him about it. J.R. tells Marissa that he had been with Annie.

Colby comes running into Krystal’s and hugs her. Colby lets her know that Annie had held her hostage at the beach house. Liza vows to make Annie pay for her crimes. Colby lets Liza know that she is going to visit Damon. Liza raises objections as does Asher. Asher reminds Colby that the kiss hadn’t been anything between them, but it was what Damon had done to her. Colby begins to question Asher as to who Damon had slept with, but Asher refuses to reveal that it was Liza, whom Damon had slept with. Asher asks Colby not to go to see Damon. Bianca lets Erica know that Reese had not gotten on the plane to come to Pine Valley. Bianca urges Erica not to waste time with Jackson, but to go to him. At Krystal’s, Jack and Krystal are going to have a piece of cake when Erica comes in and joins Jack. Krystal comes out with the cake and sees Erica with Jack. Marissa finds out that J.R. had slept with Annie and had thus put A.J.’s life in danger. Jack takes a rain check on the cake and leaves with Erica right after him. Annie leaves town with Emma.

B&B Recap Written by Wanda

Brooke tells Liam and Hope that she knows this is all Amber’s doing. She knows her better than anyone else. There is no way Liam can accept the child without it involving Amber so they better think about that. Even if Liam had a concussion and doesn’t remember it, that is all they need to focus on. This baby will tie Liam and Amber together forever, every aspect of his life. Tawny gloats that it is goodbye creditors, hello to the good life. All Amber had to do was listen to her mommy. Amber tells her they rigged the tests. That is all, so Tawny has done enough and she wouldn’t be in this mess if it weren’t for her. She wants her to be gone. Tawny says it has been done and she knows she wants her gone when the first check arrives. Amber reminds her that if she is caught running a scam on Bill Spencer that she could end up in jail and disappear forever. Amber says she has a plan and she can’t make mistakes. She thinks she needs to lay low for a while and Tawny to get as far away as she can. Bill is livid that Brooke is suggesting that Hope break up with Liam, so Amber wins. Nobody does this to his kid. Liam still tries to convince Hope that he can do right by Amber’s kid, but things don’t have to change between him and Hope. He will have other priorities, but Hope is still at the top of his list.

Bill visits Amber in the trailer. He asks her outright, what is it gonna take to solve the problem? He wants to help his son and he can’t do that as long as Liam is shackled to Amber. He wants this problem handled with discretion, but handled right now. He doesn’t say the word, but Amber knows what he means and says she will not do it no matter what he offers. She reminds him that this is not a scam. He was there when the tests were done. This is his grandchild. He declares that she is mistaken if she thinks that is gonna make him warm and fuzzy. All she is going to get from him is stress and misery which will make this trailer look good. Liam tells Hope that he has nine months to try and figure out how to be a dad. Right now he just needs to figure out how to keep her. Katie gets a phone call from Nick who has a great piece of property on the beach just put up for sale by his friend. He thought Bill and Katie might be interested, so she leaves Brooke to go look at it. Liam tells Hope maybe they should just stop talking about the future and what will happen and just focus on now. Amber stands toe to toe with Bill and tells him that she is through taking orders from people like him. She took the tests and too bad if he doesn’t like the results….deal with it. He reaffirms that this is not the last of this. She will never be part of his family and she does not know who she is screwing with.

Days Recap Written by Michele and Cheryl  **One Day Ahead 

Rafe managed to get the keys from Marco.  He tried to take Marco's gun, but Marco tripped him.  Rafe fell, but he did manage to get out of the room.  Melanie was ready to start with Kate's plan so she went to the Kiriakis mansion.  Philip wondered why she was at the mansion.  Melanie decided that she wanted Philip to be in her life again.  They kissed each other.  Stefano met Kate at Chez Rouge and gave her a nice surprise for Valentine's Day.  He bought her a Ferrari.  Kate wondered if Stefano was up to something.  Stefano wouldn't say anything and she decided that was for the best because she has secrets too.  Taylor ran into Chad as she dropped EJ's scarf.  Chad recognized it as his brother's scarf.  Taylor wondered if his brother was the same one she met on the pier.  Chad realized she couldn't have met his brother since she said good things about him.  EJ and Nicole celebrated Valentine's Day at the DiMera mansion.  Taylor showed up with Nicole's dress, but she didn't see EJ there.  EJ wanted to know what happened to Marco because he found him in Rafe's cell.

"Rafe" and Sami were making out, but Will and Gabi interrupted them.  "Rafe" snapped at them for being at the apartment.  "Rafe" told Sami he only reacted that way because he was worried about their dinner being canceled.  "Rafe" managed to get Sami in the bedroom, but they were interrupted by his surprise for her.  Sami was alone in bed and believed that he wasn't her Rafe.  Sami forgot about that when she saw her surprise.  The surprise was food, chocolates, and champagne.  She loved it and they started to make out again.  As Rafe tried to get to Sami, he passed out and dropped Allie's picture on the ground.  He woke up and headed off for Sami's place.  Chad saw Allie's pic and wondered if anyone was there.  Philip wants to move back in with Melanie.  Melanie wanted to take things slow.  They told each other they love each other and Melanie left.  She called Kate and seemed confident that she could get Philip to help her get Parker.  Rafe finally got to his apartment.  He spotted Sami making out with "Rafe" on the couch.

GH Recap Written by Carrie

Lucky has an intense phone conversation with the Balkan. The Balkan threatens to have Megan killed. Lulu backs away when Dante kisses her. Brenda can’t find Sonny’s wedding ring. Brenda thinks that Carly stole the ring. Sonny summons Suzanne to the cabin then accuses her of sabotaging the wedding. Suzanne comes clean that she’s the wedding saboteur. Brenda feels betrayed by Suzanne but eventually forgives her. Michael and Carly discuss his latest therapy session. Jason and Sam confront Shawn about breaking into Sonny’s office. Shawn tells the two that Theo has a message for Jason. Jason wonders why Theo hired Shawn. Jason and Theo argue over the civil lawsuit case. Jason says to Sam that he is suspicious of Theo. Abby informs Michael that she is going to stop stripping but doesn’t know how to repay Johnny for the money advance. Lulu runs into Dante; they spend the night at his loft. Abby and Michael visit Johnny. Carly shows Luke the document regarding Brenda and Dante’s baby. Theo meets with Suzanne; it is revealed that she’s his wife and Aleksander’s mother. Jason and Sam discuss the possibility of a connection between Theo and the Balkan.

OLTL Recap Written by Suzanne

Natalie goes back to Llanfair and holds Liam, confessing everything to a shocked Viki. Brody tells Ford that Ryder is his son, not Ford's, and he throws him out of Llanfair. John throws everyone out of Rodi's and tries to drown his sorrows, but Kelly is already there drowning hers. They share their sad stories and then leave together to go somewhere better. Langston wonders why Ford has stood her up. Starr, looking for Ford, find James at home (just as he is about to go looking for her). Dani and Nate prepare to have sex. Jessica fights with Tess at Foxy Roxy's, but ultimate Tess wins. Ford sees Tess. Blair tells Cris that she doesn't want another psycho mystery man, but she smiles when Tomas shows up to hear her sing.

Y&R Recap Written by Krista

Lily struggles to cope with Cane's death. They have the funeral service for him. Jill doesn't want to leave the casket but Billy convinces her to go home. At the Chancellor Estate they bring the roses to Lily and she says that Cane always said it was wrong to cut the roses because that made them die. If you left them alone, they would live and be beautiful for everyone to see. Everyone goes to the kitchen to eat something and Lily is alone. They hear a crash and they come running back and the vase of roses has broken. She asks Neil to take her home .Tucker and Ashley come by to see Katherine and Katherine talks to Tucker about how hard he was on Cane and that he was just trying to protect his family. Tucker said he would have treated him like family but he never gave him a chance. He says Cane only looked at him as an employer and didn't trust him enough to talk to him about it. She goes to lie down and imagines Cane is sitting on the bed beside her. She talks to him. They talk about the service and it flashes back to what Billy and Phillip said about Cane. She asks him if he liked the service and he says "Yes, I wish I could tell everyone how much." Devon goes to take some tea into Lily's room and when he comes back in, they ask how she is and he tells them that she barely even noticed him. He tells them she is sitting on the bed smiling and nodding like she is talking to someone. Malcolm volunteers to go talk to her, but they all tell him to wait a while and give her some time alone. Lily and Cane continue to talk about the service and what Jill said about him. Lily tells him Jill loved him as her son. Tracy walks in and asks Lily if she is talking to someone. Kevin tells Chloe and Daniel she had a look on her face at the funeral that Jana would get when she would connect to the other side. Chloe asks if he thinks she saw Cane. He says he doesn't know, that people can conjure up all kinds of things in their minds. Daniel leaves and says he is going to go check on Lily.

Tracy talks to Lily about death and Lily comments on the snow, how pretty it is and how it only stays for a short time. Tracy tells her snow melts into the ground to bring new life. Lily says she is afraid of forgetting the little details of every moment they spent together. Tracy tells her it might not be like a close up picture, but maybe softer like a Panoramic picture. She tells her it's just as beautiful, maybe even more so and she will never forget Cane. Chloe goes to the church and talks to Cane. She tells him what a good person he was and how he was a good husband and father and that he was a stand up guy and didn't deserve what she did to him. She tells him she's sorry but that it seems so pointless. Colin walks in. He says it sounds like they had a history together and she says she's not proud of it. He asks if she thinks Lily will be okay and Chloe says she doesn't know. Tracy comes out and tells them that Lily is talking to Cane. She tells them that Lily's not going crazy, that it's a coping mechanism and that it makes her feel better to talk to him and imagine him there. It flashes back to what Katherine said about Cane at the funeral. Tucker and Ashley come back to see Katherine. Katherine tells him that she thinks Tucker was too hard on him but she understands why. She says that they can learn from Cane's death and she is not willing to squander Cane's sacrifice and Tucker answers and says that he thinks they'd be the worst for it if they did. Colin lifts the lid of the casket and says "This is not over." Katherine and Murphy wonder why Colin is taking it so hard. Daniel tells Lily that the reason Cane was okay with leaving was because he knew that what he was leaving behind would be well taken care of. When he leaves, she imagines Cane telling her she's not alone. She says she knows but he's not real and the window is blown open. They play a song and show different scenes from the funeral.

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