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AMC Recap Written by Mary

In the attic of the Chandler home, Annie attacks Marissa when she tries to leave the attic. Jack asks Krystal to cater Greenlee’s wedding because the previous caterer had fallen sick. Krystal, reluctantly, agrees. At ConFusion, Ryan finds out from Greenlee that Madison is pregnant. Madison is reluctant to answer, but then denies that she is pregnant. Scott listens to Ryan’s conversation with Madison. Madison confesses that she is indeed pregnant. Ryan asks if the child is his. Scott steps up and tells everyone that he is the father of Madison’s child. At the PVPD, Tad lets Jesse know that J.R. wasn’t driving the car that had hit the ambulance, but J.R. knows who was driving and J.R. would help the police in any way that he could. Jesse releases J.R. against his better judgment. A gas pipe begins to leak in the attic. Marissa urges Annie to let her go, but Annie walks out leaving Marissa in the attic. Downstairs in the living room of the Chandler mansion, Annie confronts J.R. about the commitment papers which she had found stuffed under a cushion on the sofa. Annie shows him the papers. Annie blames Marissa for signing the papers to have her committed to keep her away from J.R. J.R. denies that Marissa had anything to do with this. Annie lets it slip about Marissa. J.R. begins to question Annie as to where Marissa is. In the attic, Marissa tries to fix the leak, but then collapses.

Ryan and Greenlee’s wedding begins. Jack expresses his feelings toward Greenlee before the wedding begins. Ryan recites his vows to Greenlee and then it is Greenlee’s turn. Back at Scott’s apartment, Scott gets Madison some crackers for her upset stomach, but Madison lets him know that she has a craving for a juicy apple and some lemonade. Scott leaves to get her what she is craving. Madison is surprised when he comes back with the apple and the lemonade. Madison begins to relax as she hadn’t since she had found out she was pregnant. At the police department, Brot takes off early from work to go and visit Natalia for Valentine’s Day. Jesse gives Brot a present to take to Natalia. Tad and Jesse call Angie to check on her and wish her a Happy Valentine’s Day. J.R. questions Annie as to where Marissa is. Marissa still unconscious in the attic. Annie finally tells J.R. where Marissa is. J.R. goes to find her. Ryan and Greenlee recite their wedding vows with the exchanging of their wedding rings. Ryan and Greenlee are married. Jack orders champagne all around so they can propose a toast to the happy couple. Annie sneaks into the wedding. Jack mentions taking bridal pics. Greenlee insists in freshening up her make-up and tells Emma to get her makeup case on the patio. Emma goes in search of the makeup and sees Annie, who motions her to join her. Madison tells Scott how comfortable and at ease she feels.

B&B Recap Written by Wanda

Dayzee wonders why Thomas kissed her. He said he got caught up in the moment in a place he frequented a lot during high school. And she’s so kind and generous and has done so much for his family. A kiss can’t be the worst thing that has happened all week. All are waiting for Dr. Montgomery and he opens the envelope and states emphatically that Liam is the father of Amber’s baby. Bill is livid and demands to have a second test, even at another hospital and lab. Hope hollers at Amber for trapping Liam. Amber, Tawny and Carl return home and declare they have pulled it off. They can’t wait until those big, fat, child support checks start pouring in. But Amber isn’t happy. She knows everyone despises her. Katie tells Bill to calm down. He points out that bitch raped his son and is now bilking him out of child support and he is not going to let her get away with that. Hope tells Liam that she loves him, but they can’t pretend things will always be the same.

Amber bemoans that she ruined a lot of lives today. She did save the life of her baby, but he will be living a lie before he is even born. Tawny tells her that she made the right choice. She could choose the lap of luxury or let him live a life of squalor. Bill wants to talk to Liam alone. He tells him that he hates to do this, but he does not want Liam to be tied to that skank for the rest of her life if she has his kid. He will write her a sizeable check to get lost and do the right thing. He’d rather burn the money than give it to Amber, but they have to make Amber and that kid disappear. Liam is not okay with that. That’s his kid and he’s not sure he can abandon it. Tawny tells Amber that she will leave Mr. Big Bucks and Liam alone for a little while, but they have expenses so she will have to get hold of them eventually. Amber needs a doctor, vitamins, good food and a good place to live. They are gonna have to pay for that precious little bundle. He will never want for anything. He will be raised like a Forrester. Liam tells Hope that this is wrong. He just found his own damn father and now he’s going to be a father. She says that he can’t give up on his child; she won’t let him do that. Brooke tells him that he’s a fine young man and nothing that happened today affects how she feels about him. It’s a tragedy what Amber has done, but they need to pick up and carry on. There are plenty of things the two of them can look forward to, but there is one thing they must do.

Days Recap Written by Michele and Cheryl  **One Day Ahead 

Bo took Hope back home and they were in for a surprise.  Doug, Julie, and Ciara had a surprise party for Bo and Hope.  Hope talked with Doug and Julie about her relationship with Bo.  She is not sure what's going to happen with them.  Nicole went with Taylor to get a bridal gown.  Taylor wanted to meet EJ.  Nicole was sure that they would hit it off.  EJ thought about Taylor.  Rafe was hoping that Sami would figure out what's going on.  "Rafe" was let off the hook for forgetting Allie's cookies.  Sami understood and thought it was okay.  Allie let Sami know that "Rafe" was mean to her.  Maggie cried while thinking of Mickey.  It is Maggie and Mickey's anniversary.  Brady saw Maggie at the Java Cafe and noticed that she was crying.  She told him she was fine.  Brady explained what happened with Vivian and how he took the company.  Maggie was disappointed that he would do something like that to Victor.  Brady didn't care that he did it.  "Rafe" met with EJ to talk about the scheme.  "Rafe" wasn't convinced that Stefano and EJ thought the plan out enough.  He also let EJ know that Rafe gave them the wrong information about Allie's favorite cookies.  EJ wanted "Rafe" to buy Sami a Valentine's gift.  "Rafe" thought that Rafe would lie.  EJ had that covered.  EJ wanted to make Rafe pay for lying and thought Allie should go on a trip.

Caroline was back at the pub again.  Kayla told Caroline that she has to go back to Africa.  Sami saw Kayla at the pub and wanted her help with "Rafe's" brain injury.  Kayla told her to be patient with him.  EJ yelled at Rafe for lying about Allie's favorite cookies.  Rafe tried to play innocent, but it didn't work.  EJ wants to hurt Allie now.  EJ decided to give him one more chance.  Bo had fun at the party, but he was exhausted.  He wanted to go to bed with Hope.  Hope wants to take things slow so they can get it right this time.  Marco (Stefano's henchman) took a cell phone down to Rafe.  "Rafe" was on it and taunted Rafe for lying about the cookies.  He let Rafe know that he took care of Valentine's Day and that he and Sami kissed.  "Rafe" also implied that they will do more than kiss.  Rafe warned the fake Rafe that he will kill him if he touches Sami.  "Rafe" hung up on Rafe.  Marco wanted the phone back, but Rafe grabbed him and put him in a sleeper hold.  Marco ended up dropping the phone.  The phone ended up breaking.  Rafe found Marco's keys and vowed to get home to Sami.

GH Recap Written by Carrie

Sam’s test results reveal that she is not pregnant. Lulu and Dante spend the night at the opera. Brenda, Suzanne, Spinelli and Carol butt heads regarding the wedding. Siobhan pretends she is double-crossing Lucky so they can create a diversion from the Balkan’s men. Lucky speaks to the Balkan by phone. Sonny and Brenda intend on marrying at Archer Pavilion as planned. At Jake’s, a drugged Lisa falls into Johnny’s arms. Patrick and Terrell play a game of darts to impress Robin. Patrick surprises Robin with a kiss. Theo orders Shawn to break into Sonny’s office. Carly and Theo get into a heated argument. Carly and Spinelli run into each other at Jake’s. Johnny brings Lisa to his apartment. Johnny talks to Lisa about Claudia. Jason presents Sam with a necklace. Brenda is horrified to discover that Sonny’s wedding ring is missing. Lulu and Dante share a passionate kiss. Jason and Sam catch Shawn in Sonny’s office.

OLTL Recap Written by Suzanne

Viki worries to Rex and Gigi about whether Charlie is hitting the sauce again, and they find out that he was at a bar. A depressed Charlie visits Echo and tells her that he is not Rex's father and that he almost went back to drinking; he pours his heart out to her.  They end up kissing on her bed. Cutter and Aubrey convince Joey to get married now. Kelly tries to get Joey to consider what Clint must have really wanted him to see, but he ignores her and marries Aubrey while Kelly watches painfully. John forces Natalie to tell Jessica and Brody the truth about Brody being the father of Natalie's child. Jessica doesn't buy Natalie's excuses for why she lied and blasts her for everything; John is angry at both Brody and Natalie. Dani and Nate tell Ford that he is the father of Jessica's baby. Dani suggests to Nate that they have sex. Brody looks for Jessica in the nursery but finds a grinning Ford holding her son. Jessica looks in a mirror and sees Tess.

Y&R Recap Written by Krista

Lauren and Michael are getting ready to go to the charity event at Gloworm. Gloria and Jeffrey are entertaining the guests at Gloworm and Chloe goes up to get Katherine's medicine and Gloria locks her in with Kevin. Jana comes in to find Kevin but Gloria keeps her distracted. Kevin and Chloe argue and then start to make love. Jana tells someone a media van is outside and Gloria goes outside to see and Jana steals the key and goes upstairs and walks in on Kevin and Chloe. Kevin tells her he is fine and she doesn't have to worry about him anymore and he has plans tonight and shuts the door on her and they continue to make love. Sharon and Adam are also getting ready to go to Gloworm. Nick and Diane are kissing and making out but Victor calls and asks her to come to Gloworm. She hesitantly leaves. When she gets there, Victor has ordered champagne and then Victor tells her he wants her by his side. He makes an announcement to donate his money and then talks about the woman in his life and kisses Diane. Nick has just walked in and saw them kiss. Nikki dances with Deacon and Victor tells her that she must be drunk because why else would she be with Deacon?? Deacon comforts her. Nick walks outside upset over Diane's kiss with Victor. Diane goes after him outside and tells him she had no idea that Victor was going to say or do that. The man comes to collect the money for Hogan and Jeffrey is about to give him the money when Gloria comes outside and she has invited a lady from the Animal Rescue charity and she even brought a photographer to take pictures. He says he will just bring it tomorrow to her but Gloria insists to go ahead and give the money to her now. He does and then tells the man he needs more time. He agrees and tells Jeffrey he is cutting him a break and his interest will only go up 10% instead of 15%. Sharon and Adam dance at Gloworm and then Gloria brings out dessert. The dessert is bananas foster and has a ring on top. Adam proposes and Sharon accepts as everyone claps!! Nikki asks if she is insane and Victor asks "What is she doing?" Nick and Victor look disgusted and Nick leaves. Sofia is at Gena's and her bouquet is delivered although it was supposed to have been cancelled. Malcolm tells her his first priority right now is Lily and they will have to talk about everything else later. Sofia is disappointed.

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