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AMC Recap Written by Mary

Original episode did not air

B&B Recap Written by Wanda

Bill tells Amber that everyone is asking him what he is going to do with her once they find out she is lying. He has decided on jail and he has the legal team to back that up. Hope keeps telling Brooke that Amber is lying; this is not Liam’s baby. Tawny and Carl are having fits but finally manage to get off the L.A. movie star tour bus. They have to get to the hospital to change those tests. He surprises his co-worker by giving him the day off and Carl takes over. He gives Tawny the thumbs up. Dayzee realizes that Thomas is staring at her and asks him about it. He likes her being direct. He says she is different from most girls that want or feel they need to impress him.

Carl tells Tawny that this is 100% not Liam’s baby, but he can change a few numbers and make it work. Hope tells Liam that she is fine. She just needs to believe that test will prove them right. Hope hates to think Oliver might be the father and that he will be saddled with Amber’s child. Dr. Caspery tells Amber that she doesn’t see any complications. Tawny tells a panicked Amber that Carl is working on the case and all will be okay within a few minutes. Stephanie and Anthony convince Dayzee to sing a song and it’s clear that Thomas is the one impressed. He finds Dayzee working and shows her his new design. She likes what she sees and he says so does he. She is surprised when he plants a kiss on her. Carl hands the lab test results to Dr. Montgomery. Tawny is ecstatic until she realizes there is an envelope still sitting there. Carl says that is the original before he changed it. She is afraid he might have mixed them up and he admits now he is not sure. Dr. Montgomery meets with everyone to give them the results. Amber boldly asks him to open them up and tell them what she already knows – that Liam is the father.

Days Recap Written by Michele and Cheryl 

Justin told Bo and Hope that the DA refused the deal and that Hope still had to go through with the hearing.  Stefano didn't understand why EJ wanted to marry Nicole.  He thinks EJ should hire a nanny.  EJ wanted someone in his life as well as the kids' lives.  Chloe snapped at Nicole when she asked how she was doing.  Chloe forgot to warm Parker's milk before she gave it to him so Nicole asked her if she was okay.  Stefano wondered if EJ's in love with Nicole again.  Abe asked Taylor if Nicole knows that she's staying in Salem.  She told him that Nicole doesn't know, but she won't stop her from staying.  Carly told Jennifer and Daniel that she's happy for Bo and Hope.  Bo went to Victor to ask him to help Hope get out of her situation.  EJ told Stefano that he's not in love with Nicole.  Stefano wanted to know what he's thinking of by marrying Nicole.  EJ said he's thinking about the future.  Bo wanted Victor to call Governor Ford so he can talk to the judge so Hope won't go back to prison.  Victor told Bo that he won't do it.  Justin tried to tell Hope that Bo still loves her.  Hope wasn't sure about that, but she's never stopped loving him.  Carly went to see Hope and she told Hope that she did everything she could to help her.  

Victor told Bo that he won't bribe the judge because Hope wouldn't want it.  Victor did agree to talk to Governor Ford and ask that he pardon Hope.  Bo thanked him, but he hoped that Hope wouldn't go to prison anyway.   Bo told Hope that he asked Victor to help her.  Hope didn't like that he went outside of the law to help her.  Victor called Bo.  Theo saw Taylor at the hospital and they bonded.  Abe and Lexie enjoyed watching Taylor playing with Theo.  Justin told Hope that it was time for her hearing.  Stefano joined Lexie, Abe, Theo, and Taylor at the pub.  They were celebrating Theo's good report card.  Chloe put cookies in the oven.  She received a call from the pharmacy.  She left the cookies in the oven and left Parker alone in the kitchen to get the prescription.  Hope was impressed with Bo's testimony.  Justin interrupted them to let them know the judge reached a decision.  Justin told Hope that the judge reduced her sentence to time served.  Chloe ran into Victor and realized that she left Parker alone.  There was smoke in the kitchen while Parker was in his crib.  Bo told Hope that he loves her and wanted to go home. EJ bumped into Taylor on the pier and they stared at each other.

BONUS!!! Days Recap Written by Michele and Cheryl ***One Day Ahead!

Bo and Hope were at the pub. Bo told Hope that Ciara will be out of school soon. Hope wanted to talk to Ciara about where she'll be living. Bo was confused by this. He assumed they would be at home together. Hope wasn't sure that was a good idea until it was a permanent situation. Bo let Hope know that Ciara has been praying everyday to come home. Hope said she prayed for that too, but they have to learn from their mistakes. Rafe was determined to get out of the cell and home to Sami. “Rafe” wanted to spend time alone with Sami. She reminded him that Sydney was there. “Rafe” wanted to know when the kids will be back with EJ. Sami didn't like that and got upset. “Rafe” had to try and cover up what he said and apologized for it. After they made up, Sami decided to make Allie’s favorite dinner and told him to buy her favorite cookies. “Rafe” didn't know what to do because he didn't know what her favorite cookies are. Stefano and Nicole had an argument because he believes EJ has no feelings for her. EJ and Taylor seemed to connect on the pier. They spoke to each other briefly before she walked off. EJ never got Taylor’s name.

Kate assures Melanie that they are doing the right thing by taking Parker from Chloe and raising him with Philip. Melanie agreed that Chloe is irresponsible but she didn't know why Kate thought she was reuniting with Philip. Melanie wants Philip to be in the kids’ lives and doesn't know why that’s not enough for Kate. Kate tries to make Melanie feel guilty by blaming her for Philip’s affair. Chloe was on her way to Maggie’s house to get Parker. The kitchen is filled with smoke. Luckily she made it home in time. Philip shows up at the house and wanted to know what was burning. Chloe started to put herself down because of what she did to Parker. Philip tried to make her feel better. “Rafe” called EJ to find out Allie’s favorite cookies. EJ didn't know so he had to ask Rafe. Rafe was trying to escape when EJ walks in the room. He wants Rafe to tell him what Allie’s favorite cookies are or Sami will lose Allie. Rafe told him Allie’s favorite cookies are chocolate chip. Sami ran into Taylor at the pub and they started talking. Taylor told her about the man she met at the pier. Bo and Hope started to talk about their relationship as well as the obstacles they've faced. After they finished talking, Bo asked Hope if she wanted to go home. Hope wanted to go home with him. Nicole told EJ about her encounter with Stefano. She also told him that she wanted to invite Taylor to the wedding. Nicole called Taylor and invited her to the wedding after all. Nicole assured EJ that he will like Taylor. Melanie ran into Nathan and they talked. She apologized for the way she treated him. She also told him that she has to work on her marriage to Philip. “Rafe” brought the cookies back to the apartment. Allie told him that chocolate chip cookies are not her favorite cookies. “Rafe” got upset while Sami walked in the room. Rafe threatened to kill the fake Rafe if he touches a hair on Sami’s head. 

GH Recap Written by Brenda

Original episode did not air

OLTL Recap Written by Jennifer S.

Original episode did not air

Y&R Recap Written by Krista

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