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AMC Recap Written by Mary

Jack and Erica run into each other at the park. They discuss Greenlee’s wedding, which is today. Erica lets Jack know that she is not attending the wedding. Madison comes into work at Fusion and sees that Randi had gotten a big bouquet of flowers from Frankie. Scott finds Madison at work and wants to take her out for the day because of Greenlee’s wedding, but Madison insists that this is where she needs to be, At the hospital, Jake shows Amanda Greenlee and Ryan’s wedding rings. Jake remembers his conversation with Cara about the wedding ring that she had on a chain around her neck. Tad visits J.R. to ask him if he had talked to Annie yet about having herself committed to a psychiatric hospital. J.R. refuses to turn his back on Annie like Adam had done to Dixie. J.R. tells Tad that he had promised Annie a Valentine’s Day dinner. Amanda stops by Greenlee’s to help her prepare for her wedding. Ryan spends time with Spike before the wedding when Jake stops by to help him. Amanda gives Greenlee some surprises that Kendall had sent her for the wedding which included something new, something old, something borrowed and something blue which is from Spike. As Annie is preparing for the dinner with J.R., Annie marvels at the earrings that had belonged to Dixie. Marissa appears to Annie and tells her that J.R. would never want her wearing his Mother’s earrings. Annie insists that J.R. will ask her to marry him. Tad comes back to visit J.R. with papers from a judge that will enable J.R. to have Annie committed. Annie comes downstairs and models her new dress for J.R. as they hug. At Krystal’s, Bianca meets up with Caleb and tells him about Reese coming to town. Erica gives Jack a wedding gift to give to Greenlee and Ryan. Ricky joins them to discuss their upcoming wedding. Bianca invites Caleb to a dinner with herself, Reese and the girls. Caleb refuses the invitation. Erica walks in and hers and Caleb’s eyes meet. J.R. confronts Annie as to what she had done to Marissa and also about the car accident. All Annie was to do is celebrate Valentine’s Day with J.R. There is a knock on the door and it is the police. Annie begins to panic, but J.R. lets her know that he will handle it. Brot and another officer ask J.R. to come down to the station for questioning. J.R. lets Annie know that he will be right back. J.R. calls Tad to meet him at the police station.

Annie, in seeing the bottle of champagne, thinks that there must be an engagement ring and starts looking for it. Annie finds the commitment papers and thinks that Marissa is behind it. Erica thanks Caleb for all the help that he had given her concerning Kendall and David. Caleb feels that they should discuss something else, but when Erica refuses, Caleb walks out. Madison comes back to ConFusion and tells Scott that she had lost her cell phone. Scott calls the cell phone and Emma answers. Madison asks Emma as to where she is and Emma tells her on the patio. Marissa come to the Chandler mansion looking for J.R. Annie lies and tells her that J.R. is upstairs looking through some papers. When Marissa goes upstairs, Annie follows. Annie and Marissa have an argument. Marissa asks Annie to let her pass. Annie picks up a candleholder. They have a little wrestling match which results in Annie pushing Marissa, Marissa hits her head and falls to the floor. Brot questions J.R. about his car being involved in a car accident. J.R. gets unruly which results in him getting arrested. Madison gets Emma’s attention to get her cell phone. When Madison raises up to leave, she has a pain in her side. Ryan sees her. Ryan wants to take her to the hospital, but Madison assures him that she is fine. Madison starts to walk away when she has another pain. Madison mumbles to herself that it is too soon. Ryan hears her and wonders what she is talking about. Greenlee tells Ryan that Madison is pregnant.

B&B Recap Written by Wanda

Brooke tells Amber that she can save them all the time and trouble. Call this test off as they all know what the outcome will be. Amber says she is going nowhere. Mama bear walks in and wonders why they are all in her trailer. Bill fills her in, up to speed. She knows Amber doesn’t want to put the baby’s health at risk, but convinces her (with a wink) that she must to prove to these folks that she is not lying. She tells them Amber will take the test, but she is a little frightened and wants to talk to her alone first. Bill says just get her in the car. Amber is panicked and says now they blindsided her and she has to take the test on their terms. Tawny says she will contact Carl. She calls, but he is not on duty today so she tracks him down and says she will pick him up and take him to the hospital herself. Thomas talks to Marcus on the phone and is glad he is going to International in Paris to help Steffy while Suzanne is on maternity leave. Stephanie cajoles Thomas into going with her to meet Dayzee as they have a project and he might also enjoy it. Thomas tells Dayzee that he’s going to design their t-shirts and he’ll sit and sketch while she gets him a cup of coffee. Anthony comes in and Dayzee gives him a pair of new orthopedic shoes from Brooke and Stephanie.

Every time Stephanie looks at Thomas he is looking at and smiling at Dayzee. It’s obvious he is taken by her. Tawny finds her car with a flat tire so all frazzled they have to get a lift to the hospital. Trouble is they end up on a tour bus seeing the exciting sights of L.A. Bill is at the hospital with Liam and Dr. Montgomery insists to Amber that they get started without Tawny since there is a rush on these tests. Amber calls Tawny and tells her the test is done and she better get Carl to the hospital ASAP. Liam holds Hope and keeps repeating this is not his baby.

Days Recap Written by Michele and Cheryl 

Kate walked in on Victor while he was yelling at his lawyer.  Vivian went to the DiMera mansion because she had an offer for Stefano.  Brady saw "Rafe" at the Cheating Heart and wanted to know why he was there alone.  Victor found out that someone bought a company that he didn't want.  Stefano didn't want to hear her offer at first.  Rafe told EJ that no one can be copied and that's where his plan will fail.  EJ informed him that Rafe was wrong about that.  Sami and Nicole started fighting over Taylor.  Taylor couldn't stand to hear them and would rather be on the bus.  Nicole offered Taylor more money and she took it.  Sami was shocked that Nicole would send her sister away.  Stefano wondered if Vivian wanted to replace Kate with her.  She laughed at the idea.  Kate let Victor know that she is getting back together with Stefano.  Victor thought she was crazy for doing that.  Brady still wondered why "Rafe" was drinking alone when Sami was able to have the kids with her.  "Rafe" got snappy with Brady about it.  EJ told Rafe that he wants to know what it was that made Sami fall for him.  Vivian didn't want to marry Stefano.  She wants to be a part of his life.  She knows things about his life that Kate doesn't know.  Stefano seemed frightened by that.  Brady wanted to know what was wrong with "Rafe" since he was acting different with him.  Nicole told Sami that things are great with EJ now.  Sami realized that Nicole's in love with EJ.  

Rafe was convinced that Sami will figure out that something is wrong.  Rafe wanted to know what will happen if he doesn't cooperate with EJ.  EJ told him that something will happen to Allie.  EJ let him know that he has people watching Allie. Stefano didn't realize that Vivian was bluffing until he implied that he did something.  Victor gave Kate back her keys in case she needed them.  She didn't want them.  Nicole assured Sami that she's not in love with EJ.  Sami wanted to know why Nicole said things were better between her and EJ.  One thing lead to another and they started arguing.  "Rafe" had good timing because he interrupted the fight.  Brady ran into Taylor at the pier.  Taylor offered Brady money because she thought he needed it.  Vivian thought Stefano was naive if he thought Kate wasn't keeping things from it again.  Vivian told Stefano that she wanted to be his friend.  Kate walked in on them talking.  Brady gave Taylor back her money and let her know that he's rich.  Brady and Taylor realized who they were and talked to each other.  Brady wanted Taylor to stay in town.  Rafe agreed to do what EJ wants.  Rafe told EJ that he forgot to take Sami as a consideration. He believes that Sami is smart enough to figure out what happened.  Brady told Victor that he was the one who bought the company behind his back.  He also told Victor that Vivian signed control of the company over to him.  Victor wanted to know why he betrayed him.  Brady blamed Victor's actions for why he took the company.  Victor believes that Brady truly is a chip off the old block.  Taylor decided that she's going to stay in Salem.  EJ showed Rafe a picture of Sami kissing "Rafe".

GH Recap Written by Brenda

Theo and Shawn discuss Lucky's shrewd maneuver to get Siobhan out of danger. He concludes that they are probably in Ireland. Lucky and Siobhan arrive in Ireland. When they storm into a warehouse looking for Siobhan's sister, Megan, the Balkan's men are waiting for them. Robin tells Patrick that she had dinner with Terrell because Patrick was not in his room at the metro court when she went there to give him the consultation that Epiphany had told her he wanted, but Patrick had not requested a consult. Lisa asks Terrell if he slept with Robin. Patrick tells Elizabeth that he is arranging a Valentine’s Day dinner for Robin, but then overhears Terrell inviting Robin to Jake's. Lisa goes to Jakes to oversee the encounter. Patrick goes to Jakes, tells Robin he is just there to have a beer, and sits alone. Lisa distracts the waitress and drugs the beer she is about to take to Patrick.
Lulu is at Dante's apartment, asking Michael to ensure that Dante is home at 6pm. Dante comes in and wonders what they are up to. She says she was asking Michael if he and Dante would cheer up Spinelli about being alone on Valentine's Day. Lulu finds Spinelli and asks him to go to Dante's house and stall Dante by saying he is distraught about Valentine’s Day without Maxie, but Spinelli doesn’t want to dwell on Maxie. Meanwhile, Dante doesn’t want to stay home to talk to Spinelli. He is on his way out when Spinelli arrives and insists that Dante stays. Spinelli stalls Dante and then suddenly, Michael says "all clear" and he and Spinelli leave. Dante opens the door to see where they are going and finds Lulu standing there with opera tickets in hand.

Sam enters Jason's penthouse to bring files for Spinelli. Jason's suspicious behavior prompts her to leave. He asks her to meet him for dinner later. Molly arrives with a list of romantic activities for Valentine's Day. Maxie goes to Pozzulo’s and sees Jason decorating for a romantic dinner with Sam. She helps him decorate and tells him that she thinks Sam might be pregnant. Sam goes to GH for a pregnancy test. Elizabeth calls Jason and tells him that they have the results of Sam's pregnancy test. Sam goes to Pozullo's for their date. She says she wants a glass of wine but he tells her she should call the hospital first and find out the results of her pregnancy test. Alexis tells Theo to stop appropriating her pro-bono cases. He tells her he only filed a motion for her before the deadline. He suggests that she either resign to take care of her children or hire a nanny so she can focus on work. She tells him that if he ever makes another sexist remark, she will sue him. Molly and Kristina set up a date for Mac and Alexis. Mac arrives first and tells the girls that he appreciates the gesture, but that they should stop trying to push him and their mother together but when Alexis arrives, he goes along with the girls’ ruse and lets Alexis believe that he was in on the plan.

OLTL Recap Written by Jennifer S.

John is devastated and furious with Natalie when she reveals that she's hidden from him all the while that she slept with Brody. And he puts two and two together that she has also been hiding the secret that Brody is the father of her baby. She pleads with him to understand and overlook given the circumstances when she thought he'd dumped her on the night in questions. Brody pleads with a distraught Jessica the same thing. She tells him things will never be the same and, knowing that Brody is not the father of her baby, she does not want him to be with her or her baby. Meanwhile, Todd gets a call from a contact who has the information he did not know since he declined the invitation to attend his niece's weddings. Tea and Dani are with him and find out that Jessica got pregnant by Robert Ford. Dani goes to see Nate to inform him what she just found out. It appears that both Nate and James are having problems with their love lives and Robert and Langston are happily together. But little do they know. Kelly is ready to play the drive after Clint gave it to her to play for Joey. She is confident that Joey will "see the light" about Aubrey and Cutter. But Cutter has somehow managed to record another drive that makes Aubrey appear completely "legit" with her commitment to Joey and that Cutter is her brother. So Joey does not believe a word Kelly says. Aubrey and Cutter are confident. But they know it's just a matter of time before Clint will blow them out of the water and Joey finds out who they really are.

Y&R Recap Written by Krista **One Day Ahead

Gloria and Jeffrey are planning the Valentine's event at Gloworm. Angelo who works for Hogan comes to issue a warning about collecting the money Jeffrey owes them. He brings a dog into the restaurant and so they decide to have a "Puppy Love" theme and give the money to help dogs. Gloria goes house to house inviting everyone to the charity event that night at Gloworm. Gloria and Katherine discuss how they can help Cupid along by getting Chloe and Kevin back together. They convince Chloe and Nikki to go to Gloworm with them. Gloria sends Kevin upstairs to a room to work on her computer and then Katherine asks Chloe to go up to the room and get her some medicine for a headache. When Chloe gets in the room with Kevin, Gloria locks them in together. Jack and Phyllis are in Hawaii still trying to find proof to prove Sharon's innocence and he gives Phyllis a necklace with a whale and diamonds. Back in Genoa City, Adam orders stilettos and has the money billed to one of Skye's accounts. Sharon walks in and asks him what he is doing and he plays it off as a surprise he is planning for Sharon. Sharon obsesses over going out but Adam says he wants to take her out for Valentine's Day and for her not to worry what people say. Sharon gets all dressed up and Vance calls. He tells her that no proof has been found so they most likely will go to trial. Adam said not to worry, that he has a feeling proof would show up. A man calls Phyllis and says he has video footage of the night Skye died. They tell him what room number they're in and he says he will bring it by in a couple of hours. He comes by and leaves the video and collects the reward money. Jack and Phyllis watch the video and happen to catch a glimpse of someone standing near the volcanoes. It's Victor! Phyllis says, " Victor was there the night Skye died."

Chloe is given a box of candy from Kay and Murphy. They also give Nikki a box of chocolate. Chloe says she is going to celebrate Delia's birthday, not Valentine's Day. At Crimson Lights, Abby is preparing to take her gifts to Delia and Lucy and invites Daniel to go with her and her mom. Daniel is drawn to Lucy, knowing it's his daughter. Delia has a wonderful birthday party with lots of cake and presents. Kevin comes to bring Delia a present. Esther has invited him hoping to get Chloe and Kevin back together. However, he says he must leave and they try to persuade him to stay but Chloe says if he wants to leave, then let him leave, so he gets up and leaves. Nick calls and invites Diane over for Valentine's Day. As Nick is preparing for Diane to show up, Nikki shows up. He tries to tell her that he has to get the kids in the bed and he's sure she has some plans but she says she figures since she's single and he is too, they both have a whole lotta nothing to do that night. Finally she leaves and Nick is relieved. Diane shows up and they start kissing and making out on the couch. Victor comes to bring Faith and Summer a stuffed animal for Valentine's Day and sees Nick and Diane kissing in the window.

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