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AMC Recap Written by Mary

At the beach house, Colby tries to get loose from the handcuffs when Annie brings her in some tea and some bottled water. Annie lets her know that she had sent a text message to J.R. and Adam will think that she had changed her mind. Annie gloats that no one will know she is missing. J.R. gives Asher some work to do for Chandler while he is out of town for a few days. Tad visits J.R. and lets him know that his car had been involved in an accident concerning an ambulance. Tad also lets J.R. know about Kendall. J.R. lets Tad know that he is leaving town for a few days. At the hospital, Jake is still puzzled over the things that Cara had told him about why she had left him in Sudan. Griffin visits Kendall to see how she is doing. David calls Greenlee and lets her know that he had been pardoned and he wants to see her at the police station. J.R. lets Tad know that Annie had been driving his car. Tad urges J.R. to go to the police about Annie, but J.R. refuses. Annie calls Colby a “stupid little girl” if Colby thinks that she can escape from her. Cara tells Jake that she hadn’t meant to make him feel uncomfortable by the things that she had told him and by telling him that she still loved him. Madison approaches Scott, who is going through a stack of files. Madison offers to help Scott with his work, but Scott wonders why she would do that. Ryan and Greenlee visit David at the police station. Greenlee congratulates David on his freedom. Greenlee also thanks David for letting her find the man of her dreams. Jake questions Scott about the missing drugs from the medicine room. Madison gives Scott an alibi. Cara sees Griffin in the corridor and tells him that Kendall is looking pretty good since she had had heart surgery the day before. Ricky visits Kendall and they make plans for a date. Griffin walks in and overhears their plans. Tad urges J.R. to be careful around Annie. The cell phone rings and Annie holds her hand over Colby’s mouth to keep her from screaming. Colby bites Annie’s hand to get it off her mouth. J.R. wonders what is going on. J.R. lets Annie know that he is coming to see her because he has something to talk to her about, but she orders him not to come. Colby questions Annie as to what she will do with her. Annie lets Colby know that she is going to spend some time alone with J.R. Griffin comes into Krystal’s and finds Ricky at the bar. Griffin lets Ricky know what Kendall had been going through with her heart. Cara comes in and overhears their conversation. Greenlee and Ryan visit Kendall and lets her know that they have decided to postpone their wedding until she is able to come to the wedding. Kendall urges them to go through with their wedding that they have hers and Zach’s blessing. Madison walks up and hers and Ryan’s eyes meet.

Asher rescues Colby at the beach house. Annie arrives back at the mansion. Asher calls J.R. and lets him know what had happened to Colby. J.R. refuses to tell Annie what is going on. Jake tells Tad to take Scott’s name off the list of possible suspects for stealing the drugs. Griffin visits Kendall and finds her crying. Kendall tells him that Greenlee and Ryan are getting married tomorrow. David and Liza meet at the police department and he tells Liza about him offering to sell Greenlee half of the hospital. Asher offers to take care of Colby. Colby lets him know that she had to handle this on her own. J.R. tells Annie that he wants to spend the day with her as they hug. J.R. tells tad that he was right and that he was going to convince Annie to commit herself to a sanitarium. Scott looks at a valentine as does Madison. Kendall lies in bed while Griffin holds her hand. Greenlee looks at her wedding dress.

B&B Recap Written by Wanda

Hope looks at the pregnancy wand. Dejectedly, she calls Liam and tells him that Amber was not lying. She is pregnant. Amber tells Hope that it was a one time thing and doesn’t have to mean the end of her relationship with Liam. Amber gives her advice that everything else is pretty spectacular in her life so all is not lost. She wishes it did not have to be this way. Liam obsesses over the revelation. Bill walks in and notices that he is distracted and asks what is going on. Liam reveals that he is in some trouble. A woman says she is pregnant and the baby is his and he needs to prove it otherwise. He fills him in about Amber. She is pregnant but that doesn’t mean the baby is his. Hope explains to Brooke who feels badly about these results, but surely Amber wouldn’t put herself through all of this if there wasn’t a real possibility that Liam is the father. Stephanie walks into the office just as Summer plants a kiss on Thomas. She laughs that he is so much like his father. She suggests he come to Dayzee’s and volunteer a little more of his time. Life is more than just a fashion showing. She needs a favor from Thomas. He'd be honored to design an unisex T-shirt for them.

Thomas admits that while both Summer and Madison are beautiful, fun and sexy, he is not in love with either of them. He’s not sure the right girl is out there waiting for him. Stephanie assures him that there is. He wants that Destiny for himself so he is still waiting. Hope says she knows Amber is targeting Liam because he is now a Spencer. She is going to talk to her once again and doesn’t need her mother’s help. She wants Amber to know that she will hang in there and this will not break up her and Liam. Amber is not surprised to see Brooke when she shows up with Hope. Amber knows they are thinking this is Rick Two all over again. She is desperate and stupid besides. Brooke says yes this is classic Amber. Her schemes are always destructive and backfire and she ends up worse than she was before. She should just come clean now. Another knock at the door and it’s Bill and Liam. Bill tells Amber this little scam isn’t gonna fly. She has one last chance to back out. When she doesn’t, he calls Ramón at the hospital and tells him that an opportunistic young woman is claiming that his son knocked her up and he’d like a paternity test today. Brooke tells her to back out while she can. Bill says this is a hoax and now is the time to admit it before it goes too far.

Days Recap Written by Michele and Cheryl 

Philip ran into Kate at the pub and warned her to stay out of his life.  She said she was looking out for his children.  Taylor demanded that Nicole listen to her.  "Rafe" told EJ that he had sex with Sami.  EJ wanted to know if Sami was suspicious.  Sami looked at her neck and saw that "Rafe" gave her a hickey.  Stefano wanted Rafe to cooperate with him or something will happen to Allie.  Carrie called Sami.  Kate and Philip argued over Chloe and Melanie.  She also told Philip that he should work on his relationship with Melanie.  Stefano demanded that Rafe give him info or something will happen to Allie.  Sami shared her suspicions about how aggressive "Rafe" was in bed.  "Rafe" walked in on Sami talking to Carrie about him.  Chloe and Melanie argued on the pier about what Chloe did to Daniel with Philip.  Kate told Philip that Parker needs a mother like Melanie.  "Rafe" let Sami know that he heard her talking to Carrie.  He wanted to explain why he was "different" with her.  Rafe agreed tot ell Stefano what he wanted to know.

Jennifer snuck out of her hospital bed and fainted after she got to the door.  Daniel was at the nurses' station making arrangements for Chloe to get money.  He saw Jennifer on the floor.  "Rafe" blamed mixing pain pills with alcohol for why he was the way he was in bed.  Rafe wanted to know about Stefano and EJ's plan.  EJ wanted to show him what they are doing.  Philip told Kate that if she interferes with Chloe and Melanie than he will make sure she won't see the baby again.  Taylor ran into Sami at the pub.  Taylor told her that Nicole didn't want her there.  Sami told her she shouldn't leave.  Philip went to Maggie's house to see Chloe.  Kate found out that Chad is working at the bar.  Nicole overheard Sami telling Taylor to stay in Salem.  EJ brought the fake Rafe to see the real one.  Philip let Chloe know that she will be there for her.  Melanie called Kate and told her that she agrees that they should get Parker away from Chloe.

GH Recap Written by Carrie

Robin agrees to have dinner with Terrell. Terrell asks Robin about her marriage to Patrick. Dante convinces Michael that seeking vengeance for the rape isn’t a good thing. Carol tells Brenda and Sonny that the Archer Pavilion is flooded. Ronnie accuses Carly of setting off the sprinkler system at the wedding location. Nikolas and Brook Lynn flirt with each other in front of Liz. Olivia and Steven talk about their dinner date. Patrick confides to Steven about his fears concerning Terrell. Olivia suggests that Patrick speak to Robin. Lulu and Luke have a chat about Dante. Ronnie interrogates Carly at the police station; she has a run-in with Sonny. Jason and Sam wonder if Carly flooded Archer Pavilion. Matt and Patrick return to the hotel; they see Robin and Terrell walk out of the lobby together. Lulu and Michael have a heartfelt talk about the rape. Sam tells Suzanne about Brenda’s dress and what happened at the wedding location. Luke and Carly bicker over his staying at the hotel. Sonny asks Jason to speak to Carly. Lulu, Dante and Michael agree to have a dinner meal together. Luke wonders if Carly wants Sonny back.

OLTL Recap Written by Brenda

Ford shows up at La Boulaie dressed as a hot dog. Langston tells him that Starr broke up with Cole. Langston is impressed with how good Ford is with Hope. Ford wonders what would have happened if he had been the father of Jessica’s baby. At the double wedding of the Buchanan twins, Vimal reveals that Clint told him to change the paternity test results of to show that Brody was the father, but he didn't know which daughter so he flipped a coin and changed Jessica's test. Clint says Vimal is a liar, but Vimal produces the original record showing Robert Ford as the father. Bo arrests Clint. As they are leaving the church, Clint hands Kelly the footage of Cutter and Aubrey and tells her to give it to Joey. John wants to know why Natalie's name was in the computer. She says it was from the amnio. John tells her that Marty came to see him before the wedding to tell him about Natalie and Brody.  He tells Natalie that this is her chance to tell him about Brody and her. Natalie admits that she slept with Brody.  Brody admits to Jessica that he slept with Natalie.     

Starr stops by James's apartment to tell him the news, but he doesn't hear her knocking because he is entertaining Michelle. As Starr is leaving, James’s door opens and Starr sees from down the hall a shirtless James helping Michelle straighten her clothing. James sees Starr and she tells him she stopped by to tell Ford that Blair reserved a table for him and Langston at Capricorn. James senses that something is wrong. Later Starr tells Langston that James and Michelle are sleeping together, but Michelle is explaining to James that she didn't go through with it because she could tell that his heart was with someone else.  Destiny tells Shaun that she is confused about Darren sending her flowers for Valentine's Day after he broke up with her. Shaun suggests that Darren wants to get back together. She reveals that she kissed Matthew. She asks him to tell her about her mother. 

Y&R Recap Written by Krista   **One Day Ahead

Lily and Neil talk about Cane's funeral. Neil is concerned and wants her to rest but she wants to keep going and finish planning the funeral. She gets a bit teary when she realizes Valentine's Day is almost here. Malcolm and Sofia are at Crimson Lights discussing the cancellation of their wedding. Sofia questions Malcolm about whether their relationship is over and if he wants the ring back. Malcolm is still struggling with trust since Sofia kept the secret about Cane from him. Lily and Neil look at old pictures to find one to use for the display at the funeral. They reminisce about some of the times they spent together and she thinks about when she told him she loved him before he died on the church steps. She said he told her he loved her back but he was trying to tell her something else. She knows he was trying to tell her something. She knows he still had a secret and she wonders if that's what he was trying to tell her. Neil tells her not to torment herself over it. Malcolm comes over and relieves Neil, so he can go home to rest. Malcolm and Lily look at the pictures and find a picture of Cane when he was a child. She decides to use that one for the display. Nate, (Dr. Hastings) shows up to see Lily and she hugs him and tells him how glad she is that he came and then takes him to see the twins. Sofia goes to see Neil and apologizes to him. She says his death is her fault because she didn't come to Neil and tell him or Tucker. Neil tells her that she did it from compassion and that some secrets don't need to be told.

At the hospital, Nina questions Dr. Hastings about Ronan and wants to know if he died. Dr. Hastings tells her that he didn't die, but as soon as he finished his procedure, a helicopter landed on the roof and they had orders from the FBI to take him away. Dr. Hastings protested but it was ordered so he had to allow it. Nina asks Christine if she had Ronan taken away and she doesn't know anything about his removal and says they must have went over her head. Chloe says that maybe Ronan planned this from the very beginning and that he was using everyone. He finally got what he wanted and left. Nina is upset that Chloe feels that way. Chloe shares her suspicions with Chance and Nina asks Chance if she believes Chloe and he says until he is given evidence to believe otherwise, he is not going to judge his brother. Phillip tends to agree with Chloe that maybe Ronan just used them all. Jill tells Phillip about her marriage and he says he is anxious to meet him. He tells them he'll fill them in about the people in Australia who were after Cane when he gets home. Colin seems a bit shaken by the fact Phillip is home and coming the next day, supposedly to meet him for the first time. He knows Phillip will know he is Cane's father. Christine has called her boss and others at the FBI and left messages. She is upset that his removal was ordered over her head.

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