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AMC Recap Written by Mary

At the hospital, Jesse starts to take David back to jail, but David insists that he wants to stay to check on Kendall’s health after the surgery. Jack and Bianca watch as Erica talks to Caleb about walking away before it complicates her relationship with Jack. Caleb refuses to walk away from Erica because she had been there for him when he had needed her. Caleb promises to be here for Erica. Erica leaves Caleb alone in the corridor and bumps into Jack and Bianca. Cara tries to explain about the wedding ring that Jake sees around her neck. Jake orders the truth from Cara. In the ambulance, Kendall, thinking that she is talking to Zach, tells Griffin that she loves him so much. Griffin picks up the oxygen mask and Kendall yells to get that thing away from her. Griffin tries to put the oxygen mask over Kendall’s nose, but she insists that she doesn’t that thing. Kendall realizes that Zach is gone. Jake continues to question Cara about the ring and she continues to evade the question. Kendall tries to take the mask off, but Griffin insists that she keep it on. Erica urges Jesse not to take David away for Kendall’s sake. Jack pulls Erica away from the group and demands to know what is going on with her wanting David to remain here instead of going back to jail. David comes in to join Erica. David lets Erica know that he cares about Kendall. Erica tells David that she knows he does. Jesse walks in to join them and lets Erica know that Kendall is headed for the hospital. Jake questions Cara, once again, as to why she still has their wedding ring. Cara tells Jake that she is not here to break up his marriage. Jake reminds Cara of what it had done to him when she had left him like she did. Cara lets Jake know that she still loves him as Amanda runs in and hugs Jake. Cara leaves them alone. At the hospital, Erica visits Kendall in her room. Kendall lets Erica know that she had remembered everything that she had been the one, who had shot David. In the corridor, Cara sits down in the floor and leans up against the wall. Griffin joins her. Cara lets Griffin know that she had heard him when he had told Kendall that he would not let her die. Griffin confesses that he is emotionally involved in this case.

Jesse gets a call from the Governor, who wants to see David the next morning. Erica watches them as Jack walks up and hears the news. Jack confronts Erica if she is behind this. Erica confesses that she had called the Governor about David. Jack cannot believe her ears. Cara opens up and tells Jake about the incident in Sudan which involved a little boy whom she had saved while another man had died. The man’s family had vowed revenge on Cara and had threatened her as well as her family. Cara goes on to explain that she could not let anything happen to him and that is why she had ran away and Griffin had kept her hidden. Erica confesses everything to Jack about her getting David the hearing with the Governor in order to benefit Kendall. Jack asks Erica had she even considered his daughter. Erica becomes upset by Jack not understanding why she had done this for Kendall. Jack lets Erica know that he is done. Erica is left standing in the corridor. Caleb comes up to comfort her, but Erica pushes him away. Bianca joins Caleb and tells him to let Erica go. Erica cries to herself. Cara looks at the wedding ring around her neck. Amanda and Trevor joins Jake in an exam room. Jake hugs Trevor and Amanda. Kendall wakes up and sees Griffin sitting by her bed. Kendall smiles and tells Griffin that she knows his secret that he cares. Jesse locks David up again in his jail cell.

B&B Recap Written by Wanda

Nick brings Stephanie back to his house. He felt like Stephanie wanted to talk to him. Lung cancer is kinda scary. He tells her that he does not need a babysitter and she assures him she has no intention of becoming one. Aggie rushes in to find out if he is okay and if he has made up his mind to give up the nasty cigars. She and Jackie want to throw away all the cigars in the house. He doesn’t want to as the humidor was a gift. He makes the decisions in his life. Jackie and Owen state that the cigars are making the decision and he needs to take that control back. Stephanie says it is up to him. If he doesn’t take control, then the probability is great that he will get lung cancer and he will wish he had given them up. Brooke meets Bill at the Roof Top. She’s very concerned about their children. Hope wonders why Amber hasn’t called. Liam tells her that Amber is living in a trailer park with her mother. She must need money. Amber pays a visit to Amber. She tells her that she knows Liam is her ticket out of all of this.

Nick thanks them for all being on board, but if he is going to give up smoking, he has to do it for himself, not because they want him to. Today is going to be his day. He loves them for their support, but it has to be his choice. They watch as he takes the cigars and one by one throws them into the fireplace. Bill tells Brooke that he wants his son’s happiness as much as she wants it for her daughter. Right now they seem to be good for each other. Hope accuses Amber of lying and pulls out a home pregnancy test and goads her into taking it. A news alert on my channel for the last two minutes. I will make a big guess it might have ended with Amber coming out of the bathroom and showing Hope the results of her test.

Days Recap Written by Michele and Cheryl 

Philip went to Maggie's house to see Chloe.  He saw Maggie with Parker and wanted to hold him.  Kate went to see Melanie to talk about Chloe.  Chloe ran into Daniel at the hospital.  He wanted to know why she was there.  She wanted tot ell him something.  Nicole wanted to know why EJ kissed her.  He told her they were getting married.  Rafe wondered why Stefano was keeping him alive.  Stefano said he needed him.  Sami and Rafe were kissing when she noticed something was wrong.  Jennifer told Maxine that she wanted to see Daniel.  Chloe was at the hospital because she went to see a therapist.  Daniel wasn't phased by what she was telling him.  She tried to say she was his wife, but he wasn't interested.  Kate told Melanie that Chloe acts as if she doesn't care about Parker.  Melanie didn't believe that.  Daniel told Chloe that she has to stop using Parker to get him back because it won't work.  EJ wondered if Nicole wants to have a relationship sans benefits.  He wasn't sure if she was still hung up over Brady.  Nicole knows that Brady is over her.  Melanie was about to throw Kate out of the apartment and saw Philip at the door.  EJ wanted to know why Nicole doesn't want to have a physical relationship with him.  She said it was because of what she did to him.

Daniel visited Jennifer to check on her.  EJ reassured Nicole that business would remain in the background as far as they're concerned.  "Rafe" wanted to talk to Sami about the things that matter to them (he was kissing her at the time).  EJ and Nicole were also kissing.  Melanie told Philip that she doesn't want to get back together with him.  She also told him that Nathan wants to be with her even though she's having Philip's baby.  Lexie advised Taylor to give Nicole another chance.  Taylor told Lexie that Nicole wants her gone so she's staying gone.  Jennifer thanked Daniel for saving her life.  Stefano wanted to know if Rafe figured out the plan yet.  Sami and "Rafe" and EJ and Nicole made love.  Philip saw Kate and wanted her to back away from his kids and their mothers. Melanie saw Chloe at the pier and wondered why she wasn't taking care of Parker.  Taylor showed up at the DiMera mansion.  "Rafe" called EJ and told him how he was with Sami.  Sami seemed concerned about something.

GH Recap Written by Carrie

Sam is convinced that she isn’t pregnant. Johnny refuses to help Patrick with the Lisa situation. Brenda badmouths Carly to Sonny’s face. Sonny wonders if the Balkan had something to do with Brenda’s wedding dress. Michael is mad that Carly set up a therapy appointment for him. However, Michael agrees to see Dr. Bailey. Dante tells Michael that he might resign from the police force. Dante confirms to Lulu that Michael was raped in Pentonville. Elizabeth and Steven run into Brook Lynn and Nikolas at Jake’s. Carly brings Michael to the hospital for his therapy session. Lisa bribes a hotel employee so Robin and Terrell can have some alone time together. Jason and Sam wonder who ruined Brenda’s dress. Someone sets off the smoke alarms at Archer Pavilion. Sonny suggests that he and Brenda elope but Brenda doesn’t like the idea. Michael becomes enraged after his therapy appointment; he throws some crates around in an alley. Olivia and Steven flirt with each other. Robin, thinking that she’s meeting Patrick, is surprised to find Terrell in room 581. Michael and Dante talk about going to therapy. Brook Lynn sings a song to Nikolas; Elizabeth is jealous. The wedding planner interrupts Sonny and Brenda’s evening. Ronnie asks Carly about what happened at Archer Pavilion. Michael blames Franco for the rape.

OLTL Recap Written by Jennifer S.

Rama stands up at Natalie's and Jessica's wedding and announces that she has something to reveal about Clint and where she can show just cause why these weddings should not happen. She and Vimal reveal that Clint had Vimal falsify Rex Balsam's DNA test to make it appear that Charlie Banks is his father when it's really Clint that is. Rex admits to Charlie that he did not take the second DNA test like he said, that proved that Charlie really is his father. So it could be true. Viki is furious with Clint. Jessica does not want to believe that her father would do that. Rex and Charlie are both devastated. Charlie is ready to physically attack Clint. And he goes to the bar ready to drink again. Yet all the people who do not know the rest question what Rex's DNA test has to do with Natalie or Jessica, their respective babies' fathers or the wedding. And Vimal is right then ready to answer that question. Starr goes with Langston to the prison so she can officially announce to Cole that she is breaking up with him and ready to move on with James. Yet unknown to them, James is with Michelle ready to have sex assuming that Starr is unavailable to him and having no clue what Starr has just done.

Y&R Recap Written by Krista **One Day Ahead

Jack and Phyllis are in Hawaii and Jack tells her she looks beautiful ; she thanks him but tells him they have to leave and get to work. They leave and put a flier on the door of the store Koa used to manage. The sign was a reward for anyone who was on the volcano hike the night Skye died. Back home, Sharon gets a call from Nick who asks her to come over and help get Faith to sleep. She is excited and goes over to Nick's house. She reads Faith a story, then tucks her in and sings to her. When she starts to leave, Nick tells her that Phyllis is in Hawaii digging up dirt for Restless Style and he wanted to warn her. She tells him she already knew that and they are actually helping her to find proof that it was an accident. Nick confesses that he thinks she's innocent. She tells him if he really believes that, he can help her by calling and getting information from the man who owns the place where Victor supposedly went. In the meantime, Adam uses his computer to look up bank accounts for Skye. He finds one and links a credit card to it and then sets up a Post office box in one of her old aliases to try to get attention and make people think she's still alive. Jack and Phyllis find out Koa has closed the shop and left. Nick finds out Victor let the staff off for vacation time and he wanted to be alone so the man never actually saw Victor. It's beginning to look more and more suspicious for Victor's involvement.

At the hospital, Nina is getting more and more concerned as hours have passed and they haven't been given any updates like Dr. Hastings promised. Jill and Katherine talk and she starts to leave to go pray at the chapel, but Jill asks her to sit down on the couch and they pray together. Finally Dr. Hastings comes out and informs them Chance's part of the surgery is over and it went perfectly. He is groggy but they can see him soon. When it comes time to see him, he tells Nina he wants to see Chloe. Chloe goes in and he apologizes to her for what he had to do and she tells him she understands and forgives him. Then Nina asks where Christine is and Paul tells her she went to talk to security. She gets a little worried but Paul assures her that if there was a problem, they'd know about it. She walks in with Phillip. Nina takes him in to see Chance. They are all talking and kidding Chance about his beard. Heather is also present in the room. Dr. Hastings comes out and Chloe asks how Ronan is doing and he asks where Nina is. They tell him she is in with Chance and he goes into the room. When he walks in, Chance asks him how Ronan is doing and Dr. Hastings shakes his head and says "I'm sorry, but Ronan is gone." Then the show fades out.

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