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AMC Recap Written by Mary

On the way back from the beach house, Annie argues with herself over the fact that Colby had found out about her hitting Marissa with the door and had made it look like a robbery. Marissa appears to Annie (in her mind) and tells Annie that J.R. would never forgive her for holding Colby hostage at the beach house. Annie starts yelling for Marissa to hush. In the ambulance, Griffin, Jake and Cara rushes Kendall to the hospital when they get hit by Annie’s car. Annie swears to Marissa that she will fix this situation. At Pine Valley Hospital, Erica, Bianca and Jack find out that the ambulance carrying Kendall to the hospital had been involved in an accident. Annie looks back and sees the headlights of the ambulance which had crashed because of her actions. Dr. Burke questions J.R. as to what he thinks that he can fix for Annie. At the beach house, Colby yells for help, but with no luck. Annie blames Marissa for her causing the ambulance to wreck. Griffin comes to and checks on Jake and Cara. While Griffin checks on Kendall, Jake tries to get the car started. Kendall starts to come to. Erica lets Bianca know that Griffin hadn’t given them any guarantee as to whether Kendall would recover or not. After examining Kendall in the ambulance, Griffin decides to operate on her here and right now. Jesse lets Erica and Bianca know about the ambulance wreck. Colby tries to unlock the handcuffs with a fingernail file. Dr. Burke accuses J.R. of manipulating both Annie and Marissa. The Fire Department and the police arrive to help Griffin, Cara and Jake. Kendall tells Griffin that if she doesn’t make it to let Erica know that she had been the one, who had shot David. Griffin promises Kendall that he will not let her die. Erica has regrets over Kendall being in this condition. Jack lets Caleb know that he has a meeting with the disciplinary board to see if his license will be reinstated. Jack lets Caleb know not to help him anymore. Erica urges Jesse to get David to help in Kendall’s surgery. Annie arrives home to the Chandler’s and lies to Dr. Burke as to how she had gotten the scratch on her cheek. Annie apologizes to Dr. Burke for hurting someone. Dr. Burke asks who had Annie hurt. Erica convinces David to help in Kendall’s surgery.

The surgery begins on Kendall. Annie lies and tells Dr. Burke that she doesn’t want to hurt J.R. Colby spies the cell phone on the table and tries to get it. Kendall’s blood pressure begins to drop dramatically and Griffin’s fingers freezes. Jake offers to take over for Griffin, but Griffin refuses. Colby manages to get the phone and to text J.R. Annie arrives back at the beach house just in time to grab the cell phone from Colby’s hand. J.R. manages to get the text message that Colby had sent, but he thinks that it is from Annie. Erica urges Caleb to just walk away that he is causing disturbance between her and Jack. Jack walks up and sees Caleb and Erica together. The surgery is a success on Kendall. Jake notices that Cara is wearing the wedding ring on a chain around her neck. Kendall tells Griffin that she loves him. Annie finds out that Colby was headed out of town so no one will be looking for her. Asher questions J.R. about Colby and if she had arrived in Chicago. Asher doesn’t believe J.R.’s answer.

B&B Recap Written by Wanda

Stephanie introduces Nick to Kathryn Joosten, a very famous actress, who is going to give her story in her own words. She tells them that somewhere along the way some in the support group will die. That is just the reality of it, but they can be there for each other. For herself, she will continue every three months with her tests, but right now her body is cancer free. Stephanie says she is prepared to live, she just hopes she can prepare to die if necessary. Another survivor joins in. He’s a doctor so he was suspicious from the start and the hardest part was telling his sons that their 49 year old father had lung cancer. You have to take it day by day as no one knows the future. Nick asks if there is any way of diagnosing second hand smoke. The doctor says it is not definitive. But it is bad and Nick could use this as a wake-up call. Why put his son through that possibility? Jackie tells Owen that she is so worried about Nicky smoking and he doesn’t seem to care. She knows she is pushing him away. She’s so glad that Owen doesn’t smoke. Owen tells her that Nick is not going to quit smoking until he makes that decision on his own. Jackie has done all she can do.

Meryl tells Nick and Stephanie that gallons of humor can get a person through this. Jackie tells Owen that Nicky is not bad, just the cigar smoking. She’d like Owen to help him see this. Owen says she is too close. Maybe Stephanie’s strong arm tactics will hit him today and something will get through to him. Zheng, an opera singer, tells Nick she’s glad he doesn’t have cancer now, but this is an alarm and he shouldn’t have to go through what they all have. When she leaves, she gives both Stephanie and Nick a hug, then stops and sings an aria from Puccini’s “Gianni Schicchi”. Good naturedly, she tells Nick, and the audience,  to quit smoking. Nick tells Stephanie that he is thinking she did this for him. He gives her a hug and says thank you.

Days Recap Written by Michele and Cheryl 

Roman told Bo that he wouldn't have to go to jail.  Bo wanted to know if Hope would avoid jail time too.  Roman told Bo that Hope wouldn't be able to avoid jail time.  Nicole let Sami know that EJ gave her a tracking device.  Rafe had a nightmare that Sami forgot about him.  "Rafe" wanted EJ to help him prepare more.  EJ reassured "Rafe" that he captured everything he needed to know about Rafe.  Nicole told Sami that Sydney was worth wearing the tracking device.  Sami told Nicole that EJ doesn't love or trust her.  Stefano walked up while EJ and "Rafe" were talking.  Bo was upset that Hope wasn't set free.  Bo didn't want to be free if she couldn't be free.  Hope wanted Bo to be free to be with Ciara and Carly.  He told her that Carly moved out.  She wanted to know why Carly left.  He said that Carly knows that his heart belonged with another woman.  "Rafe" told EJ and Stefano that he's okay with kids, but he has a problem with babies.  Rafe wanted to get to Sami to help her.  Hope wanted to know why Bo and Carly broke up.  Bo told her that he can't give Carly what she needs.  Roman interrupted them to take Hope back to her cell.  

Jennifer told Carly that she didn't know what she was going to do with her life now.  Bo assured Hope that they will face things together. Sami and Roman were upset that Stefano showed up for Sydney and Johnny's party.  Carly told Jennifer that she and Bo broke up.  A cop told Hope that she had to go back to her cell.  Sydney cried when she saw "Rafe".  He tried to explain to EJ and Stefano again that he has problems with babies, but EJ wanted him to be with Sami to avoid suspicion.  Roman told Sami and "Rafe" that he was reinstated to the force.  Justin told Hope that he would do everything he could to keep her from going back to prison.  EJ let Johnny and Sydney stay with Sami for the night.  Stefano saw Rafe unconscious on the floor. He gave Rafe painkillers for his head and offered him some of Sydney's cake.  Bo had a surprise for Hope.  He brought Ciara to see her.  Rafe wanted to know why Stefano wants to keep him alive.  EJ decided to take the tracking device off of Nicole's arm.  She was happy about that.  The two of them kissed each other.  Sami and "Rafe" kissed on the couch.

GH Recap Written by Carrie

Jason urges Lucky and Siobhan to stay in Port Charles. Jason is convinced that the picture of Megan was staged. Siobhan starts having second thoughts about involving Lucky in her trip to Ireland. Ronnie shows up at Lucky’s place demanding to know why Siobhan isn’t in police custody. Lulu and Maxie think that Sam might be pregnant. Jax and Carly argue at work; she wants a divorce. Sonny tells Michael that he knows about the rape. Sonny promises to support Michael no matter what. Tracy is arrested for drug smuggling. Tracy asks Luke for a divorce. Brenda accuses Carly of cutting up her wedding dress. Jax defends Brenda which infuriates Carly. Lulu talks to Dante about his decision to resign from the force. Robin tells Jason about Brenda’s wedding dress. Brenda shows Sonny her ruined dress. Sam confides to Jason about her talk with Maxie and Lulu; she plans on taking a pregnancy test. Carly visits with Michael.

OLTL Recap Written by Jennifer S.

Natalie and Brody are both afraid of what Marty might reveal to John and/or to Jessica and wonder if they should tell them first before it's too late. Meanwhile, John is alone in his apartment feeling some sort of "premonition" of doubting whether he should trust Natalie. Meanwhile, Aubrey convinces Cutter that Clint may think he's got them where he wants them but he has more to fear than they do. He tells her that if Kelly finds out their secret, she has nothing to lose and they are through. But they are not going to give up. Rama wants to encourage Vimal not to be afraid of Clint although he is. Both weddings are underway. Yet Jessica is the only person who suspects nothing. Charlie tells Viki he has every intention of being there for his two step daughters. But she is worried that he is being fooled by Echo. He tells her he is worried that she and Dorian will take away his relationship with his son.

Y&R Recap Written by Krista  **One Day Ahead

At the Chancellor Estate, Chloe talks to Katherine about her situation with Kevin. Chloe gets a phone call from Kevin and he says he wants to see her to tell her some news. Chloe hangs up and Christine comes to see Katherine. Kevin calls and tells Jana's therapist that he told her about the divorce and needs to talk. He starts to leave when he is informed of a water leak in the basement. Jana comes to see Chloe and accuses her of "working" Kevin while they were still married. Jana tells her that she is cursed because she was involved with Chance and he died, and then Cane. She tells her she is holding her responsible if something happens to Kevin. When Kevin arrives, Jana backs away. He finally figures out that Jana has been there and upset her. Jana's therapist shows up to talk.

Jack, Phyllis, Adam, and Sharon discuss a timeline for Skye's whereabouts in Hawaii and discuss how they are going to prove Skye's death was accidental. They find out the pilot for the Newman jet retired shortly after Skye's death and they don't know where to find him. The only lead they have is Koa in Hawaii, so Jack and Phyllis make plans to go to Hawaii. With security in place, Chance is ready for his operation to donate part of his liver to his brother Ronan. Chance says he wouldn't have had it any other way and things will turn out okay. As they wait in the waiting room for the operation to begin, Ronan's doctor from Boston comes out and introduces himself to the family as Nate Hastings, Olivia's son. He talks to Chance and Ronan and then answers questions for the family. Katherine and Jill talk and Jill is upset when she finds out Katherine knew that Chance was alive and didn't tell her. Christine asks for Ronan's forgiveness for telling Chance without his permission and he forgives her and asks for his job back. She tells him he can have his old job back, but that he has to make it through the surgery. Katherine, Jill, Heather, Nina, Paul, and Christine all talk to Chance and then Ronan before the operation. Nina spends a little time with both of her boys before they take them to surgery. As they are going to surgery, Chloe comes to the hospital to find Katherine and threatens to find out what is going on, so Heather tells her about Chance being alive and donating his liver for Ronan. As they wheel them into surgery, Heather takes Chloe in and she sees Chance. She is stunned!

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