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AMC Recap Written by Mary

Annie asks J.R. if he is breaking up with her. J.R. accuses Annie of being paranoid about Marissa coming between them. Colby brings her luggage downstairs as Asher joins her. Asher misinterprets this and thinks that Colby is going to visit Damon in California. Colby lets Asher know that she is going to visit her father in Chicago. Asher is afraid that Adam will hurt her, but Colby thinks otherwise. Natalia meets with Brot at Krystal’s. Brot twirls her around in order to look at her outfit. Brot and Natalia kiss. Jesse, Frankie and Randi join them to celebrate Natalia’s new job in Philly. Jake stands at the nurse’s station at the hospital when Cara comes up, ranting that a little boy had sneezed on her in the elevator, and that she could sure have the flu now. In the hospital bed, Kendall remembers everything about shooting David. Griffin comes in and notices that Kendall’s pulse rate is racing. Kendall lets Griffin know that she was the one, who had shot David. Griffin tries to calm her down, but without any luck. Griffin gives her a shot in her I.V. in order to calm her down and make her rest. Jake apologizes to Cara for being overly protective of her and her illness. Brot gives Natalia his Medal of Valor to protect her on her job in Philly. Asher shows his concern toward Colby that he doesn’t want her to be hurt by her father and offers to go with her to Chicago, but she insists on going on her own. Kendall tells Griffin that she needs to tell Erica the truth so Erica will stop taking the blame for her. Asher assures Colby to be careful on her trip. Colby overhears J.R. telling Annie that he loves her. Annie doesn’t believe him and tells him that he had only told her that he loves her because she had told him to. Annie rushes out and leaves. J.R. rushes after her. Colby quickly hides behind the staircase to keep J.R. from seeing her.

Griffin calls Erica to come and see Kendall. Jake and Cara reminisce about their first trip to Africa and Cara’s first plane ride in which she was terrified. Cara and Jake laugh and Cara forgets that she was even mad at Jake. Cara makes Jake promise her to stop being overprotective of her. Cara assures Jake that she knows that she has to be careful around people, who are contagious. Kendall takes the oxygen out of her nose, the I.V. out of her arm and leaves her room. Annie goes to the beach house and is surprised to see candles all around the room. Annie imagines seeing Marissa and she tells her that J.R. doesn’t want her. Annie picks up a candle and throws it against the door just as J.R. walks in. In order to quiet Annie down, J.R. kisses her as Colby listens from outside. Annie hears a noise outside. Jesse lets the family know that Angie is having a baby girl. Kendall comes to check on Kendall and finds her gone. In the park, Kendall calls out for Erica that she needs to tell her something. Kendall collapses.

Jake, Cara and Griffin organize a search party for Kendall. Annie catches Colby at the beach house. Annie confronts Colby about eavesdropping. Colby lets Annie know that she knows that she was the one, who had attacked Marissa and had made it look like a burglary. Colby shows Annie that she had recorded her confession and will show it to the police. Colby tries to leave, but Annie catches her and they struggle over the tape recorder. Annie gets the upper hand and handcuffs Colby to the table leg. Asher lets J.R. know that Colby is going to see Adam. J.R. is surprised. Jesse and Frankie leave the celebration for Natalia to go search for Kendall. Griffin finds Kendall lying unconscious in the park. He quickly wraps his coat around her. Annie leaves Colby handcuffed to the table. J.R. and Dr. Burke meet to discuss Annie and her mood swings. Annie imagines seeing Marissa, who tells her that J.R. will never forgive her for hurting Colby. Annie has a car accident.

B&B Recap Written by Wanda

Dr. Lewis tells Nick that she needed a second opinion. The spot may not be anything serious right now, but don’t pretend that it is not. Quit smoking! Nick tells her that he has the patch, he's chewing gum so he sees no big deal smoking a cigar every now and then.

Jackie reveals to Stephanie that she is worried. She doesn’t think he is committed to quit smoking. Stephanie says she believes he is trying, but it is hard. She’s been thinking of starting a support group. It's not formal but maybe it would help. Jackie thinks it is a marvelous idea and wants Stephanie to do it. Brooke tells Katie about seeing a note in Thomas’s office and she thought it was for her and it turned out that he’d left it for Summer to meet him in the steam room. Ridge interrupts so they don’t get to finish. Summer comes in looking for Thomas and ends up apologizing to Brooke for the other night. Ridge is left wondering what that was all about but Brooke sloughs it off.

Ridge does share with Brooke that he is proud of his son, a chip off the old block. He’s glad he is out seeing lots of different girls, but Thomas did reveal he had feelings for one special one. Brooke is skeptical that he is ready to settle down with just one woman. Ridge hopes he will and it will be someone just like Brooke. At Donna’s wedding, he felt so grateful for her. She tells him that she feels the same way. She loves him so much. She doesn’t know what she would do without him. When he is through with his meeting, Nick runs into Stephanie and she invites him to this group that she is forming where they just sit around and listen to each other’s stories. She reminds him that he needs to do this for his little boy. Stephanie brings Nick back to her house and says this is not about him; it’s about her. The first guest arrives. Her name is Rosalie Gray and she shares her story abut having been a smoker but quit 29 years ago yet just recently was told she had lung cancer and only six months to a year to live. Stephanie reveals how she was in total denial and thought she had nothing to live for.

Days Recap Written by Michele and Cheryl 

Nathan blamed himself for what happened to Jennifer.  Doug and Julie visited Jennifer in the hospital.  Maggie told them that Daniel said her prognosis is good.  Rafe questioned EJ about Sami not noticing that he was missing.  EJ didn't ell him about the lookalike.  The fake Rafe was released from the hospital.  Sami was happy to have him home.  Lexie told Nicole that she and Abe couldn't make it to Sydney's birthday party.  She was about to tell Nicole that Theo was with Taylor, but Taylor didn't want Lexie to tell her.  EJ rubbed it in to Rafe that he wouldn't be with Sami.  Sami, "Rafe", and Johnny arrived at the apartment.  "Rafe" seemed surprised that Gabi hugged him.  No one seemed to notice that "Rafe" didn't seem to know Gabi.  Sami told "Rafe" that his mother wanted to speak to him.  "Rafe" told her that he didn't want to talk to her right now.  He covered by blaming his attitude on his concussion.  He said that he would call her after the party.  Sami noticed that "Rafe" wasn't wearing his necklace.  He covered by saying that the hospital probably lost it.  EJ and Nicole showed up at Sami's place with Sydney.

Rafe took his necklace out of the bed post.  He wondered what EJ was doing.  Nathan wanted to talk to Melanie about their future together.  Melanie didn't want to be with him.  Julie pleaded with Jennifer to come back to them.  Nathan and Melanie went to the pub and talked.  She told him that she wants Philip to be in her baby's life.  Nathan understood that, but he still wanted to be with her.  Taylor told Lexie and Theo that her bus never made it to Salem so she couldn't leave.  Sami forgot the cake for the party.  EJ offered to get it and wanted to take "Rafe" with him.  Sami was surprised, but didn't question it.  Sami wanted to make the arrangement with Nicole work for the kids.  Jennifer woke up while Maggie, Doug, and Julie were in her room.  EJ and "Rafe" were talking about the plan on the pier.  Rafe was thinking about Sami and the kids.

GH Recap Written by Brenda

Nikolas and Brook Lynn go to the Haunted star for a date, but Ethan tells him the casino is closed until Luke returns. A case of expensive wine arrives for Tracy. Shortly afterwards Luke arrives and Tracy is happy to see him. She thanks him for leaving her out of his latest scheme, but advises him not to look for the jewels because she already found them and will consider them a down payment on the money he stole from her. Mac enters with a warrant to arrest Tracy for Jewel smuggling.

Sam tells Jason that Spinelli jumped to the incorrect conclusion that Sam and Jason are trying to have a baby. Sam and Maxie go out for drinks. Lulu joins them. When Sam gets up to go to the bar to get Lulu a beer, she gets a little dizzy and nauseous. Maxie wonders if Sam is pregnant.

Shawn calls the Balkan and tells him that Lucky arrested Siobhan on conspiracy to commit kidnapping. The Balkan concludes that Siobhan didn't double cross him after all. Lucky uncuffs her in an interrogation room and asks her about her sister's kidnapping. Theo Hoffman comes into the interrogation room and announces that he is representing Siobhan. Lucky informs him that Siobhan has not requested an attorney and that he is allowed to hold her there for 48 hours. He tells Theo that he can see Siobhan as soon as Siobhan has been processed. Theo sits down to wait and Lucky sneaks Siobhan out of the station dressed as a police officer. Jason goes to the station looking for Lucky. Theo tells him that Lucky is busy denying Siobhan access to her attorney. Lucky takes Siobhan to his apartment and tells her they have 48 hours to find her sister. He asks her to try to think of anything significant about the conversations she has had with her sister. Siobhan remembers a ferry bell in the distance. He gets tickets for a flight to Dublin. As they are about to rush out the door, Jason arrives and says he can't let them go anywhere.

Dante feels guilty about not protecting Michael. He tells Lulu that she made the right decision when she broke up with him. Carly arrives uninvited and unannounced at Sonny and Brenda's house in the woods. He tells her she is not welcome to drop by whenever she wants. She tells him Michael was raped in prison. She says it is Dante’s fault that Michael was in prison in the first place. She asks him not to get married right now because she and Jason will be helping Michael and won't be able to pull Sonny out of the dark place Brenda will inevitably push him into. Carly leaves. When Brenda returns with cakes for them to taste to decide on their wedding cake, she wonders what is the matter with Sonny. He tells her Carly was there and is worried about Michael. Michael goes to see Jason and asks him not to tell Sonny what happened to him because he doesn’t want his father to think he is weak. Sonny goes to Dante's apartment looking for Michael. Dante concludes that Carly told him what happened to Michael. He tells Sonny that he is sorry and that he doesn’t know what to do to help Michael find peace in his life. Sonny tells him that he knows how difficult it is to watch the people you love suffer because of a decision you made. Michael enters and concludes that Dante told Sonny what happened. Robin brings Brenda to the penthouse to try on her wedding dress. Carly is already there She lurks in the kitchen and listens to Robin and Brenda talking about how pathetic Carly is to use her son to stalk Sonny. Brenda pities Jax because he has so many years of that kind of insanity ahead of him. When Brenda and Robin go up to Brenda's room to see the dress, Carly leaves. Brenda and Robin find the dress in shreds.

OLTL Recap Written by Jennifer S.

Kelly and Joey return to their respective homes after being locked in the cellar for the night. Blair assumes that Kelly spent the night with Joey. Kelly reveals to Blair that she told Joey of her feelings but he is still marrying Aubrey and she has given up. But Blair tells her cousin she bets it's not over between Kelly and Joey. Charlie finds out Viki threw Echo out of their house and is not ok with it. She tells him he must choose between Echo and his wife. Tex is wondering whether to get the DNA test knowing that he would rather believe that Charlie is his father than Clint but also realizing he needs the truth. Clint tells Bo and Nora that will never get any charges against him that they want and he provokes Bo to punch him by telling his brother that their father always saw him (Bo) as a loser. Natalie and Brody are privately panicking and afraid that Marty will remember and disclose their secret to John and Jessica after Brody has overheard Starr telling John that she went to see Marty and it appeared she's gotten her memory back. Marty finds her way to John's home and is ready to tell him what she knows about Natalie and Brody. But she can't remember exactly what it was. And before she can remember, the staff from St. Anne's take her back and John suspects nothing about the secret she intended to tell him. Cutter wants Aubrey to give up on Joey now that Clint has gotten the goods on her. But she does not want to give up.

Y&R Recap Written by Eva  **One Day Ahead

Chloe tells Kevin that she doesn’t want to be involved with any man because sooner or later they all cheat, leave or die. Kevin refuses to let Chloe give up on their relationship and he gives Chloe a kiss and tells her that he will tell Jana the truth today so that they can move on with there lives. Chloe takes a drink and Jill tells Chloe that no matter how bad life gets there is always hope. Jill feels more hopeful despite her grief over Cane because now she knows that Chance is alive and promises to keep it a secret to keep him safe. Jana is upset about Cane’s death when she sees the news on TV and feels sorry for Katherine, Jill and even Chloe. Kevin tells Jana that they have been divorced for a while and he intends to have a relationship with Chloe. Kevin assures Jana that he still wants her to be okay and will do all he can to help her.

Daniel is still stunned by the news that he is Lucy’s father and Victoria tells him that he can hold Lucy and he refuses telling Victoria he needs to leave them alone to grieve. Daniel heads over too Lily’s to comfort her and try to think about what he is going to do about Lucy. Billy and Victoria leave the mansion once they hear Lucy coughing and they head home and call the doctor. The doctor tells them to run the shower and let it steam and then close the doors to the bathroom so that the steam can help the baby’ s cough. Daniel tells Lily that she is a strong woman with a lot of family that will help her keep Cane’s memory alive for the twins. Daniel also tells Lily that Cane will also be watching over the twins making sure they are safe, happy and loved. Chance arrives at the hospital and he and Heather hug inside Ronan’s hospital room and Ronan has a jealous look on his face when he sees them. Chance knows that Ronan is nervous about the operation although he doesn’t say it so he helps him pass the time by teaching him how to play the card game spit which Nina taught to him. Nina smiles as she watches her sons laughing and joking together.

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