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AMC Recap Written by Mary

At the Chandler mansion, J.R. sits in the living room when Annie comes to see him. J.R. lets Annie know that the divorce is final. Annie wants to make plans with J.R. for the evening, but J.R. lets her know that Marissa is coming over. This news unnerves Annie to no end. Madison and Scott kiss while lying on his bed. Scott asks her where this is coming from, but Madison pulls him into another kiss. Cara is getting ready to go to work when Tad comes to visit her at Kendall’s. Tad thanks her for the lead that she had given to him. Cara wants to continue to help him with the investigation, but Tad puts a stop to it and Cara wonders if Jake had had anything to do with it. Cara blurts out that she was sick. Cara lets Tad know about the leukemia. At Pine Valley Hospital, Griffin tries to coax Kendall into fighting for her life. Erica is completely against David still being at the hospital. David asks to see Kendall, but Erica demands from the guard that he keep David away from Kendall. Griffin, in the corridor, asks Erica about Kendall’s state of mind and if there is anything else that he needs to know. J.R. questions Annie about her meeting with Dr. Burke. Annie assures him that it was fine. J.R. hears Marissa coming in and quickly gets Annie out of the room through the patio doors. Marissa walks in to the living room and apologizes for being late. Scott pulls away from Madison and explains to her that this is not the perfect time for them to make love after all that is going on. Annie brings Emma into Krystal’s to meet Ryan. Ryan arrives and Emma gives him a big hug. Annie tries to get Ryan to care for Emma for the evening since she has plans, but Ryan tells her about Kendall. Annie becomes unnerved once again when she thinks her plans are going to be ruined. Erica goes to visit Kendall to see how she is doing. Kendall points out to Erica all the good things in her life, most of all her children. Erica lets Kendall know that if Zach were here he would want her to fight for her life. Kendall has a flashback of something that she has forgotten and wants to delay the surgery. Erica urges her to have the surgery. Ryan tries his best to calm Annie down. Marissa shows J.R. the police report concerning her missing things that had been retrieved. Marissa wants to blame Annie for this, but J.R. quickly defends Annie. Erica lets Jack know about Kendall’s condition. Marissa and J.R. hug as Annie watches them from outside with a knife in her hand.

Ryan and Emma arrive at Kendall’s and to his surprise finds Madison and Scott there taking care of Kendall’s boys. In talking to Griffin, Kendall tells him that she wished that she could open up her brain and let him know everything that is going on inside. Erica tells Jack that she regrets not telling Kendall the truth when she could. Kendall lets Griffin know that she doesn’t trust him to do the surgery. Cara listens to their conversation before she shows Kendall all the things that she had brought her plus a pic that the boys had drawn and colored. Erica finds David still at the hospital. Marissa urges J.R. to be careful of Annie. J.R. pulls Annie in off the patio. Annie voices her concern over Marissa possibly stopping the divorce. J.R. lets Annie know that they are divorced. Annie lets J.R. know that she was afraid that things would be ruined for them. J.R. lets her know that things are ruined for them. Griffin confesses to Kendall that he had been stealing medicines from the hospital to send to impoverished countries, but he would pay the hospital back. Jack gets an interesting phone call and wants to know more. Ryan and David argue over David wanting to see Kendall. In hearing them argue, Kendall remembers shooting David instead of Erica.

B&B Recap Written by Wanda

Jackie laments to Owen that Nicky has been a smoker for years and she is worried. Stephanie got cancer and she is not even a smoker. Nick walks in, more or less in a fowl mood and doesn’t want them to harass him about smoking. He’s spitting sunflower seeds as he is tired of eating cheeseburgers all day. She tells him that he is having withdrawal symptoms but it will go away in a few weeks. He’s not sure he can make it that long. He’s also not sure it is an addiction just because he smokes a cigar every now and then. She shows him a video of actor, Yul Brynner, who says Don’t Smoke! Stephanie is surprised to hear Eric say that Donna’s jar of honey is a little overrated. He’s happy for Donna and doesn’t feel left out that Marcus is reunited with his real father. Brooke shares with Katie about the kiss from Thomas. Of course she advises her to nip it in the bud now. He may have a lot more on his mind that she realizes. Brooke says that this is the second time and she doesn’t want Katie to tell anyone, especially not Ridge. Katie tells her to do whatever she has to do to protect her marriage. She can walk away from this and let Thomas manage the Taboo line by himself.

Katie advises Brooke to just talk to Thomas. Kissing doesn’t happen just by accident. Perhaps he has feelings for her. Brooke calls Thomas and tells him that she is coming to see him. He’s with Ridge and has just been talking about more responsibilities and following in Ridge’s footsteps and how he’d like him to find a Brooke in his life to share it with. Stephanie tells Eric about being at the hospital and seeing Nick there. He has a spot on his lungs, not cancer, but he needs all the help he can get to kick the habit. Nick tells Jackie that Yul was one of his favorite actors and he looked up to him. He’s sorry that he died the way he did, but he doesn’t feel his habit is that deep. It’s not that big a deal. He appreciates her concern. Brooke is slightly embarrassed when she makes Thomas come out of the steam room and finds him with Summer. Brooke had found a note on his desk saying meet him in the steam room. He tells her that was for Summer and he hopes she is okay as he is not under Brooke's hypnotic spell. She says they are good.

Days Recap Written by Michele and Cheryl 

Daniel and Melanie thought they saved Jennifer, but she flatlined.  Kate arrived at Maggie's house to see Parker.  Kate saw Chloe grab something off the table.  Abe walked in on Bo and Carly while they were talking about Hope.  Daniel continued to revive Jennifer.  Nicole decided to talk to Taylor after all.  Kate realized that Chloe had a prescription.  Kate let Chloe think that Parker belongs with her.  Victor comforted Maggie while she worried about Jennifer.  Maggie wanted Victor to pull some strings so she can find out about Jennifer.  Abe told Bo and Carly that Jennifer's transplant was taking long.  Bo wanted to know what was going to happen to Hope.  Jennifer started to show signs of life after all.  Kate offered to help Chloe.  Chloe thought she only wanted to help her so she could take her baby.  Abe told Bo that Hope will have to go to County Jail temporarily.  Daniel called Carly and told her that Jennifer made it through surgery.

Daniel told Maggie and Victor that Jennifer may reject her own heart.  Carly told Bo that she's not going home with him.  She wanted to be happy for the time they had together.  Roman told Carly that she was free to go.  She said goodbye to Bo and thanked him for the memories.  She walked out of the room and Bo was heartbroken.  Kate told Maggie and Victor that she's worried about Chloe.  Chloe didn't want Parker when Maggie brought him to her.  Kate continued to tell Victor that Parker belongs with Philip.  Roman pulled some strings and made it possible for Bo to see Hope in the holding cell.  Abe was happy to see Taylor in town.  She told him that she was on her way to the bus station.  Abe offered to let her stay at his house.  Parker was crying in his crib while Chloe was sleeping.

GH Recap Written by Brenda

Steve overhears Lisa telling Terrell that Patrick must never go back to Robin. Terrell tells Steve that they were discussing whether Patrick needed to consult on a patient. Steve is suspicious. Terrell tells Lisa that he has heard a lot about her and he knows she has been less than honest with her. When Patrick and Robin return, Steve tells Patrick that Lisa wanted a consultation. Patrick looks at the file and says nothing there is unusual and for her to consult him if that changes. Terrell asks Robin to recommend a health club. She tells him that he should stop looking for reasons to talk to her because it is making her husband grumpy. Patrick asks Robin if they can spend Valentine's Day together.

Brenda tells Sonny that Carly is threatening to sabotage their wedding. Sonny tells Jason to stop Carly. Jason reveals that Siobhan has been working for the Balkan and that the Balkan plans to grab Brenda at the wedding. Sonny doubts it, but says they will be ready to catch him if he tries. The Balkan tells Siobhan that Lucky followed her to the church, which means she is either careless or a traitor. Lucky finds her bound and gagged in a confessional. He takes her to Sonny's office and tells her that the Balkan could have killed her, but he obviously wants to keep her alive. Jason meets Siobhan and Lucky at Sonny's office. Lucky tells him the trap backfired. Jason wonders who tipped off the Balkan. Jason thinks the Balkan and Siobhan set Lucky up. Lucky asks Jason not to tell him anything about Brenda or the wedding so that he won't have any information to give to Siobhan. He goes to Jake's and tells Siobhan that he realizes that Jason and Dante are right about him only seeing what he wanted to see, but he now knows that she has lied about everything and he no longer believes her victim act. He arrests her for assault and conspiracy. Shawn observes from nearby.

Abby is grateful to Michael for saving her from Brandon. Michael says he is going to take her home from the hospital but he makes a hotel room reservation. Sam visits Abby in the hospital and they talk about Brandon's abusing Abby. Abby promises to press charges this time. Sam is happy that Michael and Abby found each other. Carly pulls a gun on Dante. She tells him that Michael was raped when Dante had him sent to prison. She puts the gun down and says Michael would know she shot Dante and would blame himself. She promises to make Dante hurt as much as Michael does. Michael comes home and finds his mother there. Carly says she was just talking to Dante about Michael going to counseling. When she leaves, Michael asks Dante what was really going on. Dante tells him about Brenda shooting a man to save Dante and Dante dumping the body. He apologizes for turning Michael in for the exact same thing. Michael tells him that they will both have to deal with the consequences but it is too late to make him hate Dante. Michael returns to the hospital to get Abby. He takes her to the room he booked at the Metro Court and tells her that the room is hers for as long as she needs it because it is safer than going home. She accepts the key, thanks him, and kisses him on the cheek. He panics and leaves.

Maxie takes Lulu to Jakes and asks her how she messed up her reconciliation with Dante. Lulu says Brenda was there having a meltdown. Maxie convinces Lulu to talk to Dante again. When Lulu goes to Dante's apartment, he tells her that he is a liar and a hypocrite and she shouldn't want to get back together with him. Brenda and Sonny go to the house in the woods. She asks Sonny to disinvite Carly from the wedding. He tells Brenda not to worry about Carly. Later he dreams that he and Brenda are at the altar, a shot is fired, and Brenda disappears. He wakes up and discovers that Brenda is not in bed with him. Cary goes to Sonny’s office and demands to know where Sonny is because she has important information.

OLTL Recap Written by Jennifer S.

Natalie and Jessica both awaken from nightmares. Jessica admits that hers' was (oddly) about Robert Ford. And Natalie admits that hers' was about Marty. Starr goes to inform John that she went to visit Marty at St. Anne's. And it appeared Marty first believed that she and John had a baby but she later realized he had a baby with Natalie. And, Star remarks, something odd occurred when she said something about Natalie and Brody. Right then, Brody is staying at John's apartment and overhearing and is scared at what Marty could do to him and Natalie if she recalls their secret. He then secretly goes to find Natalie and warn her. Meanwhile, Robert Ford is accepting his fate, looking for jobs and considering bartending at Rodi's. Langston and Starr are with him. And it's clear to see that James is not over Starr regardless of what he says or the fact that he wants to move on with Michelle. Clint is alone and aware that he's making a lot of enemies. But he successfully gets his "employee" to install a "thermostat" in Aubrey's hotel room to record her secret conversations and having sex with Cutter and is able to play it and confirm it. While Joey and Kelly are locked in the wine cellar without their phones, Aubrey and Cutter are both unable to get a hold of them and suspecting that they have chosen to be together. Marty then finds her way to John's home and is ready to reveal the secret she remembers about Natalie and Brody.

Y&R Recap Written by Eva  **One Day Ahead

Kevin and Chloe are at Jimmy’s making plans to spend a romantic night alone since Jana is going to a group therapy session tonight. The plans change though when Daniel turns on the TV and they all learn about Cane’s shooting. Chloe, Kevin, and Daniel head to the Chancellor house to express their sympathies to the family about Cane's death Jill’s family and friends gather to offer comfort and support. Katherine and Lauren are still suspicious of Colin and Lauren learns that Colin is now Jill’s husband. Chloe is upset when Billy tells her that he and Victoria adopted Lucy because she should have been told so that she could prepare Delia to have a little sister. Daniel gets a call telling him that his DNA is a match for Lucy and he is her father. Billy tells everyone how Cane died and writes a touching tribute to Cane to put on the Restless Style website. Colin tries to persuade Jill not to ask for further investigation into Cane’s death but she insists that she wants to know whom Blake was working for so that they can pay for Cane’s death.

Lily says a tearful good-bye to Cane at the morgue and when she comes back home she tells Neil she regrets how sometimes in the daily routine she took Cane for granted. Lily tells Devon how she wanted to take Cane and the twins to Paris and make memories with them. Lily finds the emotional video Cane made for the twins and cries as she watches it.

Paul and Nina worry because Christine hasn’t called them yet to let them know if Chance is a match for Ronan. Heather, Nina, Paul and Ronan head to the lake to skate and take their mind of things for a while. Ronan tells everyone that his adoptive mom was a skating teacher and he played Ice hockey as a kid. Heather dares Ronan to show off his moves and while Ronan is skating he doesn’t feel well and collapses. An ambulance rushes Ronan to the hospital where the doctor tells Nina if Ronan doesn’t get a liver transplant soon he will die. Ronan turns on the TV and everyone hears about Cane so Nina heads to the Chancellor house to offer sympathies to them. Christine arrives at the hospital and tells Ronan that Chance is a match for him. Nina arrives at the Chancellor house and gets a mysterious call then she spills a drink on Jill and she and Nina head upstairs. Jill tells Nina she doesn’t need her help and when Jill gets inside her room she sees a man sitting on her bed and she asks the man who he is the man turns and Jill is stunned to see Chance.

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