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AMC Recap Written by Mary

At ConFusion, Tad gets a tray of drinks for the bachelor party for Ryan. Cara comes in and gives Tad a while piece of paper which he takes reluctantly. On the roof, Erica lets Jack know that he has a moral code toward honesty and he would put that honesty above what Kendall needed. At Fusion, Scott brings Madison flowers. Bianca notices the special attention that Scott is giving to Madison. Ryan carries Greenlee into the condo and deposits her safely onto the sofa. Ryan gets ready to go to his bachelor party with the boys. Greenlee calls to check on Kendall and finds out that she had gone to visit David in jail. At the hospital, Griffin calls to check on Kendall and why she had missed her appointment, but doesn’t get an answer. Griffin leaves Kendall a message that he is through trying to get through to her. The camera shows Kendall collapsed on the floor of the jail. David reaches out to check her pulse and is relieved when he feels a pulse. David yells for help for Kendall before she dies. Greenlee and the guards rush in and finds Kendall lying on the floor. Greenlee questions David as to what he had done to Kendall. Erica tells Jack that the truth is more important to him than people is and that is why she hadn’t told him about Kendall. Erica states matter of factly that there is no romantic interest between her and Caleb. Madison lets Scott know about her extravagant cravings since she is pregnant and how she is gaining weight that she is popping the buttons on her clothes. Cara lets Tad know that she is “tough” not “cute.” Cara tries to make a deal with Tad to work with him on this case, but Tad has his objections. Jake walks up to join them and asks what is up. Jake tells Tad not to let Cara work with him and not to let her know anything else. Ryan joins Tad and Jake for the party. Frankie also walks up to join them, but clearly has something to say to Ryan about Madison. Ryan orders Frankie if he has anything to say to him for him to say it. Kneeling beside Kendall, Greenlee urges Kendall to open her eyes. David asks Jesse to open the cell door so he can help Kendall before it is too late. Greenlee also urges Jesse to let David help. Jesse has the guard to open the door.

Scott intervenes to stop the argument between Ryan and Frankie. Madison arrives to join Scott and sees Ryan with the boys. Madison tells Scott to take the order to go so they can go somewhere else. Ryan gets a call from Greenlee about Kendall. Ryan leaves immediately, but not before Madison telling him she will drive him to the hospital. Erica lets Jack know that Kendall had mentally blocked out that she had shot David. Erica tells Jack that David knows about Kendall shooting him. Jack receives a call from Greenlee about Kendall. Cara joins Griffin in the waiting room of the hospital. Griffin questions Cara as to where Kendall is. Cara accuses Griffin of being overprotective of Kendall. The ambulance arrives at the hospital with Kendall. David fills Griffin in on Kendall’s condition. David wants to help, but Griffin refuses to let him help. Ryan and Madison arrive at the hospital and sees Greenlee. Greenlee thanks Madison for bringing Ryan to the hospital. David wants to treat Kendall, but Griffin reminds David that he has no medical license and he will be sent to jail. Jake changes Cara’s schedule from being on contagious diseases. Tad thanks Cara for giving him the list of names. Scott catches up to Madison at the hospital. Madison tells Scott to get her out of there and go back to his place. The family gathers at the hospital to find out about Kendall. Griffin tells Erica about Kendall’s aorta aneurysm and they have to move fast to save her. Scott and Madison kiss once they get back to his room. Cara finds her schedule changed and knows that it was Jake, who was responsible. Griffin urges Erica to talk to Kendall and offer her encouragement. Erica tells Jack that she cannot tell Kendall now about her shooting David. Erica comes to talk to David to find out what he had said to her. David assures Erica that if he had gotten to Kendall once, he could do it again. Erica orders him to stay away from Kendall. Griffin encourages Kendall to fight for her life and her children’s.

B&B Recap Written by Wanda

Brooke speaks before the ceremony, not about marriage but about families: the Barbers, the Logans, the Spencers and all of them who will be part of Donna and Justin’s family. Amber tells Oliver that Hope and Liam are looking for the teeniest reason that this baby couldn’t be Liam’s. They will come after him and are not really looking for the truth. Oliver understands all of that, but is not sure he wants to do what Amber wants. Amber assures him it will work. He, the #1 boyfriend can now be the hero, back in the picture…the one who always loved her, stood by her, still there for her. The minister performs the ceremony and Donna doesn’t even wait for the kiss the bride part, she grabs Justin and kisses him while everyone claps. Justin tells Marcus that he’s incredibly proud of him and the young man that he has become. His mother took Justin’s name today; he hopes he might do the same. It surprises Marcus, but he says he will give it some thought. Bill gives a toast to the bride and groom and reminds Justin he has plenty of experience since he is married to a Logan also. Just always remember that Donna did him a favor. Marcus tells Dayzee that he is going to be leaving town soon. He’s going to be working at International in Paris. It will be a big step in his career. She expresses that she will miss him.

Hope and Liam visit Oliver. They realize he doesn’t seem surprised to see them. Oliver reveals that Amber was just there and he believes her even if they don’t. They know the answer so they don’t have to keep asking him if there is even the faintest chance that he could be the father. Alone, Liam tells Hope, who seems to be faltering, that Amber lied to Oliver too. There is no way he could have done this. He doesn’t like Amber; he can’t stand the sight of her. It’s important that Hope not lose faith in them. They will find some way to prove that Amber is not telling the truth.

Days Recap Written by Michele and Cheryl 

Sami showed up to visit "Rafe".  Rafe woke up and realized that he was in a cell.  EJ and Stefano were outside of the cell.  Rafe wanted to know what EJ and Stefano plan to do with him.  Carly wanted to go with Daniel to help Jennifer. Abe reminded Carly that she is still in custody.  The nurse at the prison wanted to help Jennifer, but Melanie wouldn't let her. "Rafe" let Sami think that he may have trouble remembering things.  Carly walked in on Bo and Hope while they were talking.  Carly told Hope that Jennifer's heart was taken out of her body.  The nurse told the police that Lee was the one who wanted to take Jennifer's heart. Chad showed up at the DiMera mansion to see Stefano.  Ave told Bo that he was needed for questions.  Hope was scared for Jennifer, but Carly reassured her that Daniel is the best doctor.  Bo showed up while Lee and Ben were talking.  Bo wanted Lee to start talking or else.  Daniel arrived at the prison to help Jennifer.  

EJ let Rafe know that he wants Sami to suffer by taking Rafe away from her.  Bo told Ben that Jennifer's heart was the one he bought.  Bo told him that Lee ripped Jennifer's heart out of her. Sami asked "Rafe" questions, but he couldn't answer them.  He blamed the accident for why he couldn't remember anything.  Carly told Hope that she and Bo love each other whether they want to admit it or not.  Ben continued to deny knowing anything about Jennifer being the heart donor.  He wanted to be the one that helped Jennifer.  Chad asked Stefano about Johnny's condition.  Daniel performed surgery on Jennifer.  Chad talked to Lexie about his visit at the DiMera mansion.  Ben wanted to be let out so he could help Jennifer.  Hope prayed that Jennifer would get better.  EJ was concerned that the lookalike's kiss would make Sami suspicious.  Sami didn't notice anything different.  Ben was adamant about being the one to help Jennifer.  Daniel saved Jennifer, but she flatlined.

GH Recap Written by Carrie

Lucky informs Dante and Jason that Siobhan is working for the Balkan. Lucky tells the two that Siobhan’s sister was kidnapped. Dante and Jason wonder if Siobhan is still playing Lucky. Shawn questions Siobhan about being kidnapped by the Balkan’s men. Shawn runs into Molly; they have a chat about PTSD. Nikolas is jealous when Roberto starts flirting with Brook Lynn. Brook Lynn admits that she’d rather go out to dinner with Nik. Michael visits Abby in the hospital; Carly eavesdrops from the hallway. Michael tells Abby that he was raped in prison. Carly apologizes to Abby. Suzanne and Brenda talk about the miscarriage. Brenda contemplates telling Sonny about the baby. Terrell receives a thank-you gift from Robin for helping fix the garage door. Brenda and Carly argue about Jax. Dante takes Abby’s statement then Michael tells him about the rape. Steven asks Epiphany to give Olivia a call and see how she’s doing. Terrell wants to go out with Robin on Valentine’s Day but she already has plans. Lucky and Siobhan talk about her meeting with the Balkan. Jason updates Brenda about the Balkan’s plan. Michael confides to Abby about going to therapy. Dante and Carly get into a heated argument over Michael. Siobhan meets with the Balkan while Shawn knocks out Lucky. Carly aims a gun at Dante.

OLTL Recap Written by Brenda

A hidden video camera records Aubrey and Cutter making out and discussing their plan to bilk Joey. Rama confronts Aubrey about betraying her trust by revealing Vimal's secret to Clint. Tea goes to The Buchanan sisters' party and Todd goes to Rodi's, where John and Brody's bachelor party is being held. Vimal drinks alone at Rodi's. Rex recognizes Vimal from B.E. Vimal reveals that he was just fired. Shaun assumes that Joey is engaged to Kelly Kramer. When Joey reveals that he is engaged to Aubrey and Kelly is seeing someone who is wrong for her, Shaun asks Joey if he still has feelings for Kelly. Vivian and Shaun lock Kelly and Joey in a storage room. Cutter wonders where the strippers are. A stripper dressed as a police officer comes to Llanfair and says Jessica and Natalie are under arrest. The rest of their guests arrive for the bachelorette party that Viki had arranged. Echo overhears Dorian telling Viki that Rex had another DNA test. Dorian concludes to Viki that Echo faked the DNA results. Viki throws Echo out of Llanfair. John and Brody find the half-naked stripper getting dressed in the foyer at Llanfair. Aubrey arrives at Llanfair and Jessica tells her that everyone went to Rodi's. Todd and Vimal are drinking shots together when the bachelorette party guests arrive at Rodi's. Rex arranges an impromptu strip show starring the men of Llanview. He wonders where his wife is. Gigi says Tea had a client emergency. Todd tells Vimal about Tea keeping Dani a secret from Todd until she was a teenager. Rama goes to Rodi's and confesses to Vimal that she confided in Aubrey. She tells him that they are going to go to the wedding tomorrow and tell everyone the truth.

Y&R Recap Written by Eva   **One Day Ahead

Cane’s friends and family are shocked when he dies outside the church despite the paramedics' best efforts to save him after he was shot by Blake. Blake died instantly when he fell backwards off the church steps and broke his neck. Malcolm wants revenge on whoever is responsible for causing Lily so much pain. Malcolm blames Sofia and Cane for not telling the family about his problems and letting them help him get out of this mess. Billy promises Lily that he will write an article in Restless Style about how Cane gave up his life to save her so that one day when they are old enough they can read about their father, the hero. Malcolm doesn’t know if he can forgive Sofia for what she did and she asks him to have patience with her. Sofia also blames herself for Cane’s death and looks upward to apologize to him.

Colin is devastated over Cane’s death and sobs as he identifies the body at the morgue. He promises Cane he will make things right and stop the cycle of violence so that the twins will never know about the family business. Billy and Murphy decide that Colin may not be so bad after they see how kind he has been to Jill since Cane’s death. Katherine still can’t accept Colin as part of the family, because she is suspicious of him. Lily goes to the morgue to say good-bye to Cane but finds it difficult.

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