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AMC Recap Written by Mary

Kendall comes home from work and finds Cara ready to go out. Cara asks Kendall how had her doctor’s appointment gone. Kendall confesses that she hadn’t gone to her appointment. Cara assures Kendall that Griffin is a great doctor. Kendall has another flashback about David. In her hotel room at the Yacht Club, J.R. confronts Annie about the jewelry that he had found in the desk drawer. J.R. demands to know where she had gotten the jewelry. Annie just looks at J.R. right before she begins to explain how she had hit Annie with the door, but knowing that no one would believe her, she had made it look as though it had been a robbery. J.R. cannot believe his ears that Annie would go to these extremes. Erica confides to Caleb that she had to keep Kendall safe from anyone finding out that Kendall had shot David. Caleb places his hand on Erica’s. Jack walks in and sees Erica with her hand on Caleb’s. Jack confronts Erica as to what is going on. Erica puts him off by telling him that she has something to do. Natalia brings David into the squad room in a wheelchair. David demands that his lawyer be called as Erica, Jack and Caleb enter the squad room. David looks at Erica and begs her to stop this now. Rev. Torres visits Kendall at home. Rev. Torres asks Kendall how had her first day at work gone. Kendall assures him that it had gone fine. Rev. Torres invites Kendall out to dinner to celebrate, but Kendall lets him know that she is just not ready to go out yet. Brot urges Jesse to fire him to get himself out of this mess, but once again, Jesse refuses. David assures the police that he will take a polygraph test to prove his innocence. J.R. urges Annie to see Dr. Burke or there will be no him and her. Annie is stunned by his words. Marissa visits David in jail and lets him know that she quit that he would have to get himself another lawyer.

Erica lets Caleb know that David’s words had been meant for her. Erica is confused as to what to do. Annie cannot believe that J.R. had just said that to her that she has to see Dr. Burke or he is dropping her. J.R. urges Annie to call Dr Burke and he will stand by her. Brot takes off his badge and writing a note gives it to one of the other officers to give to Jesse. Natalia is surprised to find Brot sitting at the bar at ConFusion. Natalia lets Brot know that she had accepted a job as a detective in the police department in Philadelphia. Brot lets Natalia know that he had already quit the police department. David tells Marissa that Ryan had set him up. Jesse walks in and tells David that the van is on its way to pick him up. David insists to Jesse that he is sick. Jesse, not believing his story tells David that there are doctors in prison. Marissa issues Jesse that she will sue the police department if anything happens to David. David thanks Marissa for believing him. Marissa tells David to not make her regret this. Jack walks back in to Krystal’s and sees Erica and Caleb hugging. Jack confronts Erica about her hugging Caleb and orders them to get a room. Erica yells after Jack, but he leaves anyway.

Dr. Burke visits Annie in her hotel room. J.R. leaves, but not before telling Annie to call him when it is over. Annie sneaks a knife up the sleeve of her blouse. Tad meets with J.R. at ConFusion. Tad cannot believe that J.R. is still defending Annie after Marissa telling them that Annie is psychotic. Erica and Jack meet on the roof. Jack lets Erica know that he cannot do this anymore that he must be a laughing stock by letting this go on right under his nose. Erica lets Jack know that this has to do with Kendall. David calls Kendall to come to visit him. J.R. insists to Tad that he is not his father and he is not giving up on Annie. At the police department, Jesse confronts Brot with the brown envelope which holds a note and Brot’s badge. Jesse lets Brot know that he is not accepting his resignation. Natalia lets Jesse know that she is now a detective for the police department in Philadelphia. Kendall visits David and wonders what he wants. Kendall starts to leave, but David tells Kendall that they need to get Erica down there. Kendall wonders what David means. Erica lets Jack know that Kendall had shot David and she had covered it up. Jack questions Erica as to why she hadn’t confided in him. Kendall remembers shooting David. Kendall collapses.

B&B Recap Written by Wanda

Donna is blushing on her wedding day. Katie says it’s a piece of cake throwing together a wedding in one day. Justin calls and declares his love and says he can’t wait. Hope asks Liam if there could be any truth that Amber’s baby could be his. Liam says Amber is not the kind of girl to just hang out with one guy. They remember her being all over Oliver at his house and the beach. Amber brushes in to see Oliver and tells him that she is pregnant. He’s stunned, but then she adds he can relax; he’s not the dad. She tells him that Hope and Liam are in denial, but they better be prepared for the right answers at the paternity test. Bill gets in a few digs at Ridge about his gorgeous wife and hunk of a son being together in the most romantic city in the world on their press junket.

Justin introduces everyone to his cousin, Olivia Barber Winters. Marcus visits his mother getting dressed and tells her that she is a knockout. He hopes she will always be this happy. Oliver wonders what Amber wants with him. She explains that she has no illusions that Liam will drop to one knee and propose to her and make an honest woman out of her…..but when all is said and done, the tests will come out just as she says it will and he will have to pay child support. Bill will have to pay a lot of money to get her out of his life completely. Meantime, the relationship between Liam and Hope will be in jeopardy and that is where Oliver can ride in and rescue the day. She tries to borrow money from him. He says no. She used him like a sponge in his life, both her and her mother. He doesn’t want her in his life now. She tells him that she still really likes him. He’s a great guy and she thinks he deserves a second chance with Hope. But he will have to keep quiet about this. The wedding ceremony begins.

Days Recap Written by Michele and Cheryl 

Taylor showed up at the DiMera mansion to surprise Nicole.  A cop told Nicole that Taylor was accused of stealing a wallet.  EJ was impressed by the lookalike that Stefano found of Rafe.  Carly called Daniel and told him how the people at the prison were killing the prisoners and selling the body parts.  Daniel saw Ben and stopped him from taking the heart.  Lee was satisfied by her work (she took Jennifer's heart).  Bo continued to tell the detective about what Jane and the officer did to him.  Daniel wanted to know where Ben got the heart.  Daniel looked through the paperwork and saw how the heart was from the prison.  Abe told Bo, Hope, and Jane that someone died at the prison.  Stefano prepared the Rafe look alike by giving him information about Sami and Rafe.  Ben didn't understand why Daniel wouldn't let him use the heart that Lee sent him.  Someone called Lee and told her that Ben was arrested.  Jane was about to be arrested, but she hit the detective.  Hope tried to stop Jane, but Jane grabbed her and a gun.  Hope managed to fight Jane off, but the gun went off.  Jane was arrested and taken away.  Carly arrived at the door and saw Bo and Hope together.  Carly got a shock when she heard Bo tell Hope that H*ll is living without her.

Taylor didn't want to cause trouble for Nicole.  Nicole wanted to know why she was in Salem.  Taylor wanted to reconnect with Nicole.  Rafe wanted Nathan to tell him about Ben.  Rafe and Nathan were talking about what was going on at the prison.  Stefano and EJ heard them talking and Stefano looked nervous.  EJ wanted to know what was wrong with him.  The nurse at the prison was getting nervous so she wanted to get rid of Jennifer's body.  Hope thanked Carly for her help.  Jane was willing to tell Abe who she works for in exchange for letting her walk.  Taylor told Nicole that she wanted to move in with her.  Carly told the detective that they have to get to the prison to help Jennifer.  She called the hospital and wanted Melanie to find Daniel.  A cop approached Jane and warned her not to say anything about Stefano or she would die.  Jane ended up telling Abe that she worked for Ben.  Stefano had a henchman switch Rafe with the look alike.  Daniel wanted to use the heart that Ben had.  Daniel let Carly know that he never got her message from Melanie.  The cops arrived at the prison while the nurse was about to get rid of Jennifer's body.  Melanie told Daniel that she was at the prison and that Jennifer's heart was taken.  Rafe was locked in a cell.  Rafe's look alike was in the hospital bed.

GH Recap Written by Carrie

Siobhan and Lucky talk about the Balkan’s plans. Siobhan is worried for her sister Megan. Theo visits Siobhan and Lucky; he brings up her green card status. Carly makes it clear to Jax that their marriage is over. Jason listens as Michael tells him about the prison rape. Jason is impressed by Michael’s resilience. Brenda implies to Dante that she miscarried her baby. Lulu walks in on Dante comforting Brenda. Michael wonders if Abby was raped. Carly shows up at Jason’s penthouse to vent about Jax. Michael tells his mom that Carter raped him in Pentonville. Carly is devastated by the news. Jax informs Morgan that he and Carly are breaking up. Dante apologizes to Lulu but she still doesn’t want to get back together with him. Brenda visits Jax at his office. Jax is irritated that Brenda told Carly the truth about the London trip. Jax figures that Sonny will end up hurting Brenda. Shawn and Theo set up a meeting with Siobhan. After some convincing from Jason and Carly, Michael agrees to counseling.

OLTL Recap Written by Jennifer S.

Bo and John question "Mr. Black and Mr. Blue" after noticing them in a line up. And they know that they probably assaulted Robert Ford for Clint. Yet they cannot prove it. Clint cannot figure out how Aubrey could have found out about his secrets involving the DNA tests of Rex and the paternity of Natalie's baby. He knows that the only source who could have leaked the secret is Vimal. When he sees Vimal, he has Mr. Black and Mr. Blue threaten him into telling Clint of he told Aubrey. He realizes he does not know Aubrey but his wife does. Clint fires Vimal and Vimal is scared. Clint then has the two guys go and install what appears to be a thermostat in Aubrey's hotel room. And unknown to her, she is being watched by a hidden surveillance camera. Cutter and Aubrey are confident that they have covered their tracks and nobody will suspect anything. Dorian does not want Kelly to give up on getting Joey back.

Y&R Recap Written by Eva   **One Day Ahead

Blake leaves a message for Colin that he is going back to Australia but wants another chance to redeem himself for the mistake he made with Sofia. Blake reserves a one-way plane ticket back home, then gets a text message from Ripley advising him not to return home, because Colin is setting him up. Colin is making arrangements for the wedding at the church while Jill is at Crimson Lights talking to Billy about Colin. Billy thinks Jill is crazy for marrying a man she hardly knows. Jill reminds Billy that he and Victoria got married quickly, but Billy points out that he has known Victoria much longer than she has known Colin. Jill is hurt and accuses Billy of being just like the rest of the family. He doesn't want Jill to make the biggest mistake of her life. After Billy questions him, Colin insists he loves Jill and doesnít want to waste any time. Although Billy advises them to postpone the wedding, Jill refuses and insists on marrying Colin that night.

At Neilís place, Lily tells him it broke her heart to watch Cane saying good-bye to the twins. She knows Cane is still not telling her the whole truth, but she loves him. Sofia tells Malcolm she is worried about how she will get the money to pay Tucker and avoid embezzlement charges. Malcolm tells Sofia that Blake better be on his way back to Australia or he will make him pay for almost killing her. Malcolm tells Sofia that Lily will need the support of her family since she will be raising the twins without a father. Cane tells Katherine that his talk with Lily didnít go well. Katherine advises Cane to tell Lily and those he now considers family the truth so that they can help him fight his old crime family. Cane decides to follow Katherineís advice and go home to be completely honest with Lily. Cane leaves a note with his last secret about his father. Billy calls Cane and tells him that Jill and Colin are getting married that night at First United Church. Cane tells Colin not to marry Jill or he will face the anger of the Chancellors, the Abbotts, and the Fenmores. Colin begs Cane to come to the wedding and be happy for him and Jill, so that they can all be a family. Cane leaves a message for Jill not to marry Colin yet, because he has something important to tell her that will change everything. Cane writes that he will love Lily forever and leaves the note on the kitchen table. After leaving a message for Cane that she needs to talk, Lily finds out from Billy that Cane is on his way to the church, so she goes there. Colin tells Blake to stop Cane from interrupting his wedding to Jill. Blake wants to kill Cane, but Colin tells him not to do that. If he messes up this job, he will be sorry. Lily arrives at the church and tells Jill that she will try to forgive Cane and persuade him not to interrupt the wedding. After Lily tells him that she is waiting for Cane at the church, Neil goes there. When Malcolm and Sofia arrive at Lilyís house, a gust of wind blows Caneís note from the table to the floor. At the church, Cane pushes Blake aside and struggles for the gun. When Lily arrives and Blake aims the gun at her, Cane protects Lily. In shock, Lily lets go of the stroller and heads down the steps, but Neil arrives in time to save the babies. Colin and Jill are pronounced husband and wife and a shot is heard. Both Blake and Cane hit the ground. Jill and Colin go outside and see Lily crying over Caneís body.

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