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AMC Recap Written by Eva

Kendall has a memory flash and sees a gun and hears Erica calling her name. She tells Greenlee she feels a strange connection to David and doesn’t know why? Greenlee tells Kendall to forget about David and brings someone to the fusion office to give Kendall a massage and the two friends enjoy a spa day. Kendall wants Ryan and Greenlee to get married at her house but Erica later has a talk with Greenlee to tell her that that would be too much stress for Kendall so Greenlee decides that they will get married on the Fusion patio which is fine with Ryan because he doesn’t care where they get married as long as they are husband and wife soon. Jack is concerned about Erica’s closeness to Caleb when he finds them together twice once at Krystal’s and once at Confusion. Jack wonders what is going on between Caleb and Erica and talks to Krystal about the situation. Krystal tells Jack that if she were Erica she wouldn’t make any stops when she came home from a trip she would go straight to see him.

Annie continues to lose her grip on reality, as she gets fixated on the fact that Marissa is the cause of all the problems in her relationship with JR. Annie takes a knife out of the drawer 0f her hotel room and heads to Krystal’s Annie get s more upset when she sees Caleb at Krystal’s and she assumes Marissa postponed the divorce. Annie gets angry with Caleb when he tells her that Marissa’s divorce is none of her business. Annie tells Krystal that Marissa is no angel she is trying to take everything away from her. Krystal sees that Annie is agitated and tells her that she should stay away from Marissa and that she isn’t welcome at the restaurant anymore. Annie gets even more upset when Dr. Burke from Oak Haven stops by her room at the yacht club to check on her and she insists that she is fine and closes the door in his face. The doctor later calls JR and tells him that he is concerned about Annie. JR tells the doctor he will persuade Annie to talk to him. Marissa and JR assure AJ that even though they are divorced they are still friends and will always be there for him. Annie looks inside the widows of the mansion and sees JR and Marissa talking and imagines Marissa telling JR that she spoke to Dr. Burke so he could put her back in Oak Haven so they can be rid of her. Natalia tells JR and Marissa they have not made any progress on the investigation of the break in. JR later goes to Annie’s room to talk to her and finds Marissa’s bracelet and everything that was stolen the night of the break in. When Annie arrives, JR asks her why she has these things in her room.

Ryan takes David on the hospital roof and leaves him up there so that the police will think he has escaped and take him to jail. Jesse does find David and later a helicopter tries to land on the hospital roof and the pilot asks David to clear the area so he can land the helicopter. Brot searches David’s pockets and finds a passport and a card with the name of the helicopter pilot. Jesse tells Brot to handcuff David and arrest him.

B&B Recap Written by Wanda

Liam and Hope giggle when Amber tells them that she is pregnant. They knew she would try to pull something, but this is too funny. Liam demands that she tell him the truth of what happened that night. Hope reminds Amber that she pulled this exact same thing with Rick and passed off another baby as his for almost a year. She will not let that happen again. She is so transparent that it is pathetic. Amber swears that Liam is the dad and he insists on a paternity test. Brooke continues to ask Stephanie to help her put an end to this family feud between their families. Stephanie says she is all for living these days; just don’t hug her too many more times. She welcomes Stephen and Pam back in and states that she will accept the wedding. Now they just need to say where it will be. Stephanie says they are starting fresh and all is forgiven. Stephen promises he will never hurt Pam. Donna feels strange but she drops in on Eric and tells him that she wanted him to hear it from her. She is going to be married to Justin. Eric is thrilled for all three of them. Before she leaves, Donna gives Eric a Honeybear bottle of honey for old time’s sake.

Stephen tells Stephanie to keep her eyes and ears open. He knows she only wants what is best for Pam and so does he. Amber returns and tells her mother that Liam and Hope laughed at her. Tawny says they can laugh now, but won’t be when the paternity test comes back. Everything so far is going according to plan if Amber still wants that. When the money starts rolling in, it will be a whole lot easier. Stephanie tells Eric they may be invited to a second wedding. She asks if he is all right with Donna’s wedding to Justin. He admits he is. It was a wild ride with Donna, but he’s with Stephanie forever and a day through all the triumphs and challenges. He can’t believe this happy woman she has become. He loves her and nothing is making him happier than being with her right now. He pulls out the jar of honey and she almost has a stroke. He offers her a martini instead. Brooke tells Donna that she can’t believe al of this is going to happen so soon tomorrow. All three Logan girls married to wonderful men.

Days Recap Written by Michele and Cheryl 

Stefano believed that Rafe's accident will work out for him and EJ.  Jennifer reached for her phone while Lee was talking to Ben.  Jennifer was surprised to know that Lee was talking to Ben.  Bo saw Hope and Carly hiding in the bushes as Jane and the cop were about to kill him.  Will checked his voicemail and didn't like what he heard.  Sami told Daniel that Rafe opened his eyes, but he wasn't responding to her.  Sami pleaded with Rafe to wake up.  Stefano told EJ that he could recover or he could have permanent brain damage.  Jane told Burt to shoot Bo.  Will and Gabi showed up at the hospital to see Rafe.  Daniel walked up on Ben while he was talking to Maxine about the heart transplant.  Daniel wanted to observe the surgery.  Jennifer tried to convince Lee that she wouldn't go to the police.  Jennifer tried to convince Lee that she wouldn't go to the police.  Jennifer was using her phone behind her back.  Lee wasn't convinced that Jennifer wouldn't go to the police.  Bo continued to stall so Burt wouldn't shoot him.  Bo wanted to know how Jane and Burt were going to explain the bruises on his face.  Jane didn't care about that and wanted Burt to shoot Bo.  Jennifer offered to help Lee with their operation.  EJ overheard Sami talking to Rafe about the kids and her love for him.  

Jennifer's phone ended up beeping so Lee caught her in her lie.  Lee knocked Jennifer on the floor and her phone broke.  Carly created a diversion by screaming allowing Bo to take Burt's gun out of his hand.  Rafe opened up his eyes again.  Bo managed to get handcuffs on Burt and Jane.  The police weren't too far away from where Bo, Hope, Carly, Jane, and Burt were waiting. Lee had Jennifer on a table to perform surgery on her.  Lee was going to take out Jennifer's heart.  Jennifer pleaded with Lee not to perform the surgery.  A mysterious woman arrived in Salem to see Nicole.  Abe wanted to know what was going on with Bo and Hope.  Hope asked Abe to help them.  She told Abe how Jane tried to kill her.  A man walked in the room and wanted to know why he and Abe should believe her.  Rafe was able to talk and Sami was ecstatic.  Bo and Hope told the detective that something was going on at the prison.  The detective was having trouble believing them.  Bo wanted him to get Jane in the room and they can prove that they are telling the truth.  Lee performed heart surgery on Jennifer.  Carly called Daniel and told him that the people at the prison were stealing organs from the prisoners.  The detective that questioned Bo and Hope believed Jane's story and not theirs.  Nicole got a surprise when Taylor (Nicole's sister) showed up at the mansion.  Stefano brought a Rafe look alike in the room to show EJ.

GH Recap Written by Carrie

Lucky confronts Siobhan about working for the Balkan. Siobhan evades all of Lucky’s questions. Theo tells Lulu that she’ll be called as a witness in the civil lawsuit. Lulu meets Shawn. Dante and Jason agree that Lucky’s personal feelings for Siobhan are getting in the way of locating the Balkan. Shawn fears that Theo’s plan will backfire. Seeing Brandon assaulting Abby reminds Michael of prison. Michael and Brandon have a scuffle; Jason shows up just in time. Dante arrests Brandon. Abby is checked out at the hospital. Michael blames himself for not coming to Abby’s rescue soon enough. Carly is devastated to learn that Jax went to London for Brenda. Robin worries that Carly is up to something. Carly asks Spinelli to look into the matter regarding Jax. Spinelli confirms that Jax met with Interpol. Alexis advises Jax to concentrate on his marriage – not Brenda. Steven tells Jason that Abby will be okay. Abby gives her official statement to Dante; she says that Brandon didn’t rape her. Michael worries that Abby is lying. Abby agrees to testify against Brandon. Lucky asks Theo to help him with convincing Siobhan to stay in Port Charles. Carly confronts Jax about his trip to London. Carly implies that her marriage to Jax is over. Lucky and Siobhan get into an argument. Siobhan finally comes clean about her connection to the Balkan; she shows Lucky the picture of her sister Megan. Dante demands to know what happened to Brenda’s baby. Michael recalls when Carter assaulted him in Pentonville. Michael confides to Jason that Carter raped him.

OLTL Recap Written by Jennifer S.

At the babies' christening ceremony, Aubrey announces to the family that Joey's dad needs to let everybody know what he has done. Clint then realizes he's been cornered and that Aubrey has the goods on him so he admits that he was going to disinherit Joey but knows he cannot do that and apologizes for distrusting Aubrey. Aubrey is then confident that Joey is "the mark" for her knowing he will inherit the family fortune. But Cutter is busy working on Kelly and Dorian for their money. Starr takes baby Hope to see Marty at St. Anne's for the first time. Marty is under the illusion that she has had a baby with John. But she remembers her granddaughter and Cole and all that has happened. Starr informs her that Natalie and John had a baby. And at that point, Marty remembers that she has previously discovered that Natalie did not have a baby with John and had it with Brody.

Y&R Recap Written by Eva  **One Day Ahead

Victor tells Diane Nick got full custody of Faith but Victor feels sad that Sharon’s choices caused her to lose her daughter. Diane tells Victor that Sharon brought this on herself and he shouldn’t feel badly about it. Diane goes to Nick’s place to congratulate him and Nick tells Diane he made a mistake telling her he only wanted to be friends with her. Nick and Diane decide to explore what else they have in common besides making love and they make plans to have dinner. Diane helps Nick make his famous pasta sauce and Nick gets upset when Diane adds jalapeno peppers to the sauce. Nick later tells to Faith and tells her the sauce tastes good. Kyle makes Victor realize he misses Victoria and he decides to take Kyle for a ride on the snow mobile. Victor runs his snow mobile into a tree and gets a scratch on his forehead. Kyle calls Diane to tend to Victor and persuades her to stay and watch movies with him and Victor. Diane calls Nick and asks for a rain check on dinner because Kyle wants her to stay with him.

Sharon is hurt and upset that she lost custody of Faith but Adam encourages her not to give up because Faith will be back with her soon. Adam wants to go beat up Nick and knock some sense into him but Sharon persuades him that won’t solve anything. Sharon tells Adam she didn’t know what real love was until now and she feels pity for Victor and Nick because they don’t know real love.

Sofia manages to scoot out of the way of the motorcycle heads straight for her and Malcolm and Neil arrive to help her. Sofia remembers that the driver’s helmet had a skull on it. Malcolm, Sofia, and Neil see Jill and Colin at Crimson lights and tell them what happened. Colin calls Blake to tell him to get rid of the helmet and meet him at Jimmy’s right away. Colin orders Blake to go back to Australia because he has made things worse by trying to run over Sofia. Colin asks Jill to marry him tonight but Jill needs time to plan a wedding so she tells Colin she will marry him tomorrow. Came asks Lily to take the babies and go away with him until the danger passes but Lily tells Cane he has to face his problems and she won’t leave with him. Cane makes a video for the babies and then he says an emotional good-bye to them before Lily tells him to leave and closes the door on him.

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