Friday 1/28/11 Recaps

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AMC Recap Written by Mary

At home, Kendall comes downstairs and finds Cara sitting on the sofa. Kendall assures Cara that she is ready for her day. Cara reminds Kendall of her doctor’s appointment with Griffin. Kendall assures her that she is going there right now. Cara asks Kendall if she is experiencing any symptoms and Kendall assures her that she is fine. At Fusion, Kendall walks off the elevator and assures herself that she can do this. At the hospital, Jake is in the room with David with David’s chart in hand. Jake lets David know that he is ordering more tests on him. Griffin overhears Jake ordering more tests on David. Ryan and Greenlee are at home at the condo. Greenlee and Ryan know that this is Kendall’s first day back at work and wonders how she will manage. Ryan and Greenlee make plans for later. Ryan assures Greenlee that David is going to prison. Greenlee wants to be in on helping Ryan to put David behind bars. Kendall looks around the room and assures herself once again that she can do this. Greenlee comes in with a bunch of balloons for Kendall’s first day back at work. In a motel room, Brot and Natalia have just made love and snuggle in each other’s arms. Tad and Jesse are in the squad room at the police station. Tad has just brought some things for Angie that he thinks that Angie may like. Jesse tells Tad about his trip to see Angie. Jesse looks around and sees the Police Commissioner which unnerves Jesse because he knows what is coming next. The Commissioner joins Tad and Jesse. The Commissioner tells Jesse that he is going to have to fire either Brot or Natalia or Jesse will lose his job. Jesse, sitting at a desk in the interrogation slams down the phone when Brot and Natalia come in. Jesse lets Brot and Natalia know that this matter concerns them. Jesse also lets them know that he knows all about them and the motel room. Jesse also lets them know that he is going to have to fire one of them. Natalia speaks up and tells Jesse that he cannot do that. Jesse orders them to go about what they were doing that he would handle this. Jake lets Tad know that some drugs have gone missing from the drug room and he asks Tad to investigate to find out who is stealing the drugs. Jake gives Tad a file with a pic in it of the man that Tad should talk to. In the corridor of the hospital, Cara walks up to talk to Griffin. Griffin lets her know that Kendall had not shown up for her appointment. Cara cannot believe her ears since Kendall had told her that the hospital was where she was going. Cara senses that Griffin cares for Kendall. David sees Ryan outside of his hospital room. David asks Ryan if he isn’t going to invite him back to the land of the living. Kendall and Greenlee discuss their business meeting and if Kendall is up to it. Kendall accuses Greenlee of watching her every move as if Kendall is going to fall apart at any moment. Madison and Randi come in and is surprised to see Kendall already there. Randi surprises Kendall with a “Welcome Back, Kendall” sign. Madison also has pastries. Greenlee calls Griffin to alert him about Kendall. Through the window to the interrogation room, Brot and Natalia watch Jesse. Brot assures Natalia that he will not let anyone hurt her as he loves her. A detective comes in and drags Natalia away on a case. Kendall and Greenlee have their meeting with Madison and Randi about marketing concepts. Griffin walks in complete with his medical bag. Kendall goes over to talk to him and assures him that she is fine, but he refuses to believe her. Kendall goes back to her meeting while Griffin sits down in a chair to watch her. Madison and Randi notice that Griffin is waiting on Kendall to finish. Kendall goes over to talk to Griffin again. Griffin makes Kendall make a choice whether she will have her examination at the hospital or here at Fusion. Randi reminds Greenlee that Madison is having Ryan’s baby. Greenlee tells Randi that she and Madison have an understanding. Ryan lets David know that he and Greenlee are getting married on Valentine’s Day. Ryan thanks David for signing the divorce papers for Greenlee. Ryan gets a call and leaves.

Kendall urges Griffin to let her have just today to leave her life because this is all she has. Kendall also tells him that she doesn’t want the others watching her every move. Griffin gets a call and leaves, but not until he insists that Kendall come to see him the next morning. Randi lets Madison know that it will bother Greenlee seeing her there every day and knowing she is expecting Ryan’s child. Madison assures her that everything will be fine as long as Ryan doesn’t find out. Ryan calls Greenlee and lets her know that he is working on her wedding present. Jake tells David that he has the tests scheduled for him. Tad meets with the person in whom he has his pic. Tad lets him know who his dad and brother are. Cara comes in and joins them. Cara joins in the conversation and pretends as though she had hired Tad to find her cheating boyfriend. Brot tells Jesse to fire him instead of Natalia. Kendall accuses Greenlee of calling Griffin to come to see her. Greenlee asks Kendall how she is feeling. Kendall confesses that she is tired and aching all over. Jake wheels David down the hall to the nurse’s station and motions an orderly to take him to his tests. Ryan is the orderly. David wakes up on the rooftop and close to the edge of the building. Ryan tells him to be careful that it is a long way down. Griffin comes looking for David in his room and finds him gone. The orderly (the real one) approaches and tells Griffin that he is there to take David for his tests.

B&B Recap Written by Wanda

Liam tells Hope that he doesn’t know what it is about but Amber is on her way over. Hope says she knows Amber and she is trouble. He still doesn’t remember what happened that night so it’s his word against Amber’s. He was so out of it that he can’t believe that he could have been that aroused to have done what Amber said. Stephen asks Donna and Pam if they have come to an understanding. Donna slyly says yes, they do understand each other very well. He wants to be able to bring Pam to Donna’s wedding. Brooke and Katie return and tell Stephen that they have invited Stephanie over. They were sure that Pam would want her to know the good news. Pam tells Stephanie that she is not going to change her mind. She loves this man and they are going to get married. Stephen adds his two cents by saying they have all made mistakes and they regret it, but they are good for each other and they are going to be married with or without their blessings.

Brooke tells her dad that this doesn’t feel right. It seems rushed when there is no hurry. Stephanie says it is no secret that the Forrester’s and the Logan’s have never gotten along and she thinks that Ridge and Brooke's marriage is enough. They don’t need another pairing. Stephen says respectfully that he realizes that, but they may have more similarities than differences so it’s time to put old animosity aside. Donna and Katie finally agree. Brooke pulls Stephanie aside and talks to her. She reminds her how far they have come the last few months and they need to band together on this. They can choose opposite sides and continue the feuding or they can work together and create a new loving atmosphere for their families. Liam is about to give up on Amber and starts to leave when they encounter her at the door. Amber wants to talk to Liam alone. Hope steps up and says no. She is his girlfriend and whatever Amber wants to say then she can say in front of her too. Amber blurts it out. Okay, she is pregnant. Congratulations, Liam is going to be a daddy.

Days Recap Written by Michele and Cheryl 

Hope was worried about Jennifer and Bo.  There was a cop on the boat so Hope hid in the bedroom.  Jennifer met with Carly and told her that she needed help.  The cop helping Jane handcuffed Bo to the chair.  Victor told Kate that Chloe seems to be having a break down.  Kate loved the idea.  Stefano told EJ and Nicole that Rafe was in a serious accident and that he might not make it.  Rafe arrived at the hospital.  Ben was there to help him.  Jennifer wanted Carly to decipher the codes she found.  Stefano wanted to make some calls because he and EJ need Rafe alive.  Sami prayed that Rafe would get better.  Melanie wanted to know if Daniel was going back to the hospital.  He let her know that he's not going back to him.  Daniel wanted Melanie to help him look after Parker.  Kate wanted to make sure that she and Victor protect Parker from Chloe.  Chloe talked to Maggie about what she did with Parker.  The cop got on the boat and started looking around the boat.  Hope was ready for him.  Burt (the cop working with Jane) told Bo that he is going to be shot in the head.  Jane wants it to look as if Bo was shot trying to escape.  Maggie called Daniel and let him know something is wrong with Chloe.  Daniel rushed to Maggie's house.  Rafe had head injuries, but he's stable.  Sami told Rafe that she will be a better person and will sign the agreement.  The cop that was about to catch Hope heard a noise and left the boat.  

Bo managed to punch Burt out.  Jennifer and Carly snuck into the prison infirmary.  Carly realized what was going on at the hospital.  Chloe saw Daniel at Maggie's house and she thought he was there to take her back.  Victor didn't want to help Kate scheme against Chloe.  Kate called Melanie to get her help to scheme against Chloe. Nicole and EJ walked in on Sami while she was talking to Rafe.  Daniel didn't take Chloe back.  He gave her a psychiatrist's number and she gave her a prescription.  Carly realized that the doctors were selling the organs at the prison.  Carly and Jennifer were scared when they heard someone outside of the door.  Bo was about to break free when Burt hit him.  Jane stopped Lee from going in the infirmary.  Jennifer called Hope and told her that Jane plans on killing Bo.  Daniel tried to convince Chloe that he is finished with her and using the baby won't change his mind.  Lee caught Jennifer after she finished talking to Hope.  Jane wanted Bo to be killed now.  Chloe promised to be faithful to Daniel.  Daniel wasn't interested and walked out of the house.  Ben called the prison looking for a heart.  Lee had one for her.  It is Jennifer's heart.  Burt and Jane were about to get rid of Bo when Hope saw them with Bo.  Carly also showed up.  Rafe opened his eyes.

GH Recap Written by Brenda

Brenda overhears Spinelli gushing to Sam about her having a baby after he saw her fertility reconstruction brochure. Sam tells him that she isn't having the procedure and she doesn't want to have children. Brenda thinks of her child. Alexis returns to the office to get a file that happens to be the one that Theo stashed the picture of his son into. He manages to get the picture out before she sees it. Theo interviews Lulu. Jax returns home from London. Carly tells him about Molly's condition. Jax visits Alexis and reveals to her that his trip to London was to talk to Interpol on Brenda's behalf. Carly meanwhile, goes to Jason's penthouse to talk to Spinelli, but only Brenda is there. Carly attempts to torment Brenda, but is shocked to hear that Jax was in London to help Brenda with Interpol.

Dante runs into Lulu on the street and tries to get her to go on a date with him. She shoots him down. Lucky tries to encourage Jason to bolster security at Brenda and Sonny's wedding. Jason doesnít want the police involved. Jason wonders if Lucky is concerned about protecting Siobhan. Jason eventually tells Lucky that extra security could be good. He then goes straight to Dante and tells him that Siobhan is working for the Balkan. Lucky follows Siobhan to St. Timothy's and catches her taking pictures in the bridal room. He concludes that she is doing reconnaissance for the Balkan so he can kidnap Brenda on her wedding day.

Molly tells Michael that she went to her first therapy session for Post Traumatic Stress Disorder. She suggests that he might be suffering from posttraumatic stress too. He says he doesnít want to see a therapist. Molly thinks Michael and Abby should be together. When Michael is walking Molly home, they run into Abby. A man watches them from the shadows while they talk. When Michael and Molly leave, the man demands that Abby tell him who Michael was. He wants to know if he is the guy she left him for. She tells him that Michael is just a kid with a crush and that the guy that put a gun to his chest and told him to leave her alone is her new boyfriend. Brandon observes that the new boyfriend isnít there now. Brandon starts to get rough with her. Michael hears her scream and runs to the alley where Brandon is beating her. He has flashbacks of the beating he got in prison.

OLTL Recap Written by Jennifer S.

The two baby boys are ready to get christened. It appears both parents have wanted to name their baby Asa, but they later decide on Liam Asa McBain and Ryder Asa Lovett. Natalie and John designate Rex and Gigi to be their son's godparents. Gigi and Rex are also keeping the secret for Natalie that it appears that Brody is her baby's father. Jessica asks Joey to be her baby's godfather. Kelly attends with him. Aubrey stays behind to talk to Cutter about their "options" involving scamming Joey. She tells him that it's not a lost cause with getting Joey's money. Clint won't dare disinherit him with what she's (Aubrey) found out about him from her friend, Vimal's wife. But Cutter indicates he'd prefer Aubrey give up on Joey and instead he wants to "date" and scam Kelly, knowing that her aunt Dorian has as much money as Joey's family. Echo moves in on Charlie while he's come down with a cold and can't attend the christening. Rex is torturing himself wondering whether to find out if Clint is his father or not. Aubrey joins Joey and his family at the christening and is ready to make an "announcement" to the family.

Y&R Recap Written by Eva  **One Day Ahead

Jack tells Adam he wonít believe they are actually in business until the money is transferred into the Newman fund.  Jack calls the bank and finds out a large sum of money has been transferred into the fund and now he and Adam are in business.  Adam and Jack both agree that they want to make money and make sure that Victor gets what he deserves.  Jack and Adam discuss how Skye was such a whiz with stock trades and Jack remembers that Skye had an advisor named David Pelson and after some investigating Jack discovers that Pelson was a friend of Skye and Adam from college and he was giving Skye  inside information because he always had a crush on her.  Adam wonders if he and Jack should use Pelson for inside information Jack decides not to do it because he doesnít want to cheat to get money he wants to be able to gloat to Victor that he was able to make a success of the fund that has Victorís last name.  Jack and Adam decide to each make trades on their own and grow the fund as well a promote a healthy competition between them.  Adam later calls Mr. Pelson and leaves a message on his voice mail to call him back because they need to talk.

Sharon tells the judge that she is a good mother and Nickís appeal of the custody ruling has nothing to do with the murder charges against her but Nick is doing it because he doesnít like the fact she is living with Adam.  The judge gives custody of Faith to Nick because she believes that Sharon has some serious charges against her and what is best for Faith right now is to be with Nick.  Nick heads over to Sharonís to pick up Faithís things and Sharon cries as she sees Faith go out the door with Nick.  Cane tells Jill and Katherine everything about his past and they are hurt that he didnít come to them for help. They tell him that he is a good man now and they love him.  Cane tells Colin to go back to Australia and leave Jill alone.  Colin tells Cane that if he tells Jill that he is the head of an organized crime family and his father he will kill Jill the woman who loves him like a son.  Cane almost reveals Colinís identity to Jill and Katherine but Colin drops a picture of Jill and Cane on the floor and the glass on the picture frame breaks. 

Malcolm is hurt that Sofia didnít trust him enough to tell him she was helping Cane and why Cane needed her help.  Malcolm decides to move to the Athletic club to think and take a break.  Sofia tells him that they must not have much of a relationship if he runs away they hit a rough patch.  Malcolm doesnít want to discuss it and tells Sofia that they are done.  Tucker is upset with Sofia because she lied to protect Cane and she reminds him that a long time ago he lied to keep her father from losing his job and that changed her life.  Sofia tells him that thanks to what he did she got a free college education and later came to work for him Tucker reminds her that her father was an honest man who made a mistake he wasnít like Cane.  Tucker tells Sofia that she will find a way to pay back the money he paid to Blake or he will have her arrested.  Sofia later sees Blake and tells him Tucker will make sure that he goes to jail for what he has done.  Blake tells Sofia that he has some really powerful people that are his bosses and they will protect him.  Sofia tells Blake that she has people behind her too and she isnít scared of a punk like him.  Sofia later gets run over by someone on a motorcycle while she is walking to her car outside Jimmyís bar.  Neil and Malcolm try to persuade Lily not to forgive Cane. She wonders if she ever really knew the man that she thought was the love of her life.  Lily decides to give Cane one more chance for the sake of the twins, so she tells him to come to the house and asks him one more time if she knows absolutely everything about him. When Cane remains silent and doesnít say a word, Lily tells him that the man she loved never existed. 

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