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AMC Recap Written by Mary

In his hospital room, David almost faints when he tries to sit up. Jake comes in to see David. David asks how Amanda is doing. Jake, sarcastically, assures him that Amanda is doing fine since she is away from him. At ConFusion , Greenlee and Ryan sit at a table together. Greenlee asks Ryan what he wants for his wedding. Ryan is slow to answer, then asks her what she wants. Greenlee wants the perfect wedding ceremony on Valentine's Day. Ryan turns around and sees Madison at the bar. Greenlee follows his eyes and sees his ex-girlfriend, too. In the living room of the Chandler mansion, Liza tries to comfort Colby about Damon leaving town. Liza offers to help Colby any way she can. Asher comes in and tells Liza that she has done quite enough. Liza and Colby are confused by Asher’s outburst. At the Yacht Club, upstairs in the corridor outside of Annie’s room, Scott and J.R. exchange slurs over Annie and J.R.’s involvement with her. J.R. accuses prison life of dulling Scott’s instincts about people. J.R. asks Scott what his big plans are now. Marissa accuses Annie of losing it when Marissa mentions that she heard the pathetic messages that she left J.R. on his cell phone. Annie demands the cell phone or she will -- Annie’s words trail off in thin air. Liza orders Asher to leave, but he says he lives there now. After Colby goes upstairs, Asher informs Liza that he knows she had slept with Damon. Jake lets David know that he will have an examination to determine if he fit to go to prison until his trial. Ryan tells Greenlee that he needs to go and say a few words to Madison. Ryan informs Madison that he and Greenlee are getting married soon. Madison makes the connection that they are getting married on Valentine’s Day. Madison doesn't want Ryan to fell obliged to her. Scott walks in and joins Greenlee, who watches Ryan and Madison. Scott lets Greenlee know that he would buy her lunch if his boss paid him more. Asher threatens Liza that if she ever hurts Colby again then he will tell her everything about mother and Damon. Scott and Greenlee watch Ryan with Madison. Scott insists that Ryan needs to know that Madison is carrying his child. Marissa asks Annie if she is threatening her. Annie imagines that Marissa tells her that she and J.R. are renewing their wedding vows. Annie lashes out and tells Marissa that J.R. would never leave her. J.R. walks up and overhears the conversation. Marissa hurries to J.R.’s side to warn him about what Annie is saying. J.R. fires Annie from her job at Chandler Enterprises. Annie walks off in a huff. Marissa tells J.R. that this is a very bad situation. Since she can't sleep, Colby goes downstairs. Asher asks her to watch a movie, but Colby declines.

Liza goes to see David in his hospital room. David assures her that he does not remember what she said, but he knows that she is upset about something. Liza is reluctant to tell him anything. David offers to help Liza in whatever is bothering her. Marissa warns J.R. about how “crazy” Annie is acting and insists on taking A.J. to stay with her. Asher tries to lift Colby’s spirits by challenging her to a game of poker and even letting her win. Scott rescues Madison from Ryan by pretending they have a date. They go to the park where he lets her know that he only has $10 which is not even enough to buy her a decent lunch. Scott offers to buy her a hot dog which sounds pretty good to Madison. Madison opens up to Scott about her gambling and being cut off from her inheritance. Ryan and Greenlee come home to find a present outside the door. Thinking it is from Jack, Greenlee opens it but finds it is from David. David opens up to Liza that he is sick and needs her help. Liza refuses to believe him and thinks he was only being nice to get something out of her. Colby asks Asher what he and Liza were talking about. Asher lies and tells Colby that he said something that hurt Liza and he apologized. Annie gets a visit from J.R., who lashes out at her and reprimands her for jeopardizing getting custody of A.J. J.R. urges Annie to trust him and let him handle this. Annie’s imagination runs wild and she imagines that Marissa is taunting her about getting J.R. back.

B&B Recap Written by Wanda

Tawny takes Amber back to her trailer park home. Amber is disgusted at all the stray cats roaming around, eating food off the table. It’s this or tell Liam that she is carrying his child and that could be her meal ticket. Marcus is overjoyed at the prospect of his mother and father being engaged. He feels it has been a long time coming and he is so blessed to have them in his life. Stephen shocks them by walking in and announcing that not only is he happy for Donna and Justin, but he too is getting married. Everyone is in shock when Pammie walks in. Donna wants him to be happy, but she does not want Pam in her life. Pam asks to speak to Donna alone. Donna speaks first. She wants to go on record as saying she will never accept Pam as her father’s wife. Tawny introduces Amber to her friend, lab assistant, Carl Ferrett.

Donna reminds Pam of all the things she did with the honey and the bear at the cabin, everything she could to break up her and Eric. Pam has always hated her and now Pam wants her to accept her marriage to Stephen. Pam says she hates begging for anything and especially from Donna, but she is begging her now to let her come to her wedding and sit and be part of the family. It would mean so much to her. At Spencer’s, Hope kisses Liam and they get on the subject of Amber. Meanwhile Tawny explains to Carl what they need from him since he works at that rich hospital. Liam could be the father of Amber’s baby. Bill Spencer has brought in a Dr. Montgomery as his personal physician. Brought him all the way in from New York and when Liam is named, Dr. Montgomery will surely take the tests. They need Liam to be shown to be the father. Carl brags that he knows the equipment, he knows the procedures and he is a bit of a hacker on the computer. Why they could not run that hospital without him, yet he is still just a lowly lab assistant. They can do this. They just need to make a decision and give him the go ahead. Reluctantly, Amber calls Liam and says she has something important they need to discuss.

Days Recap Written by Michele and Cheryl 

Lexie wanted to talk to Daniel about Chloe.  He let her know that he's not fine.  Chad went to Adrienne's bar to look for a job.  EJ wasn't surprised that Sami went ballistic over the custody agreement.  Sami went to see Justin at the Kiriakis mansion to see if he could help her with her custody agreement.  Rafe wanted to know if EJ was trying to ambush Sami by including Nicole in the custody agreement.  Justin informed Sami that the custody agreement was iron clad.  She would have to got o court if she wants to fight the agreement.  She didn't want to go to court.  Adrienne let Chad know that he was too young to work in a bar.  Chloe decided to see Daniel at the hospital.  She told Maxine that Parker was sick and only Daniel can help.  Rafe yelled at EJ for including Nicole in the agreement.  Nicole jumped to EJ's defense.  EJ realized that Rafe was right.  Justin warned Sami about her behavior.  He told her to calm down or she's going to make things worse.  Lexie saw Chad at the pub.  Lexie told Chad about Johnny's condition.  Lexie also welcomed him to the family.  Victor showed up at Maggie's house.  She told him that Chloe took Parker and left the house.  Maxine let Chloe and Daniel know that there is nothing wrong with Parker.  Chloe kept insisting that something was wrong with Parker.  Daniel wanted to know what Chloe was trying to do.

Justin showed up at Adrienne's bar to talk to her.  Daniel was upset that Chloe brought Parker to the hospital to get to him.  Chloe continued to deny that she used Parker to get to Daniel.  Nicole wanted to figure out where she stood with the kids.  EJ told Nicole that she would be the only mother the kids have if Sami doesn't agree to the terms of the custody agreement.  Rafe continued to convince Sami that she should take EJ's deal.  Victor and Maggie showed up at the hospital and wanted to know what happened with Chloe.  Daniel explained to them what happened with Chloe.  Daniel explained to them what happened.  Victor wanted to know if Chloe is capable of raising Parker.  Daniel isn't sure she is capable.  He's considering calling children's services.  Sami refused to listen to Rafe as he continued to tell her to accept EJ's offer.  His phone rang so Sami took that opportunity to walk out of the apartment.  Rafe finished his call and noticed that Sami left so he went after her.  Justin told Adrienne that he loves her.  She told him that he loved him too.  They kissed each other.  Chad wanted to know if Lexie puts distance between herself and Stefano and EJ because they are bad.  She avoided the question, but she did say she would help him out any way she could.  Sami was driving along and Rafe followed her.  Rafe noticed a car approaching and then Sami noticed it too.  She swerved to avoid hitting the car.  Justin and Adrienne kissed on the pool table.  Rafe ended up in a car accident while he was following Sami.

GH Recap Written by Brenda

Patrick is jealous when Terrell Jackson goes to Robin's house with a toolbox to fix her garage door, but he proves a poor handyman. The remote operates appliances instead of the garage door. He calls an electrician to fix it for her. Nikolas goes home with Elizabeth so he can spend time with Aiden. Brook Lynn flattens her car tire and goes to Elizabeth's house for help. Nikolas knows Brook Lynn punctured her own tire. Lulu takes injured Johnny home and is surprised to find Lisa Niles rummaging through his things. Lisa rushes out. Johnny asks Lulu to stay out of it. She tells him she broke up with Dante. He tells her she deserves better. Dante enters Theo's office and asks why Theo is discussing his case with Shawn Butler. Theo says he hired him to provide security. Dante overhears Lulu on the phone denying that she has been crying over Dante.

Jason and Sam discuss the possibility of her having reconstructive surgery that would increase her odds of being able to carry a child to term. Spinelli sees Michael standing alone on a corner in the cold. When Michael insists upon remaining there, Spinelli goes home and tells Jason that he thinks Michael is in trouble. Jason finds Michael and tells him he needs to respect Abby's wishes and leave her alone. Spinelli is thrilled when he sees Sam's fertility reconstruction brochure. He jumps to the conclusion that Sam is pregnant. Siobhan receives instructions from the Balkan to find out where Brenda Barrett's wedding will be. Lucky is surprised to find Siobhan in his apartment. She asks him to take her to Brenda's apartment. Lucky asks Spinelli where the wedding will be. Spinelli tells him it will be at Archer Pavilion next to the museum. Lucky observes that it will be a security nightmare. He tells Siobhan that it will be at St. Timothy's by the park. Lucky is suspicious when Siobhan suggests that Lucky get out of Port Charles for a while instead of going to Brenda's wedding. Siobhan suddenly says she is going to the market to get some things to make for dinner. She meets the Balkan in the church confessional and relays what Lucky told her. He tells her he has one more task for her; she is to ensure that Brenda never makes it down the aisle. Jason goes to visit Lucky and asks him why he needed to know the wedding's location.

OLTL Recap Written by Jennifer S.

Y&R Recap Written by Eva  **One Day Ahead

Jack meets Adam at a motel room to tell Adam that he has decided to become his business partner because he wants to recover his loses from the Newman fund. Jack also tells Adam he also likes the idea of getting the upper hand on Victor and showing him he isn’t the big dog in the yard anymore. Adam and Jack agree that they hate each other but they hate Victor more and Jack wonders if Adam knows the location of Skye’s money. Adam tells Jack that Skye was predictable and he found the money in an offshore account and she used one of her old passwords for the account so he was able to get the money transferred to an offshore account of his own since he was Skye’s only heir. Adam tells Jack that the Newman fund will soon get a large infusion of cash because of the blood money Victor gave Skye and that makes Jack smile.

Ashley goes to Sharon’s place to confront her and say that she can’t believe she forgave Adam for what he did to them. Ashley also thinks that Sharon shouldn’t let Adam anywhere near Faith much less have them both in the same house. Ashley tells Sharon she heard the videotape the police have against her because it is on the Restless Style website and she thinks that Sharon killed Skye. Sharon points out that she needed Sharon alive to help clear Adam’s name so she tried to pull her up but she wasn’t strong enough to hold on to her. Ashley doesn’t believe a word of Sharon’s story and leaves when Adam arrives because she can’t stand to be in the same room with him. Sharon tells Adam about the shadowy videotape and audio that the police have against her is now on the Restless Style website.

Phyllis as at the Restless Style office taking calls about the video when Leslie arrives with a cease and desist order and orders Phyllis to take the video off the website. Phyllis calls her lawyers and then pulls the video. Leslie is angry with Phyllis and her freedom of speech because thanks to her Sharon will be tried in the media before she gets to court. Jack arrives after Leslie leaves and Phyllis tells him she regrets posting the video because she doesn’t think that Sharon killed Skye. Jack agrees and wonders what they can do now and Sharon can’t believe the words that will come out of her mouth as she whispers to Jack to help her help Sharon.

Neil is surprised to discover that Malcolm is back in town when they bump into each other at Crimson Lights. Neil wonders how Sofia can stand him being gone for such long periods of time. Malcolm jokes that it isn’t his fault that Neil has such a talented photographer for a brother. Malcolm also tells Neil that Sofia is so busy with work that she barely notices that he has been gone. Malcolm hops that Sofia will set aside time to plan their Valentine’s Day wedding. Neil tells Malcolm that he had his objections about Sofia in the past but he has realized that she is a special lady that Malcolm should not let go. Malcolm asks Neil to be his best man and Neil accepts saying he would be honored to be Malcolm’s best man.

Tucker and Sofia argue about what she did and Sofia tells Tucker she was trying to protect Cane but Tucker is too angry to here why she felt she had to protect Cane. Tucker tells Sofia that she broke the trust they had with each other and he asks her to turn in her badge and keys Sofia does so and leaves. Neil arrives and Tucker tells him he must take over Sofia and Cane’s project because they have both been fired. Tucker tells Neil the whole story and Neil is stunned because he had no idea about the situation. Tucker believes him and Neil leaves because he needs to talk to Sofia and Check on Lily. Ashley arrives and tells Tucker about her argument with Sharon and Tucker tells her how betrayed he feels by Sofia who was the only other person he trusted before he met her. Ashley tells Tucker that she will always be there for him and they make love.

Cane begins telling Lily that Blake isn’t his friend he was sent from Australia to blackmail him about his past. Cane explains to Lily that he was a member of an organized crime family but when his sister was killed he decided to work with the police to put them in jail. Cane tells Lily that when he met Philip he saw an opportunity to start a new life and he took it and came to the U.S. to pretend to be Philip. Lily is stunned and hurt that Cane didn’t think that she would love him enough to know the truth from the beginning. Lily tells Cane that the sad part is that she would have understood and forgiven him if he would have told her the whole truth.

Leslie arrives at Sharon’s to tell her the video has been pulled from the Restless Style website but the jury pool has already been tainted. Sharon is stunned that she could go to trail and Leslie tells her that the D.A. is pushing for her trial to be on the next avail be date on the court calander. Leslie leaves and Sharon is worried that she could go to jail for a crime she didn’t commit. Adam assures her they will prove her innocence. And Jack and Phyllis arrive and tell Sharon that they want to help prove her innocence. Sharon accepts the help because she trusts Jack. Sharon begins to write down every detail of what happened in Hawaii while Phyllis gets her files on what happened so far. Jack and Adam whisper to each other that they should keep their business arrangement a secret. .

Sofia meets Malcolm at Crimson Lights and tells him that she was fired and tells him the whole story about why she was fired. Malcolm is angry and wants to go beat up Cane. Malcolm is hurt that Sofia didn’t confide in him and wonders what kind of relationship they have if she couldn’t trust him with something this important.

Sofia goes to Neil’s house and he wonders what in the world she was thinking and she tells him she was only trying to help Cane because someone helped her one. Sofia explains everything to Neil and he understands that she was only trying to do the right thing. Neil tells Sofia that he has to go check on Lily.

Malcolm goes to check on Lily at her house and tells Cane Tucker knows the truth and he fired him and Sofia. Cane explains to Lily how Sofia tried to help him and Lily is stunned that he involved her family in this situation. Malcolm is angry because he thinks Cane is a gangster who put Lily and his precious babies at risk. Lily hears the babies cry and sends Malcolm to check on them. Cane tells Lily he loves her and the babies more then anything and he will do anything she wants so that they can get past this and Lily wonders if he really means that Cane tells her he will do anything she wants him to do. Lily tells Cane to get out and he thinks she doesn’t mean it so she repeats it once more and he walks out looking very sad.

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