Wednesday 1/26/11 Recaps

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AMC Recap Written by Eva

Cara tells Jake that she had leukemia as a child. Griffin became the man of the house when he was 12 years old, since their father left them. He overprotected her and never let her do anything with other kids. Cara explains to Jake that when she took Dr. Finn’s name and joined Doctors Without Borders, she felt free, but she didn’t really know what that was until she met him, and he taught her how to embrace life and to never run away from it. Cara tells Jake that she loved the feeling of freedom their relationship gave her, and she has never been able to let go of that freedom. Jake wonders if she was so happy why did she leave. Cara tells him that she wanted to experience more of life and she felt that his job at DWB was temporary on the way back to his roots, but this was her life, because she never had a traditional family with strong roots like the Martins.

Amanda tells Krystal that she may be pregnant but during the party she discovers she isn’t and later tells Jake the news and he tells her that he isn’t disappointed because they can try again and again until they have a baby. Amanda wonders where Jake went during the party and he tells her that Cara needed to talk but everything is fine. Colby stops Liza at Damon’s party and wonders what she is hiding from her and Tad tells Colby and Damon Liza was responsible for getting Damon the scholarship at UC Davis but she didn’t want anyone to know about it. Colby realizes how important this opportunity is for Damon and offers to move to California with him which he thinks is amazing but he again tells Colby their relationship doesn’t work. Asher arrives and Damon tells him he can stay because the party is about getting a fresh start. Damon goes outside for some air and thanks Liza for giving him this opportunity and reminds her that Colby can’t ever know they slept together. Asher is listening to the conversation between Liza and Damon.

Cara tells a sad Tad not to worry because Damon will come back because the Martins always come back to their roots. JR sees all the messages Annie left him and listens to the first frantic message and leaves a message for Annie to call him after Damon’s party but please don’t use AJ to relay messages for her. Scott stops by the yacht club to drop off papers for a board member and sees Annie in the hallway and since the door to her room is open he sees the mess she made in her room and she asks him not to tell anyone he saw the mess or her. Annie listens to JR’s message and heads to Krystal’s to see JR.

Everyone at the restaurant says an emotional good-bye to Damon and Tad tells his son he was the best surprise he ever got and he doesn’t know how he ever lived without him. JR arrives at the party with AJ and Annie watches JR from outside and imagines that he and Marissa are trying to get rid of her. Amanda avoids Annie making a scene at the party and tells JR that Annie needs to talk to him outside. Annie kisses JR and tells him that she left all those messages on his phone because she was being followed and she was scared. JR wonders if Annie knows who was following her and she tells him it was Scott who was following her because he is in love with her but he would never hurt her so everything is okay. Tad and Damon hug and Damon tells Tad goodbye but Tad corrects him by saying that it is only good-bye for now. Marissa sits on a park bench and listens to all the messages that Annie left on JR’s phone and Annie arrives and Marissa wonders if Annie is following her. Annie demands that Marissa give her JR’s phone but Marissa tells Annie its too late because she already heard every pathetic word.

B&B Recap Written by Wanda

Brooke tells Thomas that she hasn’t said anything about the kiss to his father, but she is beginning to think perhaps she should. He sees no reason for concern or to make his dad paranoid and freaked out. He tells Brooke that he is not going to keep apologizing for the kiss. He was on a high, had a few drinks and suffering from jetlag, and was finally getting the respect he wanted. They are interrupted by Madison who is livid at Thomas for having a date that night with Summer. He convinces her that their last kiss did mean something, but he is so wrapped up in his work that he has no time for an exclusive relationship. Brooke seems pleased to hear that he is interested in Madison and wants their dating relationship to continue.

Stephanie goes to see Jackie and says she needs five minutes of her time. She has a little project and has hit a brick wall that she needs Jackie’s help with. Owen pops in on Nick at the office who is putting on a nicotine patch and also needs help. Owen warns Nick that Stephanie is on the premises and is speaking to Jackie alone. Nick charges in and tells Jackie not to listen to another word. He is not sick; he does not have cancer. Stephanie tells him that he has a bull’s-eye on his chest and he needs to take this seriously. Nick tells them this is pissing him off and they both need to back off. He will quit. There, he has said it. Thomas tells Brooke that his feelings for her are not over the line so she has nothing to worry about. He realizes that would mean that she couldn’t work with him on the Taboo line and he won’t let that happen. He’s ready to put this behind them and he hopes she will too.

Days Recap Written by Michele and Cheryl 

Philip saw Chloe in a bar and wanted to know who was watching Parker.  Nicole asked EJ questions about what is going on at the DiMera mansion.  Jane called Ben and told him that she had a donor.  She was holding a picture of Bo.  Jennifer put Ben's keys in her pocketbook while he was talking to Jane.  Chloe let Philip know that Maggie's watching him.  Philip didn't like how she was drinking.  Chloe thought Philip was like his mother and wants to control everything.  Kate went to visit Melanie.  Melanie wasn't thrilled to see her.  Kate wanted to do what's best for the baby.  Sami and Rafe looked over the custody agreement that EJ gave them.  Nicole didn't believe EJ when he told her that he and Stefano were building a playroom.  Nicole didn't want to know what was going on anymore.  A mysterious woman was on the computer and found out her credit card was rejected.  She wants to go back to Salem.  Jennifer questioned Ben about his phone call.  He wouldn't tell her about it.  Rafe and Sami made love and stopped because Allie called her.  EJ called Stefano and let him know that he was ready to start the plan.  Kate continued to reach out to Melanie, but she wouldn't listen.  Maggie showed up at the bar and wanted to know why Chloe didn't get Parker.  

Jennifer snuck into the prison and started looking through the files.  Lee was about to go in the room while Jennifer was looking through the files.  Rafe and Sami arrived for the meeting with EJ.  Nicole showed up too and Sami wanted to know why she was there.  EJ said Nicole was going to be the kids' stepmother.  Sami didn't like that. Jane stopped Lee from going in the room while Jennifer was in there.  Jennifer couldn't hear them talking.  Philip was upset when Maggie told Chloe how she wasn't answering the phone.  Chloe claimed that she thought her phone was on when she left.  The mysterious woman had a picture of Nicole.  EJ told Sami that there was an extra page with the agreement that said Nicole would have the same rights to the children that he has if he dies before they are grown.  Sami doesn't want Nicole near her children.  Chloe talked to Maggie about her problems with Daniel.  Rafe tried to convince Sami that the important thing is to get her kids again.  Maggie felt sorry for Chloe and she offered her a place to stay.  Jennifer wanted to find a doctor to decipher the medical codes she found.  Rafe thought that Sami should sign the custody agreement.  She refused to sign it.

GH Recap Written by Carrie

Dante tells Olivia about his break-up with Lulu then warns his mother about Steven. Lulu refuses to go into work; she is sad about Dante. Lulu wonders if Dante was her one true love. Terrell and Lisa flirt with each other. Robin is late to work because of garage door problems. Robin declines Patrick’s offer to fix the door. Theo meets with Shawn to talk about their business deal. Brook Lynn and Tracy have a chat about her feelings for Nikolas. Ethan is mad that Maya forgot to pay the apartment deposit. Shawn meets Alexis and Diane. Sam is worried about Michael and Abby. Maya and Ethan agree to live at the Quartermaine mansion for the time being. Shawn punches Johnny in the stomach, per Theo’s orders. Theo introduces Shawn to Jason. Jason wonders why Brenda needs more protection. Lulu finds an injured Johnny and helps him home. Lisa is waiting in Johnny’s apartment. Patrick is irritated when Robin accepts Terrell’s offer to fix the garage door. Elizabeth asks Nikolas to spend dinner with her and Aiden. Nik feels bad because he has to decline Brook Lynn’s offer to try out a sushi restaurant. Steven wants Olivia to concentrate on her recovery. Over dinner, Steven and Olivia flirt with each other. Dante shows up just as Theo and Shawn are talking about the Balkan. Jason returns home and finds Sam's fertility reconstruction pamphlet.

OLTL Recap Written by Brenda

Jessica and Natalie take their babies home from the hospital. Clint establishes large trust funds for the babies. Brody is happy but John is annoyed. The sisters separately decide to name their sons after their grandfather, Asa. Bo serves Clint with a search warrant for the house and grounds. Bo goes to see John and asks for his help in bringing Clint down. John suggests that they find the $50,000 bribe money that Ford gave Eddie because it probably came from Clint. Clint's assistant, Vimal is at the Palace with his wife, Rama. Vimal confesses that he is afraid of what will happen if Clint finds out that he flipped a coin to decide which of Clint's daughters would get the false DNA results. Aubrey comes into the Palace and is surprised to see her old friend, Rama. Rama confides to Aubrey what Vimal did for Clint. Aubrey encourages Rama to convince Vimal to keep quiet. Clint gives Joey a prenuptial agreement for Aubrey and him to sign. He tells him that if Aubrey doesn't sign, he will cut Joey off. Joey goes back to the palace and tells Aubrey that Clint disowned him because he wouldn’t sign a prenup. She glances at Rama and Vimal and assures Joey that everything will be ok. Aubrey tells Joey she has a meeting with the caterer, but she goes to see Clint and tells him that she heard about some things this morning. Kelly goes to Cutter's hotel room and says she is there for their date. Kelly asks what the name Cutter means. He tells her it is a type of ship and a type of horse. He catches Kelly going through his drawers. Joey goes up to Cutter's room and is surprised to find Kelly there.

Ford and Langston read in the paper that Nate and Inez were exonerated of the charge of killing Eddie. James tells them that he lost his grant. When Ford goes to ask the dean about it, she informs him that he is fired because the university can't afford publicity about one questionable professor. Langston wonders who has it in for the Ford brothers. Ford goes to Clint and asks him what gives. Clint tells him that they had the job and the grant because he was being nice to their mother, but that is over now. Ford tells him that he no longer has a reason to keep Clint's secrets. When Ford storms out, Clint calls the dean of the university. Ford calls John McBain and tells him he has information about Clint. Bo meets Ford at the University. The dean comes up to them, pulls 50k out of a bag, and asks Ford if he came back for it.

Y&R Recap Written by Eva   **One Day Ahead

Nikki wakes up in bed with Deacon and remembers that she came over because she felt like drinking then they talked and then they made love. Nikki tells Deacon that making love to him was a mistake. Nikki decides to go visit her sister so she can have some time to think about how she feels in her head and heart. Nikki thanks Deacon for his support and tells him he isn’t a bad guy like everyone in town thins because he has always been good to her. Deacon tells Nikki he will take her any way he can get her and then leaves to go say good-bye to Victor. Deacon gets a call from Maggie threatening to tell Nikki that he was her partner in the plan to get Nikki drinking again. Deacon tells Maggie to go ahead and tell Nikki whatever she wants because Nikki won’t believe a word that comes out of her mouth.

Victor has a smile on his face when Diane comes in to his living room and he wonders if Diane slept well. Diane tells Victor his sheets are decadent. Victor wonders why Diane is wearing the same dress and Diane tells him that it is the only dress she has and then they continue to work on the blueprints for the building. Nikki knocks on the door and is surprised to see Diane answer it with a half smile on her face to let Nikki know what happened with Victor last night without saying a word. Nikki tells Victor that she is going to spend some time with her sister and didn’t want to leave town with him angry with her so she apologizes to Victor for their fight. Victor tells Nikki that he stopped accepting her apologies the minute he found her in a motel room with Deacon. Victor screams for Nikki to get out but not before he invites Diane to stay for lunch. Diane wonders if she and Victor will make love again and Victor asks Diane if she would like it to happen again. Diane makes it clear to Victor she has no intention of falling in love with him again she just wants enough heat to keep her warm this winter but she doesn’t want to get burned. Victor wants to continue whatever this is as well and they both smile at each other.

Victoria comes over to Restless Style with Lucy and Billy gets upset when Jonesey suggests that he can take a family picture and post it on the website. Billy loudly tells him no and once they are alone Victoria questions Billy about his reaction. Victoria thinks that Billy is worried that Lucy’s real parents will see her and come take her away because the adoption is questionable. Billy insists that the adoption is legal and she saw the papers. Billy tells Victoria that he just wants to protect the baby from all the crazy people out there. Daniel sees Lucy at Crimson Lights with Billy and Victoria as they introduce her to Kevin. Daniel talks to Kevin and gives him a hypothetical situation. Daniel wonders what he should do if he somehow knew where his baby girl was and if she was in a safe loving home should he tell the parents that he is the little girl’s biological father. Kevin thinks that Daniel knows more then he is telling him so Daniel explains to Kevin he had a dream in which he saw the baby with parents who loved her more then anything in the world and he started thinking what should he do if that situation happened. Kevin tells Daniel that probably won’t happen because it is more likely the baby is with Daisy unless she happened to de crazy herself and do what is best for the baby and put her up for adoption. Kevin advises Daniel that he should accept that he will probably never know the whereabouts of his baby girl. Daniel watches Victoria with Lucy and he picks up the baby’s pacifier, which fell on the ground and tells himself he has to know if Lucy is his daughter.

Tucker and Sofia are also at Crimson lights having a meeting and Tucker has a question about the report Blake turned in and calls him over when he remains silent Sofia jumps in and answers the question. Blake tells Tucker that he still has to do some more research on his idea which Sofia just explained to him. Blake leaves quickly before Tucker can ask any more questions and Sofia tells Tucker she has to go to the office but heads straight to Cane’s house. Cane and Lily are in their kitchen and Cane thinks Lily for their night in “Paris” Lily tells Cane he is an amazing husband and father and Cane tells Lily he doesn’t deserve compliments. Lily questions Cane’s strange reaction and he changes the subject and suggests that he and Lily have movie night tonight. Tucker calls his office and asks them to e-mail him the background check on James Collier. Tucker waits for the e-mail sitting at the Crimson Lights computer and notices a search Cane did for people who have died recently in Wisconsin. Tucker asks Kevin if there is a way that he can find out when Cane searched for the information. Kevin looks at the computer’s cache and discovers that the search was made on October 10 which was the last day he cleaned out the cache because it was the day Daisy came to town to tell him she was pregnant. Tucker calls the office and finds out that was the same day Cane brought James Collier to the office as a new hire.

Lily talks to Blake at Crimson Lights and tells him that she thinks he mentioned Samantha to him on purpose so that she would later mention the name to Cane and cause him pain. Blake claims that Samantha was just a slip of the tongue because he assumed that Cane had already told her about Samantha. Blake tells Lily that her considers her and Cane his friends and he would never hurt them. Lily tells Daniel that she is disappointed in herself because she feels she trusted the wrong person. Lily explains to Daniel that she thinks she has seen this person before but she can’t remember where she has seen the person. Daniel leaves and Lily remembers that Blake was the police officer at the cabin. Sofia tells Cane they better do some damage control quick before Tucker figures out the truth. Sofia tells Cane what happened with Tucker and Blake at Crimson Lights. Cane tells Sofia the only way he can stop these people and gain the upper hand on them is to tell Lily the truth so they can no longer blackmail him. Cane explains to Sofia that they don’t care about the money they want him to go back to the person he was and he won’t go back to that again. Sofia thinks they can smooth things out with Tucker because telling Lily would hurt her and she has already had enough pain. Tucker calls and Sofia heads to the office.

Tucker tells Sofia that James Collier died and the man Cane hired assumed his identity he thinks Cane is and always will be a con artist. Sofia tries to explain that Cane had a good reason to lie but Tucker doesn’t want to hear explanations. Tucker is hurt because Sofia knew and let Cane and whomever this other man is con him. Tucker yells that Cane is fired and Sofia is fired as well. Lily tells Came that she remembered something important that she needs to tell him. Cane tells Lily there are things she needs to know about him and he must tell her right now.

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