Tuesday 1/25/11 Recaps

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AMC Recap Written by Mary

At the nurse’s station at the hospital, Jake gives Scott a job to do. Jake tells Cara that he has a complaint against her from the parents of the little girl with leukemia. Jake says that the board wants to talk to her. Colby visits Liza to let her know that Damon is leaving town, but she doesn’t want him to go before they can talk and work things out. Damon visits Asher to give him a shopping bag of Colby’s things. Asher hands it back to him and tells him to give it to Colby himself. J.R. sits at a table at ConFusion when Tad walks in and joins him. Tad invites J.R. to the party for Damon. J.R. tries to refuse the offer, but Tad senses that J.R. is hiding something and that something has to do with Annie. Tad asks J.R. point blank if he loves Annie. J.R. is reluctant to give Tad an answer, but then tells him that he is still married. Tad, once again, asks J.R. if he loves Annie. At Krystal’s, Marissa is busy decorating for the party when Annie comes in and just stands behind her with a pair of scissors. Marissa turns around and is startled to see Annie there. Marissa asks Annie what she is doing there. Annie lies and says she had came back to help her decorate, which Marissa doesn’t believe. Marissa demands to know what Annie is really doing there. Marissa takes the scissors from Annie by telling her that she was just going to get them. Cara insists to Jake that she didn’t done anything wrong when she confronted the little girl’s parents, but she refuses to divulge the real reason she attacked the parents. Scott gives Jake his proposal for a program that he was working on when he receives a call. Asher tells Damon that the kiss between him and Colby was a mistake and assures his former friend that they are done. Colby tells her mother that she plans on convincing Damon to stay in town, but Liza is against the idea. Liza suggests that it is for the best that Damon is leaving. Colby senses a change in Liza’s attitude and asks her if she knows who Damon slept with. Liza refuses to tell Colby that it was her. Damon orders Asher not to hurt Colby. Asher assures him he will never hurt her. Damon tells Asher that if he really likes Colby, he should pursue her. Marissa becomes suspicious of why Annie has been spending so much time at the mansion and around J.R. Jake asks Cara what it is with her and the little girl. Amanda joins them to remind them of the party. Colby models a dress for Liza that she is wearing to the party for Damon. When Colby urges her to come with her, Liza refuses.

Marissa and Annie continue to argue just as Opal, Krystal and the girls arrive for the party. Upon seeing Annie there, Krystal asks Marissa what is going on. Marissa lets her know that Annie was pretending to help, but she really wants J.R. back. Marissa picks up her things and leaves. Annie arrives back at her room at the Yacht Club and imagines Marissa in bed with J.R. Annie tears the room apart before trying to call J.R., but he won't pick up. Annie begins to panic when she can no longer leave J.R. messages because his mailbox is full. Marissa goes to visit J.R. just as he gets another call from Annie. Marissa warns J.R. about Annie and her recent scary actions and to watch his back and especially A.J. J.R. looks at his phone and sees a whole list of calls from Annie. Cara catches up to Jake at Krystal’s and asks to talk to him. Cara begins to explain why she acted as she did. Colby and Liza arrive at the party. Colby tries to talk to Damon, but he insists to her that he is leaving town. Damon confesses that he still loves her, but that isn’t enough as he looks at Liza, who sits at a table with Tad. Liza starts to leave, but Colby stops her. Liza with tears in her eyes tells Colby that she is sorry that she hurt her. Colby asks Liza to explain herself. Annie calls the Chandler Mansion and asks A.J. to tell his father to call her. As she's leaving her room, Annie runs into Scott who asks her if she is seeing J.R.

B&B Recap Written by Wanda

Nick has coffee at the Rooftop and Stephanie joins him. He’s happy to point out that he’s giving up the cigars and is chewing the nicotine gum….he is happy to announce the Marone humidor is officially closed. She’s thrilled for him, but says she is afraid it will take more than just a little gum to get him through this. He reminds her that he’s Nick Marone and he can do anything he puts his mind to. She may think he’s a bit of a baby, but he will put his mind to it. His jaw is hurting already from chewing so much. Donna tells Katie and Brooke that she is engaged to Justin. There is no ring yet as she got caught up in the moment and she proposed to him. Justin informs Bill and he calls the jeweler to bring some samples for an engagement ring. Justin picks an exquisite, expensive one.

Stephanie tells Nick that although it is just a spot on his lung, it could have turned out to be cancer so she’s glad he is paying attention to what she’s saying. He will have to stay vigilante about this. Admitting he has a problem is the first step in recovery. As he is paying the bill, he spots a couple smoking and that is all he can concentrate on. He pulls out a cigar and asks for a light. He’s caught in the act by Stephanie. Justin pours his feelings out to Donna in front of her sisters. He knew somehow, someday this would work out. He wants to make it official as he slips the ring on her finger and tells her that he loves her.

Days Recap Written by Michele and Cheryl 

Hope had a fantasy about Bo coming back to the boat.  Jane told a cop that Bo escaped.  She wanted Bo to be found.  Rafe was playing with Johnny when Daniel said he was going to release Johnny soon.  Johnny wanted to go home with Sami and Rafe.  Stefano wanted to make sure his plans were going smoothly.  Jennifer was talking to Ben and thought about what Hope told her.  Ben walked away and left his keys behind.  She looked at them like she wanted to take them.  Chad let Gabi know that he had no intention of getting closer to the DiMeras.  EJ wanted Nicole to pick Sydney up from Sami and Rafe's place.  Nicole thought that he wanted her to fight with Sami.  Bo snuck up behind Jane while she was on the phone with the cop.  Leo showed up on the boat to help Hope find Bo.  Nicole showed up at the hospital and saw Rafe.  She told Rafe that she wanted to get  Sydney.  He told her it wasn't happening.  Maggie wasn't pleased when she thought Victor had more than dinner in mind.  He reassured her that he only wanted to have brunch with her.  Vivian and Brady walked in the room and saw them together.  

Nicole called EJ to let her know that Sami took Sydney ice skating.  Jennifer was about to grab Ben's keys when he showed up again.  Bo choked Jane and threatened to kill her if she screamed.  He demanded that Jane tell him what he wanted to know or else. Vivian told Victor that she is filing for divorce.  Brady made a mysterious phone call and said that he can go through with his plan.  Bo was going to take Jane out of the room she had him in, but the cop she called showed up.  Leo warned Hope that Jennifer had to be careful while investigating Ben.  EJ saw Nicole playing with Johnny and he seemed to like it.  Vivian showed up at Maggie's place and told her that she is divorcing Victor.  Vivian told Maggie that she's the biggest liar of all.  Vivian told Maggie that she was using the fact that Victor's married keep her from being with him.  Jennifer slipped Ben's keys out of his pocket while they were hugging.  The cop ended up tying Bo up again.  Jane plans on killing Bo in a few hours.  Nicole walked in while Stefano and Marco (Stefano's henchman) were talking about the plans for Rafe.  She was suspicious of what was going on, but she didn't want to know what Stefano was doing.

GH Recap Written by Carrie

Lulu tells Lucky that she and Dante are over. Michael refuses to argue with Dante. Jason and Brandon have a confrontation. Brandon runs away when Jason manages to get the gun from him. Ethan confides to Lulu and Lucky about Maya and his commitment phobia. After Lulu leaves Jake’s, Maxie shows up looking for her. Maxie relays to Lucky and Ethan that Luke called her about a jewelry shipment. Lucky admits that Luke is trying to smuggle diamonds into the country. Molly tells Alexis that Shawn Butler suffers from PTSD. Carly offers to give a free room to Shawn for his helpfulness. Shawn bumps into Theo on the way out of the restaurant. Carly refuses to sign any documents without Diane present. Jason asks Abby to tell Michael the truth. Jason and Sam share a kiss; she keeps thinking about having a baby. Abby and Michael have an intense chat. Abby admits that she isn’t a prostitute but still wants to avoid Michael. Dante shows up at Lulu’s doorstep. Dante is saddened to hear that Lulu hasn’t changed her mind about him. Michael and Jason discuss Abby’s announcement. Michael brings up Carter. Siobhan worries that Lucky is in danger. Shawn meets with Theo. The Balkan wants Shawn to investigate the people close to Brenda and Dante. Carly wants to come forward with Brenda and Dante’s secret but Spinelli hates the idea.

OLTL Recap Written by Jennifer S.

Dorian still wants to get the goods on Echo and reveal that Rex is Clint's son. But Viki wants to let it go knowing it may be a lost cause. Echo is beginning to bond with Shane and Rex is warming up to her more than he previously was. Kelly is determined to get the goods on Aubrey and on Cutter. But Joey still believes that Aubrey is the love of his life and that Cutter is her brother. In Paris, the strange guy who has the painting and photograph of Blair and Todd when they were in love, inspires her to believe the way things were. She realizes that sometimes soul mates were meant to be together forever although she realizes that Todd has moved on with Tea.

Y&R Recap Written by Eva   **One Day Ahead

Nikki sees Victor at the Athletic Club having a drink and tells him that his behavior at Victoria’s house was appalling, and he missed an opportunity to reconcile with his daughter. Victor tells Nikki that because of Victoria he could lose his company and Victoria feels she can do anything she wants and he will always forgive her, but she has to learn that he won’t forgive her this time. Victor tells Nikki that Victoria is a lot like her because she sleeps around in motels. Nikki gasps and tells Victor she doesn’t know why she is trying so hard to get his family to forgive him when he doesn’t deserve to have them, because he doesn’t appreciate them. Victor makes a phone call and begins lay offs at Beauty of Nature and Newman Enterprises. Nikki calls Deacon and asks him if they can have dinner at his place, because she doesn’t feel like eating in a restaurant. Nikki tells Deacon that she has been struggling because she wants to have a drink but she hasn’t yet. Deacon advises Nikki to go to an AA meeting, because she needs the support although she is a very strong woman whom he admires. Nikki kisses Deacon and tells him she changed her mind about them hooking up again and the two make love.

Jack, Phyllis, and Billy look at pictures of Lucy while they discuss who could have paid Sharon’s bail. Jack tells Phyllis and Billy it wasn’t him. Phyllis gets a tip from her source at the police department that they arrested Sharon, because they have new evidence against her. Phyllis and Billy later get an e-mail from someone who says he has the evidence against Sharon and can e-mail it to them. Phyllis tells Billy that she doesn’t think Sharon killed Skye because she needed her alive to prove Adam’s innocence. Billy thinks that Sharon could have killed Skye in the heat of the moment. Phyllis and Billy listen to the video taken by the tourist at the volcano that night and decide to post it on the Restless Style website. Billy pays the source the huge amount of money he asked for in exchange for the video.

Sharon tells Adam she will fight to clear her name just like she fought for his freedom. She will also fight for custody of Faith. When Sharon heads over to talk to Nick, Adam calls Jack and asks for five minutes of his time. Nick tells Sharon that Noah went to New York to work on his music, because he can’t stand to see his mother in all this trouble because of Adam. Since Nick doesn’t want to take the mother of his children away from them, he pleads with Sharon to keep Adam away from them for their sake. Sharon refuses to give him up and tells Nick she will have Adam and her children in her life. Adam meets with Jack and tells him that he wants to find and claim the money that Victor paid Skye to frame him. Adam wants Jack to trace the money back to Victor as well as help him grow the money just like he did with Skye and the hedge fund. Jack doesn’t think it’s a good idea to go into business with him, but Adam asks him to think about it, because it's time to show Victor he isn’t the big dog in the yard anymore.

Nick gives Diane the "let’s be friends" speech because he doesn’t want to drag her into his chaotic life. Nick doesn’t feel he can have a relationship right now. Diane tells Nick she understands. While she tries to keep cool, she is hurt. Diane goes to Victor’s to have a working dinner and they end up talking about their past relationship. Diane assures Victor that he will come out on top again even if he loses the company. Victor feels that Diane knows him well and gives her a kiss. Diane stops him then stands up and takes off her clothes.

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