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AMC Recap Written by Mary

Annie sits in a chair in the living room of the Chandler mansion when J.R. comes in from the patio. Annie tries to talk to him about their relationship, but he puts her off. Annie confronts J.R. about when his divorce will be final, but once again he puts her off and calls her crazy. After she adamantly protests, J.R. apologizes for using such an offhand comment. Tad and Damon sit at the bar at Krystal’s diner. Damon lets Tad in on his plans that he is going to Washington to crash on a friend’s sofa while he DJs. Tad doesn’t like that idea too much, but what can he do since it is Damon’s life. Ryan meets up with Liza in the corridor of the hospital. Ryan suggests that Liza defending David and being his advocate is a conflict of interest. Liza reminds Ryan that he should be telling Greenlee this since she was the one who married David. In his hospital room, David reminds Greenlee that she is still married to him. Greenlee tells David that she is with Ryan now and there's nothing he can do about it. David feels that she is underestimating him if she thinks that that will stop him. J.R. tries to make Annie believe how much he cares for her and how much he needs her. Annie tells him to prove that he loves her by setting up the date to finalize his divorce from Marissa. J.R. claims that Marissa has to schedule it. Marissa comes in the front door and yells for J.R. J.R. orders Annie to leave. Damon tells Tad that he hopes that he will understand his having to leave town. David reminds Greenlee of the many times that Ryan let her down, and that this time will be no different. Greenlee doesn’t believe David and asks that he sign the divorce papers. Damon leaves Tad at the diner to go to see Angie about his ADHD. Opal joins Tad and apologizes for being late because she was Tweeting. Tad asks Opal to help him to plan a going-away party for Damon. Damon runs into Liza at the hospital and asks about Colby. Liza assures Damon that Colby loves him. Damon returns the sentiment, but knows that he cannot stay in town and see Colby every day knowing what he did. Greenlee asks David why he is trying to make her doubt Ryan. Marissa lets J.R. know about the parent/teacher conference and asks why he wasn’t there. He lies that there was an emergency with Chandler Enterprises. Marissa also asks J.R. why he didn’t schedule the hearing to make their divorce final. Annie listens at the door. After Marissa leaves, Annie lashes out at J.R. for delaying the divorce. J.R. promises that he will set the divorce date immediately.

Liza tells Tad about her setting Damon up at a law school in California, but she doesn’t want Tad to let Damon know that it was her idea. Now Tad has to decide whether or not to tell his son. David relives the night of the party and wishes he had let Greenlee go then. David agrees to sign the papers if Greenlee will help him to sit up in bed. Ryan watches from the doorway. Greenlee urges David to make the best of this second chance that he has been given. Greenlee hugs David and thanks him for letting her go. Greenlee walks out of David’s room and into Ryan’s arms. Tad lets Opal know that Liza helped Damon to get into law school in California. Annie spends time with Emma at Krystal’s and finds out that Ryan and Greenlee are getting married. J.R. and Marissa walk in with a box full of decorations. Annie is surprised to see them together. J.R. asks Annie what she is doing there. When Tad tells him about the opportunity in California, Damon is hesitant at first but then is happy about the move. Liza visits David and lets him know that he will transferred to prison to await his trial as soon as the doctors decide he's well enough. David informs Liza that he heard every word she said when she told him about having sex with Damon. At the condo, Ryan and Greenlee make wedding plans and set the date. Annie imagines that Marissa is once again warning J.R about Annie. Annie also imagines that Emma is against her. Annie grabs her head to make the voices stop. Emma and J.R. ask Annie if she is all right. J.R. leaves Marissa alone at the restaurant to finish decorating for the party. Annie sneaks in, picks up scissors off the table, and approaches Marissa while her back is turned.

B&B Recap Written by Wanda

After the birthday party, Justin takes Donna out to dinner. He tells her how proud he is of her and his son and how he has turned out. She doesn’t want to dwell on Stephanie and Eric or what happened in the past or she might miss the future or what is right in front of her now. Justin reminds her they all make mistakes and she realizes the biggest one was to keep the secret of Marcus from him. Justin says they are creating memories right now and no one knows that better than Marcus. On the boat, Stephanie continues with her harangue of making Nick give up the cigars. If he can’t do it cold turkey, he needs to walk the plank. He says he knows all of this is near and dear to her because of what she has gone through, but he thinks he needs a break from this for now. She reminds him what this could do to his son, Jack. He tells her that he will make a deal with her. He will change brands and just smoke one cigar a day so she can quit preaching to him. She tells him that he is very strong and he can do this if he can just figure out the best way for him. And she will help him any way she can. He thanks her for her concern and says now he is going to spend some time with his son.

Marcus and Dayzee get closer and he gives Stephanie thanks for bringing her into his life. Jack tells Nick that both he and Stephanie looked worried and he’d like to know what that was about. Nick makes a bunch of silly faces and assures him there is nothing to be worried about. Nick plans on living a long, long time and will be his daddy forever. While Jack retrieves some apple juice from the frig, Nick says he is done. He throws his cigars overboard. Donna tells Justin they missed a lot in Marcus’s life and she is so appreciative of his adoptive parents. She wants more. She wants to be a real family. She hopes Justin does too. She gets down on one knee and does the untraditional thing of asking him to marry her. He needs no persuading. It’s what he wants too and he answers yes.

Days Recap Written by Michele and Cheryl 

Melanie told Maggie that she told Nathan about the baby.  Maggie wanted to know what happened.  Melanie said she didn't give him a chance to talk and then she got sick.  Victor showed up at Maggie's place.  She wanted to know if he considered her offer.  Daniel saw Chloe and Parker at the hospital.  Parker was being fussy and Chloe snapped at Daniel because of it.  Philip asked Kate if she regretted keeping Lucas' paternity a secret.  Carly considered leaving Salem.  Jennifer tried to convince her to stay because she and Bo don't hate her.  Carly thinks Bo would be better off without her.  Jane wanted Stefano's permission to kill Bo.  Hope found Nathan.  Hope wanted to know about Nathan's involvement with the warden.  He let her know that it wasn't his phone and that it was Ben's phone.  Nathan told Hope that Ben's getting closer to someone they love.  Jennifer convinced Carly to stay in Salem for Melanie.  Gus and Vivian heard an airplane while they were fighting over the last drop of wine.  Victor let Maggie know that he accepted her offer to go out on a date with him.  Kate told Philip that she regretted keeping Lucas in the dark about Bill being his father.  Chloe let Daniel know that Parker misses his home and his daddy and that's why he's fussy.  Daniel told Chloe that she left a stuffed animal at the apartment.  He wouldn't give it to Parker.  

Hope told Nathan to give a note to someone for Bo's sake.  Bo was trying to get free of the ropes while she was on the phone.  Brady showed up at the island to take Parker from Chloe.  Nathan gave Jennifer a note. Kate tried to convince Philip that it is a good idea that he take Parker from Chloe.  Stefano walked in on Kate and Philip while they were talking.  Philip heard a noise at the DiMera mansion, but Kate told him they were working on something.  Bo continued to break free of the ropes.  Jennifer made it to the boat and found Hope.  Brady had papers for Vivian to sign.  Nathan went to Maggie's house and Maggie left so he could see Melanie.  Carly and Chloe showed up at Daniel's place.  Hope told Jennifer that Bo hasn't been back tot he boat since he left.  Jane got in contact with Ben.  She said she had organs for him.  Bo finally got free of the ropes, but the door was locked.  Nathan told Melanie that he still wanted to be with her even though she's pregnant.  Maggie wanted proof that Vivian was getting rescued before she would go out with him.  Melanie rejected Nathan when he tried to kiss her.  She wanted to think about her baby for now.  Jennifer told Ben that Hope is her cousin.  She pumped Ben about when she would start working at the prison.  She also wanted him to help Hope.  Jane went back to check on Bo, but he was gone.

GH Recap Written by Carrie

Carly and Dante argue over Michael. Michael and Jason have a heartfelt chat about Abby and Pentonville. Molly meets Sean Butler, an ex-marine who suffers from PTSD. Carly runs into Molly and Sean on Baker Street. Lucky senses that Siobhan is hiding something. Patrick is jealous of Robin and Terrell’s budding friendship. Michael is devastated that Abby doesn’t want to see him anymore. Kelly informs Sam that the experimental fertility treatment could have setbacks. Lucky and Lulu talk about her break-up with Dante. Kristina gets mad when Michael refuses to go ice skating with her group of friends. Jason and Sam talk about Michael. Carly drives Molly home; Alexis is surprised to find out that her daughter might have PTSD. Michael has flashbacks of Carter; he grabs Dante by the neck. Brandon hassles Abby until Jason intervenes. Carly strikes up a conversation with Sean at the MetroCourt restaurant. Jason asks Abby to tell Michael the truth; Brandon points a gun at them.

OLTL Recap Written by Jennifer S.

Bo has Inez go to attempt to get a confession from Clint while wired. They are unsuccessful in bringing Clint to justice when he calls their bluff. Nora, however, goes to confront Clint and tells him that he needs to know what his family including Viki, all of his kids and grandchildren, as well as his nephew, will do when they find out what she and Bo know about him. He will be all alone, she tells him, and she informs him that she and Bo are now going to protect their family from him. Tea and Dani have a party for Nate at Buenos Dias. Todd encourages Starr to move on with James, but she gets a call from Cole who needs her after finding out that his mom was sent to St. Anne's and she departs. Dani invites Destiny, but she goes to see Matthew who she knows does not want to join Dani and Nate. He encourages her to go without him and not miss out on the party, but she knows that Darren might be there also. She decides not to go, and she and Matthew end up kissing. In Paris, Blair meets the guy who painted the picture of her, and he seems to know about her past. Cristian tells Layla that he does not want to give up on their future and wants to marry her, but she tells him that her future is in Paris with her career while his is in Llanview with his, and they are not ready to get married.

Y&R Recap Written by Eva  **One Day Ahead

Nick confronts Victor about Sharon and Adam’s claims that he framed Adam and is now doing the same to Sharon. Victor tells Nick that Skye could be responsible for framing Sharon for her death. Nick tells Victor he wasn’t going to tell him the truth. Diane arrives to see Nick, because Jack told her about Sharon. When Victor wonders when they became friends, Nick tells him that Summer and Kyle have been hanging out together. Diane offers to stay with the girls any time he needs her help. Victor leaves and Nick tells Diane that Sharon told him she tried to save Skye and Victor is framing her just like he framed Adam. Nick admits to Diane that he doesn’t know if Sharon or Victor is telling the truth. He may have to pay Sharon’s bail because he doesn’t want Faith’s mother to stay in jail until her trial. Nick invites Diane to a home cooked dinner later. She tells him that she will call him when she is sure of her plans. Jack tells Diane that he isn’t comfortable with Kyle staying at the Newman ranch but she suggests that he concentrate on his life and Kyle and stop worrying about Victor. Jack tells Diane that he thinks Victor had Sharon arrested and that is an example of how Victor treats the people he claims to care for and protect. Noah tells Nick that he is going to New York because Tucker signed him to a recording contract. He hopes that when he returns, his mom will be out of jail because she is innocent. Victor asks Diane to dinner and she turns down his invitation and accepts Nick’s dinner invitation.

Phyllis goes to talk to Sharon in jail and Sharon tells her that she tried to pull Skye up when she slipped but she wasn’t strong enough, so she fell into the volcano. Phyllis doesn’t believe Sharon at first but begins to think she might be telling the truth. Sharon tells her that if she wanted to kill someone in the heat of the moment she would have killed her years ago. Adam asks him to pay Sharon’s bail, but Jack won’t help her as long as she insists on being with Adam. Noah visits Sharon and tells her that none of this would have happened if she hadn’t insisted on being with Adam and will never accept him as a part of her life. Victor also visits Sharon to see if she will admit that she made a mistake being with Adam. When she refuses to, he leaves then calls Michael to arrange for bail as long as he doesn't tell anyone that he paid it.

When Jill announces her engagement to Colin to her family, nobody is happy about it. The most vocal in their protests are Cane, Katherine, and Lauren. Jill just thinks Lauren is worried that Colin wants her family’s money. Cane tells Jill he won’t rest until she calls off the wedding. Cane asks Colin to call off the wedding, but he won’t do it. Lily wonders if Cane knows something about Colin that makes him oppose their union so strongly. Cane tells Lily that Jill shouldn't marry Colin, because she doesn't know him. When Lily reminds Cane that keeping secrets from her is the same as lying, he says he knows that already. Since Jill thinks there is no point in having a wedding if nobody will come, Colin asks her to elope with him, and she agrees right away.

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