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AMC Recap Written by Eva

Cara is surprised when Kendall tells her that Griffin told her about how their father left them when they were young and how strong his mom was to raise her children on her own. Kendall tells Cara Griffin’s story helped her sleep in her own bed for the first time since Zach died. Cara tells Griffin that she is glad that he seems to be acting more human with his patients instead of just fixing their physical problems and releasing them from the hospital like they are not people. Griffin admits that he is sad to see Kendall grieving and losing touch with the woman Zach described to him as full of life, loving, strong and someone who would risk anything to help her friends. Kendall confides in Reverend Ricky that she is happy for Ryan and Greenlee but it still hurts to see them have a perfect life and know that she doesn’t have that anymore. Griffin goes to Kendall’s house to pick up his phone and keys that he left he doesn’t go in the house because he looks through the window and sees Kendall talking to Ricky and as he stares at them he looks jealous.

Greenlee and Ryan tell Jack and Erica they are engaged and they are waiting on Greenlee’s divorce from David to be final and for them both to set a wedding date so they can set a date that doesn’t interfere with their wedding. Jack tells Greenlee to set any wedding date she likes and just be happy. Jack and Krystal continue to talk and share their problems with each other. David calls Erica and asks her to persuade Greenlee to come and see him at the hospital so they can talk alone. Erica persuades Greenlee to go see David and when David notices the ring on Greenlee’s finger he wonders if the ring is new. Marissa gets David to agree to let her be his lawyer but he must try to live life honestly and not play games with her or she will make sure that he goes to jail for a long time.

Scott isn’t happy with his job as data entry clerk at the hospital but Madison is impressed that he is starting life over from the bottom and working his way up. Ryan sees Madison and Scott together and Scott tells Ryan that they met when Madison went to visit her father in prison and they discovered they have a lot in common with each other. Scott tells Ryan that he and Madison have decided to get to know each other better. Madison thanks Scott for pretending in front of Ryan and Scott tells Madison he had fun pretending to be more then friends with her.

B&B Recap Written by Wanda

Nick tells Dr. Lewis that he tried to get rid of Stephanie Forrester, but he can’t. So now he needs to know if he has cancer. She tells him good news. The spot was scarring so everything looks fine for now. Nick wants to celebrate right away by lighting up a cigar. Stephanie fusses with him that he doesn’t want to do that. He tells her not to take this the wrong way, but he doesn’t want to be preached to. She can keep that to herself. He really only hears her when she says his boy might get cancer too. Justin is stunned at the photo album of Marcus and rushes out. Donna follows to talk to him. He says he loved the album and will always treasure it. But he doesn’t understand what happened way back then. She explained that he had dreams and a scholarship and she didn’t want to ruin that with a baby coming into their lives. He agrees that they can’t look back now, they need to focus on looking ahead and being a family for all of them. She wants to erase all those lost years and be one.

Bill apologizes to Bill if he got dramatic when he walked out, but it wasn’t like he was throwing plates at the wall. Nick tells Stephanie that he knows about secondhand smoke. She tells him that he is a great dad, but he needs to stop exposing his boy this way. If he can’t quit for himself, perhaps he can for his child. Dayzee teases Marcus that he probably has a black book filled with names of all sorts of girls that are throwing themselves at him. He says they are just friends, some with benefits. She lets him know right off that she likes him a lot, but she will never be one of his friends with benefits. She is not that kind of girl. He kisses her and says maybe that will change if they become more than friends. He tells her that his mom and dad are going outside to do more than count the stars. He thinks she is falling in love again. Nick tells Stephanie that he knows he should not smoke around his boy. But he loves his cigars so he will keep smoking and just be more careful. She pulls out her phone and checks the internet for some statistics. There is five times the risk for lung cancer if you smoke. She wants him to give them up. He finally admits that he has tried, but he can’t quit. She quips that is because he didn’t have her before.

Days Recap Written by Michele and Cheryl 

Chloe went to Stephanie's place to confront Caroline.  Nathan visited Maggie. Philip met Melanie at Daniel's place.  Kate overheard Stefano talking about Sami and Rafe.  She wanted to know what was going on with him.  EJ wanted to talk to Nicole about their deal.  Nicole was sure that she and EJ will no longer be getting married.  Rafe informed Gabi that he is suspicious of EJ.  EJ told Nicole that he still wants to marry her.  Melanie was willing to talk to Philip.  Maggie asked Nathan if he wanted another chance with Melanie.  He said he wanted another chance with her.  Maggie didn't think that was a good idea.  Chloe demanded that Stephanie let her see Caroline.  Stephanie didn't want her to, but Caroline wanted to see Chloe.  Gabi tried to convince Rafe that EJ could be trying to be nice.  Rafe didn't believe it.  Stefano managed to lie to Kate to keep her from finding out about his plans for Sami and Rafe.  Nicole wanted to know why EJ still wants to marry her since he and Sami called a truce.  Kate told Stefano that Caroline switched Parker's paternity test.  Chloe wanted Caroline to tell her why she switched Parker's paternity test.  Caroline thought she did the right thing.  Chloe wants to make Caroline pay for what she did.  Philip thought that he and Melanie could work things out.  Melanie let him know that they are through.  Nicole didn't think Sami would let her be involved with Johnny and Sydney without putting up a fight.  EJ assured Nicole that he will take care of everything.  

Chloe told Caroline that she and Philip are going to testify against her.  Caroline tried to explain to Chloe that she was sorry, but she was dizzy.  Stephanie told Chloe to leave, but she refused to go. Melanie kept telling Philip that she doesn't want to be with him.  Stephanie wanted Philip to get Chloe because she was upsetting Caroline.  Stefano told Kate that he would help her if she needs it.  Kate wanted to get Parker away from Chloe so Philip could raise him and be back with Melanie.  EJ continued to convince Nicole that they could have a good life with the children if she agrees to marry him.  She finally agreed to do it.  Chloe continued to ask Caroline why she switched the results.  Caroline didn't regret what she did.  Chloe went ballistic when she heard that.  Philip showed up in time to get Chloe and take her out of Stephanie's place.  Melanie heard a knock at the door and thought it was Philip.  It turned out to be Nathan.  A delivery person gave Rafe a letter for him and Sami.  It was a letter from EJ.  Philip tried to convince Chloe not to have Caroline go to jail.  Nathan was convinced that Melanie still loves him.  He told her that he loves her and wants to have a relationship with her.  She let him know that she's pregnant with Philip's baby and she's keeping it.  The letter EJ sent Rafe and Sami was to let them know that he is drawing up new custody papers.  EJ reassured Stefano that marrying Nicole would help their plans.  Being with her would prove that he is moving on with his life.  Sami and Rafe wouldn't be suspicious that way.  Stefano accepted EJ's part of the plan and they both had a drink.

GH Recap Written by Brenda

Robin and Terrell bond over losing loved ones to AIDS. Lisa makes sure Patrick notices. Elizabeth tells Nikolas that Aiden has an ear infection to get him to cancel his date with Brook Lynn. Nikolas goes to the hospital with Elizabeth. Dr Jackson tells them there is no sign of an ear infection. Nikolas goes home and tells Brook that he thinks she is right that Elizabeth is using Aiden to try to break them up. Patrick and Matt go to Jake's Roadhouse and see Robin there with Terrell. Lucky goes to see Siobhan at the Jake's. She tells him she isn’t changing her mind about breaking things off. He tells her that he is going to keep her safe regardless of their status. She receives a text message and rushes out to meet one of the Balkan's men. Dante tells Lucky that Lulu broke up with him after Theo Hoffman told her about Brenda killing Aleksander and Dante covering it up. Maxie tells Lulu that Brenda is not worth losing Dante over. Brenda goes to see Lulu at Crimson, apologizes to her, and says she hopes Lulu won't punish Dante for protecting her. Lulu tells Brenda to stay out of her business. Lucky happens to walk up on Siobhan struggling with the Balkan's henchman. Siobhan stops Lucky from following the man when he runs.

Sonny talks to Molly about what it is like having Bipolar Disorder. He wonders if she is concerned that she might have it. She tells him she chose the topic for her report because he has it and she wanted to learn more, but she discovered that it runs in families so it made her wonder. He assures her that if she does have it, her family will be there for her, and medication is available to keep her moods in balance. As Molly is walking home, she hears a car accident and has a flashback to the bus accident she was in. Claire takes some forms to Carly to sign. Carly is surprised that Claire is working with Sonny's legal team now. She tells her it is brilliant and that she has positioned herself perfectly to catch Sonny when his marriage to Brenda inevitably collapses. Sonny asks Claire if she would be Theo's co-council on Dante and Brenda's wrongful death case. She agrees. Dante tries to convince Brenda that marrying Sonny will put her life in danger. She tells him it is her choice. They decide to continue to keep her baby a secret. Diane delivers a notarized document to Carly that proves that Dante signed over his parental rights to Brenda's child. Carly says she is going to announce it at Sonny and Brenda's wedding so she can publicly expose Brenda and Dante. Dante enters the Metro Court and stops to listen to what Carly and Diane are talking about. When Diane leaves, Dante goes over to Carly and warns her not to try to use that document.

OLTL Recap Written by Jennifer S.

Y&R Recap Written by Eva  **One Day Ahead

Cane and Lily spend a romantic night together and remember all the important moments in their relationship. They share memories of their engagement, their wedding, and the birth of the twins. They tell each other how lucky they are to be together and then make love. Billy and Victoria introduce Lucy to the Abbott side of the family and everyone is happy about the baby. Victor arrives to bring Faith to Nick and tells Victoria he is ashamed of her, because now the baby will tie her to that useless Billy forever. Daniel remembers that Lucy is his daughter as soon as he holds her. He whispers to her that she has changed so much since he last saw her. Daniel wonders how Lucy got to be with Billy and Victoria and what happened to Daisy. Daniel watches Billy and Victoria and the rest of the Abbotts with the baby and decides that Lucy has everything he ever wanted for her happiness and love so he decides not to tell anyone he is Lucy’s biological father.

Sharon is arrested and Christine tells her they have a hard to see video that a tourist at the volcano took but the audio is clear. Sharon can be heard telling Skye that she will stop her. Christine tells Sharon that the audio from the video could put her in jail for the rest of her life for murder in the first degree. Sharon tells Christine that Skye fell after they talked, and she tried to save her life, but Christine doesn’t believe her. Sharon is hurt that Nick doesn’t believe her. He feels that she is capable of anything now that she is with Adam. Adam tells Christine and Nick that Victor set everything up to frame Sharon just like Victor framed him. Victor tells Faith that he will do anything to protect her. Nick wants to talk about the accusations Sharon and Adam made against him, but Victor tells him it doesn’t matter what they say. What matters is that Faith is with him and away from Sharon and Adam.

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