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AMC Recap Written by Eva

Ryan takes Greenlee to the castle where he took her to when he tried to persuade her not to marry David. After they make love Ryan asks Greenlee to marry him. Greenlee accepts Ryan’s proposal and they look forward to the future together. Ryan gets a text from Jake telling him that David is awake and Greenlee wants one night with Ryan before she has to face David. Kendall goes to visit David and he tells her they have a lot to talk about Griffin listens to the conversation from the hallway and decides to interrupt David and tell him Kendall tried to suffocate him with a pillow because she was grieving for Zach. Griffin also tells David that Kendall is recovering from pneumonia Griffin gets Kendall out of David’s room and tells her that she has to find a way to get David out of her head because her obsession with him is putting her health at risk. Griffin tells Kendall his father left his family when he was 12 years old and the only way his mother could get him out of her head was to donate his things to goodwill. Kendall thanks Griffin for helping her and he tells her that he was just doing his job because she is his patient.

Jack confronts Erica because he feels that she is shutting him out and relying too much on Caleb. Jack wishes that Erica wouldn’t always handle her problems alone and Erica tells Jack he knows that she has to handle her problems her way. Jack talks to Krystal and tells her that he feels that Caleb is coming between him and Erica and wonders if his wedding to Erica will ever take place. Marissa and JR talk about their fathers who have a similar personality and Marissa wonders what she should do about David. JR tells Marissa that Adam is always in his head but he has found a way to control his thoughts and his relationship with Adam. Marissa goes to the hospital and Jesse tells her that David has refused to answer questions without a lawyer present. Marissa tells Jesse that he can question David now because she is his lawyer. Erica tells David that Kendall doesn’t remember shooting him and David tells Erica that Dr. Castillo told him that Kendall triad to suffocate him with a pillow. Erica tells David that she loved him once and because of the love they once shared she knows that he has a good man hidden deep inside of him. Erica tells David that he has been given a second chance to make up for the pain he has caused so many people and she pleads with David not to tell the police Kendall shot him because that would only cause Kendall more pain. David tells Erica he just loves it when she needs something from him.

B&B Recap Written by Wanda

At the hospital, Stephanie commiserates with another patient that neither of them smoked yet both got lung cancer. Their motto – if you smoke – quit. If you don’t, don’t start and if you find a spot, have it looked at, the sooner the better. Aggie brings Jack to the Shady Marlin to join Nick. As she is cleaning up, she finds Nick’s doctor card and wants to know who Dr. Lewis is. Dr. Lewis tells Stephanie that there is good news. The oral chemo seems to be keeping everything in check. There are no new tumors. They discuss Nick and how he doesn’t return phone calls. Stephanie figures he doesn’t want to know if he has cancer. Nick tells Aggie that he had a physical and as far as he knows all is okay. He promises Jack that if he wants pie, they will have pie. Aggie better get me some pie!

Marcus brings Dayzee to Justin’s birthday party thrown by Bill. Donna tells Katie that Justin invited her after all when he heard she was back from her trip. And she is impressed with Dayzee, different than the usual models that Marcus dates. Bill tells Hope that he hopes she is having a good time, and comments that his son doesn’t have to be the most eligible bachelor in the world. He can have a girlfriend if he wants and at least he picked a good one. Stephanie visits Nick on his boat and chastises him again for smoking those smelly old cigars….and with Jack aboard even if he is below deck and it’s not blowing in his face. Nick needs to stop that habit before it is too late. Smoking is definitely bad for human beings and the environment. She harasses him until he calls the doctor. He tells Dr. Lewis to give it to him straight. Does he have cancer? Bill gives a glorious toast to Justin and all the birthdays they have both shared over the years. Now they are standing here sharing the day with their newly found sons. Although it was requested no gifts, Donna gives Justin a special one. It’s a photo album filled with pictures of Marcus from his baby one throughout the years through college and sports that his adopted mother sent. Justin is stunned and speechless.

Days Recap Written by Michele and Cheryl 

Daniel convinced Melanie that she was crazy to think that he wouldn't care for her baby.  Nicole asked Brady to help her spend time with Sydney.  Rafe read to Johnny.  Rafe reassured Johnny that everything will be fine.  Stefano discussed part of his plan with EJ.  Will and Gabi were making out on the couch and Allie saw them.  Brady didn't want to help Nicole.  Nicole wondered if Brady moved on with someone else.  He told her he hasn't been with anyone else.  EJ demanded that Stefano tell him everything about his plan.  Stefano decided to show EJ what he is going to do to destroy Rafe and Sami's relationship.  Carly didn't want Philip to talk to Melanie.  He tried to convince Carly that he wants to be with Melanie.  Brady threw Nicole out of the mansion.  Victor applauded Brady's actions.  Stefano informed EJ that he only has to make a few phone calls and Rafe's life would be over as he knew it.  Daniel wanted Melanie to make peace with Philip.  She didn't want to do it.  Melanie didn't want Carly to know that she is pregnant.  Carly and Philip continued to fight because of Melanie.  Kate overheard them fighting.  She also heard Philip say that Melanie is having his baby.  EJ told Stefano that he didn't want Sami or the kids harmed.  Stefano was convinced that EJ is still in love with Sami. 

 Victor was proud of Brady's actions towards Nicole and Vivian.  Victor told Brady to bring Vivian back home.  Allie told Rafe that Will and Gabi were kissing.  Rafe told Gabi to go home.  Rafe talked to Will about it.  EJ reassured Stefano that he didn't have feelings for Sami. Brady didn't understand why Victor wanted Vivian back in Salem.  Victor just wanted him to do it.  Brady wanted to know what has happened to the old Victor.  He left the mansion because he didn't want to listen to Victor anymore.  Daniel called Carly because he had to talk to her.  Carly wanted to meet him at his place.  EJ showed up at Rafe and Sami's place.  Daniel let Carly know that Melanie is pregnant.  EJ bought Sydney to Rafe and Sami's place.  He started the plan rolling by letting Sydney spend the night at Rafe and Sami's place.  Stefano made a phone call to someone regarding his plan for Rafe.  Brady agreed to bring Vivian back.  He wants to bring her back his way.  Carly thanked Daniel for telling her about Melanie's pregnancy.  Rafe thought EJ might be honoring his word after all.  Kate walked in on Stefano as he was saying that he was going to destroy Sami and Rafe.  Kate wanted to know what he was talking about.

GH Recap Written by Brenda

Sonny dreams about his wedding when he abruptly awakened. He instinctively draws his pistol and aims, not realizing it is Brenda. Brenda had been calling his name as she entered the bedroom carrying a rattling breakfast tray. Brenda tells him not to worry about it; it was just a reflex. He tells her that he has been on edge since discovering that the body that was pulled out of the river was not Jerry Jacks. He tries to suggest that the wedding might invite danger, but she refuses to postpone. Claire Walsh meets Sonny at his office with contracts for the distillery business. He wonders why she came in person, as she must feel uncomfortable now that he is marrying Brenda. She tells him she is proving to herself that she can handle it and that she knew Sonny was Diane's biggest client when she took the job at the law firm. Diane tells Theo that Claire is inventing reasons to be around Sonny. Theo goes to see Sonny and tells him that he is considering bringing Claire Walsh in as associate counsel in the case. Molly reads about Bipolar Disorder. She tells Sam that she chose the subject for a school report because her Uncle Sonny has it. She asks Sam if she was concerned that her baby would have Bipolar disorder when she was pregnant with Sonny's child. Sam tells her that Sonny's illness hadn’t been diagnosed yet, but that she would have loved her daughter no matter what. Molly goes to see Sonny and asks him if she can interview him for her report.

Nikolas asks Brook Lynn to go out on a real date with him. She accepts and they begin to kiss. Elizabeth shows up at Nik's house while he is out riding and she insists upon waiting for him. Brook says Elizabeth is using her son to manipulate Nikolas and should stop playing her game because Nikolas is no longer interested. Nikolas comes in and Elizabeth makes up a lie about Aiden having an ear infection. Robin is upset by budget cuts in the Stone Philips foundation. Lisa balks about Robin's self righteousness. Terrell says he admires Robin. Terrell volunteers to help in the AIDS wing to help fill in for the loss of staff from the budget cut. Brenda's wedding planner, Carol Chang comes in looking for Robin and holds color swatches up next to Robins face. She declares that this will not do. Robin tells Brenda about the cute new doctor at GH. Carol Chang shows up and asks Brenda if she has another friend with better coloring. Brenda fires her. She leaves but says she will see Brenda tonight. Dante tells Michael that Lulu found out about his past relationship with Brenda. Lulu tells Maxie that she broke up with Dante because she found out that he has been lying to her for months. Dante tells Brenda, who promises to help him straighten things out with Lulu. Dante asks her to postpone the wedding.

OLTL Recap Written by Jennifer S.

Inez confirms that Bo never slept with her and it was Clint who threatened and put her up to seducing him and probably put Eddie up to kidnapping Nora. Bo and Nora are both happily reconciling, but Bo is furious and goes after Clint. He pulls a gun on his brother and tells him he is on to him. Clint denies that and tells Bo that he cannot prove anything. Bo and Nora are back together and not going to let Clint keep them apart again. Meanwhile, Vimal's wife comes to see him. He tells her he's very afraid that he's made some terrible mistakes regarding doing Clint's dirty work with the DNA tests and may have ruined many peoples' lives. He reveals to her that he altered one of Clint's daughters' paternity tests to make it appear that Brody Lovett is the father when he's not. And now that he realizes he does now know which daughter's baby it was, he knows of the consequences. It means either one man falsely believes a baby is his or else another man believes he does not have a child when he does. Natalie is alone and worried with her secret that Brody has been "proven" to be her baby's father instead of John. Robert Ford walks into the hospital and runs right into Jessica and Brody and their baby to reveal that it's entirely possible that he is the true biological father although the tests reveal it's Brody. Joey introduces Cutter to Natalie and Jessica. He reveals that he might be "interested" in Kelly. Aubrey is worried that he will blow their cover and she does not want him to cheat on her with anybody. Vimal's wife tells her husband that Clint Buchanan is nothing they need to be afraid of. He's going to be in big trouble with all of the stunts he has pulled.

Y&R Recap Written by Eva  **One Day Ahead

Nina tells Paul that Chance is alive. Christine explains that it had to be kept secret to protect Chance. Paul understands the situation and isn’t upset with Nina for keeping a secret from him. Christine tells Nina, Heather, and Paul that she was able to let Chance know about Ronan’s illness, and he is being tested as a possible donor. If he is a match, the transplant will be done when Chance comes to testify at the trial. Nina and Paul go to tell Ronan the news but discover he has checked out of the motel. Paul, Nina, and Heather find Ronan at the bus station where Nina tells him that someone close to him is being tested to see if this person is a match for him. Ronan is mad that Nina involved Chance and risked his safety. Ronan still wants to leave but Nina persuades him not to give up hope and not just accept that he is dying. Nina pleads with Ronan to let the people who care about him help him through his illness, so he doesn’t have to face it alone. Ronan tears his bus ticket and tells Nina he will stay in Genoa City.

Daniel and Abby spend the day together, and he apologizes to Abby for being obsessed with trying to remember what happened to Daisy. Victoria and Billy decide it's time to introduce baby Lucy to the family. Nick, Nikki, and Abby arrive and are told how Lucy came to be the newest member of the Abbott and Newman families. Daniel arrives to pick Abby up and meets Lucy. When Victoria gives Lucy to Daniel to hold, he remembers Daisy giving birth to her and how he held her on the day she was born.

Victor and Nikki are appalled that the judge refused to give Nick full custody of Faith and wonder how it is possible that the judge didn’t think Adam was a threat to Faith. Victor calls Michael to get started on an appeal and promises Nick that he will call in favors and use his influence to make sure he gets full custody of Faith. Sharon, Adam, and Faith spend the day together celebrating being a family. Victor sees Adam and Sharon at the Athletic Club and tells Sharon that her world will soon fall down around her. The FBI tells Christine that there have been new developments in the Skye Newman case and the department of justice is now in charge of the case. Christine gets an arrest warrant and goes to the Athletic Club to place Sharon under arrest for Skye’s murder.

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