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AMC Recap Written by Mary


B&B Recap Written by Wanda

Nick takes Stephanie home and she reminds him that she is not delicate; she is fine. She badgers him again about his cigar smoking. He says it relaxes him. He doesn’t want to hear about the Grim Reaper. She tells him that he saved her life once; now it’s her turn. He quips that he’s as healthy as a horse and always will be so. He appreciates her concern but this is beginning to remind him about all the irritating things about her. Madison brings some papers over to Taylor’s to give to Thomas. Whip senses she is disappointed and tells her that Thomas is pretty occupied right now, but not to take it personally. He encourages her to stick around, even go upstairs and deliver the papers personally. She catches Thomas thinking dreamily of his kiss with Brooke. Appreciating the break in his thoughts, he invites Madison to stay and have supper with him and Whip.

Katie and Donna have a heart to heart over their crab supper. Katie keeps bringing Justin into the conversation…the one who got away. She dares Donna to come tomorrow night as it is Justin’s birthday and Bill is throwing him a little shindig. Donna doesn’t think it will be that simple. She hurt him once and she may not get another chance as he has never called her. Before Madison leaves, Thomas senses she is wanting more and he kisses her. He tells her that he likes her but he can not have a meaningful relationship right now as his company success is taking over and he doesn’t know what his future will be. She doesn’t feel like she can discuss this in his bedroom. Nick tells Stephanie that he doesn’t want a word of this leaked to his mother. She says he is in denial just like the drunks he might see on the streets who don’t want to acknowledge that the bottle is killing them too. She even brings up Jack. How will he explain this to him when everybody knows that smoking can be hazardous to your health? He tells her that he is not her son or her husband, not her problem. She comments that he has a wonderful mother, a new girlfriend and a son who adores him. She just thought they meant more to him than to cheat them and disregard his life. He’s going to leave while he still thinks she is trying to do good. Outside, he immediately pulls out a cigar and lights it up, but before he takes a puff on it, he thinks it over and puts it out.

Days Recap Written by Michele and Cheryl 

Chloe showed up at the DiMera mansion and Nicole told her that Johnny is better.  Melanie wanted to see Daniel to tell him about her baby.  Maggie overheard Melanie talking to herself about the baby.  Maggie was supportive of her.  EJ wants to get Rafe out of the picture.  EJ let Stefano know that he knows what needs to be done with him.  Nicole let Chloe know that EJ will kick her out now that he and Sami have called a truce.  Sami was excited about seeing her kids again.  Rafe wanted her to remember the type of person EJ is so she shouldn't get ahead of herself.  Daniel was slipping on the couch and he found Parker's pacifier behind a pillow.  Chloe is convinced that Daniel will take her back.  She wanted to go to the apartment to see Daniel, but Nicole tried to stop her.  Stefano wanted to take Johnny on a vacation, but Sami didn't like that idea.  She wants him to stay in Salem.  EJ agreed with Sami.  Stefano wanted to know why EJ was siding with Sami.  EJ wanted to explain everything to Stefano at home.  Will and Gaby shared Johnny's good news with Chad.  Chad seemed troubled and rushed out of Will's apartment.  Melanie thinks that Daniel won't accept her child because Philip is the father.  Maggie tried to convince Melanie that Daniel will love the baby.  Chloe didn't want to take Nicole's advice so she went to see Daniel.  Nicole called Brady so she could talk with him.  He agreed to see her.  Maggie advised Melanie to stay out of Daniel's problems with Chloe.  Chloe went back to the apartment and found Daniel sleeping on the couch.  Nicole showed up at the Kiriakis mansion to see Brady.  

Sami was convinced that Johnny will be back in his own bed soon.  EJ is convinced that Sami is not the problem.  He thinks the real problem is Rafe. Chloe tried to kiss Daniel, but he was surprised and knocked her on the floor.  Nicole told Brady what happened to Johnny.  Brady wanted to know why she was at the mansion.  EJ continued to convince Stefano that Rafe is their problem.  Stefano wanted to know if Rafe really is the problem or does he want to be in Sami's bed.  Maggie wanted to know if Melanie told Nathan about the baby.  She told her that she didn't and she doesn't want Maggie to do it either.  Chloe wanted to work things out with Daniel, but he didn't want to talk to her.  Rafe was convinced that EJ is not going to honor his word to Sami.  Sami thinks EJ will honor it.  EJ told Stefano that he is not in love with Sami.  He just wants Rafe out of the way because his kids don't need another father.  Nicole told Brady that EJ probably won't let her see Sydney anymore.  She wanted Brady to talk to Sami so she could see Sydney.  Chloe begged Daniel to forgive her.  She told him she would never lie to him again.  Daniel didn't believe her.  Melanie was happy about that since she overheard their conversation.  Stefano had a plan for Rafe that was better than death.  Brady yelled at Nicole to leave and didn't want her to come back.  Daniel wanted Chloe to leave her key behind when she left.  Melanie told Daniel that she is pregnant.  Rafe told Sami that he will quietly investigate the DiMeras and they will keep the peace with them.  Stefano's plan is to kill Sami's love for Rafe.

GH Recap Written by Carrie


OLTL Recap Written by Brenda


Y&R Recap Written by Eva   **One Day Ahead

Kevin tries every possible excuse to keep Jana away from him, but she still wants him to make love to her. The excuse that finally works is that he “can’t get his lieutenant to stand at attention.” Esther comes for a visit and brings chicken soup for Kevin’s cold. She tells Jana she forgot to bring the onions so that Kevin can sneak away for romantic plans with Chloe. Jana is too smart and tells Kevin that she doesn’t want him to leave her alone. Kevin asks Esther to bring Chloe a present and apologize on his behalf for not being able to be with her tonight. Esther brings Chloe a beautiful bracelet and Chloe calls Kevin to thank him and tell him she understands.

Blake arranges to be locked in the wine cellar with Lily and tells her about Samantha. He also tells Lily that she should ask Cane what Samantha means to him. Colin tells Cane that he is staying in Genoa City because of Jill not him. He may even ask Jill to marry him. Cane tells Colin that if he does that he will tell Jill everything. Colin reminds him that he could lose Lily because she wouldn’t stay with him if she knew the truth about him. Once Lily is out of the wine cellar, she asks Cane about Samantha. He admits to her that Samantha was his late sister. He didn’t tell her about her, because her death was too painful for him. Lily is hurt that Cane didn’t feel she could help him through the pain but forgives him and makes him promise not to keep any more secrets from her. Colin asks Jill to marry him. She hesitates for a second because she thinks it’s too soon, but then she accepts his proposal.

An FBI agent arrives to question Sharon about Skye. Once Sharon tells him about her encounter with Skye in Hawaii, the agent thinks Sharon killed her. Adam and Sharon are upset by the accusation and tell the FBI agent to question Victor. He tells the agent he was out of the country on business, which Nick confirms. Victor and Nick are both sure that Adam persuaded Sharon to send the FBI agent to question him. The judge doesn’t think that Adam poses a threat to Faith, so Nick has to continue to share custody of her with Sharon.

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