Tuesday 1/18/11 Recaps

The TV MegaSite's Tuesday 1/18/11 Short Recaps


AMC Recap Written by Mary

Amanda goes to see Jake at the hospital, because she is uneasy about her friendship with Annie and afraid of turning into someone like her. Jake gives Amanda a kiss and assures her she's not crazy. In the hospital corridor, Griffin asks Cara if she'd called Immigration again? Cara denies talking them recently. Amanda walks up and confesses that she made the call. Griffin and Cara are both surprised that Amanda would do such a thing. At Krystal’s, Jesse meets with the police commissioner, who lets him know that Mayor Blanco contacted him about Jesse’s lack of interest in the police department. Plus two of his officers were seen in a very compromising situation and one of them was his daughter, Natalia. Natalia wakes up beside Brot in a room. at the Yacht Club She snuggles up closer to Brot as he strokes her hair. Brot whispers in her ear that he's going out for food and gets up and leaves. At the hospital, Erica tells a comatose David that he will never be able to hurt her family again. David wakes up and speaks Erica’s name. David asks what had happened to him, so she explains that he was shot, but she leaves out the part that it was Kendall, who did it. Bianca shares her doubts about their mom marrying Jack with Kendall. Bianca begins to talk about Reese and them being so far apart. Kendall urges Bianca to get Reese here now. Natalia wakes up and finds Brot gone. She calls out for him, but doesn’t get an answer. She quickly dresses and leaves the room. She mumbles to herself that she thought Brot was different. Brot runs into Jesse at Krystal’s and lets him know that he and Natalia are together now. Jesse begins to tell Brot what the commissioner said but changes his mind and tells Brot instead that he is happy for them.

Griffin and Cara both want to know why Amanda would call Immigration. Amanda tells them about her past insecurities where Cara is concerned about her feelings for Jake, but she assures them she no longer feels that way. Cara gets a page and leaves. Amanda continues to explain to Griffin, but he also gets a page and leaves. Jake comes out of a room where he was examining a little girl with a cold and tells her parents that she is ok, but they insists that she be quarantined because she has leukemia. Cara walks up and starts to reprimand the girl’s parents for keeping her in a bubble and not letting her do anything. Griffin has to pull Cara away before she says more to the family. Griffin asks Cara what is going on, ,but she walks away without telling him anything. Jesse calls Angie to check on her and finds out that she had an episode with the baby and had to see an Ob-Gyn. Jesse wants to fly to San Francisco to check on her, but Angie insists that he stay in Pine Valley. Erica tells David that she shot him, but he tells her that that is a lie, because Kendall was the one who shot him. Jack arrives at the hospital and finds Erica with Caleb. Erica lets Jack know that David is awake. Jack demands to know what Erica is doing there. Erica walks away from him without so much as an explanation. Jack tells Caleb that they need to talk. Jesse joins Erica and David. Jesse wants to ask David how much he remembers about the night he was shot. Brot comes back to the hotel room with food and finds Natalia gone. Natalia walks into Krystal’s and becomes upset when she cannot get waited on immediately. She starts to leave when Brot comes in. Brot tries to talk to Natalia, but she doesn’t want to talk to him. Brot grabs her by the arm and kisses her. Brot and Natalia get applause from everyone in the room. Jesse handcuffs David to the bed to keep him from escaping again. Jack arrives at Kendall’s to tell her and Bianca that David is awake, but Bianca tells him they already know. Erica arrives at Kendall’s to let her know about David, but Bianca tells her that Kendall is asleep in her and Zach’s bed and can't be disturbed. After he assures her he would never leave her, Brot and Natalia make love again. Kendall visits David. Amanda feels guilty that she meddled in Cara’s life and for deceiving Jake. She wants to tell her husband what she did, but Griffin assures her that he and Cara won't tell him.

B&B Recap Written by Wanda

Ridge tells Brooke that he missed her, even if was just for two days. They make love but Brooke is then distracted with other things on her mind. Ridge makes the analysis that Thomas is so much like him at that age, and it’s the same woman who lit a fire under him too. Taylor questions Thomas about his time in Paris and with Brooke. She wants to help him with anything that he wants to talk about. He resents her wanting to psychoanalyze him. He’s her son, not her patient. Nick is concerned when the doctor tells him that he found a spot on his lungs. It is not something to be ignored and he’d like to run a Cat Scan. Stephanie is expecting Ridge to take her home and is surprised that it will be Nick instead. He tells her about his physical and finding the spot. She cajoles him about this long tube he will be put into. She advises him to just close his eyes and don’t open them and think of a good golf game.

Taylor tells Thomas that this is not a subject she likes to talk about. But she knows what could have happened during all those years that she was gone and Brooke took care of him. She knows he must feel like she as his mother rejected him. It can affect many things to come. He opened his heart and let Brooke in and trusted her. She became the ideal female figure in his life. He thinks it is all psychobabble and wants to drop it. She does not need to control his love life. Nick tells Stephanie that the test wasn’t as bad as he thought. They’ll find nothing and all will be okay. She tells him that it would help if he gave up those cigars. He realizes he has not asked about her health. He’s happy to hear that the doctor’s are pleased with her progress. He thinks it is amazing that she is holding up so well under all of this. She makes him promise that he will keep his follow-up appointment. He has to take care of himself. Ridge pours champagne in bed and thanks Brooke for all she has done for Thomas. It bothers her when he keeps saying that the sales are going through the roof. He scoffs….imagine if they really crossed that line.

Days Recap Written by Michele and Cheryl 

Maggie figured out that Victor did something to Vivian.  Victor let her know that Kate was the one who wrote Vivian's initials.  Melanie told Philip that she isn't pregnant then she walked away from him.  Daniel told EJ and Nicole that Johnny's bandages couldn't be removed yet.  EJ ripped into Lexie when she tried to comfort him.  Rafe comforted Sami while she was worried about Johnny.  Jennifer wanted to ask Ben questions about working at the prison.  Bo refused to tell Jane where she can find Hope.  Jane didn't like that answer and planned to make him talk.  Leo showed up on the boat and surprised Hope.  Melanie continued to deny that she was pregnant.  Philip didn't believe her.  He realized that Melanie planned on getting an abortion and not say anything.  Maggie continued to read Victor the riot act for what happened to Vivian.  Vivian and Gus thought they were going to get killed when something fell out of the sky.  It turned out that it was only wine and caviar.  Lexie told EJ and Sami that Johnny's bandages were ready to be removed.  Sami and EJ went to check on Johnny.  He was ready for his bandages to be removed.

Hope wanted Leo to help her find Bo.  He let her know that Bo was involved in a struggle.  Nathan showed up at the pub and blew Jennifer's lie to Ben.  She made it seem as if she wanted to start volunteering out of the blue.  Nathan said that Jennifer volunteers all of the time.  Melanie blurted out to Philip that she's not getting an abortion.  Johnny's bandages were removed and he was able to see.  He was able to see better up close than he was able to far away.  Maggie didn't approve of Victor helping keep Vivian away and continued to give him the riot act over it.  Ben took Nathan's phone by mistake when he walked out of the pub.  Philip tried to convince Melanie to give him a chance to be a family with the baby.  EJ thanked Nicole for being the one to notice what happened to Johnny.  EJ told Judge Fitzpatrick that he and Nicole were going to postpone the wedding.  Rafe thanked Carly for what she did for Johnny.  She asked him to find Bo.  Jane continued to torture Bo to get him to reveal Hope's location.  Hope took a risk a made a phone call in order to help Bo.  EJ tried to get Johnny to take off the cap Rafe gave him.  Johnny didn't want to take it off.  Sami thanked Nicole for what she did for Johnny.  Nicole wasn't sure where she stands with Sydney or EJ.  Maggie agreed to go out with Victor if he let Vivian go.  Melanie claimed she didn't love Philip anymore and wanted him to leave.  Nathan received a call, but no one responded.  It turns out that Hope was on the other line.  She wasn't sure why Nathan answered the phone.  Sami didn't want Rafe to investigate the DiMeras too much so she wouldn't lose her kids again.  EJ wants to be friends with Sami, but he wants Rafe out of the picture.

GH Recap Written by Carrie

Carly and Sam argue about Abby and Michael. Carly is upset when Jason defends Sam. Michael can’t believe that Abby is a hooker. Abby doesn’t want to see Michael anymore. Dante advises Sonny to postpone his wedding to Brenda. Sonny refuses to call off the nuptials. Dante tells Sonny that Theo Hoffman knows about Aleksander’s shooting. Theo shows up at Dante’s loft; he has an awkward chat with Lulu. Lulu is shocked to learn that Brenda killed another man (Aleksander) but acts like she already knows about it. Theo implies that Brenda could confess to the crime in open court. Theo and Lulu discuss the civil lawsuit. Michael and Carly argue in front of Jason and Sam. Molly has nightmares of the bus crash; she and Alexis have a talk. Kristina apologizes for forgetting to pick up Molly’s award at school. Molly yells at Kristina, then throws a vase on the floor. Jason informs Sonny that Mike is gambling again. Sonny suggests getting his father in rehab. Sonny tells Jason that Dante will be his best man at the wedding. Molly continues to act strange in front of Alexis and Kristina. Kristina tells Alexis that she broke the vase; Molly thanks her sister for the save. Lulu updates Dante about Theo’s visit; she is devastated that Dante didn’t tell her about Aleksander. Abby meets with Jason to discuss Michael. Jason asks Abby to be candid with Michael. Michael apologizes to Carly but he wants to be treated like an adult. Carly wishes that she could have been a better mother to Michael. Carly agrees to stay out of her son’s love life. Theo shows up at Sonny’s restaurant; they talk about Aleksander’s shooting. Theo wonders how Brenda will fare at the trial. Dante finally comes clean about the cover-up; Lulu is mad at him for lying. In fact, Lulu feels so betrayed that she walks out on Dante. Sam and Jason are worried about Michael.

OLTL Recap Written by Jennifer S.

Inez finally comes clean to Bo and to Nora about how she did not sleep with Bo but drugged him so that he would believe that it happened. And she admits, for the first time that Clint put her up to drugging Bo and paid Eddie off to kidnap Nora. Meanwhile, Echo finds Clint and asks him what happened to the good man he used to be who has now turned into a bitter nasty jerk. He admits that he may have some problems. When he's alone, Bo finds him after learning for the first time what he did, and points a gun at his brother. Aubrey still has Joey believing that she is the love of his life and Cutter is her brother. But Cutter overhears her telling Joey that no man has ever loved and cared for her the way he does. And Cutter appears worried that she may mean that and be developing feelings for Joey. Kelly confronts Cutter and it appears he would cheat on Aubrey with her. Dorian notices Aubrey's picture in the magazine and wonders who the guy is whom she's with. She recalls that Robert Ford knows Aubrey and might be able to shed some light on that. And she has him reveal to Kelly what he knows about Aubrey and Cutter.

Y&R Recap Written by Eva   **One Day Ahead

Kay is not happy that Paul hasn’t found anything incriminating on Colin other than spending time in jail for tax evasion. Paul promises to keep digging for more information. Katherine is sure Paul will find something soon, because she has a bad feeling about Colin. Katherine bursts into Jill’s room to tell her about Colin’s jail time. She is shocked to find Colin there and confronts him about the tax evasion charges. He reminds her that she was once accused of killing her husband. Colin thanks Jill for a great evening and leaves while Katherine tries to talk to Jill once more about how dangerous Colin is. Jill throws her out of her room. Later she goes downstairs to find Paul who tells her he thinks Colin is dangerous. Jill can tell Paul hasn’t discovered anything bad about Colin yet and tells Katherine that no matter what she does to keep her away from Colin, she likes him more and more every day, and she will continue to see him. Jill vows to get Colin, who she thinks is a thug, out of Genoa City in order to protect Jill.

Cane thanks Sofia for helping him do Blake’s work so that he can continue to pay his debt. When Colin wonders why Sofia is risking so much to help him, she tells him that someone once helped her out of trouble, so she is just paying it forward. Sofia wonders if someone helped Cane when he was in Australia. He remembers a woman and tells Sofia his life would be different if she were still in it. Blake arrives and Sofia divulges that she knows his real name isn’t James Collier. The only reason she hasn’t called the FBI is because of Cane, but he should take her advice and get out of town. Blake tells Sofia his boss hasn’t been paid what he is owed, and he wants full payment. Blake goes to talk to Colin at the entrance of Crimson Lights where Colin orders him to continue pressuring Cane to pay his debt, because it is the only way he is going to get what he wants from Cane. Once Sofia heads back to the office, Colin tells Cane that he is going to allow him to stay in Genoa City, because Jill and Lily are lovely women. He even got to see his grandchildren, and the USA is starting to feel like home.

Kevin calls Chloe to tell her he has a plan to help trigger Jana’s memory. He is going to take her to the same movie theater where Daisy and Ryder kidnapped her to see if she regains her memory. Kevin is unaware that Jana is eavesdropping on the conversation. Later Kevin sees Chloe sitting in the back of the theater and tells her he hopes that the movie will trigger Jana’s memory. Jana pretends to remember that Ryder and Daisy kidnapped her and accuses Kevin of bringing her back to the theater to trick her into regaining her memory. Kevin takes Jana home where she cries and says she remembers screaming his name so that he would come rescue her, but all that time she was afraid that he thought she left him. When Kevin assures her that he knew the truth, Jana starts kissing him and asks him to make love to her so she will know that he still loves her. Chloe tells Esther that she is tired of sneaking around with Kevin even though she feels badly that Jana lost her memory. Esther tells Chloe that she will help her plan a picnic so that she and Kevin can spend some time alone.

Heather asks Christine to give Ronan his job back, but she tells Heather that Ronan broke the rules and he is out of a job. Nina assures Ronan that it is okay to be scared. Se may not be able to help him, though, because she isn’t a match, but she wants to be there for him if he needs to let his emotions out. Ronan tells Nina that she is a wonderful mother, and he feels guilty for taking Chance away from her. He is prepared to die if that is what is going to happen, and it is time that she let him go. Nina won’t let him give up on his life. Nina leaves as Heather arrives to apologize to Ronan for getting him fired. Heather couldn’t bear to lose him like she lost Chance. She thinks they would make a great couple. After he kisses her, Ronan then tells her to leave, because what they had is over. Once Heather is gone, Ronan collapses to the floor, then gets up and starts packing to leave town.

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