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AMC Recap Written by Mary

In Kendall’s living room, Kendall, Erica and Opal discuss Erica’s wedding to Jack. Bianca joins them. Kendall tells the women about her dream about David and him standing right over her. Erica orders them not to talk about David, since this is a “no David” zone. Liza visits with David in his hospital room. Liza tells David that she really messed up by sleeping with her daughter’s boyfriend and she needs his help. Griffin walks in and informs Liza that they are moving David to another facility, because they can no longer do anything for him. Colby catches up with Liza in the hospital corridor and asks for her help in getting Damon back. Liza discourages Colby. At the condo, Greenlee and Ryan discuss his trip to California and what he will do if he finds out that Zach was indeed murdered and the effect that it will have on Kendall. Tad joins Damon in a booth at Krystal’s. Damon still insists to Tad that he is leaving town. Damon lets Tad know that he never felt like he belonged until he had come to Pine Valley. Greenlee makes Ryan promise that he will come back in one piece from his trip. Ryan promises not to keep things from her ever again. Kendall lets everyone know that she started on the guest list, but in looking at it, Bianca realizes that Caleb was left out. Erica insists that Caleb wouldn’t want to come anyway. Bianca becomes upset that Caleb wasn’t invited. Kendall and Opal cannot understand Bianca’s reaction over Caleb. Kendall asks Erica what went on between her and Caleb. When Bianca and Kendall leave the room, Opal begins to question Erica as to what is going on. While having lunch at Krystal’s, Erica lets Opal know that she kissed Caleb. Opal becomes upset and makes Erica promise that it will be the last time. Kendall lets Greenlee know about her dream about David standing right over her. Kendall promises to be part of Greenlee’s wedding when she marries Ryan. Ryan and a man from the NTSB meet on the beach to discuss Zach’s death. The agent lets Ryan know that Zach died accidentally as a result of a faulty fuel valve. Kendall has a check-up with Griffin at the hospital. Kendall tells Griffin how good it is to have Cara around. Kendall tells Griffin about the nightmares. At ConFusion, Erica asks Liza to push up her trial date, but Liza refuses. Damon visits Colby at the Chandler mansion. Colby pours out her heart to Damon about her feelings for him. Ryan sits on the beach and remembers the night that Zach’s plane went down.

Colby admits she kissed Asher twice and asks who the girl was that Damon slept with. Damon says the name isn't important. Erica lets Liza know that the shooting of David was justified and asks Liza if she's ever done anything impulsively. Tad watches Liza’s reaction to Erica’s question. Tad talks to Liza about dropping the charges against Erica. Colby begs Damon to go back to the way they were, but he refuses. Griffin advises Kendall to go back to sleeping in hers and Zach’s bedroom. After Kendall encourages her to go, Greenlee joins Ryan on the beach to discuss what he found out about Zach’s death. Liza lets Erica know that she is dropping the charges against her. Erica is thrilled. Tad tells Liza that she did the right thing. Damon says good-bye to Colby. Ryan and Greenlee take a walk on the beach hand in hand. Ryan asks Greenlee to go somewhere with him. The NTSB man watches from a cliff and tells someone that the case on Zach Slater’s death is closed. Kendall picks up her blankets and pillows from the living room and heads to her bedroom. Erica visits David to tell him that it is all over, and he cannot hurt them anymore. As she's leaving, David opens his eyes and calls out Erica’s name.

B&B Recap Written by Wanda

On the plane, Brooke wakes up from a kiss from Thomas and asks what was he doing? Innocently he tries to explain that he saw her lying there and although he knew he shouldn’t have, he gave her a light kiss. She has to ask if he is starting to have feelings for her. She comments that the kiss he just gave her was not a publicity stunt. She has loved working with him, but if there is more……He asks her to do him a favor and not mention this to his Dad. It won’t happen again. Nick bumps into Ridge at the hospital and as they discuss their businesses, Ridge tells him they have never had a hotter campaign than the Taboo line. Nick wonders if that shouldn’t bother him, his son and his wife in such steamy pictures. Ridge assures him that he and Brooke are unbreakable. Amber meets Tawny for lunch and once again Tawny wastes no time in encouraging her to hook up her star to Liam – William Spencer III. Amber explains to her that Hope and Liam and the Spencer’s have a perfect little world and they aren’t about to invite Amber into it. In fact they will do everything they can to keep her out.

Katie tells Bill that some of those pictures of Thomas and Brooke are pushing the envelope and she hopes they don’t have to worry about Brooke’s marriage. Thomas tells Brooke that the kiss was a kiss of appreciation and meant nothing and she is getting worked up over this for nothing. Ridge greets them on the jet and wants to hear all about the trip. He tells them they have been on a journey, but he’s glad they are home. Now they have to keep up this Taboo campaign as the public expects. Nick gets the results of his physical. He quips he knows he needs to cut back on the cigars and beer. The Doc says that he is in good shape except for a spot on his lung.

Days Recap Written by Michele and Cheryl 

Chloe showed up at the hospital and saw Carly.  Chloe asked her about her hearing and then she asked about Daniel.  Carly didn't like that.  Stephanie pushed Melanie on the floor and Melanie grabbed for her stomach.  Melanie thought Stephanie was trying to kill her.  Melanie made a comment about her killing her so she could get Nathan back.  Stephanie attacked her again.  Brady walked in on them fighting.  EJ told Stefano that he wanted to end his feud with Sami.  Melanie kicked the papers she had about getting an abortion so Stephanie didn't see them.  Stephanie left the house.  Brady wanted to know what was wrong with Melanie.  Carly let Chloe know that Daniel wasn't at the hospital.  Carly didn't want to get in the middle of Chloe's fight with Daniel.  Kate told Victor that she wanted to spend the might with Stefano because Johnny needed surgery.  Victor wanted to know what she and Brady did to Vivian.  Vivian and Gus continued to fight on the island.  Brady wanted to see the papers Melanie had.  He wanted to know if she is pregnant.  Stefano wanted to know how long this "contract" with Sami is going to last.  EJ assured Stefano that it's going to last forever.  Chloe saw Philip on the pier.  She told Philip how she tried to see Daniel.  Philip offered to babysit Parker, but Chloe went ballistic.  

Chloe wanted Philip to forget that Parker is his son.  Philip told her that he's going to be apart of Parker's life.  Chloe didn't want him to because she would never get Daniel back if he were always around. Philip refused to go away.  Chloe said he needs to stay away for Daniel's sake as well as Melanie's.  Melanie didn't want to have a baby with Philip because she hates him.  Brady told her that he would be there for her no matter what she did.  Stefano was about to tell EJ something when Kate showed up at the mansion.  Stefano ended up telling EJ that Kate was spending the night at the mansion.  Brady agreed to keep Melanie's pregnancy a secret.  Maggie showed up at Victor's mansion to pick up the rest of Vivian's room.  Chloe told Philip that she thinks Melanie is pregnant.  Carly saw Melanie at the hospital and they talked.  Stephanie and Nathan argued over Melanie.  Chloe continued to tell Philip about her suspicions over Melanie being pregnant.  Vivian and Gus finally made up with each other.  Maggie continued to question Vivian's whereabouts.  She saw a map and wanted to know what Victor did to Vivian.  EJ was about to leave the mansion when Carly called.  She told him that Johnny's bandages were going to be removed.  Philip showed up at Maggie's house to ask Melanie if she is pregnant.

GH Recap Written by Carrie

Siobhan and Lucky break up. Carly warns Sonny that marrying Brenda is a bad idea. Sonny wants Morgan in the wedding. Kristina begs Michael to accompany her to the memorial. Jason learns that Jerry isn’t the Balkan. Brenda tells Theo about shooting Aleksander in self-defense. Johnny threatens to come forward with the syringe. Terrell asks Lisa about her relationship to Johnny. Sam receives some information from Kelly regarding an experimental fertility procedure. Claire pays Sonny a visit. Abby runs into Brandon. Carly confronts Abby about being arrested for prostitution. Abby and Michael have an argument. Abby tells Michael that she is a hooker. Jason urges Sonny and Brenda to call off the wedding. Jason and Sam talk about Michael and Abby. Carly confronts Sam regarding Abby’s arrest. Siobhan and Theo secretly meet to talk about Aleksander’s murder. Lucky senses that Siobhan is hiding something from him. Brenda wants to marry Sonny on February 18.

OLTL Recap Written by Jennifer S.

Aubrey and Cutter are ready to put their plan into motion to scam Joey and have him believe that Cutter is Aubrey's brother. But they are running into some "obstacles" including Kelly knowing better and determined not to stay out of it. Marty has managed to escape from her restraints to find the baby. John prevents her from taking his and Natalie's baby away and it looks like Marty has really lost it. In the courtroom, both Tea and Nora want to examine the possibility that Inez killed Eddie and let Nate take the fall for her. Nora states she knows, however, that Inez has an alibi, "believing" that she was with Bo the night in question. But Bo speaks up after Rex has convinced him that Inez may have drugged him in order to have an alibi while she killed Eddie and tells them he did not sleep with Inez. Hearing that, Nora does not seem to buy that.

Y&R Recap Written by Eva  **One Day Ahead

Diane continues to enjoy her time on the ranch helping Victor business-wise and keeping a secret romance going with Nick. Nick and Diane plan to meet later after her business dinner with Victor, but they have to postpone their plans when Summer arrives to spend the night. Nick and Victor are not happy that Adam is staying with Sharon on the ranch. Nick tells Sharon that by having Adam move in with her, she made it easier for him to win permanent custody of Faith. Adam won’t allow Nick to bully Sharon any more. Diane is so calm about the situation with Sharon and Adam, but Victor assures her that he has something planned for Adam, and she shouldn’t waste her time feeling sorry for that creature.

Adam tells Sharon that he shouldn’t live with her, because he doesn’t want to be responsible for her losing custody of Faith. Sharon tells Adam she is ready to fight for both their relationship and her daughter, and she will win. Sharon tells Adam that he is the only person who has ever believed she was capable of standing on her own too feet and that is one of the reasons she loves him so much. Sharon and Adam celebrate his being out of jail by making love. Daniel and Abby have dinner together at his apartment, but he can’t stop staring at this picture of the woods that Daisy drew. He still can’t remember that he helped Daisy give birth to his baby girl. Abby helps him realize that he may never remember what happened. He decides to stop putting pressure on himself and throws the drawing in the trash. Daniel decides to give Daisy’s things to Goodwill and thanks Abby for all her help and support. Abby tells Daniel she has feelings for him although she promised herself that would never happen again, but he isn’t just any guy.

Phyllis tells Jack she still blames herself for what happened, because she helped get Daisy released from jail. Phyllis also admits to Jack that she was looking forward to being a mother again. Victoria still fears that someone will come and take the baby away from them, but Billy assures her once again that it will not happen. Billy and Victoria struggle to find a name for the baby until they notice that she has some red hair, so they decide to call her Lucy. Phyllis is the first to meet the new baby, and she is happy for Billy and Victoria. Phyllis later calls Jack and leaves a message on his phone thanking him for listening to her feelings about wanting to be a mother. She tells him that Billy and Victoria adopted a baby girl.

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