Friday 1/14/11 Recaps

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AMC Recap Written by Mary

J.R. brings Marissa in some coffee on a tray to the living room. J.R. finds Marissa working on Scott’s case. Marissa tries to get up, but starts to fall and J.R. catches her. Annie walks up to the door and sees J.R. with his hands around Marissa’s waist. At Pine Valley Hospital, Angie and Natalia discuss hers and Brot’s relationship and what had happened the night before. Jesse sits in a booth in the Confusion bar, going over some paperwork from the break-in at the Chandler’s. Jesse questions Brot about the report. Madison looks at a book on pregnancy when she gets a call from Scott that his parole hearing is today. Greenlee and Ryan arrive at the prison for Scott’s parole hearing. Scott lets Greenlee know that he knows about Madison and the baby. Annie imagines that Marissa confronts her about her staging the accident to look like a break in. Annie lashes out at Marissa that she knows what Marissa is doing when J.R. walks in and tells Marissa that she is not going to court. Brot tells Jesse that he feels as though that he is in this alone. Jesse advises Brot to find Natalia and discuss this whole matter. Annie looks at Marissa’s purse and her bracelet when there is a knock on the door. It is J.R. J.R. tells Annie that he had postponed their ski trip to Switzerland which doesn’t sit too well with Annie. To add salt to the wound, J.R. lets Annie know that he had put off the divorce. As a result of Greenlee testifying at his parole hearing, Scott is granted parole. In picking up her things to leave the prison, Greenlee intercepts a call from Madison to Ryan letting him know that Kendall had been trying to get in touch with Him. Greenlee also finds out that Ryan is planning a trip to California and that Madison had known about his trip. Back at the condo, Greenlee confronts Ryan about not telling her about his trip. Scott arrives back at the Chandler mansion and is welcomed by Marissa, but not by J.R. Scott lets J.R. know that he would not move back into the mansion if he was let. Scott takes his Dad’s pic down off the wall and leaves. Marissa cannot believe J.R.’s attitude toward Scott.

Scott walks into Krystal’s, but finds he has no money when the waitress wants to take is order. Annie turns around from the counter and sees Scott. Annie apologizes for all that had happened. Marissa finds out from J.R. that he had delayed the divorce hearing. Scott looks at his father’s painting and talks to it when Madison walks in and sees that Scott had gotten out of prison. Natalia lets Brot know that she had never been with anyone. Brot puts up the “Do Not Disturb” sign when the Commissioner sees him and Natalia. Jesse lets Angie know that they are having a little girl. The Commissioner calls Jesse to talk to him immediately. Brot and Natalia make love. Ryan gets a call from California to come there immediately. Madison and Scott get better acquainted. Annie looks at a pic of J.R., Marissa and A.J. Annie cuts Marissa’s pic off the rest of the pic.

B&B Recap Written by Wanda

Nick happens to meet up with Taylor at Dayzee’s. He looks around and thinks it’s amazing that Stephanie has done all of this and it’s benefiting the homeless. He brings up what’s on her mind, Brooke and Thomas in Paris and now heading home. She explains the Oedipus complex to him. She is afraid Thomas will eventually cross that threshold. Marcus enjoys a romp in bed with Amber and then is glad when she tells him she is pregnant, but it is not his. They always used protection. She explains that it could be Oliver’s or Liam 's although he doesn’t even remember their time together. On the jet, Thomas tells Brooke this trip has been magical and he feels like he has learned much more about her and is closer to her. She coos she hopes all his dreams come true. He remarks they make a pretty good team. He’s a different person over what she has done for him. She gets sleepy and blames it on the drink she just had. She tells Thomas sweet dreams; she is going to lie down a while. When she drifts off, he takes the blanket and pulls it up around her and leans in and gives her a quick kiss. She wakes up and asks what he is doing.

Days Recap Written by Michele and Cheryl

Melanie considered getting an abortion.  She started to make an appointment but changed her mind.  Stephanie showed up at Maggie's house and demanded that Melanie talk to her.  Nathan showed up at the Kiriakis mansion to confront Philip.  Sami wanted to know if EJ would let her be in Johnny's life if he ended up blind after the surgery.  EJ didn't want to think about that right now.  Rafe walked in while Sami was trying to convince EJ to let her see Johnny.  Rafe thought that EJ was trying to upset Sami.  Stephanie thought Melanie ruined everything and she wanted Melanie to answer for it.  EJ went to the chapel to pray for Johnny.  Sami overheard EJ's promise to God that he would end his battle with Sami if Johnny is cancer free and can see after his surgery.  Kate saw Stefano on the pier and wanted to know what's wrong with him.  Stefano told Kate about what happened to Johnny.  They also started talking about what Kate did to him.  Rafe thanked Nicole for telling him and Sami about Johnny.  EJ noticed how Sami was in the chapel with him.  He wanted to know how long she was there.  She let him know that she was there long enough.  Nathan and Philip were arguing about the paternity test as well as Melanie.  Melanie and Stephanie were arguing about Nathan.  Sami prayed for Johnny and EJ heard her prayer too.  

Philip told Nathan that he knew about the paternity test, but he didn't think he was the father.  Nathan didn't believe him.  He was under the impression that Philip would have changed the results of the test.  They got into an argument which led to Philip punching Nathan.  Kate told Stefano that Vivian isn't running things at Titan after he taunted her about it.  EJ and Sami agreed to call a truce.  Sami is tired of fighting with him.  EJ got a text from Lexie telling him that Johnny was out of surgery.  Sami wanted to know if that was a good thing or a bad thing.  EJ wasn't sure what to think so they rushed out of the chapel.  Stephanie let Melanie know that she did what she did because she thought Melanie wanted Nathan.  Daniel and Carly told EJ, Sami, Rafe, and Nicole that they were able to save Johnny's eye.  Sami wanted to know if EJ was going to honor his promise to God.  He said they could see Johnny together.  Lexie told Stefano the news about Johnny.  He wanted to go to the hospital, but Lexie told him to go home.  Melanie realized that Stephanie knew about Philip being with Chloe.  Melanie grabbed her bad and was about to leave, but Stephanie grabbed the bag too.  The papers Melanie had for getting an abortion fell out of the bag.  Stephanie ended up pushing Melanie on the floor.  Melanie grabbed her stomach.

GH Recap Written by Brenda

Brook Lynn goes to see Lucky and tells him that she is concerned about the way Elizabeth is using her baby to manipulate Nikolas. Nikolas tells Lucky that Elizabeth has been coming around a lot since Lucky has been with Siobhan and wonders how Lucky would feel about Nik and Elizabeth getting back together. Lucky says he doesnít want to be involved. Siobhan asks the Balkan to release her from her obligation and release her sister. He refuses and tells her he may have her set up Lucky. Siobhan goes back to Lucky's apartment and breaks up with him.

Patrick asks Johnny for the hypodermic needle that Lisa pushed off on him. Johnny denies having it. Patrick warns Johnny that Lisa will turn on him. Terrell tells Robin about his friend Ricky who died of AIDS. Then he goes to Lisa and asks her why she didnít mention Robin's HIV status when she enlisted him to sleep with her. He wonders what else she is keeping from him. Later, he observes Johnny come in and cozy up to Lisa. Epiphany tells him that John is a mobster. Johnny shows Lisa that he has the syringe in his pocket.

Jason demands that Spinelli tell him what he knows about Carly's plan to ruin Sonny and Brenda's wedding. When Carly tells Diane that Brenda gave birth to Dante's child, Diane concludes that it must be one of the crazy schemes that Jason has told her so much about. Carly produces a document in which Dante signed over all rights to Brenda's child. Diane agrees to legally obtain a copy of the document. Jason bursts in and demands to see it. Carly is relieved to realize that "it" is Spinelli's book. Sonny tells Brenda that Dante declined to be his best man. Brenda convinces Dante to change his mind. Sonny asks Carly for her permission to let Morgan be in the wedding. Carly squawks about not wanting the kids to become invested in Sonny's fantasy with Brenda. He tells her that he knows she plans to blow his wedding out of the water so she might as well tell him what she has to say now. Theo deposes Brenda about the events leading up to her shooting Banovic. He asks her who Aleksander is.

OLTL Recap Written by Jennifer S.

During Nate's trial Tea believes that Inez killed Eddie and let her son take the rap for it. Nora tells the judge she agrees that is entirely possible, Todd burst into the courtroom telling everybody that he knows that Nate killed Eddie and has planted his (Todd's) cufflinks at the crime scene to frame Todd. At that point, after Tea grills Nate on the witness stand, he agrees that he did not kill Eddie. He was already dead when he went to the motel room and he almost did get Todd Manning wrongfully accused of murder. Meanwhile, Marty is in the Psych ward and believes that she and John had a baby and Natalie is going to take her baby from her. Rex and Roxy join Natalie, John, Jessica and Brody with their new babies. Rex seriously believes that Inez is a prime suspect in the shooting death of Eddie and tells Bo he bets she drugged him to believe they had sex so that she would have an alibi when she went and shot Eddie. He tells Clint he thinks they both know that is what happened. Clint denies it. Clint is still a bit concerned that Vimal has confusion over which of Clint's daughter's had a paternity test and what might be involved in the altering of the test to make it "falsely" appear that Brody is the father of one of their babies. Yet we do not know which.

Y&R Recap Written by Eva  **One Day Ahead

Kevin canít stand having to pretend he is still Janaís husband because he wants to get on with his life but also because he feels badly because he has to lie to Jana. Jana overhears Kevin talking to her psychiatrist asking her if there is any way that they can gently guide Jana to the present because his life is good right now and Jana just isnít a part of his life anymore. Jana later meets with the psychiatrist and remembers that Ryder and Daisy are brother and sister and that Daisy held her hostage but she also tells her that Kevinís love was what helped her survive the kidnapping and she couldnít live without Kevin in her life and that Kevin loves her in the same way.

Kevin and Chloe go visit Daniel and tell him that they are more the friends but they canít go public with their relationship because Jana canít remember a year of her life and he has to pretend to still be her husband. Kevin and Chloe make out in Kevinís car but decide not to let their first time together be in his car and Kevin heads back to his apartment. The police interviews Daniel but he still canít remember that he helped Daisy give birth to his baby girl inside Janaís car. Daniel is released from the hospital and Phyllis takes him back home to his apartment and apologizes for helping Daisy stay out of prison because if Daisy had been in prison none of this would have ever happened to him and his baby girl would be safe. Daniel doesnít blame Phyllis for anything and assures her that they will find Daisy and when she gives birth they will find good parents for the baby.

Nina pleads with Christine to tell Chance about Ronanís illness so that he can get tested to be a possible liver donor but Christine doesnít want to compromise the case or the lives of both Ninaís sons. Christine agrees to ask Ronan if he wants her to tell Chance about his illness and if Ronan agrees she will contact Chance. Ronan tells heather that it was Chanceís decision not to tell her that he was alive. Heather is hurt but Nina assures her that it wasnít easy for Chance to say good-bye to her but he was only doing his job which was to protect her and that job didnít end when Heather got fired form the D.A.ís office. Ronan tells Christine not to tell Chance about his illness because it would put Chanceís life at risk. Christine is upset with Ronan because he told heather that Chance is alive and risked the case but she is even more upset that Ronan didnít tell her about his illness. Christine has no choice but to fire Ronan which upsets Nina because it gives him an excuse to leave town.

Victoria doesnít want to get attached to the baby because she feels something isnít right about the adoption and fears that someone could take the baby away from her and she doesnít want to feel that kind of pain. Billy admits he cut corners to adopt the baby but he assures Victoria that nobody will take the baby away from them. Billy tells Victoria that if she doesnít want the baby he can fix it so the adoption never happened but the baby needs someone to take care of her. Billy and Victoria have a long discussion and when Billy canít seem to quiet the crying baby girl Victoria holds her and tells her that her mommy has her and she will be okay.

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