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AMC Recap Written by Mary

At the prison, a guard harasses Scott for being rich and having a trust fund. The guard orders Scott to clean up the mess. Scott reaches down and pulls a cell phone out of his sock. Ryan and Greenlee sit in a booth in the Confusion Bar and kiss. Jake and Amanda joins them. Greenlee receives a text message from Scott and leaves Ryan with Jake and Amanda. Brot, Natalia, Frankie and Randi have lunch together at Krystal’s. Their main topic of conversation is the stakeout that Brot and Natalia had been on the night before. Randi inquires as to what they had talked about on the stakeout. In a nearby booth, Madison reads a letter from Scott. Randi joins Madison to see how she is doing. At the hospital, Jesse and Angie share some intimate time together when the Mayor interrupts them. The Mayor reprimands Jesse for not being at work and letting the police department suffer. Annie watches Marissa as she looks at a pic of herself and J.R. with A.J. Annie starts to barge into the living room and accidentally hits Marissa with the door. Marissa falls to the floor. Annie fears that she had killed her. Annie checks to see if she is still breathing and to her relief Marissa is breathing. J.R. calls Annie that he wants to see her, but she stalls him. Annie comes up with a plan to make it look as though someone had broken into the Chandler mansion and had knocked Marissa unconscious. Annie steals Marissa’s purse and her bracelet. Madison tells Frankie and Randi that she had gotten a job with Kendall while she is home. Ryan finds a brown envelope outside his door concerning Zach and the plane crash, and that the case had been closed. J.R. arrives home and finds Marissa on the floor unconscious. Ryan lets Madison know that he is going to California to check on evidence concerning Zach’s death.

At the prison, Greenlee reprimands Scott for ruining her evening with Ryan. Scott tells Greenlee that he wants her to testify at his parole hearing. J.R., immediately calls the police as well as the paramedics. Annie arrives, pretending as though this was the first time that she had been there. When Marissa refuses to go to the hospital, Annie offers to call Jake to come and examine her. Natalia questions Annie as to what she knows about the break in. Annie pretends that she had just gotten here. Jake and Amanda arrive to check on Annie’s condition. Amanda pulls Annie aside and tells her that they are going to have to stop their theatrics that Cara and Marissa are doing things against them. Annie watches as J.R. stays beside Marissa and even offers to let Marissa stay at the mansion. Brot and Natalia go to a motel room, but when he kisses her, she pulls away and leaves. Madison visits Scott and lets him know that she is pregnant. Scott figures out that the baby is Ryan’s and Ryan doesn’t know. Greenlee arrives home to Ryan and lets him know that she had visited Scott in prison and had offered him a job. J.R. lets Annie know that he had planned on taking her on a ski trip to Switzerland before all this had happened and now the trip has to be put on hold.

B&B Recap Written by Wanda

Thomas tells Brooke that he loves her. She took care of him as a child and it’s come full circle. It means all the more for her being here now sharing in his success. Ridge comes back to the office to find Stephanie there. He praises her for dedicating her life now to Dayzee’s and helping other people. She comments that it’s fulfilled her more than anything else ever has. And he has taken notice of how she has embraced Brooke and is turning over a new leaf where she is concerned. Stephanie says she wasted a lot of time in the past fighting with her and accusing her of using her sexuality. Now she realizes there is a lot more substance to her and why others are drawn to her.

Thomas says goodnight to Brooke after she reminds him they need to get to sleep so they can start a new day back home tomorrow. He lingers as he leaves watching her before the glow in the fireplace. Dayzee tells Stephanie that the place is really working out, helping people in the community. Some have even found new places to live off of Skid Row. And Pam is keeping them oversupplied with her lemon bars. Brooke and Ridge have a video chat. He tells her they handled themselves beautifully. Thomas opens the adjoining door just as Brooke starts to tell Ridge what Thomas said today. She admits he is a very special, sensitive guy that he can be proud of. They say goodnight and then she realizes Thomas is standing staring at her. He says he wasn’t eavesdropping; he brought her some new Taboo music that Oliver faxed him. He sits on the couch with Brooke and plays it……….“a gentle touch that turned from right to wrong…..I know now so well, I’m under your spell.”

Days Recap Written by Michele and Cheryl 

Sami wanted to get some answers for why the cancer spread to Johnny's other eye.  It turned out that Jane works for Stefano.  Bo was tied up and blindfolded in a basement.  Stefano wanted Bo to be kept alive.  Hope wondered what happened to Bo. She checked the computer for answers.  Daniel let Sami and EJ know that he and Dr. Kim may be able to save Johnny's eye if they move quickly.  There's still a chance he could lose his eye.  Daniel informed EJ and Sami that the doctors need both parents' permission to possibly take out his eye.  Stefano warned Jane that Hope is still investigating her.  Hope found some information about Jane.  Bo regained consciousness and wanted to know who was there.  Jane let him know that it was his worse nightmare.  EJ and Sami agreed to let the doctors examine Johnny's eye.  Nicole talked to Rafe and let him know that she hates what Johnny is going through.  Sami and EJ had the hard task of telling Johnny that he has to have another operation.  Needless to say, he was scared.  Hope figured out that Jane has Bo.  

Harold (Stefano's servant) told Stefano that Johnny had to go back to the hospital.  He called Lexie and she informed him that Johnny has to have surgery on his eye. Nicole wanted to know if Daniel is up to performing Johnny's surgery.  Carly didn't like Nicole questioning Daniel's ability so she interrupted them.  Stefano met with Ben on the pier.  Stefano wanted Ben to find him a donor eye immediately.  Ben said he couldn't do it.  Sami tried to explain to EJ that Johnny needs all of his family.  Lexie agreed with Sami.  Jane wanted Bo to tell her where Hope is or he will have to suffer.  Ben let Stefano know that Johnny can't get the transplant because he has a unique case.  He also wanted to know what Stefano was going to do about not having enough organs to meet the needs of the patients.  Lexie continued to let EJ know how important it was for Johnny's entire family to be around him.  EJ actually let Sami take Sydney to see Johnny. Jane injected Bo with truth serum so he could tell her where she can find Hope.  Johnny was getting prepared for surgery.

GH Recap Written by Brenda

Diane brings Sonny a pre-nup. Sonny says he doesn’t need it. Carly asks Diane to help her stop Brenda and Sonny's wedding by getting a legitimate copy of the proof she has that Brenda and Dante had a child together. Spinelli tells Jason that he has to stop the wedding or Carly will do it. Sonny asks Dante to be his best man. Dante says he can't.

Jason asks Brenda to wait until after they find the Balkan to marry Sonny. Spinelli tells lucky that he found a bank account shared by jerry Jax and Aleksander Janacek may be the key to finding the Balkan. Siobhan almost lets slip that jerry is not the Balkan. Siobhan meets the Balkan at a church and he gives her a picture of her sister, bound and gagged. He tells her that he wants her to make sure Lucky goes to Brenda's wedding and takes her as his date so that she will be there when he takes his revenge on Brenda.

Michael brings Dante's phone to the station and sees Abby being brought in for prostitution. Dante asks her to tell him if she has been honest with Michael. After they chat for a few minutes, Dante lets Michael go in and visit with her. Dante asks Ronnie if they have proof, Ronnie says they got an anonymous tip. Johnny arrives to post bail and reveals that he co owns Vaughn's. Ethan hears Maya admit to Johnny that she cares about Ethan. Patrick accuses Lisa of handing the syringe she was going to drug Robin with to Johnny. Lisa denies it. Patrick goes to Johnny and tells him he knows about the syringe and asks him for it. Terrell proceeds with the plan to seduce Robin as Lisa asked him to do. Robin reveals that she is HIV-positive.

OLTL Recap Written by Jennifer S.

Starr and Langston are talking about Starr's dilemma regarding what to do with the fact that Cole is in prison, James is free and living nearby, and yet she and James have decided he should see other girls. Right then, James' new friend, Michelle enters and asks Starr if she knows whether James has a girlfriend, indicating that she (Michelle) would like very much to "fill that spot" in his life. Starr admits that she may not be able to accept that James and Michelle might date. Robert tells Nate he's an idiot to have confessed to murder when he knows he did not do it and tells him he will find a way to get him of jail even if it means bribing a guard. But Nate does not want to accept Robert's help and affirms that he did in fact commit murder. When his trial is underway, Tea tells Nora she knows that Nate did not do the crime and is covering for his mother. But Nora tells Tea that she knows that Inez has an alibi since on the night in question, Inez was having sex With Nora's husband. Regarding that very event, Rex finds Bo and tells him he's dug up some information about Inez and knows she is taking a medication that could cause memory loss and disorientation if mixed with alcohol. And he believes that there's a good possibility that the reason Bo did not remember sleeping with her is because she drugged him. And the reason she did it was so that she could sneak out and kill Eddie and Bo would never know. After Matthew overhears that Clint did not want Nora to find out that Bo slept with Inez, Clint knows how to smooth things over with his nephew so that Matthew believes Clint is the only person who he can trust and who is honest with him. Little does he know.

Y&R Recap Written by Eva  **One Day Ahead

Nick and Jack both warn Diane not to get caught in his longstanding feud with Victor because someone always gets caught in the crossfire and Jack doesn’t want it to be Kyle. Diane tells Jack that she will make sure that Kyle doesn’t get caught between he and Victor. Diane tells Nick she won’t let Jack tell her where she can live and the best part about living on the estate is that they can always make time for “lunch” together.

Nina tells Christine about Ronan’s need for a liver transplant and later gets a call saying that she is not a mach for Ronan. Nina asks Christine to tell Chance about Ronan’s illness because he is the only hope to save Ronan but Christine tells Nina that if Chance’s cover is blown she could lose both her sons. Heather confronts Ronan and Spencer with Paul’s suspicions about Ronan firing blanks the night Chance died Ronan tells Heather to back off but asks Spencer to leave he and heather alone in the office. Ronan continues to deny everything until she makes an educated guess that Chance is alive and Ronan confirms her guess and asks her not to say anything to anyone because if she says anything Chance’s life is at risk.

Sharon confronts Victor about framing Adam. Victor can’t believe Sharon is still defending Adam after everything he has done to her. Victor assures Sharon that Adam will hurt her. If she needs his help when that happens, all she has to tell him is that she was wrong about Adam and he was right, and he will welcome her back with open arms. Sharon tells Victor that even if Adam disappoints and hurts her, she doubts that she will ever come back to him for help. When Sharon returns to jail, Adam gives her the wonderful news that the D.A. dropped the charges against him. Sharon asks Adam to move in with her.

Daniel awakens and remembers finding Daisy and arguing with her but he doesn’t remember that she gave birth to a baby girl. Nick apologizes to Victoria for their argument and she tells him she can’t have children. Nick suggests that she and Billy consider adoption but she doesn’t think that Billy is ready for that yet because he is keeping a secret from her. Billy brings a baby girl home to Victoria and leaves her speechless. Billy takes the baby out of the baby carrier to put it in Victoria’s arms but Victoria won’t hold the baby.

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