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AMC Recap Written by Mary

At Krystal’s, Tad is surprised to find out from Damon that he is leaving town. Jake and Amanda find Cara with Trevor and looking at him very lovingly. Colby calls Damon and leaves him a message when he doesn’t answer. Colby sees Asher and accuses him of eavesdropping in on her message to Damon. J.R. on the phone, makes plans which he doesn’t want Annie to know about. Annie walks in and wants to know who he was talking to. J.R. lies and tells her that he was talking to a telemarketer. J.R. hugs Annie to keep her from asking anymore questions. Cara quickly leaves to keep from answering anymore questions about when she was leaving town. Amanda asks Jake if he had noticed how Cara had been looking at Trevor. Amanda gets a call from Annie to meet her at ConFusion. Once there, Amanda tries to calm Annie down from being so upset over Marissa and J.R. Annie fears that Marissa wants J.R. back. Marissa walks into the bar and joins J.R. at a table. Annie watches J.R. and Marissa and imagines that they are discussing her. Damon confesses that he doesn’t want to face Colby after what he had done. Colby is in the park, on the phone as Damon watches her from around the corner. Cara runs into Tad at Krystal’s and once again bandages his hand. Tad invites Cara to lunch, but Cara refuses. Annie notices that J.R. holds Marissa’s hand.

Annie continues to watch as J.R. hugs Marissa just before Marissa leaves. J.R. tries to call Annie but she refuses to answer the phone. Jake suggests to Amanda that they make another baby. Jake has strawberries and chocolate to help to set the mood for the evening. Asher questions Colby as to what is going on between her and Damon, but Colby refuses to tell Asher anything. Jake and Amanda make love. Asher joins J.R. at his table to discuss the surprise that J.R. has planned for Annie . Colby also joins them. Colby lets J.R. that there is animosity between her and Asher because of the kiss. Tad encourages Damon to call Colby. Damon calls Colby. At the Chandler mansion, Annie watches Marissa as Marissa leaves J.R. a note. Annie, once again, imagines that Marissa is wearing a negligee and lighting candles. Marissa starts to leave the study as Annie comes in. The door knocks Marissa out. Annie fears that she has killed Marissa.

B&B Recap Written by Wanda

Brooke is delighted that Thomas is being so attentive that he arranged for a private dinner in her room where it would be quiet away from the press. It's complete with candles, flowers, fireplace ablaze, fine wine and exquisite food. She tells him the Thomas Forrester's of the world are a rare breed and all the mademoiselles will be throwing themselves at him. She says he is so much like his father as this is just what he would have done; no detail overlooked. Thomas says the night is young and he may still have a few surprises yet. And he just took his cue from her. He was provocative but did not go too far. They are curious if it is all publicity or could there be something more He says they can not buy that kind of publicity. She is the main attraction and he is just along for the ride. She builds him up by saying he is finally getting out from behind his father's shadow and into the spotlight. They want to know all about him and what gets his juices flowing. He comments that they just might be surprised as he knows he is. At the office Thorne shows Ridge and Eric the sales for Taboo that are flying out the window. It may be their biggest line ever. He hopes they are handling it well in Paris and there are no juicy details. Ridge says he can't convince Taylor of that. She thinks he is putting their son in harm's way. But it's utterly ridiculous to think Brooke would be part of that. Thorne reminds him that many a man has fallen under the lady's spell right in this very room. There seems to be a pattern whether Ridge wants to see it or not. Oliver walks into his place and asks Amber what was it that she wanted to tell him. Tawny speaks up fast and says Amber slept with Liam and it almost broke him and Hope up. So thanks to her now, Oliver has another shot at his old girlfriend. Tawny does all the talking and she keeps telling Oliver that it happened just that way. Yes Hope knows all about it and it hasn't broken them up yet but it will. Oliver tells Amber that he can't risk Hope ever finding out about their one night together. That is the only way he will have another chance with her.

Oliver tells Amber that he is sorry, but his future is with Hope. They are going to have it all, the home and family. He's not going to give up or make any more mistakes. She says she will pack and be out tonight. With Oliver gone, she tells Tawny that now thanks to her they are both broke and homeless. She takes a little money that Oliver left for her and tells Tawny that she does not need or want her help. She just wants to get as far away as possible from her. Eric wonders if Ridge has ever spoken to his son about the girls in his life. Ridge was dating a lot of different girls when he was that age. Thorne asks if Ridge has ever considered that Thomas might be gay. Ridge is amused at this. He tells them to stop being ridiculous. Thomas is just focusing on one thing now and that is the Taboo line. He doesn’t have time for women and Ridge certainly isn’t jealous of him with Brooke. Thomas and Brooke walk out onto the balcony overlooking beautiful Paris lit up at night. He tells Brooke that this is a special moment in his life. People on the street now know who he is and he gives her all the credit. She played along with a stunt that is more than a stunt now. There is an excitement about her that he gets when he is around her. He can hear it in his head. The whole world loves her and he is no different. He loves her too.

Days Recap Written by Danielle

Bo hacks into the prison’s internal e-mail and finds out about plans for a secret meeting. Hope wants to go with Bo to spy on the meeting but Bo makes her stay behind. One of Warden Smith’s men finds Bo and knocks him out. Warden Smith brings a tied up and blindfolded Bo to Stefano. Jennifer tries to get permission to come into work on her day off but Warden Smith refuses. Jennifer decides to use Warden Smith’s time out of the office to her advantage. Ben lies to Jennifer about why he gets a call from the prison. Will witnesses Gabi flirting with Cory and feels jealous. Gabi assures Will that she wouldn’t do anything to hurt him.

Lexie asks Daniel during the hearing if Carly obtained his DNA without his knowledge. Daniel phrases his answer so that it doesn’t implicate Carly. Kayla sits in on the hearing and becomes outraged at Daniel’s answer. Since Kayla can’t come up with proof to refute Daniel’s claim, Lexie declares that there was no ethics violation and Carly will not lose her license or privileges. Melanie nearly faints in Nathan’s arms but chalks it up to not eating. Nathan continues to try and convince Melanie that they can be together but Melanie tells him to forget about her. EJ gets into a physical fight with Dr. Kim upon hearing the news that Johnny has cancer again despite a healthy checkup a couple days ago. When Johnny asks for Sami, Nicole forces EJ to involve her. Lexie adds Carly to the surgical team for Johnny.

GH Recap Written by Carrie

A man’s body is pulled from the Port Charles harbor. Lucky tells Jax that the man could be Jerry. Lucky asks Jax if he has had any contact with Jerry. Lucky fears for Siobhan’s safety. Jason is not convinced that Jerry is dead. Brenda is getting on Jason’s nerves. Molly is acting strangely; she refuses to go to the awards ceremony at school. Ethan shows up at Johnny’s place; he has been beaten up. Ethan tells Johnny that he lost money gambling. Steven consults with Patrick concerning a patient. Steven is worried that Liz is working too many shifts at the hospital. Brook Lynn and Nikolas talk about their night of club hopping. Brook offers to cook for Nik. Elizabeth and Aiden find Brook and Nikolas asleep in each other’s arms. Elizabeth, Nikolas and Aiden share a family moment. Johnny comes to the hospital looking for Lisa. Patrick appears to be jealous. Johnny thanks the hospital staff for saving Olivia. Maya can’t get a hold of Ethan. Johnny asks Lisa to check out Ethan’s injuries. Spinelli is impressed by Diane’s lock picking skills; they talk about their upcoming book. Jason questions Siobhan about Jerry and the Balkan. Brenda stops by the office to see Jax; she tells him about her wedding to Sonny. After Alexis leaves the house, Molly confides in Kristina. Lucky asks Spinelli and Diane about Aleksander Janacek. Diane wonders how far Lucky will go to protect Siobhan. Johnny threatens Lisa if she doesn’t comply with his demands. Brenda confides in Jason about her visit with Jax. Siobhan tells Lucky about Jason’s interrogation; he informs her that the body found is not Jerry Jacks. Ethan is worried how Maya will react to his bruises. Maya shows up unannounced at Johnny’s apartment; Ethan hides in the other room. Lisa talks to Patrick about her situation with Johnny. Patrick suspects that Johnny has the syringe. Lucky and Siobhan agree to be honest with each other. Brenda senses that Jason doesn’t support her marriage to Sonny.

OLTL Recap Written by Brenda

Brody and Jessica enjoy their new son while John and Natalie and John do likewise. John asks Natalie what happened at the cabin. Marty tells a nurse that someone is trying to steal her baby and pass it off as their own. The nurse threatens to sedate Marty if she doesnít calm down, but Marty is able to get out of her room, go to Natalie's room, and tell John that he needs to know the truth about Natalie and the baby. She tells him that Natalie took her to the cabin, held a gun to her, broke her phone, and told her that she couldnít leave. She says Natalie did that because she knows Marty is the only person that can stop her. Marty tells John that when her water broke, Natalie wanted to pretend to help her deliver her baby so she could steal. She tells John to get the baby from Natalie and run so he, Marty and the baby can be a family. John tries to calmly get Marty out of the room, but Marty lunges for the baby so John has to grab her by the waist and remove her from the room. A nurse comes with security guards that take Marty away and the nurse sedates her. Natalie asks the baby if she should tell John the truth now or just leave it a secret, since no one would believe Marty if she told them after her crazy ramblings. John returns to Natalie's room and tells Natalie that Marty is having a breakdown. He asks Natalie if anything Marty said about what happened at the lodge is true. Natalie tells him that she went off on Marty at the courthouse after Marty interrupted the wedding and went to talk to Jess, and then she made the mistake of letting Marty drive her to the hospital to check on Jessica. She tells him that Marty went past the hospital and into the mountains. She says the contractions started so she suggested that Marty take them to Asa's cabin. He asks her why she didnít tell her what was going on when he talked to her on the phone. She tells him that Marty knew it was him on the phone so she didnít want to risk angering her again, but Marty realized when Natalie said she would be at the hospital soon that John would worry when Natalie didnít show up. She says Marty broke the phone and then Natalie went into real labor and the baby was breech, but thankfully Marty is a doctor and was able to deliver the baby safely. John assures her that it is over now and that he will protect her and the baby.

Blair walks in on Tea and Todd while they are making out and tells Todd they can get back to whatever they are doing after she asks a question. She produces a painting of herself and asks if either of them know about it. They don't. She says it was in Eli's lockbox and is dated 2003 which is long before she met Eli. Blair supposes Eli could have acquired it later. Tea vaguely recognizes the style of painting. When Blair leaves, Tea tells Todd she canít focus on fooling around when Nate is sitting in a prison cell, probably because he is protecting his mother. Todd says that maybe Nate confessed because he did it, but Tea doesnít think so. Todd offers to send his "consultants" to coerce information out of Nate's mom. Dani and Starr try to visit Nate, but the detective won't let them in because visiting hours are over. Starr tries to play the "my great-aunt is the mayor" card, but the guard doesnít budge. Dani wonders why Nate confessed. Starr wonders if Nate really killed Eddie. Dani confides to Starr that Nate told her that he had a plan the night Eddie died, but she says she is sure the plan was not to kill his father. Nate shows up at the police station with food for Nate. Dani goes to see if the officer will let her take it to him. Starr tells Nate that she was worried about him but didnít call him because she didnít want to make things worse. He tells her that he is dating other girls now, but Starr can still call him anytime she wants.

Joey asks Aubrey about the man in the magazine, and he comes out of the bathroom wearing a towel. Cutter introduces himself as Aubrey's brother. Joey asks Cutter to explain the racy photo in the magazine. Cutter says the tabloids doctored the photo to appear that he was groping his own sister. Joey believes their story. Aubrey asks him how he got the magazine and he reveals that Kelly gave it to him. When Joey leaves to take the magazine back to Kelley, Aubrey knees Cutter in the groin and says he was supposed to hide. He says the brother story is perfect because it will allow them to be together all the time. When she doesnít seem impressed, he asks her if she is falling for the mark. Aubrey tells him that Kelly will easily figure out that they are not siblings. Cutter says he will handle Kelly. Aubrey gives him Kelly's phone number. Dorian is dressed in a long wig and dark glasses and explains to Kelly that she went to an AA meeting incognito because she is determined to expose a liar. Kelly hopes it is going better than her on mission. She tells her aunt that Joey got angry with her when she showed him the photo in the magazine. Dorian tells her that Aubrey is hiding something and that Kelly should use her skills as a reporter to find out what it is. Kelly says she doesnít want to hurt Joey. Dorian tells Kelly that Joe will come to realize that Kelly is right for him. Joey arrives and tells Kelly that he embarrassed himself and hurt Aubrey by accusing her of having an affair with her brother. He tells Kelly to stay out of his life and storms out. Dorian looks at the picture in the magazine and says there is no way that the man Aubrey is all over is her brother and that Kelly has a duty to expose her. Dorian tries to remember where she has seen Aubrey before. Joey returns to the hotel and tells Aubrey that Kelly won't bother them anymore.

Y&R Recap Written by Eva   **One Day Ahead

Victoria feels guilty for playing dirty against Victor and essentially lying about a business deal to persuade the mediator to freeze one third of Newman Enterprises assets. Victor loses to important business deals but tells Nick that he may be down but he isn’t out and he won’t let Jack and Tucker reap the spoils of his business crisis. Victor gives an interview where he assures the business world that Newman Enterprises will come out on top like always. Nick tells Victor that since they have lost two business deals they will have to lay off many employees. Nick confronts Victoria and tells her that this lawsuit is costing may employees their jobs and it just isn’t about wanting to prove a point to Victor anymore it is affecting people who have to support their families. Billy tells Primrose that he deposited half the money for the adoption and he will bring her the other half when she gives him the baby. Victoria is depressed because she feels like she has lost her entire family. Billy calls Primrose again and asks her to bring the baby tonight and he will give her the rest of the money.

Jack discovers that the key to the PO Box in Hawaii is on a key chain that belonged to Skye because he sees the same key chain in a surveillance camera picture that Nick gave him. Jack tells Nick what he found and Nick decides not to tell Victor because he tried to talk to him about Skye before and Victor accused him of being disloyal. Jack goes to the police station to visit Adam and give he and Sharon the evidence. Sharon takes the evidence to Vance who takes the evidence to a judge and later tells Sharon and Adam that it is very likely that the judge will grant bail to him because of the new evidence. Jack tells the whole story to Billy and Phyllis who decide to run it in Restless Style. Phyllis worries because Daniel hasn’t woken up but later after some time talking to him Daniel awakens and remembers what happened to him.

Ronan assures Spencer and Christine that he already warned Heather to stay away from the case. He is positive Heather won’t be a problem. Heather persuades a former employee to give her a file on the cartel case from Spencer’s office. Heather later talks to the man in charge of training EMTs and shows him a picture of the EMTs that tended to Chance when he was shot and the man tells her that he has seen them before, because those EMTs don’t work for him.

Diane and Kyle move into the carriage house and Diane offers to help Victor with his business crisis. Victor is grateful to Diane but tells her there is nothing she can do to help him. Diane offers to make dinner for Victor and he accepts the offer. Jack arrives to tell Victor that his life is about to get worse and the two rivals taunt each other. Jack is surprised when Kyle comes out of the kitchen and wonders if he came to check if they were doing okay in their new home. Jack demands that Diane explain what is going on right now.

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