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AMC Recap Written by Mary

At the prison, Greenlee points out to Scott that she wants his expertise at the hospital. Suspicious of her motives, Scott refuses Greenlee's offer. Ryan finds out from an associate of Zach’s that the sale of the casinos hadn’t gone through before Zach died. Ryan gets the idea that Zach may have been murdered. Madison overhears the conversation and confronts Ryan about it. In her hospital room, Kendall talks to her boys on the phone and tells them good-night. Kendall gets up out of bed when Griffin comes in and catches her. Griffin introduces his sister, Cara. Jake and Amanda arrive at the hospital. Jake wants to go on a vacation, but Amanda lets him know about all the work that she has to do. Amanda gets a call from Immigration, responding to her request for information using Cara's name. When they ask her to verify who she is, Amanda hangs up and lies to Jake about who was on the phone.. Damon finds out from Colby that she talked to Liza. Madison tells Ryan that she will keep her mouth shut about his suspicion and desire to investigate Zach's death. Greenlee tells Scott that she wants him to get to know a gorgeous blonde, then lets him know that it is Madison but doesn't say why. Scott threatens to call Ryan and inform him.

At the park, Damon confesses that he was with someone, too. Because she loves him, Colby forgives Damon but wants to know who he slept with. Tad visits Liza and asks what she was thinking by going to bed with Damon and accuses her of reliving the past and acting like her mother, who slept with Tad, her daughter's boyfriend. Tad resolves not to tell Colby about her and Damon having sex. Cara refuses Griffin's order for her to move in with Kendall to watch over her. After Kendall's plea to be with her boys, however, Cara agrees. Greenlee joins Madison and Ryan at the hospital. Madison tells her that Kendall hired her to work for her from home. Liza thanks Tad for not “ratting” her out to Colby, but Tad only laughs at her. At Kendall’s home, Amanda pretends she's doing a credit check on Cara to get her personal information from the hospital, but she's unsuccessful. Kendall comes home to her boys. Cara arrives soon after to begin her stay with Kendall. Amanda is surprised that Cara will be staying there. Damon refuses to tell Colby who he slept with. Damon visits Liza and tells her that he is quitting. Damon gets his coat and leaves. Colby meets Tad at Krystal’s and asks him to help her find out who Damon slept with, but Tad insists that it doesn't matter. Griffin finds out that Cara was in touch with Immigration about leaving town. While staring at Trevor, Cara recalls when she and Jake thought they were going to have a child. Jake and Amanda walk in and notice how she's looking at their son.

B&B Recap Written by Wanda

Stephanie tells Taylor that she’s had good news about her cancer. Taylor says she is glad that somebody is getting good news as she is not happy about Brooke and Thomas in Paris. She says she knows what that can mean and Stephanie knows it too. Stephanie tells Taylor that if she wants to blame anyone, then look to her husband who leaked the picture to the press. Marcus hangs out with Oliver and they discuss Amber….. his one night with her. He is still holding out hope for Hope and doesn’t want her to know. Marcus says he though Hope and Liam would break up after the party, but they didn’t. Amber and Tawny are having coffee at Dayzee’s when Hope spots them and comes over. Amber tells her that if she has something to say, just say it. Hope says she knows all about it, how she tried to seduce Liam. This was after she tried to hit on Oliver too. But she would like to hear from her lips exactly what happened that night. The press conference in Paris begins and Thomas is coy and says they will answer any question about the Taboo line……and whatever…. as he throws a glance at Brooke.

Brooke too throws out certain words like Thomas being irresistible and see where Taboo will take them that makes the press titter. Amber argues with Tawny that her baby is not William Spencer IV so this is not the meal ticket that Tawny assumes it is. Bill Spencer is not the kind you can pull the wool over on, he will want proof. Tawny says this happens all the time. Babies get passed off. As soon as Oliver comes home, she is going to tell him. Stephanie tells Taylor that Thomas is very talented and he’s a dynamo. Taylor rants that Thomas won’t see this coming as he has little experience with women. Stephanie has to help her with her son. Thomas opens champagne for Brooke. She says they can still play the game for the press. He comments that she is so beautiful and alluring and captivating. No wonder men fall in love with her, it’s legend. He really sees her as a woman now. She giggles and says that is so sweet and means a lot coming from him. Cheers to Taboo.

Days Recap Written by Danielle

Melanie lies to Chloe and says she isn’t pregnant. Chloe can tell that Melanie was lying. Melanie tries to tell Daniel about the pregnancy but Daniel is called to testify in Carly’s hearing. Daniel brings the movers to his apartment to force Chloe to pack up. Chloe tries to change Daniel’s mind. Nathan rushes to Melanie to tell her that he and Stephanie broke up hoping that it means they could now be together. Stephanie blames herself for the breakup but Kayla would rather blame Carly. Sami and Rafe escort Caroline to Stephanie’s apartment after her release from the hospital. Stephanie tells Caroline that her relationship with Nathan is not over.

Stefano gathers Lexie and EJ to tell them that Chad is his son. Stefano again tries to talk Chad into being part of the family but Chad refuses. Sami commiserates with Rafe over the agonizing wait until she can be with her kids again. Nicole notices a new white spot in Johnny’s remaining eye. Nicole insists that EJ get Johnny seen by the doctor right away. The doctor confirms that the cancer has spread to Johnny’s other eye.

GH Recap Written by Carrie

Lucky is surprised to find Siobhan meeting with Theo. Theo suggests that Siobhan marry Lucky. Lucky is suspicious of Theo’s motives. Siobhan tells Lucky that Theo knows a lot about immigration laws. Maya and Ethan talk about looking for an apartment. Maya and Ethan both agree that they are not looking for a long-term commitment. Carol, the wedding planner, assumes Brenda is marrying Murphy Sinclair. Carol is shocked that Brenda would marry a well-known criminal. Carol and Brenda bicker over the wedding planning. Lulu wishes Dante would stop guarding Brenda but he hates the idea. Lulu apologizes for her insecurities. Carly wants Jason’s help in splitting up Michael and Abby. Carly asks Jason how Michael met Abby. Jason tells Carly that Abby is good for Michael; he asks that Carly stay out of Michael’s love life. Abby is horrified to discover Michael watching her dance at the strip club. Michael tells Jason that he saw Abby dance at the strip joint. Michael talks about Carter and how he wishes he could have killed him. Abby confides in Sam. Sam is worried how Michael will react to seeing Abby dance. Abby understands where Carly is coming from but refuses to stop seeing Michael. Brandon, Abby’s ex-boyfriend, shows up unannounced. Sonny and Brenda share an intimate moment at the cabin in the woods. Sonny presents Brenda with an engagement ring. Siobhan and the Balkan meet in a confessional booth. Theo assumes Siobhan is falling for Lucky; he warns her to stay focused. Jason and Sam talk about Michael and Abby. Jason apologizes to Sam for Carly’s behavior. Abby meets with Michael. Abby wishes that Michael hadn’t seen her dancing at the strip club. Michael and Abby share a passionate kiss. Siobhan and Lucky have a heartfelt chat. Lucky says he’ll marry Siobhan if needed. Sonny dreams about marrying Brenda.

OLTL Recap Written by Jennifer S.

Both Natalie and Jessica give birth to healthy baby boys. Marty successfully delivers Natalie's baby when John gets there. Natalie and John are happy. But Marty seems to have the "idea" that the baby is hers that she had with John. Vivian successfully delivers Jessica's baby. Brody announces to Viki and Clint that they have a healthy grandson. Charlie talks to Rex and Echo in the park. They both convince him not to be intimidated by Clint. He goes back to the hospital to be with Viki and her family. Alone with Rex, Echo informs him that Charlie almost relapsed when Clint blamed him for Jessica's pregnancy risk. They both agree that Charlie is a good man and Clint is not. At that point, Echo knows there is no reason to tell Rex that Clint is his father instead of Charlie. Joey tells Kelly he trusts Aubrey, does not believe she is cheating on him and doesn't appreciate her meddling in his business and making unfounded accusations. But when he returns to Aubrey, she's having sex with her boyfriend and ready to scam Joey and take his money. She has him hide so that Joey cannot see him. But he does demand to know what is up with the magazine article where she's with another guy.

Y&R Recap Written by Eva   **One Day Ahead

Nina gets tested to see if she is compatible to be Ronan’s liver donor and then she tells Ronan that Heather told her about his illness. Ronan isn’t happy about this and tells Nina that he found his father and his father died of the same illness at his same age. Heather pleads with Spencer to let her help him with the case against the cartel but he says no so she steals the CD with the recordings Chance made while he wore a wire. Heather tells Paul about the CD and Paul listens to it and hears a sound that makes him think that Ronan was shooting blanks. Heather wants to find out the identity of the secret witness for the trial so Paul calls Christine and leaves a message for her to call him back since she is busy in court. Spencer and Ronan wait to find out if the judge will allow the recordings Chance made while he wore a wire into evidence.

Victoria and Abby win the first battle in the mediation when Vance persuades the mediator to freeze one third of Newman Enterprises assets in an escrow account to keep Victor from selling pieces of the company to devalue its worth. Victor is very angry with Victoria and Abby because by keeping him from running the business they have essentially made their trust funds worthless.

Jack tells Sharon that he found the bottle of Skye’s perfume in the rubble of the burned Hawaiian shack but he can’t persuade the Hawaiian police to do further investigation. Sharon calls Adam to tell him the news but she is later disappointed when she can’t persuade Spencer to investigate either he thinks the rare perfume bottle means nothing. Sharon tells Adam not to give up hope because she is positive Jack will find new evidence in Hawaii. Jack is surprised when Victor’s Hawaiian contact calls him by his last name and he decides to offer Victor’s contact more money to tell him if Skye was ever on the island. Victor’s contact keeps his mouth shut even though Jack dares him to call Victor to tell him about his offer of more money. Jack’s very talkative surfer friend finds a key to a P.O. box near the volcano and puts it where all the other post office box keys are kept and Jack steals the key and later looks hard at a picture while he holds the key in his hand.

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