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AMC Recap Written by Mary

Ryan and Greenlee visit Kendall in the hospital. Kendall complains about the hospital food when Ryan surprises her with some Chinese food. Madison arrives at the prison to visit her father, but he refuses to see her. Madison sees Scott instead and strikes up a conversation. Madison lets Scott know that she is here to ask her father for more money from her trust fund, but with no luck. Colby orders Asher to leave the mansion, but Asher refuses by telling her that J.R. wants him there and besides J.R. wants him and Colby to work on a project together for Chandler Enterprises. Colby balks at the idea of working with Asher. Asher tells Colby that she had wanted him to kiss her which leads to Colby hitting Asher in the face. Damon and Liza hug which results in them making love. Ryan lets Kendall know that the lawyer had called him about Zach’s will. Ryan holds the will in his hand which he, reluctantly, hands to Kendall. Kendall is hesitant to take the will because she had thought that the will would remain locked up until she and Zach were old and gray. Damon and Liza pulls apart, ashamed as to what they had just done. Asher and Colby argue when Colby lets him know that she only loves Damon. Kendall and Ryan discuss Madison and how Ryan had ended things with her. Greenlee and Madison meet up in the hospital corridor. Greenlee questions Madison as to how she will handle the situation with the baby when she begins to show. Madison lets her know that she will handle it.

Kendall thanks Ryan for all his help, and tells him to tell the lawyer that she will call him as soon as possible. Madison lets Greenlee know that she had seen Scott when she had gone to visit her father in prison. Greenlee lets Madison know that the baby is affecting her life with Ryan. Ryan catches up to Greenlee and asks her about the dessert. Greenlee lies to him and tells him that she had gotten a business call concerning Fusion. Colby comes to visit Liza to ask her about Damon. Liza tells her that Damon had been there and had told her what had happened. Liza takes all the blame about how she had treated Damon in the past. Damon lets Tad know that he had made love to Liza. Tad suggests that Damon never let Colby know about it. Kendall offers Madison a job working with her at home. Greenlee visits Scott in prison and offers him a job. Scott wants to know what is the catch. Colby catches up to Damon and tells him that she had seen her Mother. Ryan finds out that Zach may have been murdered.

B&B Recap Written by Wanda

On the plane, Thomas watches Brooke sleep. He has to jerk his head away. He tells himself to get a grip, it must be the altitude. He tries to do some work, but all he can think of is the Taboo kiss and the photo taken of them in the dressing room……and seeing Brooke lie there looking so lovely on the couch. Taylor is not happy to hear from Ridge that Thomas went to Paris and took Brooke with him. They are a tremendous hit internationally. He tells her that she has to get past this. Nothing bad is going to happen. He would not have allowed them to go if he thought that. She still doesn’t understand why he’d even want to take that chance. Jackie hugs Nick for being there in his dress whites to perform the renewal vows. Nick gives it his best shot…..most women would have walked out by now on Owen but she stuck with him, these new rules of marriage. He ends up thanking her for making him the quintessential rule breaker so how could he expect any less from her? He wants them to be happy and yes he will always be watching. Jackie says she accepted Owen’s proposal despite what others thought because she was so flattered at her age. And she didn’t give a damn; he was so darn hot that she couldn’t turn him down. And she is still touched by the care and sensitivity he has shown her. She loves the size of his generous, generous heart. She never knew the meaning of love until now. She will be his forever and always. He responds that when she is happy, he is happy. And when he hurts her, he is hurt as well. Whether he is out on the waves or in the office, she is with him. He can’t imagine a world without her in it. There isn’t a day that goes by that he doesn’t thank God that she is in his life. He loves her and that will never stop.

Nick thinks it’s time to get this love fest underway and asks if there is anyone in this large cathedral who will object. Silence… he continues and states by the power invested in him by Poseidon, the God of the seas, he hereby officially declares they may continue their marriage with these new vows. He tells Owen that he may kiss his mother. And he is rather desperate to kiss his naggy Aggie. The Sea Captain gives a toast and Owen chimes in that he will never let his wife down again. Jackie tells Nick that he has made today the most perfect day of her life. She tells Owen that he has taught her how to trust and love again. Ridge emphasizes again that Thomas is a very responsible young man. He does not have designs on Brooke just because Taylor was not there and Brooke raised him. Ridge is amused when Taylor begs him to call the pilot and asks him to bring Thomas back home. He promises that Brooke is not going to hurt their son. She will look after him. Thomas sighs as he realizes what he is facing.

Days Recap Written by Danielle

Chloe cancels the movers Daniel hired to come pack up her things. Chloe tries to get sympathy and support from Carly but instead Carly tells her that they now must face their consequences alone. Melanie gets permission from Daniel to stay at his apartment for a few days. Melanie argues with Chloe when she finds Chloe still at Daniel’s apartment. Melanie runs off on the argument to be sick and Chloe questions whether Melanie could be pregnant. Carly tries to plead her case to Daniel but he won’t listen. Nathan barges in and forces Stephanie to confirm that she’d known the truth about Parker’s paternity all along. Nathan declares the relationship over and storms out.

A tanker ship sails by the island but it passes by before Gus can make a signal fire. Angry at Vivian’s rude treatment, Gus draws a line in the sand to divide the island between them. Kate lets Victor know in vague terms about how she and Brady sent Vivian and Gus away. Kate and Victor discuss their own approach to helping Philip in his new fatherly role. Chad tells Stefano that he wants him out of his life for good. Chad learns from Kate that she and Stefano broke up because of him.

GH Recap Written by Carrie

Sonny asks Michael to stay away from the strip club. Carly tries to bribe Abby with money but she won’t end her friendship with Michael. Jason wants Spinelli to run a background check on Theo Hoffman. Theo questions Brenda and Dante about the shooting. Lucky runs into Siobhan at Jake’s; he confronts her about Fiona’s phone calls. Siobhan makes up a story that her ex-boyfriend keeps calling her. Lisa and Terrell play pool at Jake’s. Patrick finds out that Lisa and Terrell were both living in Houston at the same time. Michael is irritated to learn that Carly told Abby to stay away from him. Sonny picks out a ring for Brenda. Dante asks Ronnie to check out Theo’s background. Brenda wants Jason to walk her down the aisle. Siobhan shows up at Diane’s office but finds Theo there instead. Siobhan wants to extend her work visa. Lulu asks Dante if he has feelings for Brenda. Kelly informs Sam that there’s a possibility she could have a baby. Brenda and Sonny decide to get married on February 18. Carly confides in Jason about her fears concerning Michael. Michael watches Abby strip at the club.

OLTL Recap Written by Jennifer S.

Jessica is about to give birth to her baby when Vivian warns her and Brody that it might be a risk. Natalie is in the cabin dependent on Marty to deliver her baby and there is a similar risk when Marty realizes that they don't have medical resources. Charlie leaves after Clint rips into him for accidentally shooting Jessica and causing the complications in her pregnancy and delivery. Rex finds him at the park almost ready to drink the booze he took away from Echo. Rex encourages Charlie to believe that he is respected and has no reason to relapse. Charlie concludes that he is grateful to have a great son like Rex. Echo appears and sees the two of them together. Dorian gets "caught" wearing a disguise at an A.A. meeting so that she can spy upon Echo. She wants to expose Echo's secret that she's lied to her son about whom his biological father is. Kelly then finds proof that Aubrey is cheating on Joey and scamming him and shows him the magazine article with Aubrey and her boyfriend.

Y&R Recap Written by Eva  **One Day Ahead

Diane accepts Victor’s offer to move into the carriage house and that makes Kyle and Nick very happy. Nick agrees to allow Sharon to spend some time with Faith as long as she stays at her house and he gets to approve everyone that visits her while she is with Faith. Jack is told by a surfer in Hawaii that a woman was staying at a shack that recently burned down so Jack goes to visit the remains of the shack and finds a bottle of Skye’s perfume. Jack calls Nick to tell him the information and Jack also thinks that Victor was the mastermind in the plan to frame Adam. Victor gets a call from his contact in Hawaii to let him know a man has been asking questions and then texts him a picture of Jack.

Nikki pleads with both Victor and Victoria to end this lawsuit before their father daughter relationship is damaged. Victor tells Nikki he won’t allow his daughters to take his business away from him. Victoria talks to Billy and tells him she is considering giving up the legal fight with her father because she is tired. Billy thinks that is a good idea because it will give them time to concentrate on each other. Billy tells Victoria that he will support her no matter what she decides to do about the lawsuit.

Billy meets with Primrose and demands to see a baby or he won’t go through with the adoption. Primrose puts a baby girl in Billy’s arms for a while and he agrees to pay two million dollars to adopt the baby. Billy sells some stock to pay for the adoption that will make Victoria’s dreams come true.

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