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AMC Recap Written by Eva

Erica and Ryan both worry when they see Griffin and Kendall in David’s room. Erica thinks Griffin is risking Kendall’s health by bringing her into David’s room. Kendall tells Erica that in her dreams she saw David standing over her bed pointing at her. Kendall thinks that she is trying to remember something about the night David was shot. Erica tells Kendall there is nothing to remember. As she is saying the words, she remembers when she took the gun out of Kendall’s hand and took the blame for shooting David. Jack tells Erica that Liza told him that Caleb offered her a plea bargain in which she would plead guilty to a lesser charge and do community service. Jack tells Erica that Liza also told him that Caleb offered to pay any fine she saw fit to give Erica. Jack wonders why Caleb would go to such extreme measures and thinks that Caleb knows something that he hasn’t told him. Erica tells Jack that Caleb is just willing to do everything he can to get her off, and she feels grateful to him.

Griffin tells Kendall that her blood pressure is down so she gives him 24 hours and after that she is checking herself out and going home even if her blood pressure is high. Erica and Jack watch David and Erica tells Jack that she wishes David would rot in that bed for Kendall’s sake. When Erica and Jack leave David’s room David says Kendal’s name.

JR assures Annie that the hug she saw between him and Marissa at the hospital was just relief because he is still free of cancer. Annie is hurt that JR didn’t ask her to go to his doctor’s appointment with him but JR assures Annie that he wants to be with her and he is grateful to her for giving him a second chance at life. JR tells Annie that Ryan spoke to him because he is afraid that she will lose control again. Annie assures JR that she is fine and later talks to Ryan to tell him that she is fine and demands that he stay out of her personal life. Annie overhears JR tell Marissa that Annie isn’t an issue because he doesn’t have feelings for her anymore. Annie also overhears Marissa tell JR to fire Annie but he refuses because she is doing a fine job at the company. Annie talk to Marissa later and they agree to be civil to each other for the sake of their children. JR once again assures Ryan that he has a plan to get Annie back on track and relieve her stress but Ryan still doubts that JR can control Annie.

Damon is hurt when he sees Colby and Asher kissing and Colby tells Damon it only happened because he has been neglecting her and Asher has been there for her when she needed him. Damon wishes that he could believe Colby but he saw her kiss Asher back this time. Damon thinks that all the work he has put in trying to be a man who is worthy of Colby was all for nothing because she never thought he was good enough for her. Colby talks to JR about what happened with Damon but he tells her that break up happen every day and that Damon never deserved her. Colby tells JR she doesn’t want another guy she just wants to be with Damon. Damon tells Liza what happened and she tells him that he has worked hard to become a guy that any girl would be lucky to have in her life. Damon tells Liza he can’t stay in Pine Valley but Liza asks him to stay because she is afraid to lose the case against Erica without his help. Liza hugs Damon to comfort him because she has also had the same experience and the hug turns into a kiss.

B&B Recap Written by Wanda

Taylor thanks Whip for being honest with her. She does have concerns about Thomas with his Oedipal complex. Brooke was there for him when she was away from him for years. He’s the classic case. He’s acting normal; she is just afraid of how Brooke will handle it. She doesn’t know when to stop. She thinks all Forrester men are fair game and Thomas is the next in line. Thomas tells Brooke that there is no one else he’d rather be with than her on this plane; fulfilling his fantasy of the men’s line in Paris. She tells him how proud she is of him. Nick tells Aggie that he has his beer, his pizza, cigars and the game…..he will be just fine where he is and let his mom have her Cowabunga six-pack. Owen guides Jackie into the house all decorated for their special renewal marriage vows. He says this is their moment; the one he is committing himself to. Aggie calls Nick and nags him one more time that he needs to put down the remote and get away from the game. It can’t be more important than his mother.

Jackie tells Aggie that she is heartbroken and disappointed, but she is not going to let Nick ruin this day. She is going to do this with Owen with or without Nick. The minister injures his ankle and can not walk on it so has to cancel. They are suddenly left with no one to officiate. Suddenly Nick appears in his Captain’s uniform and explains that he can perform the ceremony. Whip tells Taylor that with all her experience and what she knows, there is still a chance that nothing will ever happen between Thomas and Brooke. On the plane, Brooke lies down and drifts off. Thomas lovingly places a blanket over her body.

Days Recap Written by Danielle

Bo and Hope duck onto a houseboat to evade the cops and their old friend Leo brings them a computer. They use the computer to find a connection between Lee and the warden. They find a number the warden called often but can’t find the number’s owner. Lee wants the warden to distrust Jennifer’s intentions for returning to work at the prison after her shift ended. Dr. Ben vents to Jennifer when he thinks he won’t be getting a kidney but a prisoner soon dies.

Vivian and Gus land safely on the deserted island. Vivian sends Gus out to look for signs of civilization but he finds none. A plane flies over the island and drops off supplies. Nathan stops by to console Melanie but Melanie makes him head back to Stephanie. Brady checks in on Melanie. Philip confronts Stephanie about knowing the truth all along. Nathan eavesdrops on Stephanie and reads her warning e-mail to Ian. Chloe reconsiders packing to leave Daniel’s apartment. Kate barges in on Chloe in order to see Parker. Kate suggests that Chloe leave town. Philip comes in and throws Kate out.

GH Recap Written by Brenda

Carly in incensed that Sonny doesn’t seem to care that Michael is dating a stripper who is ten years older than him. Sonny reminds her of what he went through with Kristina. Molly frets because she can't grasp her French lesson that she knew last week. Michael tells her that she is probably just shaken from being in the bus accident. Sonny asks Michael how he is doing and Michael admits that he is taken aback by Ali dying in the hospital after surviving the bus accident but it has made him put his own life into perspective. He tells Sonny about Abby. Sonny says he can see that Michael likes Abby but offers two warnings. First, if he goes into the club where she works, he will be violating his parole and second, Carly is on the warpath. Carly storms over to Jackal & McCall office and blasts Sam for introducing Michael to Abby. Sam says Michael asked for the introduction because girls his own age make him feel uncomfortable. Carly tells her the answer is not setting him up with inappropriate women. She tells Sam to stay out of Michael's life. Carly meets Abby at Kelly's and tells her that she is going to take a check from Carly and leave town or Carly will make her life difficult. Abby says she understands that Carly is a freaked-out mother so she will give her some leeway but she warns her that if she doesn’t back off, she will be the sorry one. Carly says Abby can choose to keep dancing for dollar bills or she can choose to take real money from Carly, but Michael will never be a choice for her.

Steve asks the new pediatric surgeon, Terrell Jackson to start today, which pleases Lisa. Dante observes the dynamic between Olivia and Steve. Theo tells Robin he plans to proceed with his malpractice suit against GH but Robin convinces him to drop the suit. Lisa tells Terrell that she can tell that Robin likes him already so he should have no trouble getting her into bed. Terrell tells her that before he ruins the life of a nice woman that he has nothing against, Lisa needs to tell him what is in it for him. Lisa is surprised that he wants something and he tells her that he wants her back in his life. She tells him that if he gets Robin in bed and tarnishes her image, then in return, Lisa will become his lover again. They seal the deal with a kiss.

Sam admits to Jason that she left the penthouse early in the morning to avoid interacting with Brenda. Jason thanks Sam for helping him with Jake. Jason asks Sam to investigate Theo because he needs to know more about him before he gives him carte blanche with Brenda's trial. Spinelli wants Diane to chronicle his life as a PI. Brenda asks Jason to help her plan her wedding but he refuses. Brenda calls Spinelli and tells him to come to the Penthouse right away because there is an emergency. When he frantically rushes to her rescue, Brenda tells him she is counting on him to help with planning her wadding. Spinelli tells her no, he can't help organize a wedding that he doesn’t support. Spinelli returns to the office and Diane accepts his offer to collaborate with him on his book. As Spinelli is showing Diane a position that he wants to describe the hero and love interest in, Jason comes in and demands that Diane get off Spinelli. He then announces that he wants them to run a background check on Theo Hoffman immediately. Theo and Dante go to the penthouse to discuss the upcoming trial. Brenda says the trial is coming up too quickly and asks if they can get a continuance. Theo tells her that in spite of the inconvenience to her, a man's son is dead and he has the right to want someone to pay for it.

OLTL Recap Written by Jennifer S.

Jessica is having complications and Vivian warns her family that they might have to choose between saving her and saving her baby. Clint asks why this is happening when it didn't happen with her previous pregnancy. She informs him it' s due to the gunshot caused by Charlie when Mitch Laurence killed his son and he went after Mitch. Clint rips into Charlie. Viki defends her husband but Charlie is afraid he will lose her and is distraught. And right then, Echo appears, on cue to console him. He tells her that she and Rex may be all he has. Still, only Dorian knows that Charlie is not the father of Echo's son (Rex). And she spies to overhear Echo attend an A.A. meeting and admit that she has lied to a friend whom she cares about but realizes if she tells him the truth it could hurt him more. In court, Tea successfully gets Nate acquitted of the charges of killing Eddie. But, she shares with Todd and Dani, she bets that Inez did it and her son is covering for her. Outside the courtroom, Bo and John conclude the same thing when Bo questions whether he really slept with Inez or if she drugged him on the night in question that also just happened to coincide with the same night Eddie was killed. Natalie holds Marty hostage in the cabin, confident that she is calling the shots and Marty will no longer threaten her. But right then, she appears to be going into labor with her water breaking and is dependent on Marty to help her.

Y&R Recap Written by Eva  **One Day Ahead

Daniel regains consciousness and all he keeps repeating is the Daisy’s name Kevin arrives to visit Daniel and is glad when Daniel recognizes him. Phyllis and Lauren argue at the hospital because Lauren is trying to get Daniel to remember what happened with Daisy because she is worried that Daisy could come back to town. Lauren apologizes to Phyllis once Michael makes her realize that this isn’t the right time to be worried about Daisy. The doctor takes Daniel for an MRI and Phyllis worries that Daniel could have brain damage but is relieved when the doctor tells her that the MRI was normal. Phyllis tells Daniel that he should only worry about getting better because she will handle everything else.

Billy meets with the baby broker Primrose and after the meeting he tells her that he needs time to think and leaves because he doesn’t get a good feeling from Primrose. Victoria tells Nikki that she can’t have children and that she fears that Billy is disappointed in her because he wanted to have a family with her. Billy arrives home just as Nikki leaves and Victoria shares his fears with her and he tells her he is disappointed but assures Victoria that they will have a child together. Billy contacts Primrose again and she tells him that he will have to pay two million dollars for the adoption and she gives him twenty-four hours to make a decision.

Adam receives a visit from the assistant DA who offers him a deal if he pleads guilty to involuntary manslaughter he will get twelve years and he could be out in eight years for good behavior but Adam refuses to take the deal. Nick talks to Michael about filing for sole custody of Faith on the grounds that Sharon is an unfit mother and Michael advises Nick to think about it before he breaks Faith’s relationship with Sharon but Nick assures Michael that he has thought about it and he must protect his daughter from Adam. Sharon gets a call from Rafe informing her that Nick has filed for sole custody of Faith on the grounds that she is an unfit mother. Sharon confronts Nick telling him that she is stronger then he thinks and she will fight for he daughter and Faith will grow to hate him for taking her mother away from her. Sharon tells Adam that the only chance she has of gaining custody of Faith is if she can prove that Skye was alive when she saw her in Hawaii. Jack arrives in Hawaii to investigate if Sharon was telling the truth.

Kevin does his best to fight off Jana’s advances toward him and is relieved when Gloria arrives to stay with Jana while he goes to visit Daniel and see Chloe who is also at the hospital. Gloria does her best to make Jana remember although she is positive Jana is faking but Jana is on to her game and doesn’t say anything to Gloria that could make her think she is faking her memory loss. Kevin and Chloe have a secret date and Kevin promises Chloe that as soon as Jana’s doctor gives him the okay he will help Jana remember everything. Jana calls and asks Kevin to come home and he pretends to have a cold so he can sleep in the guest room and not sleep in the same room with Jana.

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