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AMC Recap Written by Mary

At the Chandler mansion, Annie searches through J.R.’s computer when Marissa comes in and asks if she is finding anything interesting on the computer. In her apartment, Liza and Damon go over the evidence that they have acquired against Erica. Damon suggests inviting Colby to lunch and asks Liza to join them. At the Chandler mansion, in the foyer, Colby and Asher share an awkward moment. At the hospital, Kendall wakes up and sees David as he is standing over her. Kendall screams which brings Griffin running. In the Wildwind living room, Erica and Caleb discuss her upcoming trial until Erica changes the subject and wants to talk about the kiss. Erica insists to Caleb that she loves jack and is going to marry jack. Caleb apologizes for crossing the line with her. Bianca listens from the door. Colby gets a call from Damon inviting her to lunch. Asher declines invitation, but Colby insists that she wasn’t going to invite him. Rev. Torres listens from the door as Griffin talks to Kendall about David. Annie asks Asher for the password for the computer, but Asher refuses to give it to her, but suggests helping instead. J.R. is at the Confusion bar when Marissa comes in to join him. Marissa reminds him that it is time for his six month doctor’s appointment. J.R. is reluctant to go, but Marissa coaxes him into it, by promising to go with him. Colby joins Damon at Krystal’s and finds out that Liza is with him. An argument begins between the two and Colby leaves. Annie finds out from Asher that he knows about her and J.R. Colby rushes in to find Annie there. Marissa goes to the doctor with J.R. and waits with him until he gets lab results.

Bianca confronts Erica about what is going on between her and Caleb, but Erica denies that anything is going on. Bianca tells her that that is what Caleb had told her, but she hadn’t believed him either. Griffin puts Kendall in a wheelchair and wheels her down the hall. Kendall realizes that Griffin is taking her to visit David. Erica comes to the hospital and finds Kendall gone. Damon tries to talk to Liza about how Colby had acted. Asher questions Colby as to what is going on, but Colby insists for him not to ask her any questions, Kendall insists to David that she is not going to let him win. Caleb visits Liza to try to wrangle a deal for Erica, but Liza refuses. Damon walks in and sees Asher kissing Colby.

B&B Recap Written by Wanda

Taylor is dismayed that Whip would manipulate things backstage to make sure that Brooke and Thomas were in the same dressing room half naked. He got the photo and had it distributed to the press. She can not believe that he would do this to them or to her son. He rants that he had to do something. He is tired of Ridge always being there in his marriage. She explains that she is glad to have someone like him in her corner. She wants him to be able to come talk to her about anything, but taking the picture was wrong. Jackie is shocked but beyond pleased that Owen wants to renew their marriage vows and that Nick offered his place. This means he has come around to accept them fully as a couple, until Owen tell her that it’s just the place, Nick won’ be there. She realizes how stupid it is that she actually thought her husband and son could get along. Ridge tells Brooke that this Taboo line is the biggest thing that has ever hit Paris and the jet is being ready as they speak. He needs them to go over to the press conference. It’s everything Thomas has been dreaming of. Nick tells Aggie that his mother’s marriage is a joke and he wants no part of it.

Jackie tells Owen not to worry about her son. She just wants him to concentrate on looking into her eyes and committing himself to her. Aggie tells Nick that she is afraid he might regret not going. This could be a great opportunity for them all to heal. She doesn’t want him to blow that. Whip tells Taylor that he doesn’t like it when Ridge puts his hand on her face and calls her Doc….and how he always turns a blind eye when Brooke does something wrong. He tries to take the high road, but he can’t stand the sight of her being in the same room with Ridge. He makes a joke of their marriage every day of his life and he just wanted to show him that he could do the same thing to his marriage. It was petty and he is sorry. Ridge thanks Brooke and Thomas for doing this. He realizes it was very last minute, but he thinks it will be a trip they will never forget. Jackie speaks with Nick and asks if he will please change his mind and come and support her marriage. Nick says he could be there for her, but he can’t say the same about Owen. Taylor is very upset that Whip was pushed to this extreme. He wants her to forgive him and promises not to do anything like this again. And Ridge and Brooke’s marriage is not in trouble; neither have any boundaries. They laugh and she says there is no reason for anyone else to know how the press got that picture. She can’t imagine anything coming between Ridge and Brooke now. While on the jet, Brooke brings up Madison and if anything is serious with her. She saw them kissing and knows they have been on a few dates. He laments no, dating is pointless to him. He doesn’t think he will ever meet the right girl and fall in love. Brooke advises that it will happen when it is supposed to, the right girl will come along and capture his heart. It might happen sooner than he thinks.

Days Recap Written by Danielle

Brady gets into a physical fight with Philip over his cheating on Melanie. Brady is shocked to learn that Vivian was the one who caused the events that caused the affair. Kate and Brady meet to discuss their plan for getting rid of Vivian. Vivian and Gus get tricked into boarding a plane they think is headed for Bermuda. The pilot, on Brady’s orders, forces Gus and Vivian into flight suits and forces them off the plane in mid-flight. Maggie tries to convince Melanie that she did nothing wrong. Melanie tells Philip to walk away from Parker. Kayla and Stephanie argue over whether to tell Nathan that she knew the truth all along. Caroline gets upset when she overhears them.

Nicole convinces Stefano that she was never with Brady at Sami’s apartment by showing him EJ’s tracking bracelet. EJ can tell that Sami lied about letting Brady and Nicole use her apartment. Johnny sneaks out of the DiMera mansion and flags down a patrol car to get to Rafe. Rafe gives Sami advance notice so she can come spend time with Johnny before EJ’s police snitch informs him. Rafe talks Sami out of using the opportunity to take Johnny and run.

GH Recap Written by Brenda

Edward tells Maya and Ethan that he will nullify their agreement unless the two of them live together as a married couple. Tracy comes home from her honeymoon alone. Spinelli goes to Alexis's office to talk about her writing. Theo berates him for bringing germs into the office. Spinelli suggests that Diane hone her prosaic skills on chronicling his exploits as a private Investigator. Theo goes to the hospital to see Morgan. He comments about Sonny's absence from Morgan's bedside. He tells Morgan that Sonny will come to realize how fleeting life can be and that there is no way to know when one might lose a loved one. Morgan, unaware that he is in the presence of the Balkan, boasts to him about the time and money that Sonny spends to keep his kids safe. Meanwhile, Sonny consoles Kristina in her hospital room as Kristina blames herself for Ali's death. Dante sits vigil at Olivia’s bedside. Theo goes to Olivia's room to talk to Dante. Sonny comes in and tells Theo to go away. Johnny goes to the hospital and asks Dante about Olivia. Dante suggests that Johnny sit with her for awhile. Johnny doubts that Olivia would want that. Olivia wakes up. Carly gives Michael a hard time about Abby. Michael tells her it isn’t her call. Carly goes to Sonny and tells him that she saw an older woman hugging Michael. Sonny tells her that he met Abby and that she is nice, although he doesn’t like the idea of Michael hanging out at Vaughn’s. Carly is stunned to realize that Abby is a stripper and she tells Sonny it is not happening.

OLTL Recap Written by Jennifer S.

Natalie takes Marty to an abandoned cabin and leaves her stranded there, telling her she refuses to live in fear of Marty's threats to ruin hers' and many other people's lives. She's very confident that she has Marty right where she wants her until she (Natalie) goes out the door and appears to be having a contraction. Langston and Robert are still together but she is holding onto her pledge to wait on having sex with him. Starr tells James that she cannot abandon Cole when he's in prison. He tells her he intends to date other girls. But it's obvious that they are not "over" each other. Blair and Cristian open Eli's secret safe and are surprised to see a drawing of Blair in an elegant setting that was done years ago before she and Eli ever met. David finally manages to get the guards to let him call Dorian from the prison. But she does not listen to a word he says, believing that he's on Facebook bragging about his conquests with other women. Clint arrives and tells David he's going to make certain he's stuck there for a long time. Bo questions whether he really slept with Inez since he did not remember. Rex suggests to him that he could have been drugged. Tea represents Nate in the murder trial of Eddie and gets him acquitted while Nora wants to prosecute him and is furious with Inez believing she slept with Bo and put Eddie up to kidnapping her.

Y&R Recap Written by Mary  **One Day Ahead

At Crimson Lights, the assistant brings Nick the surveillance pics that he requested. Nick looks through the photos and finds out that there was definitely something going on between Victor and Skye. Jack visits Victor in his office at Newman Industries and accuses him of being the one who helped Skye escape to Hawaii. Victor just listens to Jack’s accusations. At the hospital, Abby sits beside Daniel and tells him all the latest gossip. Abby urges Daniel to wake up and tell her to shut up. Phyllis visits Abby and Daniel and actually makes pleasant to Abby for Daniel’s sake. In an unknown hotel room, a man and woman take care of Daisy’s baby. The man orders the woman not to get too attached to the child. Victoria calls Reed, but only gets the voice mail so she leaves him a message. Billy comes in and notices Victoria in such a sad state. Billy hugs her as she hides her face in his shoulder. Phyllis asks Abby if she cares for Daniel. Abby confesses that she does. Jack accuses Victor of setting Adam up for murder because Victor left Genoa City the same time as Skye mysteriously disappeared. At Crimson Lights, Ronan lets Heather know that his name was put on a liver donor list. Heather finds out that Ronan’s father is dead and his only other relative is Nina. At Jimmy’s, Billy meets with Rafe about a possible adoption, legal or otherwise. Jack lets Victor know that he may go to Hawaii himself to check out Sharon’s story. Victor still denies accusations. Jack meets Nick outside of Victor’s office and shows him pics. Nick encourages Jack to go to Hawaii. Nick goes into Victor’s office and shows him pics of him and Skye.

Victor asks Nick where he got the photos. Nick explains they're from an associate. Victor also denies Nick’s accusations. Billy tells Rafe how much he loves Victoria, and he wants this to happen for her. Primrose DeVille meets with the couple and takes custody of the baby. Phyllis encourages Daniel to wake up as Jack joins her. Jack lets Phyllis know that he is going to Hawaii, but Phyllis talks him out of it. Victor reminds Nick of all the things that Nikki and his daughters did to him and now Nick is turning his back on Victor, too. Ronan refuses to tell Nina about his illness. Billy meets with a man, who can help him get a baby. Ronan meets with Rafe to have a will drawn up. Jack makes reservations to go to Hawaii. Victor calls the man in Hawaii to alert him that someone else is coming down there to ask questions. Daniel wakes up. Billy meets with Primrose DeVille.

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