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AMC Recap Written by Mary

Ryan visits J.R. at the Chandler mansion and asks him if he knows what he is doing to Annie. Amanda is sick at home, when Annie pays her a visit. Amanda doesn’t want to let her in, but Annie insists. When Annie sees that Amanda is really sick, Annie wants to know what her symptoms are. Greenlee questions Frankie about Madison and his closeness to her Madison visits Kendall to see how she is doing. While there, Griffin comes in. Kendall makes the necessary introductions between Griffin and Madison. Marissa visits Scott and lets him know about his parole hearing. Scott kisses Marissa after hearing the good news. Annie tells Amanda about how J.R. is treating her. Greenlee visits Kendall and Kendall wants every piece of “juicy” gossip. Greenlee is hesitant to tell her anything. Kendall begins to cough as Griffin comes in and gives her some water. In the corridor, Madison gets more acquainted with Griffin. Frankie advises Madison to watch her back when it comes to Greenlee. Marissa questions J.R. about his visit with Scott. Annie calls J.R. and pretends as though she is dying in order to get him to come to her. Ryan visits Scott in prison and finds out that J.R. may try to take over Cambias. Scott asks Ryan for a job at Cambias, but Ryan refuses.

Greenlee tries to fix Griffin up with Madison, but with no luck. Griffin visits Kendall and advises her to take it easy when she gets home. Kendall tells Griffin to stop threatening her. Amanda runs into Madison at Krystal’s. Madison notices how sick that Amanda is. Amanda tells Madison that she is thankful that Jake will be home soon to help take care of Trevor. Amanda doesn’t know how single Moms take care of their children when they are sick. Ryan lets Greenlee know about visiting Scott and Scott asking him for a job. J.R. gets a call from Marissa telling him to get away from Annie before he catches her cold. J.R. starts to leave, but Annie begs him to stay by telling him that she isn’t sick at all that she was only faking. J.R. doesn’t know what to believe.

B&B Recap Written by Wanda

Jackie makes a few new designs and Nick gives her a hug and tells his crew that it looks like they are back in business. Owen tells Nick that he wants to get married again…….same woman just a better ceremony than the first time. He’d be honored if Nick stood up for him this time. Brooke drops by Dayzee’s and gives Anthony a late Christmas present, his very own chair. Taylor also stops by and hopes Brooke is not poisoning Stephanie’s mind against her husband. Brooke says she is not accusing anybody of anything. Sales are not based upon this sick behavior. Taylor reminds Stephanie that Brooke seduced Eric and also was involved with Ridge and Thorne so why can’t Stephanie see that it might happen with Thomas too; it’s right there before her face. Brooke broke up her marriage and then went after her sons.

Taylor tells Brooke there is no reason that Whip would want to stir up trouble between her and Ridge. There’s no way he could have taken that picture and got it to the press. He was with her at the showing all evening by her side. Nick tells Owen that he’s already been a best man for his mother once when she married Massimo, his biological father. Owen says he has no illusions that he’s been forgiven for his tryst with Bridget, but he thought that he and Nick were in a better place now. Nick says he is. He will even offer his house for the ceremony but he won’t be there. He’s quite sarcastic when he tells Aggie, but she says all these little rituals are important to some people. Brooke can’t believe that Stephanie defended her to Taylor. Whip goes home to find Taylor since she has no patients in the office today. She’s deep in thought and asks him again if he is the one who was backstage at the showing and took the picture and then released it to the press. He admits he did.

Days Recap Written by Danielle

Daniel goes to Victor to demand that the Kiriakis family provide for Parker financially. Victor refuses on the grounds that Vivian has frozen his assets. Nicole tries to get Chloe to stop believing that Daniel will remain with her. Daniel returns just to tell Chloe that she and Parker can stay in this apartment as he will move into his own place. Caroline doesn’t want Stephanie to return to Salem but she does anyway. Kayla evades questions from Roman about how Caroline even knew about the paternity question.

EJ tells Johnny about his plans to marry Nicole but Johnny isn’t happy about it. Sami pretends to be on a phone call to Brady telling him that he and Nicole can use her place to sneak around, knowing that Stefano will overhear. Stefano reports what he overheard to EJ. Sami plants lingerie at her apartment for EJ to find and think it belongs to Nicole. Nicole proves to Stefano that she has not been with Brady by pointing out the tracking device. EJ confronts Sami but instead of believing her lie, he gets her to admit that it was all a ruse. Jennifer lets Ben read Jack’s blog. Ben questions whether Jennifer is through with Jack.

GH Recap Written by Carrie

Olivia is brought into the hospital. Lucky and Siobhan talk to Elizabeth. Jax gets an update about Michael and Morgan. Sonny tells Abby that he is Michael’s father. Abby admits that she works at a strip club. Abby makes it clear to Sonny that she is going to continue seeing Michael. Cameron reunites with Elizabeth and Lucky. Maxie doesn’t want Lisa setting Matt’s arm. Jason, Brenda and Michael arrive at the hospital. Alexis and Sam are relieved to see that Molly and Kristina are okay. Michael thanks Molly for her help at the crash site. Dante asks about Olivia. Patrick operates on Olivia. Cam is admitted to the hospital; he asks Siobhan to tell him an Irish story. Dante confides in Brenda about Olivia. Dante thanks Michael for helping his mom. Morgan is brought in on a stretcher. Dr. Terrell Jackson, a new hire at the hospital, checks out Morgan’s leg. Siobhan thinks Lucky is a great father. Michael thanks Allie for starting the fire at the crash site. Terrell tells Morgan that his leg will be in a cast for a while. Jax shows up to support Carly. Steven hopes that Olivia will recover. Patrick doesn’t feel too good about Olivia’s chances of survival. Matt is told he can’t perform surgery for a month. Lulu arrives at the hospital to support Dante. Dante and Lulu go to Olivia’s hospital room; Dante sits beside his mom. Brenda and Sonny talk briefly; she admires his parenting skills. Allie visits Kristina; she starts complaining about a headache. Allie passes out in Kristina’s room. Liz asks Sam and Jason to keep an eye on Jake for a while. Brenda and Sonny argue about Jax. Robin asks Sonny to visit Kristina. Dante starts sobbing while talking to Olivia. Allie flatlines on the operating table. Sonny consoles Kristina when she begins to cry about Allie. Brenda watches as Sonny and Kristina bond. Abby runs into Michael; Carly witnesses them hugging each other.

OLTL Recap Written by Brenda

Blair and Cristian wake up naked in Blair’s bed but neither can remember how they go t that way. Cristian is relieved when they remember playing strip poker and did not have sex. Ford is pleased that Langston reduced the time on her ban on sex and determined that they can resume on Valentines Day. James tells Ford about kissing Starr and then apologizing. Ford tells James he should stop torturing himself. Langston gives the same advice to Starr.

Clint goes to Morocco and shows David that Dorian doesn’t miss him because “he” has been updating his MyFace profile with pictures of himself having a good time with the Olson Twins. He shows him Dorian’s MySpace page declaring that she is ready to find love again. David concludes that Clint must be blackmailing Rex if Rex isn’t telling Bo that David has been kidnapped. He figures out that Clint is out for revenge against Bo and Nora. Nora won’t forgive Bo for sleeping with Inez. She goes into the courtroom where Téa, Nate, and Inez are awaiting Nate’s arraignment. She smacks Inez and calls her a whore in front of Nate. Rex goes to tell Bo about Clint holding David in morocco, but first Bo tells Rex about waking up with Inez. Rex suggests that Inez drugged him the way Stacy did with Rex. Rex is about to tell Bo about David but he doesn’t have the chance because Inez comes up to them and tells them that Nora kicked her out of the courtroom.

Y&R Recap Written by Mary   **One Day Ahead

In his apartment, Kevin wakes up and sees Jana asleep on the sofa. Kevin receives a call from Chloe, who wants to know how Jana is doing. Jana wakes up just as Kevin and Chloe are talking. Kevin questions Jana as to how she is feeling. Jana pretends as though she is living in the past. Kevin insists on taking her to the hospital. Phyllis sits by Daniel’s hospital bed when Jack comes in to check on her. Phyllis blames herself for Daniel being in this shape and for Daisy being released from jail. Phyllis begs Daniel to wake up. Sharon arrives to see Adam and to find out what Leslie would want with them. Sharon lets Adam know that Nick is suing her for full custody of Faith. At Newman Enterprises, Nick meets up with Nikki, and lets her know that he is suing Sharon for full custody of Faith. Nick gives Nikki a peck on the cheek and leaves. Nikki starts to walk away when Victor comes out of his office and speaks to her. Nikki accompanies Victor into his office where they begin to talk about Christmas and his joining them. Nikki asks Victor had he received the pics that she had sent him. At Crimson Lights, Chloe sits at a table when Esther comes out with two cups of coffee. Chloe lets Esther know about Kevin and Jana, Leslie arrives and lets Sharon and Adam know that Vance had dropped Adam as a client. Sharon insists that they only need one little shred of evidence in order to clear Adam of murder charges. Nick stops by to see how Phyllis is doing and to lend her support and comfort. At the hospital, Kevin questions the doctor as to how Jana is doing. Jana joins them. The doctor suggests running some tests on Jana to find out what is wrong with her. Kevin calls Chloe to let her know what is going on. Chloe insists on coming to join him. At Crimson Lights, Sharon bumps into Jack and asks how Daniel is doing. Sharon asks Jack for help in clearing Adam’s name and finding out what had really happened to Skye if he had cared anything about her. Chloe joins Kevin in the room with Kevin and Jana. Jana questions Chloe as to what she is doing here and if anything had happened to Chance.

The doctor tells Kevin and Chloe that they will have to go along with Jana and her memory lapse until she has time to deal with all the problems in her life right now. The doctor meets with Jana and lets her know the year and that she had missed out on a whole year of her life. The doctor suggests that she go home to her husband which is the sweetest words to Jana’s ears. Jack visits Adam to question him about Skye and what had really happened to her. Sharon visits Adam and finds Jack there with him. Sharon thanks Jack for being here, but Jack tells her that he isn’t doing it for her. At the hospital, Jack talks to Nick about getting the surveillance tape in order to see what had really happened between Victor and Skye on the elevator. Nick tells his secretary to get the surveillance tape, but not let no one know what she is doing.

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