Tuesday 1/4/11 Recaps

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AMC Recap Written by Mary

On the roof of Ryan's condo, Erica tells Caleb that she needs him. Caleb lets her know that she can count on him. They kiss. Greenlee and Ryan come downstairs from putting Emma to bed when Ryan receives a call from Frankie. Greenlee remembers her conversation with Madison in which she was going to arrange for Madison to leave town. Ryan tells Greenlee about Kendall’s pneumonia and it is compromising her heart. They come up with a plan to take care of all the children. In the hospital, Kendall has dreams. At the Chandler mansion, Asher questions J.R. about his spending time with Marissa and A.J. on New Year's. In her hotel room, Annie watches television alone. Griffin fills Jack and Bianca in on Kendall’s condition. Jack wonders as to where Erica could be. Kendall calls out for Zach. Asher finds out about J.R. and Annie, but promises to keep the secret. Ryan calls Annie for help with Emma, but Annie has other plans for the evening, but finally agrees to stay with Emma. Annie asks J.R. to accompany her to Ryan’s, but J.R. refuses. J.R. promises to make it up to Annie tomorrow. Annie lets him know that it is always tomorrow. Kendall awakens and finds that Griffin is with her. Greenlee arrives at Kendall’s to check on the children and finds Madison there.

Madison arrives at the hospital to check on Kendall and runs into Bianca. Madison turns around and sees Ryan. Madison and Ryan exchange pleasantries. At Krystal’s, Caleb sits on a bar stool when Asher walks in. Asher commends Caleb for what he had done at the hospital in donating the money for the new wing in honor of his Mother. Greenlee spends time with Spike. Ryan stops by and sees Greenlee asleep on the sofa with Spike. Annie sits on the sofa at Ryan’s condo when she receives a call from J.R. Annie opens the door excitedly as she pulls J.R. in side and they begin to kiss. Annie tells him that she cannot wait to become his wife. Erica and Bianca visit with Kendall. Kendall asks about the boys. Erica insists on staying with Kendall. Jack brings three cups for himself, Erica and Bianca to propose a toast for New Years when Caleb walks up.

B&B Recap Written by Wanda

Bill calls Oliver and tells him to forget their entire previous conversation. He wants him to do a 180 and stay completely away from Hope. Liam is in love with her and it’s going to stay that way. Brooke calls Amber to meet her in the garden. She wants answers….the truth of what happened that night when she and Liam were together. She knows Liam can not remember, but she wants to know if they really made love that night. Liam goes to see Hope, but she is not sure he is going to want to hear what she has to say. She never thought she would be in this place again to be hurt by her boyfriend. She does not trust him. All he is asking for is a chance to prove that she can trust him again. Whatever happened with Amber was with a concession on his head. She took advantage of that.

Amber tells Brooke this is pretty personal and Hope doesn’t need a mom that looks over her shoulder all the time. Brooke says she wants to know what kind of man her daughter is hanging out with. She needs to know if he was just out of it and she seduced him. Amber confesses they did sleep together. Brooke says she knows Liam loves Hope so what did Amber do to make him throw all of that away? Bill fills Katie in on what happened concerning Liam. He is very proud of him and he won’t try to stop him from seeing Hope any more. Amber tells Brooke this is not any of her business. She’s furious at Brooke for asking so many questions and then questioning her motives; she walks off. Liam will not accept that something like this will come between him and Hope. He declares that he will do anything for her. He will walk through hot coals or eat snakes. He puts his boot in his mouth and says he won’t stop eating it until she promises not to break up with him. She starts laughing and they kiss. She says he better not ever let her down again.

Days Recap Written by Michele and Cheryl 

Jennifer was at the prison and overheard Jane talking about Bo and Hope being dangerous.  Jennifer was in disguise.  EJ gave Nicole a tracking device that looked like jewelry.  Bo told Hope that he wanted to get to a phone so they can get out of the cabin.  They want to make a deal so Hope won't go back to county prison.  Nicole was not thrilled with the idea of having a tracking device.  EJ will know everything that she's doing at all times.  Bo told Hope that he has to leave her to call Roman to help them.  He let her know that if something happened to him that she would have to be at the cabin alone.  Ben asked Carly if she is in ethical trouble.  Sami was thankful that Rafe was helping Bo and Hope.  He told her to stay out of trouble while he was gone.  Nicole let EJ know that she will always love Brady.  He didn't seem to care.  Hope had a fantasy of Ciara being at the cabin.  Carly let Ben know that she wasn't in trouble.  She asked him about his transplants.  He needed donors right away.  Bo called Carly and asked for her help.  Rafe showed up at the prison to talk to Jane.  Jennifer was still in Jane's office.  Bo wanted Carly to talk to Roman for him.  Rafe wanted to know why Jane wasn't answering his calls.  

Stefano wanted to know what was going on between EJ and Nicole.  EJ told Stefano that he and Nicole are getting married.  Stefano refused to accept that. Carly told Bo that he loved her and he was grateful for what she's done for him.  Brady told Sami that he and Nicole pretended to break up.  She continued to insult Nicole.  Sami wanted Brady to fight for Nicole.  He didn't want to do anything.  Stefano continued to question why EJ would want to marry Nicole after everything she's done.  Ben called Jane to find out what was going on and she let him know that she's had problems at the prison.  Sami wanted Brady to fight for Nicole.  He refused to fight for her because he has to deal with Vivian.  Nicole went to church to pray and Rafe showed up too.  Bo told Hope how he called Carly and the phone was tapped.  They have to leave the cabin because the state police were on their way to the cabin.  Stefano reminded EJ that he is in love with Sami.  He tried to convince EJ to leave Salem with the kids.  Ben invited Jennifer to get some coffee.  Jane found out that Bo called Carly.  The cops were closing in on Bo and Hope.  Stefano overheard Sami pretending to talk to Brady about him meeting Nicole in her apartment.

GH Recap Written by Carrie

Robin and Patrick address the hospital staff. Robin tells Patrick that she enjoyed spending Christmas with him. Alexis and Sonny are worried about their kids. Sam learns about the bus crash. Nikolas and Sam talk about the crash. Kristina and Molly continue to butt heads. Elizabeth confides in Lucky about her fears. Carly and Jason search for the crash site. Matt and Maxie joke about their situation. Brenda and Dante are driving around, looking for the bus; they bicker over Sonny. Michael finds Morgan, who has a leg injury. Michael asks Steven to check out Morgan’s leg. Olivia is spitting up blood. Jason makes the decision to go to Interstate 55. Michael and Molly head for the highway. Carly won’t stop crying; she worries that Olivia might be dead. Michael manages to call 911; he speaks to Lucky about the crash. To Steven, Olivia speaks warmly about Dante. Abby shows up at GH looking for Michael. Dante and Brenda spot Michael and Molly on the side of the road. Molly meets Brenda. Brenda calls Lucky and gives him an update. Molly tells Brenda about the bus crash. Jason and Carly arrive at the scene. Siobhan and Lucky share a quick chat. Carly hugs Morgan; she calls him a hero. Kristina is an emotional wreck. Dante finds Olivia in bad shape. Sam and Alexis continue to panic. Robin updates Sonny about his children. Brenda calls Sonny and reassures him that she’s keeping an eye on the kids. Elizabeth is in better spirits once she learns Cam is okay. Patrick tells Robin that he’ll make up Matt’s workload. Mac makes calls about the evacuation. The weather is getting worse. Sonny and Abby start talking in the hospital lobby; he is surprised to find out she knows Michael. Morgan, Carly and Jason go over the events leading up to the bus crash. Paramedics arrive on the site. Matt, Maxie and Cam make their way up the mountainside. Kristina can’t stop shivering. Brenda asks Molly and Kristina to be in her wedding to Sonny. Olivia is carried out on a stretcher.

OLTL Recap Written by Jennifer S.

For the first time, since he's been sent away, we see David Vickers in his prison cell in Morocco struggling to get out and have the guards let him make a phone call to Bo or Dorian or anybody he can reach to let them know what happened to him because of Clint. Right then, David's hemorrhoid commercial is airing on many people's television screens. Rex and Gigi see it. And when Rex sleeps, he has a nightmare that David is haunting him from the television telling him it's his fault that David has been sent a away. Rex protests that Clint sent him away and he knows nothing about the details. But David tells Rex he knows that Rex is too cowardly to reveal what he knows that Clint has done and get him out. Rex protests that Clint has threatened to send Rex to prison for corporate espionage when he broke into Clint's office to find out what he did to David. And Gigi could lose her dream to attend school if he discloses the secret about what Clint did. Bo and Clint see David's hemorrhoid commercial on the television. Bo still has no suspicions of Clint. But right then, David manages to get the guards let him call Bo. But as soon as Clint hears that Bo got a call from Morocco, he takes the call and informs Bo it's a business associate who has him mistaken from Bo. And Clint manages to prevent David from making his call to Bo. Dorian also sees the commercial right after Viki tells her she knows that she is not over David and she denies that. Bo calls Nora again. She does not answer. Home alone with Matthew, Nora and her son reveal they are angry with Bo but both miss him and want him back.

Natalie warns Marty not to reveal her secret (about being pregnant with Brody's baby instead of John's) to Jessica. And they get into a struggle where Marty passes out and Natalie checks her pulse to see that she appears to be dead.

Y&R Recap Written by Mary   **One Day Ahead

Tucker and Ashley snuggle together in bed. Ashley admires her engagement ring from Tucker. Ashley and Tucker kiss. Paul and Nina are with Heather when she receives a subpoena to testify in court against Owen and his henchmen. In his office, Ronan receives a call from his doctor about his appointment. At the Coffeehouse, Jill and Colin are together when Katherine comes in to join them. Katherine, immediately, doesn’t like Colin and thinks he is hiding something. Neil tells Cane that Blake is fired. Cane tries to make excuses for Blake. Ashley and Tucker discuss their wedding, but Tucker insists on leaving the wedding in Ashley’s hands. Jill leaves their table for just a moment, leaving Colin alone with Katherine. Katherine begins to ask Colin questions about his past. Colin agrees to answer her questions. Jill re-joins Colin and Katherine when Colin gets a call and leaves. Katherine begins to question Jill as to how well she knows Colin. Jill becomes defensive of Colin. At home, Lily talks to Mackenzie on the phone and asks how J.T. and Reed are doing. Cane tries to get Neil and Sofia not to fire Blake. Neil has his objections, but Sofia insists that they let Cane handle this. Neil leaves them alone. Sofia tells Cane that more is going on that he is saying and she wants to know what is going on between him and Blake. Heather walks in to Ronan’s office and confronts him about her being subpoenaed in Owen’s trial. Heather finds out about Ronan’s doctor’s appointment and insists that he let Nina help, but Ronan refuses. At the Coffeehouse, Ashley and Tucker tell Katherine their news that they are getting married. Katherine is thrilled. Cane begs Sofia to not endanger his family by pursuing this matter. Jill and Colin visit Lily.

At the coffeehouse, Neil comes in and finds out from Ashley and Tucker that they are engaged. Cane insists to Sofia that she let him handle this. Katherine asks Nina and Paul to look into Colin’s past. After talking business for a few minutes, Tucker tells Neil that he hopes that Cane and Blake had cleared up this matter for they were running out of time. At the office, Neil refuses to cover for Cane in this meeting with Tucker. Ronan refuses to let Nina become involved in his sickness or even to know about his illness. Colin gets to hold one of the twins. Katherine gets news on Colin that he had just gotten out of prison in Queensland. Tucker is missing one of the files when Sofia comes in with the file and its missing reports. Neil is puzzled and Cane is relieved.

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