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AMC Recap Written by Mary

In her condo, Erica sits on the sofa. Getting up, Erica walks over to the desk and picks up a pile of letters that she had written to her Mother. Erica sits down at the table and begins to write yet another letter to her Mother. At Wildwind, Bianca comes downstairs with some art supplies for Gabrielle and Miranda. At Kendall’s, Kendall spends time with her two boys. At ConFusion, Jack makes plans New Year’s Eve then goes to Erica’s to tell her how they will celebrate. They hug. Erica lets Jack know that she has something that she needs to do. Liza visits David in his hospital. David is still unconscious. Jack and Erica arrive at the hospital to find Liza with David. Liza lets Erica see the photo of Kendall trying to smother David with a pillow, but if it hadnít been for Griffin, Kendall would have killed David. Erica cannot believe her ears that Liza would go after Kendall after her losing Zach. Jack walks in to see what is going on and Liza shows Jack the photo. Erica tears up the photo as she walks out. At Krystalís, Caleb sees Asher and asks him for his help. Asher agrees. Caleb, Asher and Bianca go to the roof to reenact the night that Erica had shot David. In the re-inaction, Caleb realizes that Erica hadn’t shot David, but Kendall had. Erica visits Kendall, who lets Erica know that she is fine. Erica goes ballistic, letting Kendall know that she is not that strong, but that Mona had been and Erica needs Mona so much. Kendall comforts Erica. Erica lets Kendall know that Liza had evidence that showed that Kendall had tried to smother David. Kendall begins to have a major coughing spasm and collapses into Caleb’s arms.

At the hospital, Erica and Caleb find out from Frankie and Griffin that Kendall has pneumonia and her heart is being compromised by it. Erica asks to see Kendall, but Frankie denies her request. Caleb confronts Erica that Kendall had been the one, who had shot David instead of Erica. Erica denies the accusation. Caleb asks Erica to go up on the roof with him. Caleb tells Erica exactly what had happened the night of the shooting. Erica confesses that Kendall had shot David, but Erica begs for Caleb’s help in keeping the secret. Caleb lets Erica know that she can trust him as they kiss.

B&B Recap Written by Wanda

Liam pleads that he and Hope can get past this. She doesn’t see how she can forget a naked Amber in his bed. He knows he has let her down for something he can not even remember, but he wants her to promise him that they are not over. Brooke hears the noises and comes downstairs. Hope tells Liam that she needs to talk to her mom alone. She doesn’t feel like Liam is the same person she fell in love with. Tawny tells Amber that she has to start on pre-natal vitamins right away and take care of this little Spencer baby in her tummy. This is a great situation. That bun in her oven is a potential goldmine and they can make this work. Amber reminds her that it is not Liam’s but Oliver’s. Tawny thinks that is just secondary. Liam already thinks he slept with her so believing the baby is his will not be a big stretch. Amber assures her that Bill Senior will have something to say about this and it won’t be as easy as Tawny suggests. They will not be able to outsmart him. Right now Amber’s only concern is the health of the baby. She has been given a second chance and she is just going to love this baby no matter who the father is. Hope tells Brooke that Amber followed Liam home the night of the party and while he doesn’t remember it, Amber says they did do it.

Liam stops by the office and talks to Bill. He tells him his head is okay but he can’t remember much happening that night of his party. But he needs to tell him something that he won’t like, to go on record with what he does remember. He appreciates the party. It was an epic, but Hope should have been part of it. As such, he made a huge mistake. Hope felt insignificant and she’s not. He can’t lie about being an eligible bachelor. He wants to make his dad proud but he has to let him be himself and acknowledge Hope in print. Bill contemplates the situation and tells Liam that being an eligible bachelor isn’t always what it is cracked up to be. He knows that after finding Katie so he will support Liam in just being himself. If Hope is what he wants, then go for it. Just be careful and don’t run off and get married; he’s too young for that. Brooke is not sure she buys Liam’s explanation or not but she will have a talk with Amber first thing in the morning and get to the bottom of this.

Days Recap Written by Michele and Cheryl 

Stephanie found out that Kayla's back in town.  She was afraid that Kayla was going to ask her if she told the truth.  Philip wanted to hold Parker.  Melanie was convinced that Daniel should take Parker from Chloe and Philip.  He didn't think that was the right thing to do.  EJ wanted Nicole's answer to his proposal.  He let her know that he doesn't love her and that he has no respect.  She wanted to know why EJ wants to marry her if he can't stand her.  Nicole was convinced that EJ is making a mistake by marrying her.  She didn't think it was good for Johnny and Sydney to see him in a loveless marriage.  He seemed to accept that and told her to see Sydney, but she had to make it quick.  Daniel continued to convince Melanie that they have to put Parker first.  Chloe let Philip see Daniel.  Sami found out that Caroline had a stroke.  Rafe wanted to take Sami to the hospital.  Chloe was convinced that Daniel will come back to her.  Philip wasn't so sure about that.  Nicole met Brady on the pier.  He told her that he had a plan for Vivian so they can be together.  Nicole didn't look thrilled so he assumed that she was dumping him.  

Philip saw Melanie when she was about to leave the Kiriakis mansion.  He didn't want her to leave.  Stephanie continued to lie to Nathan about Kayla's call.  Caroline told Sami that she wasn't sorry for what she did because she was helping her family.  Nicole told Brady how EJ was going to give her another chance with Sydney, but she has to give up everything.  Brady tried to talk her out of going through with what EJ wanted. Nathan wanted to know if Stephanie was up to something.  She suggested that they get married right away.  Nathan wasn't too happy about that idea.  He suggested that they have a New Year's Day wedding.  Melanie refused to listen to Philip and stormed off just as Kate showed up at the Kiriakis mansion.  EJ wanted to show off his new bride-to-be at the New Year's celebration on the pier.  Rafe and Sami were at the same celebration.  Kate wanted Philip to tell her what happened with Melanie.  Philip let her know that he is the father of Chloe's baby.  Melanie told Maggie that she shouldn't have given up Nathan.  Stephanie finally listened to Kayla's message and found out about Caroline's stroke.  Brady saw EJ kiss Nicole as the countdown started for 2011.  EJ interrupted the celebration to announce that he and Nicole are getting married again.

GH Recap Written by Carrie

Carly is on the phone with Morgan when the bus crashes on Interstate 55. Carly and Jason are frantic to find out what happened. Steven wakes up and finds Cameron nearby. Steven asks a fellow passenger to keep an eye on Cam. Everyone starts waking up. Matt thinks that his wrist is broken. Michael, Molly and Kristina are okay but wonder where Morgan is. Luke tells Lucky about stealing some diamonds in Prague. Lucky hates the idea. Luke refuses to tell Tracy about his scheme. Luke and Tracy leave for their honeymoon. Siobhan shows up at the police station. Nikolas and Brook Lynn learn about the bus crash. Steven confirms that Matt has a wrist fracture. Alexis and Sonny talk about the ski trip then run into Theo at the restaurant. Sonny and Theo get into a heated debate about the wrongful death suit. Sonny receives an urgent call from Carly. The bus driver is pronounced dead by Steven. Allie and Kristina think about starting a fire. Michael finds Olivia. Elizabeth and the rest of the hospital staff learn of the bus crash. Lucky discovers that Cameron was on the bus trip. Carly blames herself for not being on the trip. Dante learns that his mom was on the bus. Olivia wonders if she’s going to die. Alexis is worried about her daughters. Maxie and Matt share a heartfelt chat. Carly calls 911 but there is still no sign of the bus. Michael makes it back to the highway. Morgan remains missing.

OLTL Recap Written by Jennifer S.

People ring in the New Year at Capricorn. Cristian believes that Layla is cheating on him and no longer trusts her. Blair is also without a "date". So they end up kissing. They consciously confirm that they are friends and nothing more. But he goes home with her. She confirms that he's had too much to drive home and invites him to stay with her. And it appears there may be more than friendship. Kelly is determined to find out some secrets about Aubrey and urges Rex to help her. He wants to be with Gigi but somehow knows that Kelly may be onto something. Aubrey tells Joey that she has a cold and cannot join him for New Years. Yet, when she's along in her hotel room, a guy enters who appears to be her real boyfriend and with whom she is working to scam Joey into believing that she wants to marry him. They reveal that they were photographed together in the French magazine. Marty goes to attempt to prevent Natalie and John from getting married and is ready to tell Jessica the secret about Natalie being pregnant by Brody. But she is interrupted when it appears Jessica is having contractions and Brody and John go with her to the hospital. John and Natalie are not yet married and nobody new has heard as of yet that Natalie is pregnant by Brody.

Y&R Recap Written by Mary  **One Day Ahead

Sharon visits Adam in jail to discuss how Skye died. Sharon lets Adam know about the new pic of Skye that will be circulated in Hawaii. Leslie joins them and tells Sharon about the charges that are pending against her. At Newman Enterprises, Victor sits behind his desk when Nick walks in and is surprised to see Victor home. Nick asks Victor where he was. Victor is reluctant to answer him. At Tucker Industries, Neil and Sofia discuss the report that they are awaiting from Blake. Sofia is upset that Blake will not return her calls. At home, Cane sits on the sofa, working on the report that he is doing for Blake. Jill walks into the coffeehouse and sees Gloria with Fen. Jill asks Fen if Santa liked his cookies. Jill also asks Fen what he got for Christmas. Gloria is surprised when Fen calls Jill “Aunt Jill.” Gloria asks Jill about her spending time with Fen. Gloria lets Jill know that Daisy escaped. At the hospital, Phyllis watches as Lauren sleeps. Abby walks in and asks about Lauren. Michael and Jack continue to look for Daisy, but have no luck. Michael and Jack find Daniel lying in the snow unconscious. Daisy and the baby have disappeared. Leslie lets Sharon know that she faces “obstruction” charges for her actions in Hawaii. Victor stalls in giving Nick an answer, but when he does answer, he tells Nick that he went skiing. Gloria and Jill arrive at the hospital to check on Lauren. Phyllis gets a call from Nick asking who was going to pick up Summer. Phyllis lets Nick know about Daisy escaping. Cane gets a call from Sofia about Blake’s report. Sofia is surprised that Cane talked to Blake who hasn’t returned any of Sofia’s calls. Colin and Blake are at the coffeehouse when Lily comes in. Colin lets Lily know that he spent New Year's with Jill. Nick joins Phyllis at the hospital to lend support. Lauren gets a call from Michael, but they have a bad connection and Lauren cannot make out anything he says about Daisy or Daniel. Daisy leaves the baby at the church. The EMTs bring Daniel in. The doctor on duty begins to order all kinds of tests for Daniel. Sharon visits Victor and asks for his help.

Sharon tells Victor what happened in Hawaii concerning Skye. Without saying a word, Victor only listens. Victor reminds Sharon of all of Adam’s faults and all the things that Adam did to people in Genoa City. Victor then refuses to help Sharon. Colin tells Lily about whitewater rafting in Australia. Blake receives a call from Cane about the report that is due in to Sofia and Neil. Michael lets Lauren and Phyllis know what happened with Daniel in the snow. Phyllis then insists on finding Daisy herself. Neil and Sofia get Blake’s report, but it is only half there. Sofia calls Cane to come to the office for a talk. Sharon asks Victor if he was the one who helped Skye leave town. Victor refuses to answer. While talking to Cane, Sofia and Neil fire Blake. Colin asks Lily to see the twins, but she refuses. Nick walks in on Sharon and Victor. Nick vows to take Sharon to court and get full custody of Faith. Jill and Colin meet at the coffeehouse. A man finds Daisy’s baby.

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