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AMC Recap Written by Mary

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B&B Recap Written by Wanda

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Days Recap Written by Michele and Cheryl 

Daniel went to the apartment and saw Chloe with Parker.  Brady realized that Nicole is marrying EJ.  Victor told Maggie that Philip is the father of Chloe's baby.  Victor was convinced that Caroline wanted to get back at him.  Daniel wanted to hold Parker.  Philip tried to talk to Melanie, but she slapped him.  Carly didn't like how Kayla blamed her for Caroline having a stroke.  Carly let her know that Caroline was not innocent.  Daniel demanded that Chloe tell him the truth about what she did.  Chloe insisted that she had nothing to do with what Caroline did.  Daniel put the pieces together and realized when she got the paternity test done.  Philip tried to explain how he ended up having sex with Chloe.  Melanie was still upset by what he did.  Nicole told Brady why she is marrying EJ.  She wants to see the kids.  Brady was upset that she accepted EJ's proposal.  Nicole wanted to continue to see Brady even though she is marrying EJ.  Vivian guaranteed that the pictures she showed EJ were authentic.  He believed that they were real.  Maggie tried to defend Caroline and said Chloe was the one who started everything.  Victor blamed three people for the mess.  He blamed Caroline, Chloe, and Carly.  Kayla insisted that Carly could have said something to Daniel about Chloe getting her paternity test.  Melanie continued to rip into Philip about being with Chloe.  

Daniel ripped into Chloe for being with Philip.  Daniel would not bend when Chloe tried to blame Vivian for why she was with Philip.  She asked Daniel if he could forgive her.  He didn't know if he could.  Melanie admitted that she still loves Philip.  Nicole told EJ that she would marry him.  EJ had a surprise for her.  He showed her the pictures that Vivian gave him. Carly wanted to know how Kayla knew so much about what Caroline did.  Kayla demanded that she stay out of her life.  Chloe tried to use Parker as a way to get Daniel to stay with her.  When that didn't work, she kissed him.  Brady and Kate talked about Vivian.  Brady said he had a plan.  Nicole tried to tell EJ that the pictures were Photoshopped.  EJ didn't believe her.  Philip reminded Melanie what Daniel did to Lucas.  Melanie didn't want to hear it.  Daniel didn't want Chloe to kiss him anymore.  He walked out of the apartment.  Victor saw Carly at the hospital and wanted to know how she could live with herself.  Brady and Kate started to recap how Vivian tried to drug her years ago.  He took her out of the Kiriakis mansion so they could talk about his plan.  EJ yelled at Nicole for being with Brady.  She tried to explain why she was with Brady, but EJ wasn't listening to it.  Melanie was about to leave the mansion when Daniel showed up.  He tried to console Melanie because of what happened.  Philip went to Chloe's place.  She wanted him to leave, but he stayed.  EJ decided to give Nicole one more chance, but he didn't want her to blow it.  Chloe was convinced that Daniel would come back to him.  Melanie told Daniel that he should take Parker away from her.  Brady's plan was to send Vivian to one of Victor's small islands.

GH Recap Written by Brenda

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OLTL Recap Written by Jennifer S.

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Y&R Recap Written by Mary  **One Day Ahead

At home, Victoria looks at the Christmas tree as she is deep in thought. Billy walks in, carrying a plate of Animal crackers. Victoria takes one as she turns back to the tree. Walking home from having dinner at a new restaurant which isn’t too far from where Michael and Lauren live, Michael begins to talk French to Lauren which impresses her very much. Lauren is puzzled that they hadn’t seen the new restaurant before. Phyllis, Jack, Daniel and Abby all arrive at the hospital at the same time. Outside of Jimmy’s, Jana sees Kevin and Chloe kissing. Jana, thinking for a moment, picks up a brick. Kevin and Chloe kiss. They are interrupted by Jana, who walks up and pretends as though Daisy had attacked her and had ran off. Jana asks Kevin and Chloe for help. Kevin immediately calls Daniel to let him know that Daisy had escaped. Jana explains how that Daisy had attacked her and had escaped. Daniel takes the blame for Daisy escaping because of his attitude toward her. The camera shows Daisy’s ankle monitor lying in the street. Billy suggests that they liven up the evening by watching an old movie. Victoria, reluctantly, sits down to watch the movie. Billy tries to snuggle with Victoria, but Victoria pushes him aside. The police arrive to question Kevin and Chloe as to what had happened with Jana and Daisy. The police officer asks Kevin if he believes Jana’s story. Kevin lets the police officer know what he had said to Daisy the night before. Lauren and Michael spend some intimate time together when she receives a text that Daisy had escaped. Michael calls Daniel to find out the details about Daisy’s escape. Daniel receives a lead on Daisy and goes to look for her. Phyllis tries to help Daniel, but he orders her to back off. Victoria opens up to Billy and tells him that the doctor had told her that she probably would not be able to have children. Billy tries to console her, but Victoria walks out on him. The EMTs tells Kevin that Jana could have a possible concussion. Jana asks Kevin to accompany her to the hospital. Chloe also insists on going. In a car headed out of town, Daisy begins to have contractions.

Daisy begs the baby to wait to be born until they reach Canada. At the hospital, Lauren blames Phyllis for Daisy escaping. Chloe and Kevin arrive at the hospital with Jana. While Kevin goes to check on Jana, Abby tells Chloe that she is surprised to see Chloe and Kevin together. Michael cautions Lauren not to attack Phyllis nor Daisy when they bring her in. Kevin explains to Jack and Phyllis about Jana’ concussion. The police officer arrives at the hospital to question Jana about Daisy. Jana opens up and explains everything about the deal that Jana had made with Daisy, but Daisy had threatened to kill Jana. Daniel finds Daisy just as she is about to give birth. Daniel, reluctantly, delivers the baby. Kevin takes Jana home with him so he can watch about her. Jana apologizes to Kevin for all the trouble that she had caused. Kevin calls Chloe and lets her know that he wishes that he was with her. Jana overhears conversation. Jack and Michael search for leads on Daisy. Phyllis calls Daniel to apologize for her actions. Daniel holds the baby in his arms. Daisy reaches behind the seat and picks up a flashlight. Raising up the flashlight, Daisy hits Daniel in the head.

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