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AMC Recap Written by Mary

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B&B Recap Written by Wanda

Tawny goes berserk. She tells Amber that Amber is homeless and jobless and she has been through this before. She is not going to have a kid with Mr. Bongos out there. Amber says she lost a stillborn once before and now she has been given a second chance. It’s Oliver’s baby and he has a right to know. She is just about to tell him when Tawny grabs her away and wants to talk to Amber. Hope goes crazy when Liam tells her that he woke up with Amber in his bed. He doesn’t remember anything that happened, but she said they were intimate. Hope rants that she can’t believe he would do this to them. She runs into the house and he follows. He explains that he had a concussion and doesn’t remember a thing from that night, so it’s only Amber’s word. Despite all of that, Hope thinks he let it happen. Taylor doesn’t want to hear it, but Ridge tells her they were set up with this picture of Thomas and Brooke. There is nothing going on between them. He goes further by telling her that he thinks it was Whip that took the picture and leaked it to the press. He’s sorry and he knows this is hard for her to hear, but he felt she deserved to know. Whip walks in and catches Ridge and Taylor together and accuses Ridge of not being able to wait to tell his wife his unfound claims.

Hope tells Liam that Amber is a girl who knows how to target a rich guy. He was ripe for the picking. Tawny suggests to Amber that she can pass this baby off as Liam’s. Surely she wants more for this child than Oliver and his road to nowhere. She is sure if Amber bides her time and then tells Liam that he will feel so guilty that he will marry her on the spot. They will be living on Easy Street the rest of their life. Amber points out they will be bucking Bill Spencer too who will say paternity test so fast it will make their heads spin. Tawny says let him; that test can be fudged. Don’t let this opportunity pass hr by. Taylor confronts Whip about what he might have done. She just wants him to be honest with her if he took the picture and put it on line to cause trouble in Ridge’s own marriage. Whip denies it, of course, and Taylor slams Ridge for trying to cause trouble and orders him out of her house. She is through with this whole conversation. Liam confesses to Hope that he doesn’t know what happened that night or if Amber targeted him, but he knows he would never hurt Hope on purpose. He wants her to tell him right now that she believes him and will forgive him.

Days Recap Written by Michele and Cheryl 

Kayla accidentally announced that Daniel isn't the father of Chloe's baby.  Everyone at the church heard her.  Brady walked in on Gus and Vivian while they were talking about Nicole.  Nicole didn't understand why EJ wanted to marry her.  Daniel wanted Kayla to tell him why she said that he wasn't the father of Chloe's baby.  Philip wanted to get Caroline out of the church, but she wouldn't leave.  Caroline told everyone that Philip is Parker's father.  EJ didn't want a conventional marriage.  He wanted an arrangement.  He used Sydney and Johnny to convince her to marry him.  Nicole didn't understand why he wanted to marry him.  Caroline started yelling about how the Kiriakis men are.  She also admitted that she switched the paternity test results.  Chloe tried to deny it, but Caroline said it was true and that Philip is the father.  Daniel hit Philip and threatened to kill him.  Brady showed Vivian Photoshopped pictures of Nicole with different men.  He will go to EJ with the different pictures and say that Vivian did that to get back at them.  EJ wanted Nicole to be a good influence on his children.  He didn't want her drinking or sleeping with men.  Nicole was convinced he wanted to get back at Sami.  

Melanie stopped Daniel from killing Philip.  Philip was convinced that Parker wasn't his baby.  Melanie accused Carly of knowing about Chloe having Philip's baby.  Daniel found out that Carly was the one who gave Chloe the paternity test.  Carly wanted to know why Caroline would do something like that.  Caroline didn't think that Philip should raise a baby.  Caroline suddenly had a pain in her head.  She also became dizzy.  Caroline said she switched the results to protect Parker.  Caroline finally admitted that Kayla was right and that she should have told the truth.  Caroline passed out while she was talking to everyone. EJ wanted to know Nicole's answer to his proposal.  She had until the end of the day to decide if she will marry him.  Victor yelled at Philip for being with Chloe.  Melanie saw Philip and told him to go to H*ll.  Carly told Philip to get away from Melanie.  Carly tried to reassure Melanie that she didn't know Philip was the one with Chloe.  Melanie didn't believe her.  Kayla got Caroline to the hospital on time.  Kayla didn't want Daniel to work on Caroline's case.  Daniel also didn't want to work on Caroline's case.  Melanie rejected Carly when she tried to comfort her.  Nicole wanted to meet Brady at the pier.  He told her that he tried to keep Vivian from going to EJ with the proof that they were still together.  Nicole told Brady that she's getting married.  Vivian showed up at the DiMera mansion to see EJ.  She told him that Nicole is still with Brady.  She also gave him the pictures of them together.

GH Recap Written by Brenda

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OLTL Recap Written by Jennifer S.

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Y&R Recap Written by Mary  **One Day Ahead

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