Wednesday 12/29/10 Recaps

The TV MegaSite's Wednesday 12/29/10 Short Recaps


AMC Recap Written by Mary

Amanda and Jake have breakfast together at Krystal’s before he goes to work at the hospital. A the Confusion bar, Tad and Natalia sit across from each other and discuss how frustrating the stakeout had been the previous night. Brot comes in to join them to let Natalia know how the stakeout had turned out. Jake arrives at the hospital for work and soon sees Cara standing a ways off. Marissa visits Scott in jail. Marissa lets Scott know that Caleb had gotten everything back concerning Cortlandt Electronics. At the Chandler mansion, Annie opens up a box of pink roses only to find out that they are for Marissa. Annie drops the roses as she and J.R. begin to argue. Scott and Marissa go over her plans in order to get him released. Annie remembers seeing J.R. kiss Marissa. J.R. walks into Krystal’s and sees another bunch of pink roses. Krystal comes out and sees that J.R. had brought roses also. When Krystal goes to put the roses in water, J.R. checks the card and sees the roses are from Scott. J.R. begins to question Krystal about Marissa and Scott. Krystal refuses to tell J.R. anything. Brot kisses Natalia and Natalia gives in to the kiss. Annie tells Amanda about the roses that J.R. had sent to Marissa.

J.R. visits Scott in jail. J.R. and Scott argue as usual over Chandler Enterprises. Cara and Tad sit at a table and talk. Tad lets Cara know that he and Krystal had once been married, but now they live in the same house. Jake and Amanda discuss his working with Cara. Jake notices how this is bothering Amanda and offers to have his days changed so that he will no longer work with Cara. Amanda tells Jake about Annie and J.R. and the roses. Annie comes back to her hotel room to a room full of roses. J.R. comes in behind her. They hug. J.R. starts to kiss her, but Annie pulls away by telling him that she cannot sneak around anymore. J.R. tries to tell Annie that this won’t be for much longer. After J.R. leaves, Annie throws away the pink roses.

B&B Recap Written by Wanda

Ridge tells Brooke that it’s just a hunch and he can’t prove it, but he think he knows who took the photo. It was Whip. Whip tells Aggie that he needed to teach Ridge a lesson. He is not going to roll over and play nice. Ridge has been letting Brooke and Taylor fight over him for years. Aggie warns him this will blow up in his face as Ridge will go straight to Taylor and then who will get hurt? He still takes a great deal of pride in that he is getting to Ridge and he almost lost his cool. Tawny tells Amber that if she can land this Liam, things will get a whole lot better. He’s the most eligible man on the planet right now and she was in his bed. Help is on the way. Hope tells Liam that she planned this picnic because they have had no alone time lately. This night is just about the two of them, nothing else. Whatever he has to tell her, he can put it on hold for now. He gives her a bracelet and wants her just to remember that he loves her and for her to think of this moment always.

Oliver feels awkward but Tawny tells him not to worry about her. He hopes they can talk. She finds out about Hope and tells Amber later that she thinks they can help each other out. Aggie tells Whip that she doesn’t see his plan. She sees a man who is starting a fire that he might not be able to put out. Ridge reveals to Brooke that Taylor called out his name during sex with Whip and now he has lost all perspective. Now he just wants Ridge to pay. He needs to stop him before he does more damage. Liam stutters and stammers and finally gets out that he was not alone after the party. A girl, Amber, followed him home. Amber returns home and is forced to tell her mother that she just took a pregnancy test and it is positive.

Days Recap Written by Michele and Cheryl 

Caroline fought with Kayla because she didn't want the truth to come out.  Kayla was appalled by Caroline's actions.  Sami and Nicole were fighting.  Rafe wanted Victor to give him some information about Bo and Hope.  Daniel and Chloe were getting ready for Parker's christening.  Adrienne admitted to Kayla and Caroline that she knows the truth about Parker's paternity.  Kayla couldn't believe that Adrienne kept that from her.  Two orderlies broke up Sami and Nicole's fight.  EJ continued to watch Nicole and Sami from a distance.  Adrienne told Kayla that Stephanie asked her not to say anything about Parker's paternity.  EJ told Nicole that Sydney's eyes are okay.  He pretended not to know that Nicole got into a fight with Sami.  EJ encouraged her to press charges.  Sami told Rafe that Nicole is living with EJ and she wants to do something about it.  Stephanie flashed back to when Kayla warned her to tell Nathan the truth.  Parker's christening started.  

Rafe tried to warn Sami that she should stop going after Nicole.  Nicole showed up at the police station and told Rafe that she wanted to press charges against Sami. Caroline tried to use her family's problems as a way to keep Kayla from telling the truth about Parker's paternity.  EJ told Stefano about Nicole and Sami's fight.  EJ informed Stefano about his plan to guarantee that Sami will go after Nicole again.  Caroline begged Kayla to let Daniel and Chloe be happy with Parker.  EJ intends to make sure that Sami self destructs and takes herself out of her kids' lives.  Caroline stormed off because she didn't think that Kayla was listening to her about what she did for Stephanie.  EJ told Nicole that he wanted her to marry him.  Kayla met Caroline at the church.  Kayla told Caroline that she has to tell that Daniel is not the father of Chloe's baby.  Kayla didn't realize that the christening was ending while she screamed that at Caroline.  Everyone (including Daniel and Chloe) heard Kayla say that Daniel isn't Parker's father.

GH Recap Written by Carrie

Elizabeth, Robin and Patrick go over their New Year’s Day plans. Steven is looking forward to spending time with Cameron at the ski lodge. Robin and Steven discuss the ski trip. Maxie is happy to be joining Matt on the trip. Abby runs into Michael; she asks him out to dinner. Kristina and Molly are irritated when Michael has second thoughts about going to the ski lodge. Abby convinces Michael to join the girls. Carly asks Olivia to take her place for the hospital ski trip. Olivia hates the idea but agrees to the suggestion. Olivia is happy for Brenda and Sonny. Jason thinks Spinelli is up to something. Theo meets with Lucky to talk about the lawsuit and the Balkan case. Theo asks about Ronan O’Reilly. Lucky refuses to give Theo any concrete answers concerning Ronan. Theo says that finding O’Reilly might help Brenda’s case. Steven is surprised to learn that Olivia will be joining them. Matt and Patrick have a short chat about Robin. Taylor and Allie meet up with Kristina and Molly in the hospital lobby. Ethan warns Johnny to steer clear of Lisa. Lisa shows up at Johnny’s apartment. Lisa and Johnny talk about her obsession with Patrick. Jax senses that Carly has ulterior motives in passing on the ski trip. Jax feels sorry for Brenda. Jason thinks that Jerry is still alive. Jason updates Lucky about the wrongful death suit. Jason has concerns regarding the timing of Jerry’s arrival in Port Charles and the lawsuit. Jason fears that Siobhan is involved. Lucky tells Jason what Siobhan witnessed on Pier 52. Allie tells Michael that they are better off as friends. Everyone gets ready to leave for the ski trip; Liz says goodbye to Cameron whereas Alexis gives hugs to Kristina and Molly. Elizabeth notices that Patrick and Robin are getting closer. Jason thanks Carly for the Christmas present, a pool table. They argue about Brenda. Carly hates the idea of Sonny marrying Brenda. Theo and Alexis go over the lawsuit and her conflict-of-interest on the case. During the bus ride, Olivia convinces Steven to play “Hallelujah” on his guitar. Maxie and Matt have a intimate chat. Michael and Molly are sitting next to each other. Kristina and Taylor are laughing at Allie. Morgan calls Carly just as the bus starts swerving on the road. Carly tells Jason that the bus crashed. There are bodies lying unconscious in the snow.

OLTL Recap Written by Brenda

Dani goes to the jail to spend New Years Eve with Nate, but he doesn’t want her there, he wants her to go tot he party in Angel Square. Dani doesn’t believe Nate killed Eddie. Langston is with Starr because she doesn’t want her to be alone on New Year's Eve. Ford is with James for the same reason. Langston and Starr go to visit Nate in jail. Ford and James arrive at the jail too. Nate tells them all to go out and have fun. When the others couple off, Dani leaves alone and goes back to the jail to be with Nate. Starr and James kiss at midnight.

Natalie and John plan to marry tonight. Jessica gives Natalie her necklace that Asa gave her for her sweet sixteen as something old, new, borrowed, and, blue in one. Marty stalks Natalie at Llanfair while Jessica and Natalie prepare for the wedding. Rex and Gigi come to congratulate Natalie on getting married. He wonders if Marty will cause trouble. Natalie says Marty promised not to tell John that Brody is the baby's father. Marty, listening from outside says to herself that she didn’t promise not to tell Jessica. Rex tells Natalie that they are proof that biology is not what makes a family. Brody and John are at the courthouse awaiting the women. When Brody tells John that the women are there, john wants to go see Nat, but Brody tells him it is bad luck to see the bride before the wedding. Jessica says the same thing to Natalie. Jessica goes into the courtroom and takes pictures of the men. The judge, seeing Natalie's advanced state of pregnancy says it appears the groom has already seen the bride so the rule doesn’t apply. The judge and Natalie enter the courtroom together.

Aubrey is looking for the last remaining copy of the magazine that has the compromising photo of her, which Blair happens to have at Capricorn. Blair gives the magazine to Kelly. Cristian shows Blair and Kelly a picture of Layla pawing her boss in the magazine. Aubrey is stunned to see Kelly with the magazine. She pretends to be sick and takes Kelly's magazine when she leaves. Joey tells Kelly that Aubrey is jealous of her. Marty comes into Capricorn, sits alone, and orders champagne. Rex and Gigi notice Marty when they come into Capricorn. Kelly goes over to Rex and tells him the magazine was what Aubrey didn’t want Joey to see. The man Aubrey was kissing in the picture arrives at her hotel room and they immediately proceed to go at it. When Gigi notices the time and says John and Natalie are probably getting married right then, Rex looks over and notices that Marty is missing. John and Natalie exchange vows and rings. Just as the judge is in the middle of pronouncing them married, Marty bursts in and demands that they stop the wedding.

Y&R Recap Written by Mary   **One Day Ahead

Abby makes a toast to a very, very naked New Year as glasses clink. Abby gets a call from Daniel, asking her to stay where she is until he gets there. Daisy cannot believe that Daniel is leaving her to go out when she could go into labor. Daniel tells her to just leave the premises and it will activate the alarm and the police will handle everything from then on. Adam asks Leslie to arrange for Sharon to come to visit him when she gets to the jail. Kevin tells Jana that he is going to a party at Jimmy’s. Jana hopes to see him there, but Kevin tells her different. Kevin meets Chloe and cannot believe that she wants him to go with her to the party at Jimmy’s after she hit him. Alison arrives to keep Kevin company for New Year’s Eve. Jack and Phyllis make plans to go to New York for New Year’s when Sharon arrives and informs them about Skye falling over the edge of the volcano. Phyllis cannot believe Sharon’s story. Daniel meets Abby at Jimmy’s for a happy New Year’s Eve without having to worry about Daisy. Jana stops by to check on Daisy and her little girl. Jana lets Daisy about her plans for the evening with Kevin and for their whole life together. Daisy starts to burst Jana’s bubble about her future with Kevin, but thinks otherwise. Daisy begins to go into labor.

At the Chancellor mansion, Esther encourages Chloe to go out since she already looks so beautiful. Alison and Kevin arrive at Jimmy’s for the party. Abby asks Kevin where Chloe is. Kevin lets Daniel know that he is no longer suing for custody of Daisy’s baby. Daniel is so happy that Kevin sides with him that he hugs Kevin. Daniel and Abby decide to leave the party. Jana realizes that Daisy is in labor and offers to take her to the hospital, but Daisy refuses. Phyllis still doesn’t buy Sharon’s story that Skye fell over the edge of the volcano. Abby becomes restless and threatens to leave until Daniel finally orders them hot dogs with mustard. Daniel asks Abby if she made any New Year’s resolutions. Abby admits that she has. Chloe tells Esther that she doesn’t want to go out. They begin to reminisce about the past and the dresses that Esther would make for Chloe. Alison starts to play a song, but Kevin stops her by telling her that it is Chloe’s favorite. Jack wants to believe that Sharon is telling the truth about Skye being in Hawaii, but Phyllis still insists that Sharon is lying. Sharon visits Adam and tells him what happened to Skye. Jana calls Daniel and lets him know that Daisy is going into labor. Daniel calls Jack and Phyllis and informs them before they board the plane. Alison asks Kevin if he is still in love with Chloe. When Kevin and Chloe meet outside of Jimmy’s, she tells him that she wants him. They kiss at the strike of midnight. Jana lets Daisy escape in her car.

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