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AMC Recap Written by Mary

At the Chandler mansion, Colby and Asher spend time together. Asher asks Colby not to leave him. Colby looks at him questioningly. At Kendall’s home, Father Clarence pays Kendall a surprise visit. Jack arrives at Ryan’s condo with packages. Greenlee finds Madison lying unconscious in the snow. Greenlee tries to get Madison to awaken. Madison finally comes to. Greenlee offers to help Madison, but Madison refuses. At Wildwind, Caleb tells Erica about his conversation with Asher and how that Asher still doesn’t want anything to do with him. Kendall asks Father Clarence for help in getting Zach home. Father Clarence advises Kendall to read Zach’s message to her. The journal flies open to the page that Kendall is to read. Kendall looks around and Father Clarence is gone. Erica tells Caleb about being raped which resulted in her pregnancy with Kendall. Colby gets a call from the hospital to come to work. Colby orders Asher to call Caleb. Reluctantly, Madison lets Greenlee help her. At the hospital, Madison lets Greenlee know that she wants this baby something that is her own. Greenlee asks her if she is going to tell Ryan about the baby. Madison refuses and tells Greenlee she is leaving town. Greenlee offers to help her to set her up in a job in New York plus an apartment. Greenlee tells her to sleep on it. Greenlee starts to leave when Madison takes her up on her offer. In coming in to work, Colby sees Caleb standing in front of the nursery. Colby calls Asher to get to the hospital. Erica’s walks into Kendall’s and finds Father Clarence there. Erica threatens to call the police until she realizes who he is. Father Clarence tells Erica that Kendall had gone out and had asked him to watch the children. Greenlee gets trapped in the elevator at Fusion. Kendall hears Greenlee begging for help. Kendall tells Greenlee that she had made a mistake in coming here and threatens to leave. Greenlee tries to talk to Kendall, but Kendall bangs on the elevator door that she wants Zach back. Asher arrives at the hospital to see Caleb standing in front of the nursery.

Greenlee begins to cry and lets Kendall know that she should have been the one, who had died at the bottom of the lake. This touches Kendall’s heart and she and Greenlee reconcile. Kendall gets a repairman to open the elevator doors so that she can get Greenlee out. They hug. Frankie and Randi visit Madison and finds out that Madison wants to keep the baby. Asher approaches Caleb as he looks at the newborns. Caleb explains to Asher about how little that he was when he was born. After talking to Caleb a few minutes, Asher starts to leave, but Colby stops him. Colby shows him the plaque which shows that Caleb had donated money to the neonatal wing in memory of Asher’s Mom. Erica visits Ryan and finds jack there. Erica hugs and kisses Jack and lets him know how much she loves him. Greenlee and Kendall arrive to let them know that they had reconciled their differences. Frankie does an ultrasound on Madison with Randi holding Madison’s hand. Randi is more than a little jealous. Colby finds Asher in the park. Asher asks Colby if he could have been wrong about Caleb. At home, Kendall says good-bye to Father Clarence.

B&B Recap Written by Wanda

Ridge accuses Whip of taking the picture of Brooke and Thomas and putting it on the web – a huge mistake. Whip tells him there was a room full of photographers so he can’t pin it on him. Ridge says he is a little bastard and he took the picture without thinking and put it on the net. Whip taunts him about his son crossing the line so don’t go getting all moral on him now. Liam sheds a tear as he thinks of the morning that he woke up with Amber in his bed. Hope calls and he tells her that he must talk to her. They meet and she has a picnic for him since she did not see him over the holidays. She apologizes again for leaving his party. She over-reacted and should not have walked out. He admits he should not have listened to his dad and she should have been on the stage with him. Then nothing that happened that night would have happened. Amber opens her door and it’s her worst nightmare – her mom. Tawny wants a big hug. She’s her mother and she ought to want to see her. They both admit they are broke and there is no man in their lives. Then Tawny spies a shirtless Oliver.

Whip tells Ridge that Taylor is worried sick about her son. The apple doesn’t fall very far from the tree. He tells Ridge that he was charming the girls before he had whiskers on his face and so will Thomas. Ridge says okay, he was wrong and should not have come here with unfounded accusations. Whip whispers to himself that he is not through with Ridge yet. Likewise outside Ridge says he knows Whip is guilty as sin and there will be a price to pay. Tawny questions Oliver about his place and tries to figure out if he has money. She tries to worm her way in for the night but Oliver can’t accept that. Tawny finds a file on Liam – aka William Spencer III and starts glowing that Amber has got to make this work. Liam tries to explain to Hope how he got the really big bruise on his forehead. She says they handled that night and not very well but they got through it. He says this is the last thing he wants to tell her, but he has to.

Days Recap Written by Michele and Cheryl 

EJ wanted Nicole to take Sydney to the optometrist but she wanted to go to Parker's christening.  EJ was upset and told her he would get Mary to do it and that she could worry about someone else's baby.  Melanie overheard Maxine congratulate Nathan on moving to Baltimore.  Nathan told Melanie that he and Stephanie are leaving.  Once again Stephanie and Caroline talked about Parker's paternity.  Kayla was at the airport.  Melanie didn't seem happy that Nathan was leaving.  Stephanie walked in the room and saw them hugging.  Rafe figured out that Sami went to the DiMera mansion.  He wasn't upset.  Sami told Rafe that she was going to take Allie to the doctor.  Rafe showed up at the pub and saw Caroline and Roman.  Maggie showed up the Kiriakis mansion.  She made up an excuse to be there.  They ended up talking about Bo and Hope.  She wondered if he can do something.  Kayla was back in Salem and went to the pub. 

Sami saw Nicole and Sydney at the hospital.  Sami asked Nicole to let her hold Sydney.  Nicole told Sami that she couldn't hold her.  Sami reassured Allie that she and Rafe will get Johnny and Sydney back.  Caroline was not pleasantly surprised to see Kayla in the pub. Roman told Kayla about Bo busting Hope out of jail.  Lexie didn't agree with EJ that Nicole should be in Johnny and Sydney's lives.  Sami started arguing at the hospital about Sydney.  Nicole dropped a bomb on Sami.  She told Sami that she is living with EJ again.  Chloe arrived at the church for the christening.  Father Matt wanted to know if she told Daniel about her affair with Philip.  She was worried that he wouldn't baptize Parker.  Caroline was really nervous because she thought Kayla was going to tell Roman about switching the paternity test results.  Caroline let Kayla think that everything worked out.  Nicole was goading Sami when she told her about everything she does for Sydney.  Sami punched Nicole in the face and they started fighting.  EJ saw them fighting, but didn't do anything.

GH Recap Written by Carrie

Theo introduces himself to Brenda; he will be representing her and Dante in the wrongful death lawsuit. Theo and Brenda discuss what happened in the alley that night. Sonny ignores Carly’s warnings about marrying Brenda. In fact, Sonny asks Carly to butt out of his love life. Lisa checks Johnny’s gunshot wound. Lisa is convinced that Patrick wants her back. Lisa drugs Johnny so she can search for the syringe in his apartment. Johnny wakes up and shows Lisa that he has the syringe in his possession. Dante tells Lulu that he had a dream about their wedding. Kristina and Molly talk about the chemistry between their mother and Mac. Kristina doesn’t want to cancel the ski trip. Spinelli shows up at Diane’s office unexpectedly; he needs legal advice. Diane advises Spinelli not to tell Jason about his secret. Claire wants to join Diane’s law firm. Diane tells Claire about Sonny and Brenda’s engagement. Jason returns to the penthouse and meets Theo, then Brenda goes for a walk with Max. Theo tells Jason that Brenda’s testimony could change everything. Max and Brenda run into Dante outside. Brenda wants to tell Sonny the truth. Brenda hates lying to Sonny. Dante confides to Brenda about sending Michael to Pentonville. Brenda and Dante agree to keep quiet about the baby. Michael thinks that Sonny should ask Dante to be his best man. Sonny and Michael talk about the wedding. Michael is worried about his mom. Michael informs Kristina and Molly that he’ll be joining them for the ski trip. Kristina and Molly are thrilled that Sonny and Brenda are engaged. Claire pays Sonny a visit at home. Claire isn’t sure if she wants to be transferred to Alaska. Claire wishes Sonny the best. Jason and Brenda talk about her engagement to Sonny. Spinelli wants Carly to keep mum about Brenda and Dante’s secret. Dante and Lulu talk about their relationship. Theo doesn’t want Brenda to die yet. Brenda thanks Jason for everything. Carly begs Spinelli not to tell Jason about Brenda and Dante’s baby.

OLTL Recap Written by Jennifer S.

After Bo admits to Nora that Matthew is correct in that he (Bo) slept with Inez, she is devastated. He tells her that he won't give up on her and he loves her. But she tells him that there are some serious trust issues regarding that because he did not tell her and she only found out because their son caught him in the act. Bo then believes he needs to move out o their home and stay at the hotel. But Clint sees his brother there and insists that he lets Clint take him in and let him stay at Clint's home. Bo and Nora both still suspect nothing of Clint yet both believe that somebody must have put Eddie up to kidnapping her. Clint goes to talk to Viki telling her he'd like her help in running Aubrey out of town because he believes she's a gold digger who is going to blind their son and take his family's money. But she wants no part of that. She also suspects nothing of Clint regarding what happened to Nora. John and Natalie decide they are going to get married today since John wants to make it official before the baby is born. Overhearing that, at the hospital, Marty appears calm but decides she is going to do something. She confirms that she promised Natalie, swearing on her son's life, that she would not tell John that Natalie is pregnant by Brody and lying to everybody about it. But, Marty decides she will tell Jessica. Rex agrees to attempt to find out some dirt about Aubrey for Kelly and overhears a secretive phone call. Aubrey discovers a picture in a magazine that she cannot ever let Joey see. Yet we have yet to find out what it is.

Y&R Recap Written by Mary   **One Day Ahead

Daisy lies on the bed when Daniel comes home holding a laptop computer. Jana wanders around outside of Kevin’s apartment when he comes home. Kevin invites her in. Skye falls over the edge of the cliff, but Sharon catches hold of her hand. Victor listens to their conversation, but doesn’t offer to help. Sharon insists to Skye that she will not let her die. Skye falls to her death. At the coffeehouse, Nick joins Phyllis at her table. Phyllis finds out from Nick that Sharon went looking for Skye. Nick finds out from Phyllis that she visited Adam. Nick lets Phyllis know that he supports her in her quest to bring Adam to justice. Jana tells Kevin about her plan of changing her testimony against Daisy in order for her to give them custody of her baby. Kevin cannot believe his ears. Daniel sees a change in Daisy’s attitude. Daniel points out the things to Daisy that could mean her losing parental guardianship of her baby. Daisy refuses to let Daniel make her give up her baby. Nick refuses to defend Sharon against Phyllis. Phyllis cannot believe that Nick is actually defending her for a change against Sharon. Sharon yells for help in finding Skye, who fell over the edge of the cliff.

Kevin asks Jana what exactly she told the police. Kevin tells Jana he has something to do so that she will leave. Jana tries to make plans with Kevin for New Year's, but he doesn’t want any part of it. At the little shop, Sharon tells a man what happened to Skye, but the man is reluctant to believe her. Daisy and Kevin argue over her manipulating Jana into changing her testimony. Kevin tells Daisy that she will make sure she will lose her baby when it is born. Nick visits Adam and tells him that Sharon found Skye. Nick orders Adam to stay away from Faith. Sharon shows the man where Skye fell, but he still doesn’t believe her. The guide approaches and asks Sharon where she went. Sharon explains about Skye, but no one believes her. Phyllis and Kevin discuss how to get their hands on Daisy’s baby. Jana visits Daisy with a bottle of non-alcoholic champagne in order to celebrate their deal. The man accuses Sharon of making up the story and threatens to arrest her for fraud if she doesn’t leave the island. Victor visits Skye’s bungalow and picks up everything that would show she was there. He pours gasoline all over the bungalow and burns it down. Kevin refuses to help Phyllis gain custody of Daisy’s baby.

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