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AMC Recap Written by Mary

Kendall is at home when she begins to dream that she hears a knock on the door. When she opens the door, she sees a bright light. Kendall is awakened when she hears a knock on the door and it is Erica and Jack. Kendall is happy to see Erica and hugs her. In the hotel room, J.R. kisses Annie good-bye just before he leaves. Annie surprises J.R. with a Christmas present which is a pair of handcuffs. Griffin and Cara are working at the hospital. Cara insists, once again, that she is over Jake. At the police department, Angie surprises Jesse with a Christmas party with the entire family and Madison. Greenlee and Ryan arrive home. Spike and Emma run downstairs to meet Ryan. Greenlee imagines that Madison shows him her baby. Kendall tells Erica and Jack about her dream with the bright light. Everyone gathers at Krystal’s for the annual Christmas party. Cara and Griffin arrive with Mexican food and tequila for everyone. Damon lets Tad and Colby know he is going to college to study law. Suspicious that it's the work of Liza, Colby goes home. Greenlee lets Ryan know that she wants him all to herself. Annie visits Ryan to see Emma and again, Greenlee imagines that it's Madison. Greenlee rushes out.

Madison abruptly leaves the party at the police station. A.J. arrives at the Chandler Mansion just in time to open up his presents from J.R. Marissa surprises J.R. with a brown envelope. J.R. opens it and finds out that she signed a petition for joint custody of A.J. J.R. is pleased. J.R. surprises Marissa with a pin which is the exact duplicate of a Christmas ornament that she had made with A.J. last Christmas. Annie watches the closeness between J.R. and Marissa. J.R. kisses Marissa on the cheek. After Marissa leaves to go visit her secret friend, J.R. gives Annie the good news about the custody battle. Annie kisses J.R. Madison slips and falls in the snow and lies unconscious. Ryan takes Spike and Emma to Kendall’s for Christmas. Spike and Kendall open Spike’s gift from Zach -- a Red Wings cap. Kendall opens her present from Zach and finds a journal of his innermost thoughts about his life on the yacht with her. Greenlee sees Madison unconscious on the ground. Angie and Jesse find out that Brot and Natalia are dating.

B&B Recap Written by Wanda

Brooke and Ridge enjoy breakfast in bed and reflect over the holidays and sharing Stephanie’s dream. Taylor is in a good mood too until she sees the cover of a magazine with half naked Brooke and Thomas. She can’t imagine anyone but Brooke who would take that picture and try to hurt her this way. Aggie drops in on Whip and tells him to take this seriously. He says he is. Ridge is arrogant and no one stands up to him. Now maybe this will get him. He put one over on him and it feels sweet. Thorne questions Ridge about the matter and Ridge recalls that only Whip has had a personal problem with him lately…..enough to want to get back at him.

Ridge says given their last argument, yes Whip could have done this. Brooke finds Thomas on the rooftop and they discuss the magazine cover. He knows they were set up and it could happen again. Taylor finds the two of them together and is not a happy camper, but she wants to talk to the both of them. Everybody is upset about this, even talking on talk radio. He’s a role model for young people and has a responsibility. He says he will not cross over that line of integrity but he also will not let his line be ignored by not being on the cutting edge. He asks Taylor to respect him…..not as her son but as an adult who knows what he is doing. Please don’t treat him like a helpless little boy in the hands of a female predator. Taylor says she does not know what sort of sick person would take this and then sell it, but it makes her sick. Whip is still salivating over his sweet success when Ridge walks in and accuses him of taking the picture.

Days Recap Written by Michele and Cheryl 

Rafe surprised Johnny by dressing as Santa.  Lexie told EJ that Johnny can be released.  Sami called the hospital to find out what was happening with Johnny.  Stephanie told her that EJ didn't want anyone to know about Johnny, especially Sami.  Sami didn't like that and demanded that Stephanie tell her about Johnny.  Stephanie let Sami know that Johnny was being released.  Kate showed up at the hospital and EJ told her that Johnny had cancer.  She was shocked.  She thought that Stefano was in the hospital at first.  Kate saw Stefano at the hospital while she was giving Lexie a present for Theo.  Victor wanted some information about Bo.  He had a fight with Vivian about it.  Brady showed up at the hospital (dressed as Santa Claus) and saw Nicole there.  Julie wanted to know why Ciara didn't believe in Santa Claus anymore.  She felt that way because her parents didn't come home.  Rafe told Sami that he dressed up as Santa so he could see Johnny.  Sami loved the idea.  Stefano thanked Kate for the gift she gave Theo. Stefano told Kate that Johnny wasn't her business and she agreed with him.  She left the hospital.  Lexie defended Sami to EJ when he didn't want to tell Sami about Johnny.  EJ believed he was doing the right thing.  

Rafe surprised Sami with Christmas decorations that had pics of the kids on them.  Sami was pleased.  Nathan and Stephanie showed up at Alice's for the tree trimming.  Johnny was released from the hospital and he wanted to know if Sami was going to be there.  Sami and Rafe gave each other their keys to the safe house.  Nathan told Maggie that he and Stephanie are moving to Baltimore.  The Carvers showed up at Alice's house and Theo gave Ciara a gift.  Johnny was upset that he couldn't see Sami.  Nicole tried to make Johnny feel better by letting him open a gift.  EJ thanked Nicole for doing that.  Abe told Lexie that he didn't approve of what EJ was doing by keeping Johnny away from Sami.  Julie told Maggie that she should meet new people.  She wanted to know if Maggie would consider dating Victor.  Maggie let Julie know that she is still grieving over Mickey.  Doug asked Abe if he knew anything about Bo and Hope's case.  Abe didn't have any information.  Julie called Victor to ask him to keep her informed about Bo and Hope.  He said he would do it.  He wanted Julie to wish Maggie a Merry Christmas.  Julie asked Maggie if she wanted to talk to him.  She looked at Mickey's picture and said no.  Doug, Julie, Jennifer, Maggie, and Ciara decorated the Horton tree.  Sami left Mass and went to the DiMera mansion to see Johnny and Sydney.

GH Recap Written by Carrie

Jason and Michael surprise Edward by showing up for a visit. Brenda accepts Sonny’s marriage proposal. Carly learns that Brenda and Dante have a child together, and that Dante gave full custody to her. Mac and Alexis flirt with each other. Diane and Theo talk about the civil lawsuit. Edward wants Ethan to run ELQ; Maya is shocked by the suggestion. Tracy wishes Nikolas would stay away from Brook Lynn. Brenda catches the wedding bouquet. Sonny and Brenda announce their engagement to everyone at the wedding. Dante is bummed by the news. Jax fears that Sonny will end up destroying Brenda. Tracy and Lulu agree that Sonny was rude in announcing his engagement at the wedding. Jason congratulates the engaged couple but Brenda senses he isn’t being sincere. Lulu and Dante return to the loft; Dante falls asleep and dreams of Brenda. Jason promises to get rid of the Balkan so Brenda can be safe. Carly shows up at Sonny’s place; she says Sonny can’t marry Brenda. Luke and Tracy dance after all the guests have left. Jason is summoned to Diane’s office to talk about the lawsuit. Theo shows up at Jason’s penthouse to see Brenda.

OLTL Recap Written by Jennifer S.

When Nora comes home form the hospital, she immediately informs Bo that she wants to find out who ran her and Rex off the road. They are not aware that it was Matthew, but he figures it out. Yet, he protests that his parents need to realize that the cops can't do much an shouldn't waste their time knowing how effective they are when a criminal like Eddie Ford kidnaps the D.A. yet the police commissioner is not even aware, much less able to do anything about it. And he asks his dad just what he was doing when his mom was tied up by Eddie. When Bo is alone with his son, he demands to know what his problem is. Matthew indicates that he knows that Bo was with Inez the night his mom got kidnapped. He saw it with his own two eyes. Nora overhears and demands to know how her son could allege such vicious things. But Bo admits that it's true. He did sleep with Inez. Brody, Jessica, Natalie and John are all at a Lamaze class together. But John is clearly distracted. Vivian takes Natalie aside and asks if she is ok given the secret she's keeping from John, that Brody is the father of her baby. Daren attempts to get Destiny to reconcile with her parents/grandparents and come home. But she refuses and it appears she does not appreciate Daren interfering in her family's business. Rex admits to Kelly that he is not about to investigate Aubrey for her because it will only lead to trouble. But there appears to be suspicion about the secret phone calls Aubrey has whenever she is alone.

Y&R Recap Written by Mary  **One Day Ahead

Kevin visits Michael at home and asks for his help in adopting Daisy’s baby. Lauren comes out and objects to Kevin adopting the baby. In Hawaii, Sharon asks a shop proprietor about Skye, but the man pretends he doesn’t know Skye nor has seen her. Victor looks for Skye outside her bungalow, but she doesn’t answer when he calls out to her. Victor goes inside the bungalow, but doesn’t find her there. Lauren blasts Kevin for wanting to adopt Daisy’s baby and having Daisy in their lives from now on. Lauren finds out that Jana talked to Daisy about adopting her baby. Lauren orders Michael to talk some sense into Kevin right before she leaves the apartment. Daisy tells Jana to take back what she said about her in her deposition, and she will consider giving her the baby. Jana fears that Daisy is just using her to get the baby. Daisy signs a paper promising to give her the baby in exchange for changing her statement. At the coffeehouse, Phyllis and Daniel argue over her wanting to adopt Daisy’s baby. Phyllis orders Daniel to sit down while she talks to him about the baby. Daniel insists to Phyllis that the baby is not his. Chloe visits Daisy to plead Kevin’s case about her giving the baby to Kevin. Chloe lets Daisy know that Kevin is the only logical choice to raise her baby. Sharon gets a call from Adam to see how she is doing. Sharon lets Adam know that Skye found the perfect place to hide out. Adam is filling Sharon in on how adventurous Skye is when she notices a brochure of a volcano which is close by. In Skye’s bungalow, Victor sees the same brochure on the wall. Victor leaves the bungalow.

Jana goes to the P.D. to change her statement concerning Daisy. Daniel refuses to change his feelings concerning Daisy’s baby. Daniel runs into Kevin and tells him that Phyllis also wants to adopt his baby. Phyllis lets Kevin know that she wants to adopt Daisy’s baby. Kevin objects. Phyllis points out the things that Kevin did in his past, which doesn't make him a wise choice to raise a child. Kevin points out Phyllis’ flaws also. Kevin refuses to help Phyllis gain custody of the baby. At the little shop, Sharon picks up supplies for her trip before the guide and the other hikers join her. Victor talks to proprietor about Sharon, who was asking questions about Skye. Michael comes into the coffeehouse to apologize when he finds out that Phyllis wants to adopt the baby. Chloe visits Kevin but becomes upset with him and slaps him. The hikers begin walking with the guide giving them instructions all along the way. Sharon hears something and lingers behind. As she takes a drink of water, she drops her flashlight and almost falls over the edge, but she is rescued. Sharon sees Skye face to face.

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