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AMC Recap Written by Mary

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B&B Recap Written by Wanda

Whip comments to Taylor that it’s nice to see Brooke and Stephanie bonding and playing nice on this day although they might be at each other’s throats by New Year’s Eve. Eric leads the group into singing Jingle Bells. Dayzee gives Stephanie her handmade gift - Mod-Podge plaques of her favorite sayings. Stephanie suggests they hang them there in Dayzee’s. Brooke surprises Anthony by giving him Ridge’s guitar. All she needs is for him to play a few songs for them. Ridge asks him to take care of his baby. It doesn’t need to be gathering dust, but needs to be played. Anthony thanks both of them. Enjoying watching the kids open their presents, Eric asks Stephanie if she is happy. She says yes, pretty much. She offers that she has selfish reasons, but she hopes her end doesn’t come soon after finishing this. He tells her that no matter what happens, he wants her to know that he is going to continue the fight and so will her children and grandchildren. She thanks him for that. She says they have wasted a lot of time and she may have been hurtling toward her death….just get up in the morning, have breakfast, go to work, have lunch, holler at Brooke, call her the slut of the valley even though she knows she is teasing her. You go home, make a martini and get into such a routine… much wasted time with life and momentum. It took her too long to figure that out. He says he doesn’t think the world is done with her yet. He thinks cancer came to scare her into doing more with her life, not to take her away from him. He wants to make a little speech if it won’t embarrass her. She quips just how much eggnog has he had? He tells the crowd that he wants to pay homage to this woman he loves. She’s fighting cancer and that is a battle he is convinced she is going to win. They all clap. He hopes he won’t spend next Christmas without her, but he wants to say right here in front of everybody that he personally is going to see that everyone lives up to the ideals that she has set. She’s opened their eyes and created something wonderful for the community here and he is more proud of her than anyone he has ever known in his life. He chuckles that she can be a pain, very difficult to work with, she is demanding and orders him around but he wouldn’t trade her for anyone else. She’s his love, his life and he will treasure every moment he has left with her. Anthony picks up the guitar and takes the stage and begins to sing Have Yourself A Merry Little Christmas and Dayzee joins in.

Days Recap Written by Michele and Cheryl 

Hope thought that she and Bo might have been followed.  Rafe called Daniel to find out about Bo and Hope.  Jennifer was at the Horton house.  She was looking at the photos of the family.  Doug, Julie, and Ciara showed up there too.  Stephanie told Nathan that they couldn't go to Baltimore.  Brady wanted to know what was going on between Nicole and EJ.  Rafe wanted to talk to Carly about Bo and Hope.  He wanted to find out where Bo and Hope were before the troopers find them.  Bo shot at something or someone outside of the cabin.  Stephanie told Nathan that they couldn't leave town because of Bo and Hope being on the run.  Brady tried to stage a fight with Nicole.  EJ told Brady what happened to Johnny so he could stop fighting with Nicole.  Jennifer told Julie that her kids aren't going to make it for Christmas.  They were also talking about Bo and Hope.  Rafe showed up at Daniel's place to talk to Carly.  She would help as long as he protected Bo.  Bo told Hope that he slipped on the ice while he was checking out the noise they heard.  He wasn't sure what the noise was that they heard.  He thought it might have been a bear.  Philip and Melanie found out that Bo and Hope were on the run.  Carly told Rafe about the things Hope told Bo about the prison. 

Bo wanted Hope to find something warm to wear.  She found something that made them think about old times.  Bo thought they could have more memories, but Hope wasn't sure about that.  She will have to go back to prison even if they can prove what Jane and Lee have been doing.  Stefano showed up in Johnny's room and found Nicole with EJ.  Stefano said he doesn't trust her. Julie had to break it to Ciara that Bo and Hope won't be back for Christmas.  Dough, Julie, Ciara, and Jennifer saw the news about Bo and Hope being on the run.  Ciara was excited.  Philip saw Stephanie at the pub.  They had a little argument about her not calling him.  He noticed the brochures and thought she and Nathan were leaving.  Stephanie had second thoughts about Nathan turning down the position at John Hopkins.  Stefano gave Nicole a tongue lashing, but EJ stopped him.  Nicole met Brady in the lobby and let him know that Vivian has proof that they were together.  Johnny woke up and he asked for Nicole.  Philip let Chloe know that Nathan and Stephanie weren't going to be a problem anymore.  Philip told Chloe that Nathan and Stephanie were leaving town.  Stephanie used Bo and Hope as a way to convince Nathan to leave town.  Rafe wanted to meet Jane to talk about Hope.  He is convinced that Jane is hiding something.

GH Recap Written by Brenda

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OLTL Recap Written by Jennifer S.

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Y&R Recap Written by Mary  **One Day Ahead

Jana visits Kevin with Yorkshire pudding. Kevin reluctantly invites her in. At Daniel’s apartment, Daniel is busy taking down the Christmas decorations. Daisy asks him why he is taking them down. Daniel feels that they are not a family, that they are nothing. Daniel says that he is donating the decorations to the needy shelter. Daniel tells the guard that he is taking Daisy to her doctor’s appointment. While on the phone, Victor walks into the coffeehouse and bumps into Diane and Kyle just as they are leaving. Victor asks Kyle about his Christmas vacation which unnerves Diane. Victor invites Kyle to the ranch to do some snowboarding among other things. Nick stopped by Phyllis’ to pick up Summer. Nick and Phyllis discuss Adam’s arraignment which is scheduled for that day. In the visitation room at the jail, Adam talks to Leslie about him getting denied bail. Sharon and Adam tell Leslie about Skye’s perfume. Sharon decides to go to Hawaii to search for clues in whether or not Skye is really dead. Adam is against the idea, but Sharon insists on going no matter what he says. Daniel arrives at the hospital with Daisy. The doctor tells Daisy that she will be with her shortly. Daisy asks Daniel if he is going in with her, but he refuses. Diane reprimands Victor for trying to entice Kyle to the ranch. Sharon makes her reservations for her flight to Hawaii. The doctor tells Daisy that she could give birth at any time. Victor visits Adam and is surprised not to see Sharon there. Victor asks Adam where Sharon is, but he refuses to tell him anything. Sharon stops by Nick’s to let him know that she is leaving town for a few days. Skye is in a small shop on a Hawaiian island. Adam insists to Victor that he will prove that he set him up. Victor wishes him good luck for he will need it where he is going.

Phyllis visits Adam to gloat over the fact that she won over him. Victor visits Nick and finds out that Sharon is leaving town. Kevin and Jana discuss the possibility of Jana getting custody of Daisy’s baby. Daniel and Daisy meet with a lady from the adoption agency, but Daisy insists that she is not giving up her baby to strangers. Nick and Diane meet at the coffeehouse. Each asks the other about their Christmas. Nick tells Diane that it would be good having her at the ranch. Victor puts out a search for Sharon’s whereabouts. At the coffeehouse, Phyllis asks Daniel how it went with the lady from the adoption agency. Phyllis tells Daniel that she is thinking about adopting Daisy’s baby. Victor finds out where Sharon went. Sharon arrives in Hawaii and shows Skye’s pic to a local proprietor. Sharon watches the expression on his face. Victor arrives at Skye’s bungalow and calls out for her.

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