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AMC Recap Written by Mary

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B&B Recap Written by Wanda

Stephanie explains to Eric, Thorne and Felicia that she bought the coffee shop and now they are going to run it. She wants to have Christmas here. They will only charge what people can afford. Anthony tells Brooke that it hasn’t been a good week. Some folks wanted to have what he had and he lost the fight. She wants a favor from him…..just come with her. She knows he is hurt and it’s getting colder. Ridge calls and explains that he doesn’t know what it is but Dayzee is involved. Stephanie wants them all to meet her at old Insomnia. Pam opens the doors and the people come flowing in. Stephanie makes a short speech that she considers them all a part of her family and they will eat together and then clean up together.

Brooke stops by her house and goes upstairs, leaving Anthony time to look around in bewilderment. She returns and tells him that she has laid out some towels and toiletries and he may take a shower and Katie will be by soon with some new clothes. Taylor and Whip drop by Dayzee’s and Stephanie explains that if she can just reach out and help one person it will make a difference. Cancer hasn’t beaten her yet. Whip uses the old mistletoe trick to get a kiss out of Taylor. Brooke shows up at Dayzee’s with Anthony and introduces him around. Stephanie hugs Brooke and she explains about the new Dayzee’s. Stephanie offers Anthony a job. Even with a bad foot, fast or slow, it doesn't matter. She hopes he will accept this job. She feels like she is still there because of them. They are one family, one village and they can learn form the Christmas season to reach out and give someone a helping hand. You can change their lives and your lives will be changed as well. Giving is living.

Days Recap Written by Michele and Cheryl 

Bo caught Hope trying to make a call.  Jane showed up at the police station and wanted to know if Roman helped Bo sneak Hope out of the prison.  Nicole wanted to know how Vivian got the pictures of her with Brady.  Maggie overheard Brady leaving a message to Nicole.  Maggie wanted to know why Brady was leaving a message for Nicole.  Hope told Bo that she wanted to call Ciara so she could hear her voice. Nicole tried to downplay her relationship with Brady, but Vivian wouldn't take the bait.  Vivian wanted to go to the DiMeras.  EJ told Stefano that he blames Sami for what happened to Johnny.  Stefano couldn't believe that EJ would think that Sami caused Johnny's cancer.  Jane argued with Roman because she thought he wasn't going to find Bo and Hope.  Brady lied to Maggie about his relationship with Nicole.  He also told her how Vivian is going after everyone who knew that she was in the coffin.  Carly and Daniel heard about Bo breaking Hope out of jail on the radio.  Hope wanted to talk to Bo about the mistakes she's made.  Bo didn't want to talk about that now.  Nicole showed up at the hospital to try to console him.  

Vivian also showed up at the hospital to talk to him about Nicole.  Chloe noticed that Adrienne was troubled while they were talking.  Adrienne covered by saying nothing was wrong with her.  A waitress at the pub told them that Bo and Hope were on the run.  Carly told Daniel that she doesn't think Bo is coming back to her.  She said that they have kept secrets from each other.  Daniel wanted to know what she was keeping from Bo.  Vivian tried to tell EJ about Nicole being with Brady, but he didn't want to hear it.  EJ warned Nicole to keep his family out of her mess with Vivian.  Roman wanted Rafe to be acting commander for the time being.  Rafe wasn't sure it was a good idea because he's married to a Brady.  Roman thought it was a great idea.  He also wanted to talk to Carly  Carly dodged a bullet and managed not to tell Daniel about her secrets.  She was upset about the things she's done to people so Daniel hugged her.  Chloe walked in the apartment and saw them hugging.  EJ brushed Nicole off when she wanted to know about Johnny.  Nicole tried to reason with EJ so he could talk to her about Johnny.  He finally told Nicole how Johnny was doing.  Rafe agreed to be commander.  Roman wanted to find Bo and Hope before anyone else.  While Bo was talking to Hope, she heard something outside.  Brady showed up at the hospital and saw EJ and Nicole together.  He didn't like it.

GH Recap Written by Brenda

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OLTL Recap Written by Jennifer S.

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Y&R Recap Written by Mary  **One Day Ahead

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