Wednesday 12/22/10 Recaps

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AMC Recap Written by Mary

Griffin searches around Cara’s hotel room for his cell phone when Cara comes out and shows Griffin that she has his cell phone. Greenlee confronts Madison about her pregnancy and whether or not she had told Ryan. Greenlee offers Madison help. Kendall wakes up and finds Ryan still there with her. Kendall asks him what is he doing here. Jake is surprised that Amanda is being friendly with Cara. Amanda tells jake that she is having lunch with Cara in order to find out more about his life way back when. Cara insists to Griffin that she is over Jake. At the hospital, Cara and Griffin see Jake and Amanda kissing. Cara tells Jake that she is having lunch with Amanda. Griffin and Bianca have a meeting about the Miranda Center. Kendall accuses Ryan of spying on her. Greenlee accuses Madison of planning her pregnancy in order to trap Ryan.

Kendall confronts Bianca and Griffin about excluding her from their meeting about the Miranda Center. Ryan approaches Madison and Greenlee and wonders what is going on. Madison lies and tells him that Greenlee is still peeved with her for defending Kendall. A young boy named Simon gets medical treatment from Jake and Cara. Both Jake and Cara make funny faces for Simon so he won’t feel the shot. Kendall arrives home and almost faints in Rev. Torres’ arms. Rev. Torres helps her into the house. Kendall tells Rev. Torres about the meeting that she had been excluded from. Rev. Torres offers Kendall encouragement. Bianca stops by to bring the boys Christmas stockings. Bianca brings in a box that she had found in the closet and the presents are for Kendall and the boys. Jake and Cara reminisce about their past. Amanda joins them. Jake and Amanda leave to go to lunch while Cara covers for him. Kendall begins to cry when she sees the present that Zach had for her. Bianca promises to stand by Kendall.

B&B Recap Written by Wanda

C.J. turns over the keys to the coffee house, lock, stock and Espresso machines. Good luck to the both of them, Stephanie and Dayzee. Pam helps Stephanie put up the Christmas tree with Dayzee’s and Thomas’s help. Marcus pops in to help put up new signs. Stephanie reveals her secret. They are going to have the Forrester Christmas here with Dayzee’s extended family. Brooke reflects to Katie that she feel so grateful this year at Christmas, but she still feels for those less unfortunate. She worries about Anthony and wonders who is watching out for him. She calls Stephanie who hands the phone to Dayzee who admits she has not seen him in a while either. Brooke tells Katie that she can’t leave it like this. She is going downtown to see if she can find him. He has such a huge heart and a kind, loving spirit and she doesn’t want him to fall threw the cracks. The Logans have each other to lean on. She wants to be there for Anthony to help him, whatever it takes. Katie offers to go with Brooke downtown and help too. They search, but no one has seen him recently. Finally at the end of a long journey, they hear him singing. He smiles and wonders if Brooke is still looking for her other friend, Stephanie.

Days Recap Written by Michele and Cheryl 

Vivian told Victor and company about how she is the major shareholder at Titan.  EJ told Sami that he wanted to talk to her before Johnny came out of surgery.  Daniel asked Dr. Kim if Johnny's cancer has spread.  Dr. Kim wanted Lexie and Daniel to look at Johnny's results.  Jennifer was in disguise at the prison.  Hope wanted Bo to sneak out of the prison without her.  Will showed up while EJ wanted to discuss ground rules with Sami.  Will was upset about that.  Dr. Kim, Daniel, and Lexie came out of the operating room to talk about Johnny.  Dr. Kim told EJ and Sami that the surgery went well.  Melanie showed up at the Kiriakis mansion.  Vivian informed her that she is the new CEO of Titan.  Vivian dropped another bombshell on Victor, Kate, Philip, Brady, and Nicole.  Vivian bought the house.  Jane found Lee in Hope's cell.  Lee figured out that Bo was Hope's husband.  Jennifer realized that Bo was right to think that getting Hope out of prison could be dangerous.  Daniel wanted to talk to EJ and Sami about Johnny.  EJ wanted Sami to leave.  Jane and Lee were talking about a prisoner escaping.  Jennifer overheard them talking.  Jane warned Jennifer that Hope is dangerous.  She wanted Jennifer to write a press release about Hope being dangerous.  Vivian informed Victor and company how she managed to get the house.  

Bo and Hope snuck into a cabin near the prison.  Vivian wanted to tell Nicole and Kate what she has in store for them.  Jennifer bought Bo and Hope some time by telling Jane and Lee about some commotion happening at the prison. Victor informed Vivian that his lawyers are going to fix the mess that Vivian started for him.  Bo told Hope that he took her to a cabin Shawn used to take him when they went fishing.  Rafe asked Daniel if Allie could get cancer too.  Rafe wanted Daniel to check everything out before it's too late.  Sami wanted to spend the night with Johnny, but EJ didn't like the idea.  He didn't want her to be there anymore.  Victor wants everyone to stay at the Kiriakis mansion so Vivian won't win.  Nicole wanted to leave, but Vivian ordered her to stay.  Bo told Hope that he plans on getting the warden arrested.  Sami tried to stand her ground with EJ, but it didn't work.  He only wanted Sami to see Johnny when he woke up.  She had to say goodbye to Johnny or he would go to the police with Sami's confession.  A guard had footage of who helped Hope escape.  Hope wanted Bo to leave her so he wouldn't be in trouble.  Sami tried to reach out to EJ to convince him that she should stay with Johnny.  EJ refused to bend and he didn't want her to stay.  Rafe wanted Daniel to keep Johnny in the hospital for as long as possible so he wouldn't be at the DiMera mansion.  Vivian showed Nicole a picture of her with Brady.  Jane wanted Bo's name added to the APB.  The guard was surprised by that.  Jane said that Bo's life is over.  Bo went to look around.  Hope saw Bo's phone and she was about to make a call.

GH Recap Written by Carrie

Tracy and Luke’s wedding begins. Jax tells Carly to put away her cell phone during the ceremony. Alice makes a small scene at the wedding. Tracy wants to see the pre-nup before she kisses the groom. Brook Lynn convinces Tracy to marry Luke. Afterwards, Tracy and Luke thank the minister. Brook Lynn apologizes to Tracy. Luke thanks Lucky for being supportive. Edward congratulates Tracy and Luke. Carly sends a text to Spinelli. Lulu is relieved that Tracy and Luke finally tied the knot. Dante reassures Lulu that he’s in love with her. Ethan and Lucky both propose toasts to Luke and Tracy. Lulu’s heartfelt speech makes Tracy cry. Luke proclaims his love for Tracy in front of everyone. Siobhan and Lucky talk about Luke. Edward wants to speak to Ethan about ELQ but Luke interrupts the conversation. Luke warns Edward to back off Ethan. Brenda and Carly have an awkward talk. Carly is irritated when Brenda asks if Morgan can come to Sonny’s Christmas brunch. Sonny intervenes on Brenda’s behalf. Brenda can’t understand why Sonny ever married Carly. Edward and Tracy dance together. Tracy finds out that Luke didn’t sign his legal name on the pre-nup.

Robin and Patrick decorate the Christmas tree. Mac visits Robin at the house; he is irritated to see Patrick. Robin urges Mac to go see Alexis at the wedding. Robin, Patrick and Emma admire their tree. Jason is amused by Sam’s choice of a Christmas tree. They share a kiss under the mistletoe. Molly wants to go Christmas shopping with Jason. Sam is embarrassed by her younger sister’s arrival. Molly helps Sam decorate the tree. Michael shows up to the penthouse to see Jason. Spinelli returns a few minutes later. Molly suggests that Michael join them at the ski resort this year. Sam is sentimental about spending time with family on Christmas. Matt shows up at the Crimson office to see Maxie. Maxie wants to break up with Matt. Matt takes Maxie by surprise when he kisses her. Maxie agrees to go pick out a Christmas tree with Matt. Mac shows up at the wedding looking for Alexis. Sonny and Brenda walk out to Lila’s rose garden. Spinelli arrives at the Q’s mansion and runs into Lulu and Dante. Spinelli apologizes to Dante for his behavior toward him. Lulu senses something is wrong. Michael and Jason visit Edward. Spinelli breaks the news to Carly that Dante and Brenda have a child together. Sonny asks Brenda to marry him.

OLTL Recap Written by Jennifer S.

Dorian lights the Llanview Christmas tree in Angel Square and makes some mayoral announcements. But she knows that Viki might need to "Vent" about her very frustrating situation with having Echo in her home with Charlie for Christmas so Dorian calls her. Viki admits to Dorian that she is ready to strangle Echo and willing to resort to drastic measures like having Dorian "take care" of Echo as only Dorian can do. Dorian then calls Echo to tells her she can give her $10,000 for taking some Christmas photos of the mayor dressed as Santa Clause. But when Echo goes to meet Dorian on the rooftop, Dorian locks her on the roof where it's cold. Echo then puts on Dorian's Santa suit in order not to freeze and knows the only way to get off  the roof is to go down the chimney. And while Jack Manning wants to convince Sam that there is no Santa Claus, the two boys see somebody dressed like Santa on the roof and they knows that the person is coming down the chimney. Starr and Langston are together wondering what to do for Christmas and about whether Langston should see Robert and whether Starr should see James. But they meet the two brothers in Angel Square and the four of them are happily together with baby Hope.

Y&R Recap Written by Mary   **One Day Ahead

At Victoria’s, Nikki holds Reed in his lap before he goes off to bed. Nick surprises Victoria by stopping by to spend Christmas with her and Billy. Nikki hugs Nick and thanks him for stopping by. At the ranch, Victor is alone, remembering his talk with Nick, Victoria and Abby in which he blew them off when they wanted to talk to him. Nikki visits Victor and wants him to come to Victoria’s, but he forces her to leave. The maid comes in to ask Victor if he needs anything, but he refuses and orders the entire staff to come in the next day. The maid is puzzled by his actions. The lights begin to blink in the Newman home and then go off. The fire in the fireplace begins to blaze. The TV comes on, but it is only static. Through the static, Victor sees the face of his father who reminds him that he is Christian Miller. Victor insists that he is Victor Newman. Victor reminds his father that he abandoned him and his mother. Now he is going to bed and expects him to be gone when he gets up. Victor starts to go upstairs at 10:30 p.m.

At 12:59, Victor is awakened and thinks it is dream. Victor looks around and sees a light coming through the crack in the door. A spirit appears and tells Victor that she wants to take him someplace. Victor and the spirit arrive outside his and his mom’s home. Victor’s mom tries to comfort him. Inside the room, Victor sits down on the bed opposite the younger Victor, who is sad about something that just happened. Victor remembers that he wanted his mom to come back and get him. Victor is reminded of a fight that he had with another boy in the orphanage. Victor remembers how he escaped and never looked back. Victor remembers his marriage to Nikki. The spirit reminds Victor how much Nikki did for him. Victor remembers his visit with his mom just before she died. In his bed, he looks around and the spirit is gone. Victor is asleep when he hears the voice of a woman urging him to wake up. Opening his eyes, he sees Sabrina. Victor tells her how much he missed her. Sabrina takes Victor to visit Adam in jail. Victor is just as callous as ever toward Adam and insists that he is where he should be. Sabrina is hurt by Adam’s feelings toward his son and promises that he will live to regret his decision. Sabrina takes Victor to Jack’s home to let him see how the family is spending Christmas. All of Victor’s family is there, celebrating Christmas together. Victor appears back in bed and Sabrina is gone. Sabrina cautions Victor to change his life or he will be doomed.

Victor is awakened by the spirit of Christmas yet to come. Victor visits Jack’s home and finds out that Nikki married Jack. Victor visits Victoria and finds out that she has indeed had a daughter. Billy and Victoria watch television which telecasts an interview with Abby. At the office, Noah gives Nick a present, which he throws aside and goes back to work. Noah leaves the office. Victor wonders what happened to Nick. Sharon visits Adam’s grave, who had been killed in prison while Victor watches. Victor tells the spirit to take him home. When he arrives home, Victor finds that he died. Victor visits the cemetery where the family gathered for his burial. Victor senses that the spirit of Colleen and vows to make things better by improving the way he views things with his family. At 6:00 a.m., Victor awakens and realizes that it is Christmas morning. When the maid comes in to work, Victor gives her and the entire staff a bonus and the day off. Victor visits Victoria and the children. Victor makes amends with Ashley and finds out she is marrying Tucker. Victor makes amends with Nick and most of all Abby. Victor also makes amends with Nikki. At home, Victor gives his dog a new bone.

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